Report: Investigators drop request for Roethlisberger's DNA

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation withdrew its request for a DNA sample from Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Kelly Naqi of ESPN is reporting.

There is no word on why the request was withdrawn, and the Bureau’s public information officer declined to comment on what it means regarding the status of the investigation.

Carl Prine of the Tribune-Review previously reported that attorney Ed Garland agreed to arrange for Roethlisberger to provide a DNA sample.

It is still not known whether charges will be brought against Roethlisberger, who was accused of sexual assault by a 20-year-old college student who says she met him at a bar on the night of March 4.

Lee Parks, an attorney for the accuser, told ESPN, “We’re not commenting on the investigation. It’s not our place to do that.”

Everyone who was with Roethlisberger has reportedly been interviewed by investigators. Roethlisberger himself has not.

112 responses to “Report: Investigators drop request for Roethlisberger's DNA

  1. Probably because NO DNA could be found on the ho, err girl. There was no sex. There was contact, which could be fondling, kissing, etc… But neither party said there was sex.
    If they don’t need his DNA, that is because there is nothing to match it to. There is no case, and no charges will be filed.
    All of the Steelers haters will have to suffer through another decade of Big Ben raping their teams up and down the field!

  2. Regardless of the facts in this case, I hate how rape cases are handled in the media. Identify the accused and accuser, or don’t identify either of them. If the accused is found guilty, identify him on the front page, by all means. But if he’s found to be innocent, the damage is done and his reputation is destroyed for life. Meanwhile, the false accuser gets to continue their life in anonymity, despite ruining a man’s life… Just doesn’t seem right.
    That said, I think this is the beginning of a bunch of stories that end with no charges being filed.

  3. If it’s agreed there was “sexual contact”, what is the point in asking for DNA? Pig Ben never denied contact, so this was a worthless request.
    Doesn’t indicate guilt or innocence, IMO.

  4. They didn’t need a DNA sample from Ben. There was plenty of man cream collected from the back of her shirt from the premature blastoff that sent her into a howling laugh. Thus making Ben mad as hell and bashing her in the head.

  5. Probably his investigators dug up some dirt on the girl, and her family is quickly back-pedaling, trying to drop charges before her underage drinking and/or party life becomes an issue for the national tabloids.
    Too bad in a way – even as a Steeler fan, this whole thing really leaves me wondering about Ben. Even if this all goes away, I would like to see him be forced to sit down for a few games to begin to learn a hard lesson. I still think a year suspension would do him good, but if this girl backs off the criminal charge, Goodell might not have the authority in the labor contract to sit him for a year.
    One thing is for certain – Andrea McNulty probably has a much better bargaining position to force a settlement now.

  6. JPeezy says:
    March 23, 2010 6:10 PM
    Probably because NO DNA could be found on the ho, err girl. There was no sex. There was contact, which could be fondling, kissing, etc… But neither party said there was sex.
    Uuhhhh WRONG! Check the FACTS before running your mouth. Rapelisburger ADMITTED to having sexual contact with the accuser HENCE the reason the request for DNA is dropped.
    There is no reason to get his DNA because he already ADMITTED contact! DUH!!!!

  7. Idiot Steeler fans. This is his second PUBLIC incident involving rape in one year. Those of you who live in Pittsburgh know the stories about him — (i.e.) the 3 a.m. dropoffs on shitty streets because the chick wouldn’t give him a blowjob. To turn a blind eye is just disgusting. Then again, most of you are horrible human beings anyway. Not like every fan base throws trash on their athlete’s lawn if they suck…

  8. Guess Ben was smart to hire Ray Lewis attorney…now we know why the investigation was taking so long, they were waiting for funds to clear!
    Karma caught up with OJ and it will catch up with Rapistberger as well.

  9. SETTLEMENT! Man I would love to get 2 minutes alone in a room with that guy. One call to the police and I’d be rich!

  10. From what I understand Big Ben was specifically told by the Bureau of Investigation that they did not want a sample of his DNA, but he forcibly gave them one against their will in a public restroom at the Bureau.

  11. That’s because they had a sample from the pavement in Pittsburgh, and from some chick who used to work at a hotel casino!

  12. Hmmmm….why withdraw the request for a DNA sample? Maybe because there is no basis for the request in the first place. Keep on hatin people. I expect the Bungal and cock kRaven fans to hate but am very surprised by how many Steeler fans have jumped the gun on all of this.
    I think the people that keep referring to “all of these incidents” are retards and yes you can tell Sarah Palin I said that. Ben had one motorcycle accident, not multiple ones and it was someone else’s fault. They turned in front of him so let’s remove that unfortunate event from the list of “all of these incidents”. Next was a whacked, psyco chic that is unstable and Ben may have had consentual sex with her in a hotel like many other single people do. Eliminate that one from “all of these incidents” until criminal charges are pressed and he is convicted. Now this latest event, guilty? maybe, innocent? maybe. Let’s see some proof, facts, criminal charges, arrests before the lynch mob continues to attack. Let’s see something other than the ignorant court of public opinion.

  13. I don’t know if this necessarily means anything one way or the other, except the flaming lynch mob will have another shot at posting the same old lame boring hate messages.
    Ben admitted there was sexual contact. In a he said-she said situation without any other evidence, he won’t be charged. Then he can start an honest image-rehab process and improve his behavior, much to the chagrin of the morons and haters who will have to put up with Ben leading the Steelers to more Super Bowl victories.
    Why didn’t this girl run screaming from the bathroom that she was assaulted? Why? Nobody has answered that question yet. Interesting.
    The longer this goes, the less likely charges will be filed IMHO.

  14. Jpeezy….ben wont be raping any teams for 4 – 6 weeks into the regular season after Roger gets done with him……

  15. Regardless of whether Big Dumbass is innocent (and not needing any DNA is probably a good sign of that) it should show him that 2 Time Superbowl winning QBs don’t hangout in dingy college bars in podunk Georgia trying to get BJs from 20 year old sorostitues (sorority + prostitute for the ill informed).
    I mean come on… does one have to be told this? You have to be the biggest douchiest retard in the world to not know this?
    You have like 100 million dollars go to Vegas, NY, Europe, LA, or hell ATL it’s only 2 hours north you can hire a freaking limo! IDIOT!
    Should be fined and suspended for just being a dumbass that’s what Goodell should say,”Today I have suspended and fined Big Ben Dumbass for being a dumbass and hanging out like he’s a 22 year old fratastic douche in a dingy, out in BFE, crap hole of a college bar. I like to add to Mr. Dumbass to get a life you loser. That is all thank you”.

  16. Don’t forget the DNA problem with the Kobe Bryant case, how the DNA sampling backfired on the accuser and ruined the prosecution’s case:
    “However, a DNA test traced [DNA] … to someone other than Mr Bryant, indicating she had had more than one sexual partner around the time of the alleged assault.”
    If you bring DNA into the case, then you also bring in the DNA of any other sex partners that are found on the accuser’s person during a proximate time around when the event allegedly occurred. Kobe Bryant’s accuser apparently had someone else’s DNA on her person, which would show that Kobe was not the only sexual partner during the time period in question.
    The same reverse use of DNA to implicate the accuser came up in the Duke Lacrosse case:
    “The women were with other men on the night or right before the alleged rape. DNA showed that both women had been with other men before or right after the alleged rape.”
    DNA sampling is a 2-edged sword, and if there is any other DNA than Ben’s it could backfire on the accuser.

  17. Don’t worry stiller fans……..The Rooney’s moral compass was just an act, they had no intentions of dumping the QB who has won 2 superbowls.This was clearly evident..DNA or no DNA. But you have to love Tomlins company line about being above the standard of his peers, that was a lesson in “toeing the line” management 101..It really sounded good..You can continue on with you’re pathetic adult lives, with the idol worship, of what basically is a nearly 30 year old man who thinks his life is an episode of girls gone wild……And Jpeezy summed it up perfectly with the last line of his completely juvenile blurb…..Yes……Rape is a word to be used at your convenience……..Sad

  18. JPeezy-BBB82-Settafetta; got any daughters? Think you might have some in the future, or maybe you’ve got grandkids? Ask yourself a question. Would you want one of them to go out for a few drinks with Ben and his entourage? What if she had just one too many cocktails? Would you be concerned, or would you feel like she would be safe?

  19. If they received DNA evidence from the rape kit they should be taking his DNA. If they found semen or pubic hair in or around her vagina and she claims to have not consented to sexual intercourse, they need to take a sample of Roethlisberger’s DNA.
    If he claims to have had contact with her, but no sex, and they did find semen or pubic hairs(other than her own) in or around her vagina, he needs to give a DNA sample.
    If they did find that, and Roethlisberger truly is not guilty, he needs to give a DNA sample to prove his innocence and eliminate a suspect from the investigation.

  20. I see how Pervy Harvin got his name. Funny. Puerile, but funny.
    Sounds like there isn’t enough to create a compelling case even with a sliver of DNA that they both probably attested got their willingly.
    All that is left is a civil suit.

  21. Is this case over?
    From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today:
    “MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger does not need to provide a DNA sample to Georgia authorities investigating allegations that he sexually assaulted a college student.
    “There’s no DNA to compare.
    “Officials at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday confirmed that attorney Edward T.M. Garland of Atlanta offered to provide a sample of Roethlisberger’s DNA in connection with the alleged sexual assault of a 20-year-old student in a nightclub restroom early March 5. But police told the lawyer they didn’t need it.”

  22. They dont need it cuz they got it off a triple cheeseburger he was eating during the incident..

  23. Investigators found out that the sample taken from her mouth contained DNA from at least 12 other guys that night. Identification became impossible.

  24. jibfest, funny!
    Pervy, I was thinking she pulled back during the blast off and that’s why she hit her head. Hmm….your scenario is plausible.
    By the by for those listing rape, that wasn’t listed in this one. That was the faker in South Lake Tahoe (note the hoe).
    So, we have learned that Ben is an ass, is very Tiger-like in that he will try to screw anything and will now need any gal he is near to sign a waiver. Maybe he’ll just film the rest of his life, so he can show what really happens from now on. With the bad press, I would say that a lot of himself loving himself.

  25. Doesn’t matter what they found on her, around her if they don’t have a sample to compare it to it means zilch. Could be anybody’s!!!

  26. Hey JPeezy – didn’t both the Chiefs and the Faiders beat the Steelers last year??? As a Chiefs fan, even I can admit these two teams are bottom dwellers in the AFC West…I guess Big Ben is a huge ASSet who gets raped as much as he performs the action.

  27. “# ItalianArmyGuy says:
    One thing is for certain – Andrea McNulty probably has a much better bargaining position to force a settlement now.”
    Screw her too, her own coworkers lined up against her and said she’s lying. He won’t give her a dime.

  28. “DNA sampling is a 2-edged sword, and if there is any other DNA than Ben’s it could backfire on the accuser.”
    If she had consensual sex with someone else around the time of the incident, why should that backfire on her? It’s entirely possible she had a consensual relationship with a boyfriend/someone else and then was sexually assaulted by Big Ben.
    In Kobe’s case, I believe the accuser claimed she hadn’t had sexual contact with anyone else other than Bryant, so DNA testing threw her credibility into question. Unless this accuser has made a similar claim, any revelation of consensual sexual activity prior to the incident in question would be irrelevant.
    Women are allowed to have sex with whomever they choose, whenever and however many times they desire, and it’s entirely possible that they can be raped/assaulted afterward. We shouldn’t set the precedent that a sexually active person can’t protect themselves from violent crimes.

  29. # rusH1023 says: March 23, 2010 6:27 PM
    Idiot Steeler fans. This is his second PUBLIC incident involving rape in one year. Those of you who live in Pittsburgh know the stories about him — (i.e.) the 3 a.m. dropoffs on shitty streets because the chick wouldn’t give him a blowjob. To turn a blind eye is just disgusting. Then again, most of you are horrible human beings anyway. Not like every fan base throws trash on their athlete’s lawn if they suck…
    Actually, this one does not involve rape. That word has only come up from Idiot non-Steeler fans who are looking to make themselves famous on an internet blog site. The first incident with McNulty was NEVER brought to the police, not to mention all of the emails she sent saying she wanted his baby and that she planned on having sex with him that night anyway.
    This pattern is disturbing, and clearly he needs to work on his decision making. The latest incident has only ever been mentioned as an alleged sexual assault.
    Hey, don’t let facts get in the way of living your dream though. After all, what do I know, I am an idiot according to the ignorant.

  30. Drop the request.
    Next comes drop the charges.
    Lack of evidence. No case. Not guilty.
    Hopefully though, the lynch mob will continue to cry for years. Remember, your pain is our joy.
    Hey, why don’t you all get together and start an online petition, like the Pats fans did after SB XLII?

  31. Jpeezy….ben wont be raping any teams for 4 – 6 weeks into the regular season after Roger gets done with him……
    If no charges are filed, it’ll only be 2 games max. Don’t worry he’ll be back to rape the hapless ravens. When’s the last time he lost to the rat birds. Been quite a while huh?

  32. Could it be that he has agreed to a plea bargain?
    Damn interesting…………….
    If he reached a bargain with the D.A., there would be no need for a dna based on a confession.
    The Ghetto Trailer Park Trash is toast.
    What’s even worse than what Big Ben did, is how all the idiots coming to his defense. I would be very careful immediately calling the accuser a slut or gold digger, because the next so called slut could be your daughters.

  33. “# Laxer37 says: March 23, 2010 7:17 PM
    Florio is so pissed right now he had Michael David Smith post this story.”
    Damn, you’re right, I hadn’t even noticed.
    Florio’s probably on the floor in a fetal position, thumb in mouth…

  34. funi says:
    March 23, 2010 6:46 PM
    Ben never raped her! Ben’s DNA went down her throat! How do you think she hurt her head! Can you say S-L-U-T!
    Maybe the same thing will happen to your mother. At least I hope so.

  35. @rusH1023 says:
    March 23, 2010 6:27 PM
    Idiot Steeler fans. This is his second PUBLIC incident involving rape in one year.
    * * * * * *
    rusH, WTF are you smokin’ dude? You are a dumb mofo. NO RAPE, period end of story. Quit throwing around the word “rape”, you are minimizing it.
    BTW, dummy, can you tell me why the girl in GA did not run out of the bathroom screaming rape when the “assault” allegedly happened? Nah, nobody else can either.
    People, wait until FACTS come out before you state your opinion. You will look much smarter in the long run. However, most of you don’t care about that, you can hide behind your monitor and hate.

  36. The only DNA that could have been found was in her stomach. To late to pump her stomach to retrieve the evidence.

  37. I love it when you guys the use ALL CAPITALS to make your erroneous RAPE accusations..that must make it true ….RIGHT???!!!

  38. bluestree …… Lets ask another question . Why didnt her parents raise their child better ? Didnt she know it was ILLEGAL to drink at 20 ? Doesnt she know its ILLEGAL to posses a fake ID ?
    If she was properly raised then she wouldnt be out illegally drinking at a bar with an older man . She should be studying at her dome .
    Ben is DUMB . Well noted . But being dumb isnt illegal . Lets hope the girl is properly charged with underage drinking and having false goverment documents . Fair is fair right ? The bar needs to lose its liquor license for serving minors .
    If we all want to go the legal route then lets cover all aspects on it . Lets stop being onesided . If Ben is charged or not . This girl and the bar needs to be held accountable like anyone else .
    Pervy STOP lol . Go to see you are over your NFC championship loss and to the Steelers . See you in august when you know if you have a QB or wanna be QB .

  39. @ Ravwnmaniac, Jpeezy….ben wont be raping any teams for 4 – 6 weeks into the regular season after Roger gets done with him……
    They can not suspend him if he is not charged with any wrong doing, they can make him get counseling but that is it,. If they suspend him for and no charges are ever brought. The NFLPA would appeal and Does everyone forget the Williams brothers, they have yet to serve thier suspension.
    And to the guy about the 3 a.m. story were you there did you see him do that , well if you werent then that is hearsay.
    This story has been blew out of proportion from the get go and the peanut gallery or haters, have pronounced him guilty, with no facts, now that facts are coming out , they are spewing that he cut her a check, No it does not mean that, it means that thier case was weak and they are realizing that,,,
    Do any of you realize what this has probably already cost him , the atty he hired I can guarentee you is not cheap neither is the Pi that was hired. I would think with all the money he has spent defending himself, if he was guilty , he could have paid her for alot less.
    Italian Army guy,thank you for posting an article from a source that I respect.
    So now I will say , can wait for the civil trial , then it will all come to light for you haters just like it did with the Whack Job in NV>>> Because this is where this heading and I dont see a payday in this ‘poor victims” future either. I see a countersuit for deframation and that is what he should do.

  40. As a Steeler fan I do hope Ben is innocent but if not I hope they let go of him in a hurry.
    I do have to say that I do enjoy the Steeler hate. There are so many stupid comments that are just soaked in jealousy. Keep it up . The Steelers got 6– you?

  41. Maybe she didn’t go screaming out of the bathroom because she was in shock. Maybe because the guy is a celebrity apparently accustomed to getting his way, and he’s 6-5, 260 pounds (and counting) and was accompanied by a 300+ lb lineman and 2 badass looking off-duty yinzers so maybe she was afraid of what would happen if she said something in the bar. It’s not like she waited even 24 hours to report it.
    He’s already admitted there was contact so there’s no need for DNA to establish contact. The question is whether there was consent.
    And still from the NFL’s perspective, an NFL player getting his chubby smoked in the girls bathroom of a a college bar definitely tarnishes “the sheild”, even if she was a willing participant.

  42. Rape not such thing A woman can run faster with Her dress up than a man can with his pants down. This evenings comment

  43. @ steeltownpride – LOL Guess we are in the same boat mate! You know, wondering if we have a QB or a wanna be QB!

  44. Some of the people in here have the wrong ideas about the Law. Or the Law in Georgia, every State has different Laws. Even if the police were to say that Ben to their satisfaction didn’t do anything, that wouldn’t be the end of it. I’m talking from past experience not just spouting stuff off. Police/ District Attorney are different entity’s. What that means is, even if by chance the Police say they are done, the DA will still come in and indict Ben, if that is the wish of the alledged victim. It’s a catch 22…..It’s not up to the Police, it’s up to the victim whether or not Ben is charged! That’s how Georgia Law works they give the alledged victim the power to say I want him charged regardless of what the Police say.

  45. I am sure if she was your mother, sister, wife, daughter, you would still have the same stupid comments.

  46. bluestree,
    do you have any sons? would you want them going out with a woman who falsely accuses them of rape? the question goes both ways.
    It is fine to say “I think it happened this way” but seriously people, with so many of you, he is the devil or she is. for all we know she is mearly a confused young girl whose main memory of the incident is ben’s agressive hands, her falling when getting caught or suprised in the act, ben laughing about her getting caught or suprised, and her friends telling her he does this to other girls and is already being sued. And Ben, the overly agressive, slightly dopey, worshipped athelete who likes to hang out with loose women and test his limits. bad choices by these two may have created a situation with a sad confused young girl and a wrongly accused idiot.

  47. @Cprine …
    Thanks for the link and the clarification. But … why did it take the police nearly 20 days to realize they didn’t have a sample for comparison to Roethlisberger’s DNA?

  48. Ben is guilty of bad judgement only! He went to a bar on his 28th birthday looking for fun with some young chics. I was doing the same at his age and many others have done the same.
    He’s got 100 mil and the girls were all over him and he had his pick. The girl agreed to a BJ in the bathroom and when it was time for the moneyshot she hits her head trying to not swallow.
    Give a wish list of the exact girl you want and they will even deliver it to you.
    Who cares! Ben’s a young single guy with lot’s of cash… enjoy your life but please use better judgement.

  49. Whats the mystery here people?
    Clearly the guy has questionable judgement. Is it really that much of a stretch to think this girls claim (or the other one) could possibly be ligit?
    Just because he’s big bad famous ben shouldn’t mean jack. Also there have been rumors for years that he is a total locker room jerk. Hence the team has never voted him as captain. What does that say when your teammates don’t look up to you? There are many stories about his better-than-you attitude people. Many.
    These cases typically drag on just like this and just like the last girl in Vegas. Ben is in deep trouble people, don’t kid yourselves.
    And all you Steeler fans who are breathing a sigh of relief now should be completely ashamed of yourselves…..Seriously people c’mon
    He’s a piece of human garbage, I’m confident in that opinion. Just like Vick and OJ will always be.
    When you think you are entitled to something or someone because your are famous and talented, it’s over.
    If Ben doesn’t hang for this one, start a daily Big Ben turd watch. We won’t be waiting long….

  50. Time to Celebrate the Fatheaded Molestor will get off. Not so fast my friends, maybe the GBI made their case without the DNA and now in an effort to save face ole eddie published this to make sure the public, mostly idiot steeler or styx fans, would think poor rapistburger doesn’t really deserve his SECOND molestation charge in a year!
    Stay Classy Pittsburgh you may just get one of your own back soon! Then you can burn some couches, wear your Sexburgh tshirts and celebrate with all the other Pennsyltuckian’s by taking your 20 year old sister out on a datenight for some underage drinking and bathroom fun!

  51. Look ib, we all have female relatives and i don’t think anyone wants to see any of them or other peoples female relatives abused or assaulted but I’m also sure that no one wants their sons, fathers, brothers falsely accused. And that is exactly what the Nevada case looks like. This case has shown no evidence so far either. Have you seen the “girls gone wild videos”? I’m sure you think that they are innocent, young victims too. Show me some FACTS or PROOF.

  52. “All of the Steelers haters will have to suffer through another decade of Big Ben raping their teams up and down the field! ”
    Like last year, LOL. They couldn’t even make the playoffs. How does an elite team and QB not even make the playoffs?

  53. Man, what is up with you Steeler fans and the whole world is jealous of you? I don’t hate your team or fans for the most part, but face the facts. That Frankenstein of a QB you got has a problem with his pants puppet. Has terrible judgement for a grown ass man who leads a storied franchise. I actually feel for him. I have a sex addiction also. I don’t fear arrest or money grubbing though. Blow up dolls are the only way to go!

  54. Hi Spoonthis………..I completely agree with that since I also have a husband, a son, a dad and and a brother and would be enraged if any of them were falsely accused. She has not been given the benefit of the doubt and every one asumes that she is not telling the truth. On the other hand, he has placed himself in questionable circumstances all on his own……and now she is the one that wants to make money????? I am more than happy to wait and see what happens and not just jump to conclusions.

  55. The comment made about Georgia Law stating its up to the alleged victim to press charges. Well if that’s the case and it truly happend as she said that night, why didn’t she file charges that night instead of 3/4 weeks later. Makes no sense. Sounds like she’s in it for the $$ since she hired at civil case attorney. Had she pursued the criminal case, she would have the State of GA/DA to be her mouthpiece.
    There are major flaws in this case and now one of them has come into light with the request for DNA being dropped. Without concrete physical evidence, the case is weak at best and she knows that. Its hard to prove rape/assault without some kind of physical evidence and boils down to he said/she said and that’s hardly enough to indict or convict. CASE CLOSED!

  56. Florio and Smith …I see you still love to let people post using words like rape and molester. You’re as sick as your posters and as classless.

  57. diehardskinsfan21: You should be so lucky to have a franchise QB.. Your team is nothing but a bunch of overpaid, highpriced, wannabes. You will never win a SB with that owner or the front office. I don’t care if you had Vince Lombardi as head coach your team is a real mess.
    But as a Steeler fan, let’s see, oh yeah, we have 6 and are on the Stairway to 7 with #7.
    Oh yeah by the way, we don’t have to give out rags to our fans. We buy our own because all of the money goes to charity for a home for very autistic children. Your egotistical owner was jealous when Steeler Nation took over your stadium in 08 and made your pathetic team use a silent count on offense in their own house.
    Ben might be stupid off the field, but he’ll carve your team up like minced meat.

  58. Excuse me jamson64, don’t include me in that comment. I didn’t use those words. But you are right, there are alot of classless posters.

  59. BensAttorney…lets wait and see if Ben gets suspended. It is like I said…he will be required to get professional help but I believe Roger is going to swing the hammer as well. The sad part about it is that ben will put himself into another situation at some point and Dixon will find himself under center for good.
    Steeler fans…you act like this case is over….does not needing DNA mean the case is over? I wouldnt get too excited yet….

  60. Well, I guess she wasn’t wearing Monica’s dress after all. There may be some reason for optimism but it ain’t over till it’s over.
    It’s Good To Be Hated.

  61. @Kolbfan …
    His teammates voted him a team captain for the 09 season. Nice fact-checking. Speaking of which … human garbage, huh? Like Vick and Simpson. Well …
    Vick pleaded guilty and has publicly acknowledged participating in dog-fighting rings that slaughtered animals. His guilt is not in question. Simpson was acquitted but later penned a book providing a lot of detail. Based on the evidence I’ve read, I believe he’s guilty, and he is serving a prison sentence on another matter.
    Roethlisberger is 28, single, and likes to party. Some people in Pittsburgh have said he acts like a jackass; others have said he’s been polite and accommodating.
    While at a golf tournament in Nevada, he had sex with an older woman. She waited a year, accused him of rape, and sued for $3 million. Police have said there’s no evidence a crime occurred. Her friends have sworn she bragged about the encounter. Her text messages sent AFTER the alleged rape talk of looking forward to seeing Ben at upcoming VIP events.
    While celebrating his birthday in Georgia, he met a woman in a bar. She later told police he “sexually manipulated” her but did not allege rape. So far he hasn’t been arrested or charged. But she has retained a personal injury attorney.
    So … in your mind, a guy who’s been rude and accused–with no charges or corroborating evidence–is equal to a guy who confessed to slaughtering animals for sport and another who is believed to have slaughtered two people.
    You have an interesting sense of perspective.

  62. Other news now on this subject – looks more positive this evening for Ben:
    Roethlisberger attorney Ed Garland has now told the Associated Press that “officials withdrew the request a week ago” – source – Yahoo! Sports.
    “last week a Georgia Bureau of Investigations agent called Mr. Garland to tell him the sample was no longer needed” – source – Pittsburgh Post Gazette
    “A lack of DNA evidence doesn’t necessarily mean a sexual assault didn’t occur, but it removes potentially key pieces of evidence for a prosecution. “We can infer, with some certainty, that they have nothing at all that would be male ejaculate, semen, that would be a stain on clothing or any swabs taken from the lady,” said famed Squirrel Hill forensic pathologist Dr Cyril Wecht. “Remember Monica Lewinsky’s dress? We don’t have that kind of thing now.” “Now, medically and legally, this doesn’t mean that rape or another form of assault didn’t take place. But in the absence of DNA, if they did the proper workup, it markedly could weaken what was a case.” – source – Pittsburgh Tribune Review

  63. Anyone that thinks Vick fighting dogs is worse than Ben raping women is a friggin lunatic. Get yourself checked out.

  64. I swear, Perv!!! As far as the public knows, the guy had sex with one woman in the last two years–who said it was rape and sued him for $3 million. Based on the evidence submitted so far, he no more raped her than you raped your Inflatable Annie. No one in Georgia is even alleging intercourse.
    A sex addict who has sex once in two years?? Better lend him the blow-up doll … if you can bear to part with her 😉

  65. BlueEyeDevils says:
    March 23, 2010 7:24 PM
    Could it be that he has agreed to a plea bargain?
    Um…… You can’t agree to a plea bargain before you are arrested. Our legal system doesn’t work that way.
    The reason they aren’t asking for the DNA is because DNA can’t prove whether the contact was consensual or not. DNA would only be helpful if BR had denied contact with the woman, which he has not.
    What’s even worse than what Big Ben did, is how all the idiots coming to his defense. I would be very careful immediately calling the accuser a slut or gold digger, because the next so called slut could be your daughters.
    Great point. We don’t often agree, but I am with you on that.

  66. Amateur Barney Fife’s and pay of conspiracy theorists…..she went to the hospital immediately after this “claim”. It is not up to the family to stop the request for DNA. If the hospital found something then the authorities will proceed with getting the DNA sample and looking for a match on their own. That is how rape and sexual assault charges work. Obviously, there is nothing there but maybe a little consentual fondling, she had “buyers remorse” and made this story up because a ton of people were watching Ben and saw her not acting like a southern belle in public. She didn’t want mommy and daddy to hear stories and be upset. With the FA signings improving special teams and adding some depth que the up for ring #7. How appropriate!

  67. Deb
    You’re a female Steelers fan. A paradox if there ever was one.
    My point was Benny has highly questionable judgement. Yes, he is a piece of garbage from what I understand. Just like you formed your opinions about OJ’s non-innocence.
    You’re judgement is clouded by stupid football talent. Would I feel the same about him if he were representing my beloved team? I think so, yes. Vick is a piece of garbage and I am ashamed my team went after him. No doubt.
    But trouble follows trouble makers. Just ask Sean Taylor and Chris Henry. Sooner or later, this guy is gonna make you regret your blind defense of him.
    The Big Ben Watch is on.
    -5/1 odds he gets his mugshot taken this year.
    -2/1 odds he he’s does jailtime before he’s 50

  68. Vick only pleaded guilty because his boys rolled over on him. Otherwise he would have continued to say not guilty.
    Speaking of someone rolling over, I wonder if one of his “boys” told the cops something other than.. “he didn’t do it”? The cops wouldn’t need DNA then.
    All the article said is that they don’t need his DNA anymore. What else do they have now? I don’t see an article or anything else stating everything has been dropped.
    Apparently the commish is still upset, it was a scroll on NFL Network just now he intends to meet with Ben. Like I said in a previous post, wonder if the prosection will subpoena Roger for info after the discussion? Ben won’t say anything which will piss the commish off. Suspension.

  69. Hey steelers4life, I know how much you hate me, but have you seen ItalianArmyGuy’s posts lately? He is trying to get rid of Ben. Why aren’t you accusing him of not being a true fan? Is he allowed to be critical of the guy who brought the Steelers 2 rings? Why is he any different than me?

  70. Your right RAVEN…its not over yet.. but it certainly proves he didnt RAPE this girl like alot of the morons on here claim. Why would they suspend him..because some chick made a claim? hell then everyone could do that.
    Take notice….alot of big mouths sure shut the hell up when this report came out. HAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
    Do you think if they prove she falsified info to the police that they should file charges against her? If thats the case.. it could set an example .

  71. “jamaltimore says: ”
    None of your mind-numbing, incoherent, cheap beer & quaalude induced rants change the fact that Ray Lewis is a murderer.

  72. this may be his second time with this charge but, he is a good person he wouldn’t rape 20 year old girls

  73. You all make me embarrassed to be a football fan. Are we actually hoping that an act of sexual violence took place? Why do you find it appropriate to assign names to players that a 5 year-old could create? Are you under the impression that you actually know what happened in that bathroom? Were any of us there?
    Mr. Florio, sir,
    You have changed internet reporting forever and have an extensive, impressive education. I understand that you must stimulate conversation, but please do not insult the intelligence of your audience further. You state that the Steelers have a double standard, as if other teams would throw a $102 million investment out of the window with ease. You would be the first to chastise the Black and Gold for letting Ben go when and if he finds success elsewhere. If any other big names make this mistake, we’ll see what they do.

  74. Looks like the Steelers fan are falling over themselves climbing back on that bandwagon…lol.

  75. Well, we’ll see what other evidence they probably have. Maybe one of his “boys” rolled over on him, just like Vick’s did.

  76. Another TRICK looking for a rich man GRANTS
    and FRANKLINS plus his BENJAMINs…Once
    a Whore always a Hoe who wants a easy payday.

  77. Ed Garland, Ben’s Atty, won’t speak about why the request for DNA was dropped. He said he expects the investigation to go around 30 days. AP article.
    Hmmm. Not bragging yet I see Mr. Garland.

  78. The AP article also reported that Garland, Bens’s atty said the request was dropped a week ago. He has his own team still investigating as well.
    So much for an open and shut situation. There’s something going on in the background for this to last this long. I still am committed to saying he’s guilty.
    Considering Garland’s fee, which has to be HUGE, this little incident has already cost Ben PLENTY. Plus this publicity? LMAO

  79. LMAO!
    It’s over, just like I’ve been saying for days.
    If Florio is a lawyer, he got his JD from a Cracker Jacks box!
    As I also said, Ben isn’t missing one game over this BULLSHIT.
    Carry on haters. LOL

  80. Pervy ….. Maybe next time Ben should just rent a “boat” for him and his teammates . Isnt that how they do it Minnesota style ?

  81. Pittsburgh Post Gazette, want ad section.
    Able-bodied men and women for outdoor work. Must work well in a team environment. Must be available to start immediately. Sturdy shoes and clothing are required as well as job tools (pitchforks, branch/rag torches, etc.)
    Job objective. Lynch mob.
    No resume required. Salary commensurate with experience. Inquire Pittsburgh Steelers football club. 412-XXX-XXXX
    We also have positions available for degreed individuals in our executive-level, fast-track Haters department. Resume required. Inquire as above.
    The Pittsburgh Steelers football club is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

  82. Lol @ still calling him guilty.Guilty of what?? lol We now KNOW it wasnt Rape like you tried to now what? LOL
    Yall are some poor excuses for humans.. I now know most of you still believe the Duke Lacrosse Boys did something to that ho too…
    This is almost hilarious now.. when they requested DNA this board lit up like the red light outside Rebas house with Haters.. lol now that its NOT needed you say well they didnt need it anyway..hahahahahahhaah stupid asses. This site explains clearly why our country has been and is a MESS!

  83. steeltownpride says:
    March 24, 2010 5:33 AM
    Pervy ….. Maybe next time Ben should just rent a “boat” for him and his teammates . Isnt that how they do it Minnesota style ?
    BINGO! About time you guys out East start thinking smart. That is how the Vikes roll.

  84. “Outlaw Jersey Whales says:
    Pittsburgh Post Gazette, want ad section….”
    What exactly is it with you?
    You drop by every Steelers thread and repost the same cut-n-paste replies over and over and over and over.
    Are you that lacking in imagination and general intelligence, or are you just some 12 year old with serious issues?
    Whatever the reason, you’re obviously not from Pittsburgh or anywhere near it, so that’s a plus at least.

  85. It’s easy to place blame and judgement on a player on another team. They are the “enemy” and deserve to be punished. It’s completely different when the guy plays for you team. I think those two opposing viewpoints are constantly showing up in these posts (sometimes, I just wish the posts would be more intelligent).
    Not that I care about Ben–but I care about my team. I love my team just like most Steelers fans (and Ravens fans and Patriots fans) love their team. People protect their own, which is why most Steelers fans on these posts are defending the Steelers organization (not Ben’s actions). Ravens fans were just as (and still are) defensive of Ray Lewis.
    To end this vicious circle of bad-mouthing and hating, can we all just admit the following:
    1. Steelers haters want Ben punished and want him to suffer?
    2. Steelers fans just want him to be innocent so we can continue to win games with our QB?
    3. If he’s found guilty, he should be suspended and go to jail.
    4. Florio needs to stop posting “gossip” posts just to get all of us riled up.

  86. “# steelersmichele says: March 24, 2010 11:23 AM
    To end this vicious circle of bad-mouthing and hating, can we all just admit the following:”
    “1. Steelers haters want Ben punished and want him to suffer?”
    Of course they do, they don’t care one bit about due process, in fact they’re actually rooting for him to be guilty – which says a lot more about them than it does about BR.
    “2. Steelers fans just want him to be innocent so we can continue to win games with our QB?”
    Uhm, well, uh …. yeah.
    “3. If he’s found guilty, he should be suspended and go to jail.”
    Absolutely. And yet the haters can’t grasp that Steelers fans actually feel this way.
    “4. Florio needs to stop posting “gossip” posts just to get all of us riled up.”
    For-get-it. It’s how he makes his living.
    Just another Jerry Springer wannabe.

  87. @Kolbfan …
    If you’d read my other posts over the last few months, you’d have seen me defend Tom Cable with the same passion I’m using to defend Ben Roethlisberger. I hate the Raiders and haven’t seen any particular demonstration of talent from Cable. I just have a problem with people being railroaded without evidence. My defense of Ben isn’t blind. I’m a rape survivor, so I don’t blindly defend accused sex offenders. I’ve been over every scrap of evidence in the Nevada case–not the TMZ gossip, but the case filings. I believe Andrea McNulty is using the allegation of rape as a way to extort money from a prominent athlete. As someone who’s been victimized, that makes me VERY angry. Through my work as a writer in another country, and my brother’s work as a criminal defense attorney, I’ve had experience with people who were wrongly accused and imprisoned. That makes me angry, too. So please don’t treat me like I’m a simple-minded cheerleader. Yes, I love my team. But I haven’t disconnected my brain.
    As for O.J. Simpson, I steadfastly believed his innocence until the evidence demonstrated him guilty–to me, if not to the jury. I think he was the greatest football player of his generation and Roethlisberger’s talent doesn’t come close. That he deteriorated into such a monster is a tragedy.
    A lot of complex cultural issues played into Michael Vick’s crimes. I’m not making excuses for him–just stating a fact. He did his time and says he is a changed man. Since I lack your ability to see into his soul, I can only take him at his word until he does something to suggest otherwise.

  88. Deb,
    OJ was always a monster, he just did a great job hiding it because he had MANY enablers. Once Nicole said no, the wheels came off.
    Ben is just a stupid kid, there is still hope for him.

  89. The one thing that always has bothered me about the Vick case is that I find it difficult to believe he was the ONLY Falcon or NFL player involved in dogfighting and the killing and torturing of those dogs.
    I mean, NFL players are birds of a feather, they flock together. They usually hunt, fish and party together. Even Willie Collin accompanied Roethlisberger to Georgia, just as an example.
    I truly believe Vick took the rap for others. I believe the NFL knew of others involvement, but cut Vick a deal: Do the time, stay quiet about the others and a job, along with more millions of dollars, will be waiting at the conclusion of the jail sentence.
    Can’t prove any of this, of course. Just a theory.

  90. Steeler-lady
    The light outside my house is blue, thank you!
    Why didn’t Ben’s atty come out and say “HEY, the DNA request is dropped”? He’s a publicity hound as he was with Ray Lewis. No, nothing. He even stated his own team are still investigating. Nice, said sarcastically.
    I was listening to talk radio in Pitt today and people are still calling in mad as hell saying he’s guilty. So all people in Pitt aren’t all up Ben’s booty in support as many would suggest on this board.
    He is an idiot and no doubt, whether charges are filed or he just has to stroke a HUUGGGEE check, he’ll do it again. He has a pattern now of irresponsibility and a triple dose of stupidity. Maybe he needs to get hit a couple more times before we are threw with him anyways. He seems to like being sacked since he is #1 in the NFL. How do you think Aikman and Young were forced to retire? Medical reasons.

  91. Gee Deb
    Sorry I didn’t delve deeply into your spirited Tom Cable commentary before rebutting. lol
    Yes, you are blinded. Dumbass

  92. WOW this heffa is one dumb broad.. You definatly arent no Steeler fan if you wish harm to the qb all becus YOU THINK he did wrong..
    LOl and I dont give 2 shits what some fly by night fans think.. I unlike you have a mind my own and i dont let someone pull my puppet strings. You are the same fans who Boo’d Kordell and used him as a scapegoat in every loss we took..
    Bens attrny doesnt have to come and say shit til his own investigation is finished.. why didnt her lawyer come and talk?? **** dont be soo damn stupid.
    Wow @blaming all the sacks on Ben..NOW I KNOW YOU DONT KNOW FOOTBALL. “SOME” of the sacks are his fault.. SOME arent..His own ability to scramble has saved many sacks too. Ben was tied for most sacks with Rodgers…(packers qb incase u didnt know)…and theres many elite qbs right behind him. LOl Aikman ( over 12yrs.) and Young(14yrs) both played for some time.. lol they have to retire some time.
    Do you know what a P.I is?? I doubt it. Im sure all you do is look at the score.. you wouldnt be able to call a hold to save your own ass.. Please dont pretend you know football becus you read something on a website.
    What is it exactly yall still think Ben is guilty of????? Cus if being stupid is a crime then you would of been arrested a long time ago.LOL
    lol Ps.. Reba the light outside your house is RED.. one day you will figure it out.
    That huge check you speak of .. is exactly what the chick probably wanted from the get go anyway…Im guessing you want a couple more years of some broke ass Tommy Maddox or ooo wait i bet your favorite Steeler qb was Kent Graham.. Lol i know your over there googling away to find out who was Kent Graham.LOL

  93. “RebaT says: March 24, 2010 3:29 PM
    He is an idiot and no doubt, whether charges are filed or he just has to stroke a HUUGGGEE check, he’ll do it again. He has a pattern now of irresponsibility and a triple dose of stupidity.”
    You make a good point.
    Those things haven’t slowed you down one bit.

  94. @KolbFan …
    Dumbass, huh? That’s the best you can do? LOL So sorry to have taxed your pitiful mental abilities with an intellectual response. It must have been terribly painful for you to try and overreach like that–from your response, it’s evident that you don’t spend much time exercising your brain. You must have gotten pretty skinned up when you fell back to the limits of your own sad little IQ. Poor baby.

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