League scuttles regular-season schedule preview

Over the past few years, the NFL has used the annual meetings as a vehicle for announcing the prime-time games to be played in Week One, and the trio of games held on Thanksgiving.

This year, the announcement was schedule for Monday.  On Monday, the league advised the media that the announcement would be moved to Tuesday.

Now, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that the announcement has been scuttled.

So what’s going on?  In our estimation, the games can’t be announced until the rest of the schedule is set.  And, apparently, the rest of the schedule isn’t set — possibly due to last week’s decision that the Giants and the Jets will each host a game in Week One.  More specifically, it’s possible that the compromise was hastily arranged in the wake of the coin-flip flap, and that the league has thereafter encountered difficulties in working out the balance of the schedule in an acceptable way.

Regardless of the reason, it’s a strange development for a league that prides itself on being organized and timely.

So now we play the waiting game.  Usually, the full schedule is announced in April.  Given today’s development, we’re not prepared to make any further assumptions regarding the release of the full schedule.

28 responses to “League scuttles regular-season schedule preview

  1. Just think about a year from now. The schedule won’t be coming out at all if Goodell and Smith have their way.

  2. What happens if, because the league office is in New York and both New York teams want a home game in week one, some other team(s) get hosed at some point in the season? Such as three road games in a row, etc. Apparently the Steelers have some sort of an exemption on this one.
    Basically, the league should look at the rest of the schedule and if any team needs to be “inconvenienced” during a particular week it should be the Giants or the Jets.

  3. TexansMike:
    “It’s Ben’s fault. Steelers are being removed from all prime time games.”
    You may be on to something here. The Steelers may have been scheduled to start the season at New Orleans (last two Super Bowl winners Black and Gold and Black and Yellow and all) and the league has decided they don’t want to highlight Big Ben in the Big Easy.

  4. [quote]It’s Ben’s fault. Steelers are being removed from all prime time games.[/quote]
    If you meant this as a joke, you might be closer to the actual truth than making me laugh by it.
    100% plausible IMO

  5. Jet fans will be rooting against the GMen in hopes of logging first W in new stadium.
    At the same time, they will tell you it doesnt matter who plays the first game there.
    Grand scheme it doesnt really matter I guess. Always nice to open the season with a W regardless .
    Was looking forward to the week one sked. NFL with the buzzkill on this one.
    Hope the primetime draft works out. My gut says I wont like it and it gives poor drafting teams ample time to recover from first night blunder(s).

  6. SO when should we expect this News ?? The scheduling person should be more prepared LOL! I am waiting to find out who’s shanahan team opens up with.

  7. They’re waiting for Brett Farvre to decide.
    If Farvre retires, they only will give the Grape Apes one primetime game.
    If Brett comes back, the Grapes will get 7 primetime games.

  8. “# TexansMike says: March 23, 2010 9:06 AM
    It’s Ben’s fault. Steelers are being removed from all prime time games.”
    Could be, after all, the Ratbirds successfully petitioned the league last year that they didn’t want to play them in prime time because they were tired of losing in front of a national audience.

  9. @Sprintphone…
    I was about to say the same thing. The NFL may be thinking the Steelers will suck…possibly moving a few late season prime time games.
    Also, this isn’t major league baseball. We don’t all have to bow down to NY.

  10. @ Kev 86 Regardless of The Giants game either the Giants or whoever they play will be the first winner in the stadium not the Jets

  11. The NFL is taking a dump, and I’m starting to wonder if I care anymore. Aaaah, but the glory days were nice while they lasted. Its really too bad that they are long gone. Long live the inevitable strike.

  12. this is the work of the anti-christ; OBAMA himself.
    wake up people, he is here to take away all your freedoms – including the NFL

  13. They’re waiting to see if Brett returns. If it’s the Super Bowl Saints vs. Brett Favre in a revenge game the ratings will be a regular season record. If it’s the Saints vs. Sage/Jackson vs. the Saints, it will also be a regular season record for fewest viewers of a nationally televised sporting event.

  14. Big Ben in the Big Easy could spell Big Trouble.
    Rex Ryan is fatter than John McCain. Hell, he could probably shit a John McCain.

  15. wow. Florio isn’t prepared to make any further assumptions. That should be a story in and of itself.

  16. Schedule does not need to be finished to announce those games, just far enough along that the league knows that they would not need to change those.

  17. Releasing the schedule just isn’t that big of a deal anymore. We all know who will play who, we even know if it will be home or away. So all we’re salivating over is who will be on prime time? I’ll help you guys. Saints, Vikings, Colts, Pats, Jets- yes. Lions, Rams, Bills- no. Steelers- once.

  18. These damn Jet fans are really becoming a pain in the ass.
    Ok we get it you had your one good year now go away for 40 more
    No matter what you do you will always be the stepteam in the Meadowlands

  19. These damn Jet fans are really becoming a pain in the ass.
    Ok we get it you had your one good year now go away for 40 more
    No matter what you do you will always be the stepteam in the Meadowlands

  20. Steelers were never going to play opening game at Saints because it would be a CBS game adn they get 2 Saint games, Steelers and Browns! CBS does not want only to show Saints-Browns with there 4th string announce team!

  21. The NFL now plans to keep the 2010 schedule secret for the entire season to heighten the suspense factor. They are quite confident this will boost attendance. Any fan managing to find his or her way into an NFL stadium while an actual NFL game is in progress gets a door prize.
    The doors are all being donated by Toyota. Jim Morrison was unavailable for comment. You may all now go back to sleep until draft day. Nothing of note has happened in the NFL today.

  22. Yeah.. Big Ben in Big Easy may not be for prime time viewing..although maybe it could be a good leadin for “To Catch a Predator” with Big Ben starring. Wouldn’t surprise me if Godell got a call from Dan Rooney asking him how many games he’s going to suspend Big Ben and after finding out it would be a minimum of eight games, asked Goodell if they could schedule the Browns the first eight weeks and then play other teams the rest of season.. rumor has it Goodell obliged..

  23. maybe it’s a new part of flexible scheduling..they are simply ask each team every week who they would like to play.. another attempt to lure SEC coaches to NFL …heard Urban Meyer is gave the Bucs an ultimatum.. if they can get Vanderbilt, Charleston, and entire Sun Belt conference on their schedule he would come coach them.

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