Sparano doesn't want T.O. or Brandon Marshall

With Dolphins fans clamoring for the team to add receivers who have mastered the ability to, you know, receive the ball, much discussion has emerged regarding whether the team should sign Terrell Owens or trade for Brandon Marshall.

At the AFC coaches’ breakfast held in connection with the annual league meetings, Miami coach Tony Sparano said he wants neither guy.

Per Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Sparano said that he believes neither guy would be a good fit for the team.

As to T.O., we can understand Sparano’s position.  After all, he’s never been arrested for DUI.

Regarding the wideout position generally, Kelly believes that Sparano seems to be content to keep the guys he has.  Which probably means they’ll take Dez Bryant with the No. 12 selection in round one.

37 responses to “Sparano doesn't want T.O. or Brandon Marshall

  1. Why would Sparano want TO ?? He’s been there, done that. Seen his destructive ways first hand and besides that, TO is not the receiver he was 4 yrs ago in Dallas. Players at this level tend to lose the ‘edge’ that makes them elite suddenly and TO is due. As for Marshall, unless the Broncs come down on their price, I wouldn’t want him there either and I’m a big PhinFan He might be very well exactly what that offense needs, but that’s too much a price to pay (high pick and big contract)…That all said, they still need some sort of play-maker at the position, so there probably will be some sort of move.
    Aside from all that, remember it GM/coach/scout lying season right now. You really have to see what happens before TC…

  2. The Dolphins are a running team, no surprise there. I’m more concerned about going from crappy Gibril Wilson at Free safety to nobody. having Wilson was almost like having nobody there at times but c’mon.

  3. I still would rather use the 1st round pick and big contract $ on a proven receiver rather than on an unknown.

  4. “As to T.O., we can understand Sparano’s position. After all, he’s never been arrested for DUI.”
    Really? Stay classy, Mike.

  5. Who cares what Sparano wants? The fact of the matter is Parcells doesnt want either of them. End of discussion.

  6. I have a good friend that is a dolphin fan, he swears they are getting dez bryant. Do you really think he is gonna be available when denver who is going to lose a top reciever in the league picks right before them at 11?

  7. But we don’t want Marshall either. When BM finds out that nobody wants him the city in which he currently spends the bulk of his time should be put on notice.
    Lock up your ladies (and McDonalds bags)! Turd Numero Uno is ON THE LOOSE AGAIN.

  8. this is just more ARROGANCE from Bill Parcells and Sparano thinking we can win without a big play wideout. The two positions we needed the most HAVE NOT been address at all this offseason and its embarrassing. No Safety No WR. We have the “Average Joe” wideout group and young QB who needs someone who can attract attention of the defense. IN PARCELLS I DO NOT TRUST!

  9. Brandon Marshall is by far the second best receiver in the league, they’d be a fool not to want him

  10. this is great news! this means the Fins are considering adding Marshall! they pretty much do the opposite of what they are saying. its all a smoke screen. i am always amazed at how much people believe what the coaches/gms say at this time of year. Why would he say that? these guys dont say anything unless they think it will help them. just a few weeks ago they talked about bringing Gibril Wilson back and how he could be a good player. bam! cut the next week. they said the same about Earnest Wilford a year ago. then he got cut.
    its all a smoke screen!!!

  11. @ WarrenMoon: You think Brandon Marshall is better than Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson? No way…

  12. loooooooool
    there is NOOOOOO way the Dolphins draft
    he can make 3 backflips in a roe, if a player is “off” a whole year and is not in shape and able to work out at the combine Sparano is done with him. Bryant is often late, and not proven = no way
    there are 3 scenarios what the fins pick
    – NT Williams – if they believe he is a pro bowler in 3 years. if not they wont spend a top pick on a 2 down player
    – FS Eric Berry – if he falls
    and the most obious
    – OLB – as it is the biggest need right now and they hd loved to provide Nolan with some firepower and prospects to work with

    so you guys are saying that if its your money, you are willing to pay BIG MONEY on a dude, with history for doing dumb stuff, one little crap away from a looooong suspension + little crap away from major legal issues?????
    i think Miami under Marino was famous for the vertical game, and thats what everybody wants to see – but i’d rather wait another 2 years, let guys like Pat Turner + rookies as such as Decker, Thomas etc come in and develope
    the Trifeca did a good job in adding talent trough the draft. I also think thath the Chargers will fail to work out a long term deal with Vincent Jackson who will be a FA next season.

  14. Last year T.O. played on a team with a garbage QB and still had better numbers than most of the already signed wideouts. Why is he still without a team?
    Brandon Marshall is young and talented. Yea he has had some off the field issues but you can’t deny his usefulness ON the field. This guy is an elite wideout in his prime. Why wouldn’t you sign him if he instantly makes your offense more productive?
    And what is this “we” stuff ‘milehiclown’? Are you part of a team’s front office or something?
    The old farts in the Miami front office need to wake up. They have a young QB who needs a top tier wideout in order to help with his development. Get a clue Parcells.

  15. “Which probably means they’ll take Dez Bryant with the No. 12 selection in round one.”
    Uh… not if the Broncos take him with the No. 11 selection in round one.

  16. How BM can be measured as the “second best” receiver is ludicrous. Others that we might think about:
    1. Reggie Wayne
    2. Fitzgerald
    3. Andre Johnson
    4. Welker
    5. Boldin
    That’s a random sampling. Philly has some sick receivers, i think. So do the Chargers.
    BM is not even top ten.

  17. To Mike Florio: You sir are an IDIOT! You’re comment about why Sparano doesn’t want T.O. is classless at best. In case you haven’t noticed T.O. doesn’t play well with others and football IS a team sport. Plus in the past couple of years he dropped more passes than he caught. I wouldn’t want him on my team if he would play for free. He’s not worth it. As for Marshall if they do trade for him I hope that the Broncos throw in at least a case of extra strength aspirin. Personally I would have liked the Dolphins to trade for A.B. but he ended up in Baltimore.

  18. @Bigbri
    whats wrong about an nasty Lineman???
    i love the move, the guy is 26, one of the top 5 guards in the NFL if you compare just the play.
    umm if i would be a pro bowl caliber player on a really really really bad team, lose for 3 straight years i would head but everything between Russia and Hawaii…

  19. What?!! How could that possibly “be so”??? Florio wrote the Dolphins WERE interested in T.O. ~ so it has to be true!! It has to be…if it isn’t…then what am I doing reading what he writes here in PFT?
    Hmm,…could he be speaking out of his asz sometimes just to generate stories and justify his & PFT’s existance??? Could that be the truth here??? Because I guess a head coach wouldn’t LIE about his intentions either, would he?
    I am puzzzled
    ; /

  20. At least Brandon Marshall has proven he can play at a high level. Dez Bryant has proven only that he can hang around with Pacman Jones. If we’re taking in a problem child WR, I’d rather have the one capable of production. Marshall is the best bang-for-your-brat value at the moment.

  21. Sporano is trying to find out two things:
    One. Can Tebow draw fans as far south as Miami?
    Two. What other positions can Tebow play?

  22. The curse of Marino strikes again. Marshall is a F’ing stud who catches everything. I know lets use a #1 and a big contract on an unknown instead of a #1 and a big contract on a pass catching machine like Marshall. Sometime people are dumber than rocks. This is one of those times. I mean common 100 catches 3 straight years despite the mcincident and hating being in the city he’s in. F’ing stud. Marshall could catch a BB in a tornado, the receivers we have now can barely catch a cold.

  23. So in other words, the Dolphins and the Broncos are currently trying to decide what draft pick Miami has to send over along with Smiley for Marshall.

  24. To be honest though, I’ll be glad if Miami really does pass on them both. Diva receivers have a worse effect on teams than bad attitude players at any other position. The Dolphins have good locker room chemistry, and there’s no need to start screwing with that.
    On the other hand, Henne could really use a big time weapon to help him develop. But I’m sure Marshall isn’t the only veteran receiver out their that’s available for the right price, and this draft is filled with very good receivers (I’d personally love to see them draft Damian Williams in round 2)

  25. DolFan Dan: I agree completely. Give up #12 for a proven WR like Marshall. He’s in his prime and has probably 8 years left in this league. Thats a steal. I just think if MIA was going to do it, they would have by now.
    Dayton Dolfan: Again, agree. They love smoke screens. But again, I think they would have pulled the trigger by now.
    Crowder911: Wait two more years?!?!? Are you out of your mind???? Parcells was brought in to make Miami a contender in three years… NOT FIVE. Without a big play WR we’re stuck putting up 17pts per game. In todays game, you arent going anywhere if you have to hope your defense can hold teams to 14pts.
    Jon Snow: I’ve seen a ton of mock drafts that have DEN taking Dez Bryant at 11. This is 100% based on Marshall leaving. If that happens I agree, but since it hasnt happened yet, why should anyone believe it will happen in the next 4 weeks? Dez Bryant will be there at 12.
    milehiclown: Welker and Boldin couldnt sniff the top 15. Marshall is definitely a top 5 WR.
    notsosmart: Youre name says it all. ZERO chance they take Tebow. Too many other needs for another experiment that wont work.

  26. Doubt they’ll take Dez at 12. If you research Bill P’s history in the first round, you’ll see every guy he’s picked had exceptional final seasons in their last season in college.
    Most of them racking up top honors at their position. Dez didn’t play last season. Bill P hasn’t picked a guy, in the first round, who didn’t play the year before.

  27. Ok, i understand no TO, he destroys teams! And Brandons price tag is huge… But a corner killer guy like him i’d trade for in a heartbeat

  28. “DolFan Dan says:
    March 23, 2010 8:25 AM
    I still would rather use the 1st round pick and big contract $ on a proven receiver rather than on an unknown.”
    This. I agree, and don’t understand.
    Dez Bryant could be a bust for all we know, and Marshall isn’t exactly “old”. With Marshall you KNOW what you’re getting and can feel comfortable using that first round pick on him. With a guy like Dez, you have no idea what you’re getting, and still spending ridiculous money.
    Why, in this circumstance, are we so averse to trading our first-round pick for a proven playmaker?
    I’m frustrated with our GM & coaches’ attitudes toward “finding” talent instead of “buying” talent. Doesn’t work if you aren’t that good at “finding” talent. Eh Pat White? Ernest Wilford? Patrick Turner? Gibril Wilson? Justin Smiley?

  29. lmfao @ phinfinatic….so true—->especially if you lay down some sweet incentives in the contract, like pro bowls made and playoff appearances. Those all = W’s for the fins…

  30. if miami was goin to keep their 1st rounder, it not goin to be on a WR, bill parcells is a defensive guy, and we need a safety to replace wilson, there r more playmakers at that position, and less of a chance of a bust then WR, does any one really think crabtree and i forgot the oakland WR really going to make a difference? even if they had good QB’s over there? and i agree totally with dayton dolfan, bill parcells always does this, its sad that it took so many post for someone to say it. if miami picked up brandon marshall we should not be surprised because it more of what parcells does, plus telling the media were not interested spreads news to denver and they can lower the askin price… just thoughts

    i dont know man…but last time i checked we averaged 22.5 pts a game (15th – without Ronnie Brown for the full season, Henne playing with a Pennington playbook/offense, Ricky fumbling and 2 rookie WR on the roster)
    the problem is the defense who gave up +20 pts which is unacceptable.
    Marshall in South Beach is like asking a Junky to take care of your weed while you are on vacation… PS: you should really smoke less

    how many times did the Broncos make it to the Playoffs WITH superstar Marshall????
    the fins made it without a diva receiver
    i dont like the idea of spending the 12th pick on Dez Bryant or trading for Marshall AT ALL.
    with the aquisition of Mike Nolan, Dansby, the very talented DBs Davis + Smith, Pro Bowler Bell your nbr. 1 priority is to take the defense to the next step and make them a force.
    Specially if you consider that next years draft has a few potential superstars, and this years draft is loaded until the later rounds with talent.
    thank god you are no GM and got nothing to say

  33. @ Crowder911:
    You’re the type of fan that prays MIA can slide into the playoffs as the 6th seed wildcard and maybe get some lucky bounces and win 1 game, with a decent running game and defense.
    I’m the type that wants to see a Super Bowl win.
    Defense is nice, and yes I agree it needs to be strongly addressed in this draft, but the Dolphins go NOWHERE in todays game without a playmaker at WR.
    Whatever WR you’re willing to wait for in NEXT YEARS draft…. are you serious to think wouldnt really be a diva in some sort of way ????? Who’s to say he wouldnt be bust and then we’re exactly back where we are today ?!?!?
    Brandon Marshall IS A PLAYMAKER and has proven it. Who cares if he parties, because guess what, that guy you want next year will party too. Get over your fear of a 2 game suspension and wake up to what Miami really needs.
    As far as your GM comment, unfortunately for the fans of Miami, our coaching staff and GM seem to be on your side right now. Thats why we’ll continue to be an 8-8 (+/-) team until someone wakes up and takes a chance on a diva.

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