A strong sign OT change could arrive for regular season

Only four owners voted against adopting the new “modifed sudden death” format to overtime in the playoffs.

Two have already said publicly they will vote yes to adopt the rule in the regular season.

In separate interviews, Bengals owner Mike Brown and Vikings owner Zygi Wilf both said they believe consistency is important in the rules, and want the new overtime rule extended into the regular season.

Competition committee co-chairman Rich McKay expressed doubt Tuesday the rule would be implemented for this regular season, but admitted it will be discussed in May.

If two of the four “no” votes have already turned to yes, it looks quite possible to us.

24 responses to “A strong sign OT change could arrive for regular season

  1. I’m assuming Rosie wrote this because both of Florio’s hands are too busy in jubilent celebration right now.
    I’ve heard the owners are considering replaying the NFCCG and SB based on this rule change. Sorry Saint fans, you don’t have that championship just yet.

  2. the reason ralph wilson wont change his mind is due to the facat that this may require him obtaining a coach who knows what the hell they are doing.

  3. I agreed. Having different rules in OT for regular season and playoffs is even more dumb than the playoff rule. Granted, OT in the playoffs goes until someone wins, regardless of time (it has to, you need a winner), but the rules are the same otherwise.

  4. Good! If it’s good enough for the playoffs it should be implemented throughout the regular season.

  5. Can someone help me understand why this is a bad decision?
    The only downside I see is the fact that injuries could happen due to additional playing time.
    But the system becomes a bit more fair and should become far more interesting to watch.

  6. It obviously should be adopted to the regular season. It could be just as impactful to the Super Bowl really. Say, a team like the Pats from 2 years ago – when they were 11-5 and missed the playoffs – had lost one of those games the cheap way with a first possession field goal against. If new overtime rules would have been available maybe they win and go 12-4 instead. and make the playoffs. and the Superbowl. and win.

  7. I would love to see this rule in the reg season and the playoffs. Why not do it for both? It makes you want to watch football even more. It makes me think you will get more fans by this. Who wants to lose a game by a field goal anyway in regulation? Everyone doesn’t have a good defense and its not fair to leave it souly up to them to make a stop.

  8. It should NOT be changed for the playoffs or the regular season from what it was before – PERIOD!

  9. I hope that Sean Payton loses his mind over this and ends up going insane in an isolate backwoods Louisiana cabin, living alone and eating his own feces. Saints suck.

  10. My initial thought was ‘Offensive Tackle’ Rule?
    What new rule could they have…’no three point stance?’
    Agreed…if the rule is going into effect…make it so full time.

  11. I hope the rule change is adopted for the regular season. I get sick and tired of watching the coin toss revealing the winner of the game with a weak@ss field goal and the other team not seeing the field at all.
    This should’ve been changed a long time ago.

  12. Do it. Is a game Week 17 where winner gets into the playoffs not worthy of the new improved OT system? I mean, if you think the new one is better, why wouldn’t you use it in every OT game???

  13. ONLY justification NFL gave for this alledged change since 1994 in a very low sample number of games was because they said in 1994 the kickoff was moved back 5 yards.
    SO they just should have just changed the kickoff spot back for overtime kickoffs.

  14. come on now gregg….
    yesterday it was reported that the bills voted no because they didnt agree with the lack of consistency of rules between regular and postseason play

  15. @BOB S.: you are so out of touch it is scary. You would rather see a team win a game by a coin flip than by actually competing and scoring more points. What a loser.

    Have the team that wins the coin toss and elects to start on offense begin “in the hole” and get the ball at say…the 5 yard line. Yes you would get the ball first, but you would be backed up near your own endzone.
    The % of teams winning the toss and kicking a field goal on their first possession is greatly due to a good kickoff return….ELIMINATE IT!

  17. Can we stop tagging the overtime posts as Viking posts? You’re cluttering our RSS feeds with things that aren’t actually specifically relevant to the Vikings, just because you perceive that every Vikings fan assumes that 25 cents, not 5 turnovers and an injured quarterback, cost us the championship game.

  18. @Bob S.: over 60% of the time the team winning the OT coin flip won the game. Does that tell you anything? Change is good.

  19. I can’t wait for them to make this rule apply to the regular season , then have the London game go into OT and watch the NFL try to explain to the Brits and Europeans how the OT rule works in the NFL. HA!
    “Stupid Yanks, just put more time on the clock and keep playing, …and you wonder why your game isn’t as big as futbol”

  20. Hey Bob S–Did you even watch the NFC Championship game? A return to the 39 (would have been to what, the 34 if they move the kickoff up 5 yards), a dubious PI penalty and a FG to go to the SB while the other team doesn’t even get the ball? Because of flipping a coin? You must be kidding….

  21. I like that they made the change for the playoffs and it would be even better if they can get the votes to make the change for the regular season too. The only reason they made it the playoffs only originally is because they didn’t think they would get the votes if they tried for regular season and playoffs. Now that this is already part of the rules the only real arguments for not doing it in the regualr season is the tighter TV schedules. Considering how often games go into OT, I don’t think there would be enough interuption of the late games to really make a diffence anyways. With only 16 games in a season, they are too valuable to not have this rule in place for all games.
    @Bob S
    They also stated the difference in the accuracy and leg strength of kickers. Kickers used to hit only 60% of FG attempts now they hit 80%. There is even a larger discrepancy in longer FGs so the likelyhood of a team winning the game on just a coin toss win and first posession FG is greater now than it was over 3 decades ago when they brought in the old rule. Now teams will have to decide whether or not to be aggressive and go for the win or just play it safe and kick a FG. What is not to like about that?

  22. FlourideSoldOut says: March 24, 2010 11:01 AM
    I can’t wait for them to make this rule apply to the regular season , then have the London game go into OT and watch the NFL try to explain to the Brits and Europeans how the OT rule works in the NFL. HA!
    “Stupid Yanks, just put more time on the clock and keep playing, …and you wonder why your game isn’t as big as futbol”
    This rule is not complicated. At least it’s not for people with an IQ level above mild mental retardation.
    And, Flouride, you might want to check how the English spell the name of their game. Hint: not “futbol.”

  23. Flouride – Futbol is a joke in the USA. Hell the minimum salary in the MLS is about 60 k. Their attendance numbers and TV ratings are a joke. No one cares! The trend is actually moving towards the world tuning into American Football. I get soccer but it is not near as much fun to watch as the nfl or college football.

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