Lions' G.M. says Pacman "has a skill set that would help us"

The Detroit Lions definitely think former Titans and Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones can help them on the field. Now they need to be convinced that he won’t embarrass them off the field.

Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew said today at the annual league meetings that VP of Player Personnel Sheldon White liked what he saw at Jones’ workout last week, and now that the Lions are convinced he’s in good enough shape to play, they’re taking a closer look at all the other issues that come with signing Jones.

He had a really good workout, from what I understand,” Mayhew said, per the Detroit News. “But we need to do some more research on him.”

Is a really good workout enough to overcome the fact that Jones has been arrested several times, and that both the Titans and Cowboys were burned when Jones got into off-field trouble?

“I would say nothing’s imminent,” Mayhew said. “But we’re definitely tracking that and gathering more information. And he’s a guy that has a skill set that would help us.”

Mayhew said he’s been talking to Lions coach Jim Schwartz, who coached Jones for two seasons in Tennessee, as well as Deion Sanders, who has mentored Jones and who was a teammate of Mayhew’s at Florida State. So far, Mayhew says, he’s encouraged by what he’s hearing.

“He hasn’t been in trouble for almost two years now,” Mayhew said. “That’s a pretty big hoop to jump through.”

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  1. “He hasn’t been in trouble for almost two years now,” Mayhew said. “That’s a pretty big hoop to jump through.”
    Yeah, simply staying out of trouble for two years is a great accomplishment. Let’s just give this guy the Courage award right now.

  2. Next on the list: “When will Peyton Manning stop choking in important games” rule. This rule will stop Peyton Manning from choking in important games. God I love that quarterback…one of the greatest ever. But good lord the guy will not stop choking important games. Hopefully losing the most important one of his career will push him to do better.

  3. I didn’t know Mayhew needed somone shot inside a strip club. Is Detroit really that light on orgnaized crime that the Lions need to bring in Pacman for that particular skill set?

  4. Why did I comment that on this one…? It was meant to be on a different one. God I read this so often that i’m just writing everything everywhere. My mid-term paper will be showing up on here in about a week.

  5. Damn, 2 whole years!!!! He must have moved to somewhere that doesn’t have strip clubs to reign down his dolla dolla bills y’all…Delaware perhaps?

  6. There must be a drought in Detroit if they are looking for someone with the skills to MAKE IT RAIN.

  7. Nobody makes rain like Pacman. Not poccahontis, not sitting bull (err scotty im broke pippen), not even cloud seading has proven as effective. Skill sets lol.

  8. What “skill set” is it that Adam Jones has… “makin’ it rain”? Because from what I’ve seen he hasn’t done anything meaningful on a football field in years.
    Martin, not sure what your “Manning Rule” has to do with the Detroit Lions or really anything involving this article other than the Lions and Manning both being in the NFL, but that is quite a loose connection.

  9. What skill set???!!! Is it the multiple arrests, or maybe the ability to start gun fights, oooh, I know, the ability to be an overall turd!!

  10. Ever heard of the phrase, Canadian Ballet? Trust me, it has nothing to do with the fine art of ballet dancing and everything to do with strip clubs, pole and lap dancing.
    Give PacMan four weeks and he will be making it rain on a side trip into Windsor.

  11. What is the worst that could happen to the Lions? Pacman wouldn’t even get noticed if he ran down the street firing an AK in most parts of Detroit.

  12. Why even work him out, after the last infraction he must be due for another suspension from the league.

  13. Yes, because right now they can’t win – they want to go for can’t win and call even more attention to themselves.
    Signing him is going to be a stupid move…is Millen giving them advice?

  14. I didn’t know someone proficient in slamming a stripper’s head on the floor was a skill the Lions were looking to acquire.

  15. LOL
    great skill set huge upside & great intangibles
    he can shoot better than Plaxico,has a smoother way with women than Ben,& he’s cooler than Jim Bob Cooter
    + a good role model for the younger players…he can coach them as far as assembling a posse… dealing with the press while ripped out of your mind & other useful coaching tips…

  16. Wow, 2 whole years….that is almost an anniversary of sort isn’t it? Or at least a record for him?
    Next up for Pacman: The Nobel Peace Prize

  17. I know the Lions can use a tailback…I’d like to recommend contacting the agents for Maurice Clarett & Travis Henry…unsigned but still a lot of tread on the tires

  18. He will teach the others how to make it rain and how to properly slap women and shoot people outside of stripclubs

  19. CapsLockKey, you took the words right out of my mouth. Professional sports is a different world. I’d have been fired and never hired again at my job for one offense.

  20. This gold tooth punk thug shouldn’t be playing in the nfl ever again! Are teams really that desperate to have to even look at an absolute loser like this? Seriously, this guy has proven time and again what a loser he is, I can’t believe the bengals let this one pass!

  21. “He hasn’t been in trouble for almost two years now,” Mayhew said. “That’s a pretty big hoop to jump through.”
    I can’t stop laughing at this comment! When will teams learn that these guys either are a cancer or are burnt out at this stage.

  22. Funny how all the bad guys are never allowed to change…..They should never be given anymore chances even when they SHOW OBVIOUS IMPROVEMENT!!!
    Let God judge all others hope for the best and stop the hate!!!!!!!

  23. Pacman has been out of trouble because he hasn’t had the NFL cash flow to get himself in trouble… and when a guy’s got no money, there are scrip clubs where even the cops won’t go to make an arrest.

  24. …yeah man, give pac a break – he hasn’t made it rain, ordered his boyz to pop a cap in somebody’s ass, or appeared in his bad boiy outfit w/ the gold grill in 2 whole years… here’s the problem w/ those askin’ for half-assed penalties – people will then only know how long they have to lay low (then it’ll all go away)…and some can do that – a penalty is a penalty, has nothing to do w/ life change or forgiveness…forgive’im all you want – i hope he’s gotten things together – but that means alot more to him and someone else headin’ that direction if he lost something valuable in the process – not like it was freedom or – oh, i don’t know – the ability to walk & hold a job to support your family…

  25. What kind of trouble could he possibly get into in Detroit?
    Wait ’til he sees the scrip clubs on the Canadian side.

  26. Maybe the strippers in detroit have formed a union…….And they are lobbying for his return to the NFL….Make it Rain DunceCap

  27. God you guys are idiots… The “hoop” he jumped through wasn’t for him. Mayhew meant that as far as the league allowing him play, being out of trouble for 2 years will help his cause. Is 2 years with no trouble a giant accomplishment, NO. I don’t care if they sign him as long as he can play and there is a clause regarding him being a douschbag.

  28. The Lions need a talent upgrade across the board and he is just that so why not?
    If he helps, he is a drastic improvement for them
    He probably will get arrested at some point this year but if he helps win a few games, he is worth it

  29. Wow! What a bunch of comedians we have here. Lets see how many more times can you all can use the same “joke” worded differently? Yes, Pacman has been in a ridiculous amount of trouble, but the dude was 22 when he came into the league and handed millions. But he is 26 now…really stop and think about the maturity level you went through between those ages…..That said maybe he hasn’t changed and if the Lions or any other team decide not to sign him that is his fault, but if the dude has still got the talent and a team is willing then more power to him. Really, what do the Lions have to lose, him being a cancer in the locker room, what, is it gonna cause the Lions to lose more? If he F’s up cut him, no big deal, if he stays out of trouble and finally realizes his potential that major pick-up by the Lions. But enough w/ the tired “Jokes”.

  30. Pacman was more of an on-the-field concern than an off-the-field concern for the Cowboys. Dude wasn’t on his game. The skill sets were rusty. If he’s serious about wanting to play and a team is willing to sign him, good for him. He’s still young. I’m not sure I would sign him if I had a team, but the Lions need a lot of help. (Also, to be clear, I don’t anticipate owning a team in the near future. I would be pretty damn stoked over some new sneakers.)

  31. Lions’ G.M. says Pacman “has a skill set that would help us”
    First meeting:
    Okay new guys? Where are you?
    See him, you know Pacman or whatever he calls himself?
    Don’t be like that guy.

  32. Yeah his skill set is very useful, he’s the most accurate strip club owner shooter in the NFL.

  33. I’d love to see Pacman and Tebow on the same team. Pacman could give veteran advice, Tebow could be his shepherd. If it didn’t work at least it would make for an awesome reality show. They could be handcuffed together.

  34. I hope no one tells him about the new law in Detroit that makes strippers keep a certain distance from the “patrons”. He would have windsor as an outlet though. Dont forget escort services are legal there. He could make it rain in the privacy of a seedy hotel room and the commish will be non the wiser.
    Real question about this Nobel candidate is can he still play? A good workout is meaningless. Lions can’t afford another miss at CB but they are so deficient at that position they need proven players and will have to spend a draft pick or two.

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