Mike Bell is a Philadelphia Eagle

Mike Bell is headed to Philadelphia after the Saints chose not to match an offer sheet the restricted free agent signed with the Eagles, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The move is not a surprise; the Saints never appeared that interested in keeping him.

Bell came to New Orleans with his career on life support, but wound up leading the Super Bowl champions in carries during the regular season with 172.  His role rapidly diminished in the playoffs, getting only two carries in the Saints’ final two wins.

(The Saints’ win helped save Bell from going down in infamy.)

The Eagles will pay Bell $1.7 million, assuming he makes the team.  $500,000 is guaranteed, which was enough to scare the Saints off.  In Bell and fullback Leonard Weaver, the Eagles have a pair of steady options for short-yardage situations.

LeSean McCoy is expected to start at running back.

39 responses to “Mike Bell is a Philadelphia Eagle

  1. soild signing. will help out back field. def think we should go RB in the 3rd or 4th round tho

  2. I think this is a good signing. Mike Bell is not a game changer, but he is a veteran, he is coming from a good offense and he seems to do all the little things. Running back was no a position I thought we needed a big time free agent, so I think Mike Bell will be a nice fit in our offense. I don’t really see a downside here. Now if we would just get some defense, things would be really looking up.

  3. Sweet…I really like the signing…this will give some much needed depth in the backfield…with McCoy, Bell, and Weave, wow, this could be a killer three headed threat!

  4. He’ll be perfect in the role he will have…tough yards and change-of-pace back. We will now wait for some dumbass Saints fan to say “have fun dodging batteries, Mike”.

  5. So excited…The Saints 3rd string tailback is the Birds’ biggest FA pickup this offseason. Pffffffffffffffffffff….GO PHILS!

  6. word….when are they trading mcnabb ….thats the only thing that matters at his point

  7. McCoy, Weaver, and now Bell amounts to one of the most solid backfields we’ve had in years. Not that that’s saying much, but still.

  8. Haha… Mike Bell is a veteran? How misleading is that statement? That’s like calling a guy a doctor simply because he’s been in school seven years. I always liked the kid (started in Denver, after all), but he’s a very limited role player. He’ll let McCoy catch his breath and that’s about it.

  9. yay.
    Not crazy talented but adds much needed short yardage depth as you said.
    Now the O is set. McNubb or Kolb. No matter.
    Just draft defense defense defense defense please.
    Gotta be stronger up the middle on D….again

  10. yaaaaaaayyyyyyy we finally have a powerback that isnt a fullback!!!!
    still we gotta draft an all purpose back for later in the decade. leseans no 3 down back, hes a complement back. someone like matt forte, or cedric benson, or michael turner sort of, or jerome bettis, or you get the idea. im thinking if toby gerhart is still available at 24, we get him….this would be a great step forward for our race in the halfback category in the past 20 years.
    ahhhh race humor

  11. Last time Philadelphia got a bell back in 1752, they put a crack in it while giving it a test run! Therefore 258 years later, Mike is due to crack a body part while in practice…put it in the history books!

  12. nice pickup. good short yardage back, good between the tackles and can spot start as needed. nice little move by my birds.

  13. I posted that this contract would be matched….I admit I was wrong. Just wanted to point it out before someone else does.
    One question: Does he play special teams in any capacity?

  14. Solid signing eagles. MB is a fearless runner that will put his helmet down and take on anyone. Tough as nails. Just make sure he’s wearing the right cleats.

  15. Solid signing eagles. MB is a fearless runner that will put his helmet down and take on anyone. Tough as nails. Just make sure he’s wearing the right cleats.

  16. Thats one RB that Mike Shanahan knows very well. I am glad to see he landed with the Eagles because he won’t cause nearly as much trouble as BW did.

  17. Good signing Philly! I think he should be a good complement to McCoy. Im excited to see what our backfield can do next season. Ive read that McCoy has been spending a lot of time in the weight room and showed up to camp a few weeks early so it seems like he is taking on the challenge of being the starter. I think our short yardage runs have gotten a big boost with Bells running power. I think we have a good chance to push the pile with Bell carrying the ball and Weaver blocking.

  18. Dear Mike Bell, thanks for stealing fantasy points from my team all year long w/yr amazing 1 yard TD runs. Good riddance. Jerk.
    – Pierre Thomas owners

  19. @ pflynn20
    Love that attitude. You’d rather go into the season w/ a 2nd-year RB insured by Eldra B./2010 rookie? Or perhaps you are salty that Philly didn’t go out and drop tens of millions on some high-profile FA who’s on the decline? No no – I’ve got it: you’re just one of those Eagles “fans” who isn’t happy unless he has something to gripe about, right?
    Solid FA pickup, Fat Andy. Well done!

  20. Oh great. Another RB the Eagles won’t let run the ball. I like him. Solid backup but why don’t they just get a RB that can pass protect since they throw the ball 90% of the time anyway.

  21. I like Bell and he should fit in nicely with the Eagles rotation. He’s not a game changer, but a solid, tough player. He can easily give you a good 10+ carries/game. I would have liked him to stay in NOLA, but I understand we just didn’t need him with the current backfield line up. Nice pick up for Philly, one of those small pieces that solidify a team.

  22. “.VoxVeritas says:
    March 23, 2010 10:13 PM
    Can he play linebacker? ”
    That’s akin to saying:
    Can Rom-O-Choke play QB, answer: Nope!
    Steers & Queers!

  23. Is it crazy for me to think that Westbrook will be in Eagles Green this season? For really really cheap…?

  24. The people who actually watched the Eagles games would know we got to the playoffs running the ball with McCoy/Weaver last year. What killed us was when B-West came back and Andy kept forcing him the ball even though he clearly had nothing left in the tank and in the last game against Dallas Andy decided not to run the ball at all, 13 runs is just said. I guess Andy never heard that you dance with the girl who brung ya.

  25. Philly fans you’re getting a good ball player. As a Saints fan I am sad to see Bell go. While no one should question moves made by the Saints front office given they’re the superbowl champions. I just don’t see who the Saints are going to sign for less money that is going to be as capable as Bell was.

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