Ryan: Tomlinson slated for 15 carries a game

L. Washington 2.jpgRex Ryan’s vision of the 2010 Jets backfield will be music to LaDainian Tomlinson’s ears, and should be nails on a chalkboard for Jets fans.  And Leon Washington’s agent.

“What we should do with [Washington], in my opinion, is put him back to
his role
which he had initially, which is third-down back, a change-of-pace type
back, and a Pro Bowl returner. And there’s nothing wrong with that,” Ryan said to Bob Glauber of Newsday Tuesday.

It makes sense to work Washington into the mix slowly, but he should be a
huge part of the offense again when healthy.  At least Tomlinson will be the clear backup to Shonn Greene, right?

“Hypothetically, we’d see [Tomlinson] carry the ball 15 times a game,” Ryan said.  “We’re just going to ground and pound away. I’m sure some games
he’ll have more rushing attempts than Shonn Greene, and I think Shonn will have more than
L.T. in other games.”

I don’t even need go to the stats to explain why Greene should be getting a lot more touches than Tomlinson.  Go back and watch the Jets-Chargers playoff game.

Handing Tomlinson 15 carries a game at the expense of his younger teammates will be doing Jets opponents a favor.

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  1. PFT has been using extremely poor judgment today. Although this confirms the Jets are still stupid for not retaining Jones it does confirm that they understand that one good post season out of Green doesn’t mean that carries over into a season of good play.

  2. Then again, the Chargers run blocking was simply atrocious, while the Jets’ was one of the best in the NFL.

  3. REPORT: It’s March
    An unbiased reporter can translate these comments for what they are: motivation for his two young running backs that if you don’t prepare like you should, we have a vet that is preparing to take your carries.

  4. Wait…so, LT gets 15 carries, Washington gets another, say, 10, and who gets the other 60? Greene? Or, is Sanchez going to have to throw the ball this year?

  5. Why is it so hard for you guys to see the difference between the Charger’s Pass protecting O-line and the Jets Rush blocking O-line. Two very different beasts. They are both good at what they do, but only one is suitable for LT, and that is the Jets O-line.

  6. Maybe the doctors applied one of those restrictive straps to Ryan’s brain as well.

  7. “Handing Tomlinson 15 carries a game at the expense of his younger teammates will be doing Jets opponents a favor.”
    You say this in March. Wait until October and see if it’s working. If it doesn’t, I can’t imagine Ryan sticks with it to a fault. It wasn’t an accident that Greene was getting all the meaningful carries in the postseason.
    You also need to look up the word “hypothetcially” and realize that Ryan is just blowing smoke up LT’s butt. We’re 3 months away from training camp, so it’s a little too early to upset the apple cart with the new free agent.

  8. wow cant wait…. Rex and all the Jests Fools who overpaid for LT and made Thomas Jones walk will be very very sorry.
    We played the Jests twice and Greene didnt look as good as our 4th RB… he showed flashes in the playoffs, i agree but is he proven NO!!!!! his momma must cook some bad ass cookies… otherwise i have no clue how the love from Rex comes from

  9. well, that explains why LT picked the Jets over the Vikes. He believed them rather than the truth.
    IF LT gets 15 touches per game, the Jets don’t make the playoffs. It’s that simple.

  10. Good fit!
    Tomlinson had exactly 15 touches in the Chargers game vs. the Jets ….
    …. for a total of 24 yards gained for those 15 touches.

  11. This is one of the greatest signings in New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins history

  12. I really don’t understand why you wouldn’t just keep Thomas Jones. LT with 15 carries is just going to lead to 3 yards/carry, and an upset LT saying he didn’t get enough touches.
    Then you’ve got talented young guys like Green and Washington sitting there ready to go, yet Ryan has them rotting on the bench?
    I hope Sanchez can carry that team, because it really doesn’t sound like their running game will.

  13. This is pretty consistant with what the jets did last year. If thomas jones had returned, he would have been in this same role.

  14. Just wait until you see LT with the Jets O-line before you make such a judgment.
    Do not put your faith in what statistics say until you have carefully considered what they do not say. ~William W. Watt

  15. Why they would give the ball to anyone besides Shonn is beyond me. Kid is a beast.

  16. Remember Shaun Alexander??? I can’t wait to see Tomlinson get his 15 touches against my Fins

  17. 15 carries will likely net around 34 yards for this washed up whine bag. But a whole lot of media attention will come from those 34 yards, which is all that matters in New York.
    Forget the fact that he is, without question, the third best runningback on his team. Maybe even the fourth best, depending on what, if any, rookie free agents the Jets signed to their practice squad last season.
    Couldn’t agree more, Mr. Rosenthal, they are hurting their team by feeding this washed up bum the rock. They don’t care, though, as long as they somehow continue to steal attention from the Giants. That’s all that matters to the Jets at this point.
    Wait for it, here it comes…
    “Blah, Jets rule, blah, LT ran behind a terrible line, blah, Thomas Jones isn’t better than LT, blah, Sanchez isn’t a Rainbow Warrior, blah, Obamacare isn’t Socialism, blah blah blah. Let it rip! I could use a laugh!

  18. The previous coaches didn’t use Leon right, either. Is there something off the field or in practice about this guy that makes coaches think he can’t play? He makes good things happen with the ball in his hands far more often than LT has over the last few years. Leon and Greene should be the RB tandem, with LT as a backup.

  19. Let’s just remember that we are talking about a LaDainian Tomlinson that is now in the twilight of his career. Some act like he is a bum. He was arguably the best RB in the history of the game for a 6 year span (’02 -’07) and is a sure-fire first ballot hall of famer and is within reach of breaking even more records if the Jets do use him a lot.
    He is a big treat in the passing game and if you give him blockers out in front on screens, he will break defenders ankles.
    He was not suited for SD’s offensive game-plan because he can’t push a pile and his burst isn’t quite what it was so he can’t hit the hole as quick as he use to. The Chargers need a big back who can get the proverbial “4 yards and a cloud of dust.”
    Mangold is a fantastic young center but give me McNeill & Dielman over Ferguson and Faneca any ay of the week. If the Chargers had Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene they would have run the ball just as effectivly as the Jets did.

  20. Like some others have said, lets wait until we see what LT can do behind that O-line. I don’t think anyone could argue that the San Diego O-line was anywhere near as good as the Jets’, so it stands to reason that he should put up better numbers behind a better line.
    Planning to use Leon Washington in the 2 roles he is best at doesn’t seem like a bad plan to me either. The guy is a great returner and giving him too much of a role on offense will just take away from that, just ask Deven Hester. By limiting him to returns and 3rd downs they should be able to the most out of him any time he is on the field.

  21. The Jets OL is alot better then the Chargers OL was last yr…i think most of ya are making a big mistake in thinking this is a bad signing

  22. A lot of you are quick to jump on here and be down on LT based on his performance from last season.
    I’m a Charger’s fan for life and a big time LT fan. I thank him for bringing my Chargers out from the ashes. He put this team on his back for many years and made them contenders again.
    Last season we had a patch O-line. Our Center went down in the 1st game of the season and was out 14 weeks, replaced by a rookie and a PS player, our RG was placed on IR and was repalced by a late draft picked rookie and a guy off the PS that was drafted the year before. We also had a rookie playing RT in Vasquez.
    The Chargers are now a passing team, LT’s numbers fell, because our offense has changed and our line couldn’t run block. Look at Sproles, he’s a young and faster guy, but even he ran up the middle for1 to no yards. That’s tough when u run up the middle and run into a wall.
    LT will now run behind the best run blocking offensive line in the NFL. He showed in some runs that he still had good burst and good speed. I can see LT taking over Green and becoming the Jets best option.
    I’m going to love watching LT play for the Jets. I’ll root for him, but I can’t say I’ll root for the Jets when they face my Chargers.
    Also, Cromartie should be a good pick up for the Jets considering how good that defense is at getting after the QB. Cromartie is at his best when QB’s are forced to throw. Dude is deadly with the ball in his hands. He can take to the house at any time. Too bad he was such a head case and such a wimp of a tackler for our Chargers. But if anyone can whip him into shape, it’s Rex Ryan. Now we just need someone to Whip Ryan into Shape..lmaoo..
    Good Luck LT21, I think you’ll do just fine as a Jet. I would take LT over Thomas Jones any day. Let’s see how TJ will do behind the Chiefs line. He did good, because the O-line the Jets have is a beast.

  23. The best OL in the NFL can’t turn back the hands of Father Time and his effect on LT.
    Greene ‘made’ one play vs the Chargers and he owes his new teammate, Antonio Cromartie, a hearty “Thank you” for pulling up lame w. a skinned camel toe when Cromartie had a clear shot at Greene on his long TD run.

  24. C’mon last year at this tim Vernon Gholston was “slated” to have a bigger role in the defense.
    Off season programs just started, alot of things can change between now and the start of the season

  25. No wonder the washed up cry baby chose the Jets. Chilly told him he may see 5 carries a game,AD is the main man!

  26. Which part of “Hypothetically” you do not understand? assclown.
    Rex & Brian will always go with the Hot back.

  27. I always find it amazing how many armchair GMs show up on PFT. Perhaps that’s because Florio sets the tone with his opinions on all the mistakes that personnel above his pay grade are making daily.

  28. And now we know why he really went to the Jets, as no way the Vikes could offer all those touches.

  29. you know else would have been GREAT for those 15 carries a game, and cost less?
    Thomas Jones.

  30. i more than welcome LT to the afc east. i’d rather my teams defense deal with him than thomas jones and as far as LT’s history vs. miami his stats aren’t that great so i call it a good thing for miami. and i’d call it a somewhat desperate move by the jets, because rex can say whatever but the reason for the move is to boost sagging ticket sales and thats the real bottom line.

  31. if you have a good OLINE why do you need LT….why not stick with Thomas Jones

  32. What is it about football do you not understand, Rosenthal? Shonn Greene did have a great postseason, particularly against defenses that were beat up while he was healthy. Add in the fact that teams had to prepare for Thomas Jones only to get a Greene sandwich didn’t hurt either.
    This is not a whole lot different than in Dallas a few years back, Julius Jones was the starter and Barber came off the bench. Barber’s numbers were amazing… until he became the full-time starter. Point being, Greene will likely maximize his effectivenss by having his touches limited. If that means giving more carries to a hall of fame RB that can also catch the ball and pass block, (two weaknesses of Greene) so be it.

  33. texasPHINSfan,
    Thomas Jones was due to make MORE than LT signed for. And Thomes Jones is OLDER than LT.
    Try not to forget it.

  34. The jets will not win as many games this year and will miss the playoffs. LT is washed up. It was a mistake to let Thomas Jones leave.

  35. it’s not how bad the chargers run blocking was, go take a look at the games…LT was tripping on grass BEFORE contact most of the time
    that’s why everyone knows he’s crap now
    BUT , he can still score tds inside the 5 yd line, that’s always been his expertise, even in his rapid decline

  36. BRUTUS 9448
    what are you smoking, saying the jets are not going to win as many games or make the playoffs. You NEED to a reality check they are are already a better team tha lasy year. They are going to go 12-4 and make it the big game.

  37. encinitasraider
    “if you have a good OLINE why do you need LT….why not stick with Thomas Jones”
    1 TJ was expecting too much money this year, and he can’t catch the ball. When Leon went down, we stopped doing RB screen passes all together. The Jets haven’t forgotten what LT can do when given an offense that likes to run. TJ was expected to make 5 million this year with the Jets. LT is making 2.5. TJ would have been a backup this year anyway, and that is too much money for a backup.

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