Raiders running back job is open too

M. Bush.jpgThe Raiders will have a lot of competition in their backfield this offseason.

While Bruce Gradkowski and JaMarcus Russell duel at quarterback, Michael Bush and Darren McFadden will compete for the starting running back job.  Coach Tom Cable doesn’t want yet another running back committee; he hopes that an every-down back emerges.

“We’ll move forward with those two guys,” Cable said Tuesday. “I think it will
help both of them that they will get more work. The question with [McFadden] is, now that he’s healthy, can he be an every-down back? And I
think he can be.”

So McFadden is the favorite, but at least Bush will finally be given a legitimate chance to start. If it’s a fair fight, don’t be surprised to see Bush finish on top.

46 responses to “Raiders running back job is open too

  1. RaiderMight says:
    March 23, 2010 7:43 PM
    Love the complementary booty shot in the background of the picture. 🙂
    yes indeedy, that snow bunny looks scrumptious

  2. They both suck. The Raiders should send McFadden over to Buffalo for Lynch. Both players get a fresh start.

  3. The best 1,2 punch in the league next year.
    really,really,REALLY!?!?!,where do some of you people come up with this crap?!?!?

  4. Grimmlock42 says:
    March 23, 2010 7:56 PM
    The best 1,2 punch in the league next year.
    You better be talking about cable because the word “best” and “Raiders” dont belong in the same sentence(That is, of course, unless it is used in this fashion!).

  5. Its not going to matter who’s back there if the Raiders can’t get a decent push from their offensive line like they did 2 years ago.

  6. # swervinmervin says: March 23, 2010 8:04 PM
    They both suck. The Raiders should send McFadden over to Buffalo for Lynch. Both players get a fresh start.
    Lynch sucks.

  7. With Fargas gone now DMAC needs to stay healthly (something he hasn’t been able to do).
    Most I have seen him run at one time is in the NFL Network commerical that ran constantly last year.
    My biggest hope for next season is that Bush can get out of Cable’s doghouse, get the majority of the carries and prove once for all that he is either a legit starter or not.
    Also I wouldn’t be surprised if the Raiders take a RB in the draft in the later rounds (despite what Cable says).

  8. 1) Niiiice auzz in the background, nice nice nice!!
    2) How is Bush fighting for the spot when the waidaz were using him as a back up when Fargas was there?? McFadden 1st, and Bush 2nd.
    Getting slow overthere Florio. Go back to talkin bout Benny Ben!!

  9. bush is damn good, mcfadden has been less than stellar so far
    mcfadden is the one who needs to start earning his paycheck
    it’s a shame al davis regained his sense before trading bush to my chargers…that was so close to happening, i hope al lives forever though…when he dies, the raiders are going to immediately improve

  10. Without a competent o-line we may never see the true potential of either back,or anyone else for that matter.Why Al? Why?

  11. I think Bush will end up getting the job. he has a lot of talent for a big guy. He just needs to get some more speed, and hopefully Mcfadden doesnt dissapoint like he already has

  12. thing is, if not for the broken leg in college, bush would have been drafted higher than mcfadden was, IMO
    still amazes me that so many teams passed on bush multiple times, i mean it was just a college broken leg for god’s sake

  13. With a reasonably improved line and competent play at the QB position these guys could be a lethal combo. Bush is an agile 245 pounder who was a Heisman candidate before breaking his leg at Louisville. McFadden was one of the best backs in the SEC in at least a decade. Don’t count them out.
    McFadden just needs to stay healthy and be used better. Cable runs him up the middle 5x for every 1 run off tackle. That needs to change. Hue Jackson will be calling the plays and I expect Gradkowski will start at QB. Get an o-lineman or two in the draft and free agency who can start right away and both these guys could go over 1,000 next year.

  14. Regarding the background scenery….
    See how the calves and biceps are just a bit too thick, while the back and shoulders are just a wee bit meatier than one would expect to see on a cheerleader. And while there appears to be a nice rounding to the buttock, the hips themselves seem strangely undefined…..almost no curve at all.
    Face it, boys: this so-called “hottie” everybody is leering at is actually Jay Cutler in a Joan Van Ark wig and hot pants.

  15. Bush and McFadden could be really good for Oakland, it’s the best thing they have going on offense. Bush should start and then McFadden should come for the home run hits. I like it.

  16. Hey Tom, haven’t you heard? The feature back days are over. You NEED a running back by committee because one of those guys is guaranteed to get injured during the season.

  17. John El Way says:
    March 23, 2010 9:22 PM
    LOL at Raiders fans who think they actually have a shot at being good every season.
    Better hurry back Johnny, cause the Donkeys haven’t done crap without you. How many years have you been gone?
    LOL at Donkey fans who think they have any reason to talk smack.

  18. With the eigth pick in the 2010 NFL entry draft the Oakland Raiders select…..Bruce Allen.

  19. John El Way says:
    March 23, 2010 9:22 PM
    LOL at Raiders fans who think they actually have a shot at being good every season.
    LMAO @ Mule fans who think they were EVER good!!

  20. what a waste of a franchise.
    I told them they could have had Thomas Jones. and I could have had a V8

  21. I agree that these guys have some potential and I like Michael Bush, but why do some of you Raider fans keep talking about how good these RBs were back in college. Who cares?! Ryan Leaf was good in college too.

  22. No way we get Okung at eight,than what are we lookin at in terms of best tackle on the board at that point? Heard we worked out a monstrous midround prospect this week.

  23. lol creeps for looking at the booty shot i didnt see it until i read the comments about it anyways teams that rotate running backs do so much better than teams that dont if they are both good then why not rotate them and keep fresher legs on them plus less mileage on those legs and body so u can get more production out of them both for years to come i always thought michael bush was gonna be great when he was in college the raiders need to use him more than mcfadden since he has an injury problem they shouldnt risk using him too much plus i never liked mcfadden anyways they need to go ahead and cut russell and they shouldve got crabtree last draft the raider fans can only pry that al davis dies soon and tom cable gets fired god they suck so bad i feel for the fans

  24. I think the Raiders are going to surprise this year. (i know, every year someone says that) They have a very underrated RB in bush, and McFadden shows flashes of brilliance when hes not injured. If they can get decent QB play they can easily get to .500

  25. Come on guys, give Mr Davis a break will you? He has only gone out and invested a fortune on staff and players over the years! Surely its now up to the coaching staff to extract the desired results.

  26. @ Zoinks….lmao!!!
    Oh yeah…running back for the Raiders next year…
    really….who cares?

  27. LOL at fans of donkeys who think they have a good team. How’d last year work out chumps? LOL at the chump who hasn’t had a decent player on the donks in years and has to use a screen name of someone who retired many years ago. Live in the past much?

  28. funny all the people that think mcfadden is bad because he plays for the raiders. it surely wouldn’t have anything to do with him fumbling, not being able to stay healthy and above all else falling down no matter whom touches him nor how hard. i guess al davis made him fumble? al davis make him fall to the ground when touched by a defender?
    mcfadden is soft as butter.

  29. i loveall these fans who call all of these guys busts. All of these top ten draft picks (d-mac, DHB, and J-Russ) have so much god given talent, and were born with seeds of greatness, but such a shame that with an o-line as crappy as the raiders that will not be able to showcase it.
    For all of our own fans who love to rip on these guys, why do none of you rip on Carlisle, Morris, Green, Henderson, Satele etc….ask me they suck. I can live with Satele, and maybe moving Henderson back to the right side.
    But for now with the 8th pick the raiders better pick a OT, (hopefully Buluga or Okung)and if for any reason Iutapi is still on the board at # 22, trade with the pats your 2nd, and 3rd round pick and draft him. You know bellidick would love to pick up extra 2nd and 3rd round picks

  30. donkie fans should put on horse teeth on to go with those puke grren and yellow jerseys and pray for elway to come back. Can’t say I blame them you know you are screwed when KYLE ORTON and BRADY QUIN are your saviors! We’ll just keep jafarta$$ on the raider team to show the donkies how pathetic they are and bring jacarcuss in to win the games on the last drive of the game like last season!!!

  31. A “duel” at QB????
    It takes TWO people to have a “duel”. If Gradkowski has to “duel” a 300 pound fat-a$$ lazy slouch like Russell, we can see who the starting QB of the raiders will be.
    I think I have the answer to the Raider’s problems with Russell. Instead of having the incentive of getting six points for every trip to the endzone that the raiders get, they should place a Big Mac in the opposition’s end zone and let dude run for it with the ball every damn play. If he puts the ball where the Happy Meal is, he gets the burger.
    The energy spent running offsets the calories of the Big Mac, and dude maintains his weight at 300 lbs.

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