Union could pick fight over overtime changes

The NFL passed on Tuesday a change to the overtime procedures.  But the league’s coaches might not be the only group feeling miffed by the move.

As we pointed out on Monday, the NFLPA believes that player approval is required.  As a matter of labor law, the union’s position is that the revision to overtime constitutes a mandatory subject of bargaining.  It means that the NFL, in the union’s view, has an obligation to sit down with the NFLPA and work out a deal.  In exchange for agreeing to modified sudden death, the players would get something in return.

And we’re still inclined to agree with the players.  Extended overtime extends the work hours of the players involved.  The rule should not change without their consent.

To the extent that the league is now considering application of the new rule to the regular season as well, the union’s argument only gets stronger.  And it could be that the league’s ultimate concession to the union, via collective bargaining, will be an agreement not to use the extended overtime system for regular-season games.

Whether that will be enough to placate the union remains to be seen.  But we don’t expect them to go away quietly on this one, especially in light of the broader issues between the two parties.

22 responses to “Union could pick fight over overtime changes

  1. Its not like they get paid by the hour like most of americans do. I say shut up and play!
    Should I complain about watching miami games and how short they are when they run the clock with the wildcat?

  2. come on Florio?! where’s the conspiracy theory? I got your back though:
    could it be that the owners pushed this one through—after days of speculation that it would not pass—as a throwaway concession to be used in the upcoming labor dispute?
    perhaps the coaches were excluded… so there’d be no witnesses!
    dumm dum dummmmmmm!
    but seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised to see either side loading up with as many reasonably justifiable annoyances to “grudgingly concede” at the negotiation table in exchange for what they really want.

  3. i am gettin real tired of the NFLPA – tell em to sshhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddup. or in the immortal words of Doug Heffernan “shutty”

  4. The union could pick a fight but I don’t think it is a fight they can win. The game still has the same maximum length which would be 5 15-minute quarters in the regular season and obviously unlimited in the post-season.
    Sure this rule would extend some games but it is still a very small minority of games. Only a small amount of games go to OT and a fraction of those end on a first posession FG. We are talking about probably 0.0001% of the total time played during a season. I just don’t see them winning a fight based on that small amount of time.

  5. football is very much like life
    in this case overtime sudden death is very much like real life
    life is not fair
    football is not fair
    some people are rich some people are poor
    some teams have a peyton manning other teams have a Jamarcus Russell
    it is what it is

  6. Hopefully the players are wise enough to protest this joke of a rule change. 3 points may not end a game, but 2 points will? And why no free kick, it is possible afterall to score 3 on a free kick.

  7. Which insider to believe, you or the NFL Networks? Jason of the NFL Network who stated that the union was informed of what the league was thinking about at the combine, but did not need their approval. He also stated if the league decided to expand the season then that would need the union approval.

  8. hey, its what YOU wanted Florio, Come hell or high water, You and Peter King will enjoy the lockout helped by your “fair” overtime changes. Well Done

  9. Hey Florio, I don’t understand how the Union has any more bargaining position with the new rule. I mean, The NFLPA already accepts sudden death right? There’s no guarantee the new rule will cause the players to play longer is there? Does the NFLPA receive additional compensation now if a game goes in to sudden death?

  10. when a steve tisch who doesnt know the first thing about football sttes his opinion and votes, stevey boy tisch who only is there because his daddy bought a piece of the giants – then you know why they
    1- pushed up this vote from tomorrow to today
    2- why they did not release those key games dates yesterday or today
    3- probably will release dates tomorrow as meetings end.
    sheer insanity changing a rule for the playoffs and super bowl BUT NOT for regular season!
    what brilliant logic!
    let’s try it in super bowl first before we mess up the regular season if it turns out a bad move.
    and you thought money made one SMART!

  11. SO if team scores a td on first possession, the coin toss win didnt give them an edge?
    now we will see overtime games meekly end on an incomplete pass or other failed play.
    it used to be called sudden death for a reason!

  12. “And we’re still inclined to agree with the players. Extended overtime extends the work hours of the players involved. The rule should not change without their consent.”
    Florio you’re usually smarter than this. The OT period is still up to 15 minutes. Nothing has been extended.
    Personally I think there was no need for this change anyway and that the rule should have stayed as is.

  13. The NFL changed the rules of overtime, not the length. The overtime is still 15 minutes. How can a lawyer argue that the over time is longer? The overtime can still end on the 1st possession so how can it be said that overtime was extended?

  14. BroncoBorque is absolutely right. OT is a 15 minute period that can end in a tie or earlier when a team scores to end the game. Perhaps Mr. DeMaurice Smith should consult with Donovan McNabb about tie games to alleviate any confusion.

    Can you believe this lying piece of work! giants fans clearly told him and that other silver spooned greedball mara-boy that they DIDNT NEED A NEW SEAT LICENSED STADIUM!

  16. Bob S. says:
    March 23, 2010 8:03 PM
    Can you believe this lying piece of work! giants fans clearly told him and that other silver spooned greedball mara-boy that they DIDNT NEED A NEW SEAT LICENSED STADIUM!
    The good thing about that new PSL Stadium is many of you who have held 10 and 20 seats for years and never went to a game can no longer get rich on the team.
    The PSL gave me a chance to stop paying the same price to some kid in Fl who got his dads tickets but has never been to a game.
    I would much rather give the Giants my money then some ahole in Fl.
    The PSL did not start in NY NJ or even Dallas it started in NC when they got a team they charged PSL its a way of life go be a jets fan they dont have as many PSL seats

  17. The length of overtime HAS been affected by this. Normally after a field goal the game is over. Now the game continues. If I am not mistaken that makes the game longer than it was before. I also think that any player who “plays to win the game” will love this rule. This posturing is just a threat to get something the players want. Don’t be surprised if they push for less preseason games for this.

  18. imabigdog says:
    The overtime can still end on the 1st possession so how can it be said that overtime was extended?

    all the overtime games that were in the past ENDED on a first drive after coin toss field goal WILL NOW BE EXTENDED
    but only in the playoffs and super bowl as this is just a trial! dont want to mess up the regular season with a bad rule. BTW- what other game rules are different for the super bowl than for a regular season game?
    what kind of idiot logic is this by these owners of today WHO DID NOT BUILD THIS LEAGUE?

  19. How horrible that these guys have such challenging issues. In 2010 the league minimum salary will be $325,000 or $20,312.50 per hour (i.e. one 60 minute game). In reality, each player only plays on one side of the ball so they are actually only working for half that time so their real hourly rate should be $40,625 per hour.
    I think they should get paid time and a half for working OT. Or better yet, the older stars could decline working OT and force the young players with less service time to work it. Then we could have the 3rd QB playing in OT trying to help his team win.

  20. The amount of extra time generated by this rules is negligible.
    using the 2000-2007 stats:
    124 overtime games, 37 ended on the first possession.
    Those are the only ones affected by the new rule… so even if it was for the regular season games, you’re talking 5 games a year, extended by an average of what…. 5 minutes playing time each?
    Congratulations Florio… your case is that the NLFPA has a leg to stand on because a 256-game schedule would be exented by 25 minutes.
    Keep up the good work!

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