Conflicting reports emerge regarding McNabb to Rams

NFL_McNabb.jpgSo we posted a little while ago an item generally addressing the possibility that the Eagles will trade Donovan McNabb, and we mentioned persistent rumors that McNabb could be sent to the Rams for the first pick in the second round of the 2010 draft.

And we pointed out that it appears that the rumors are just that — rumors — and that this probably means a deal gets done by the weekend.

Now, there’s a report from Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer that the Eagles “have an offer on the table” from the Rams for the No. 33 selection in the draft, in exchange for McNabb.  McLane writes that McNabb would be willing to go to St. Louis with a contract extension, and that a trade could happen quickly.

Meanwhile, a Rams source contends that there is “zero truth” to the reported interest in McNabb.  Per the source, “all focus” is on the available college quarterbacks.

UPDATE: O.J. Atogwe is involved in the reported Rams offer.

68 responses to “Conflicting reports emerge regarding McNabb to Rams

  1. “Per the source, “all focus” is on the available college quarterbacks.”
    Yeah, cause Sam Bradford’s a lock for the Hall of Fame? hahaha
    Good luck with that (if true), Rams fans.

  2. #33 pick for an over-the-hill NFL QB and the Eagles haven’t pounced on it? Obviously, this rumor is untrue.
    I always have to laugh when reading rumors and wonder whether the idiots that create them spend even a modicum of time determining whether said rumor is even remotely accurate.
    If more “journalists” did this, it would make our lives duller, but stable.

  3. Not sure I buy the “deal on the table”.
    If McNabb truly wants to go to the Rams, and sign a contract extension, then what about his earlier comments regarding the fact that he wants to go to a contender?
    When you pick 1st overall – you ain’t a contender, folks.

  4. Apparently McNabb is ok with the trade, because he doesnt want to go to Buffalo, or Oakland.

  5. This deal would make sense. The Rams get a franchise QB, and can use their #1 pick on a prospect who is worth drafting at that spot.

  6. This, “”all focus” is on the available college quarterbacks[,]” makes total sense. Draft Bradford and let McNabb run the show for a couple years.
    Philly is going to implode. Can’t wait.

  7. 1st pick in the 2nd round? how about 1st pick in the 7th round. now i know why the rams are always near the bottom.

  8. Well that would just screw up everyone’s mock drafts. Makes sense for the Rams though, they know McNabb can produce without elite receivers and since they have invested heavily into their offensive line lately they can just concentrate on defense.
    The only problem is McNabbs age, but if the Rams think they can get 5-6 more years out of him it would be worth it. They might need to add a sweetener to the deal, like a fifth next year, but that should be able to make it happen.
    Bottom line, this will be one happy Cowboys fan if we can get McNabb out of the division.

  9. Scott Wasik and Dan Falkowski would be crying in their workout spandex if their hero McNabb got traded to the Rams.

  10. Look for this trade to happen a couple of days prior to the draft giving the Rams time to trade the first pick and negotiate with Suh. Suh’s value goes up once this trade is made so it only makes sense to sign him first while still having the leverage of drafting Bradford #1

  11. Do it, please!! Eagles Fans deserve to lose their only good player besides D. Jackson

  12. Still don’t understand this from the Rams POV. Sure McNabb is a great qb but do they really want to trade the 1st pick in the 2nd round and give a multi-year extension to a 34 year old qb who has proven to be injury prone? I think there best bet is definitely to go with Bradford and keep rebuilding.

  13. Wow. I mean are you really that sold on Kolb there Eagles? St. Louis? Really what exactly is Donovan going to do over there except run for his life while the coach and GM save their jobs?

  14. 1st pick of 2nd round and Atogwe (article said supposed offer includes him as well) might be hard for eagles to pass up. i’m a birds fan and i don’t even know what the hell i want them to do…if they want to get anything for mcnabb, now is the time. but i am nervous about the kevin kolb era…..
    if the deal happens, it would be nice to include vick in the deal for aj feeley. yes, i am serious.
    i wonder if anyone will find an excuse to start arguing about tea parties in this comments section….

  15. Dan Falkowski and Scott Wasik will be crying in their workout spandex if their hero McNabb gets traded to the Rams.

  16. Yeah OK, “zero interest” as in how many zeroes will the Rams have to put at the end of McNabb’s contract extension should they acquire him. It’s a win now league, and a quarterback with a strong arm who doesn’t throw interceptions can help you win now. So what if he likes to cry and blame his teammates when things don’t go right, he will get the opportunity to do plenty of both in St.Louis. Still a no-brainer for the Rams.

  17. I like McNabb. Here is a guy who has been criticized throughout his career but has remained classy throughout. You rarely hear anything bad about him or his character. He is a winner

  18. If true then Michael Vick will be the Starter for Eagles this year. No way Vick will lose to Kolb in a competition. Those that believe this is just stupid. Vick wins the job easily and the only way Kolb will get on the field is if Vick get’s injured.

  19. It looks like the McNabb era is finally over in Philly.
    He’ll be much happier in St Louis, where there’s relatively no pressure.

  20. Im not really sure why the Rams would do this. They have nobody to throw to, and McNabb is a average quarterback at best when surrounded by bad receivers. He would also get hurt behind a horrible Rams offensive line.

  21. oh please let it be true…they are saying 33 and OJ Atagwe at FS…WE could use the pick and more importantly the player at FS…hes a monster and would be a HUGE piece to our puzzle

  22. If they did that, it might mean they pass on Bradford, take Suh at #1, then hope McCoy or Tebow fall to them in the 3rd round.
    If I’m the Rams though, I’d prefer to have a little more youth at QB. Not sure why McNabb would have any interest in going to St. Louis.

  23. The 33rd AND Atogwe for Mr. Campbell’s Chunky?
    Jesus Eagles what the hell are you waiting for? That’s a fleecing!

  24. I have a hard time believing that McNabb wants to spend his golden years lying on his back behind the Rams’ porous front 5. That is, unless, they decide to take a legitimate LT at #1 overall.

  25. In case everyone wanted to know…. The poster above “gizmohasanunderbite” is actually RC Dudek who loves Seattle and Yoga.

  26. Then the Rams can take Brandon Marshall with their first-round pick and be good to go! C’mon Rams, show some guts!

  27. The Rams need Jamarcus Russell. They need a fat QB that can take some hits. With their O line McNabb would be out for the season after the first game.

  28. Outside of D. Jackson and T.O., McNabb has been throwing to average WRs his whole career and still earned pro bowl honors.

  29. This just shows how badly the Rams need a new front office. A qb on the downside of a career that has seen him fold late in the playoffs. I hope McNabb does go there and wins about 3 games every year.

  30. The great thing about McNabb is that he has been dumb enough to say that
    1) He is definitely going to retire as an Eagle
    2) He knows that his time in Philly needs a SB win to be validated
    when everyone knew that he would get traded as soon as they drafted Kolb and he has proven again and again he can’t get the SB win.
    Maybe he’ll get his ring in St. Louis?

  31. I don’t understand why the Rams would trade for a 33 yr. old quarterback anyway. They are rebuilding and should draft a qb, not trade for one like they are one player away from getting to the Super Bowl.

  32. Michael Vick will be the STARTING QB for the Eagles. If anyone thinks that Kevin freaking Kolb will beat Ron Mexico for the # 1 spot then you smoke entirely too much reefer. Don Don and his chunky soup train headed to the Lou. Vick, McCoy, DJack, Celek = dangerous.

  33. @brownsfn
    Drafting Bradford would be stupid. “Lets give a shit ton of money to a guy who had two season ending shoulder injuries. And then stick him behind our shitty o-line and watch 300lb linemen eat him for breakfast. And ruin his shoulder for the 1,000,000,000th time.”

  34. Hey Mountaindot, and everyone else outside of the Delaware Valley, you might not hear about this but Mcnabb is a crybaby with rabbit ears. I know he is a good player but the fans here are sick of his apparent allergy to the Lombardi trophy and inabilty to accept responsibility.

  35. Facts can be so misleading but rumors, whether true or not, are always revealing.
    He’s as good as gone. THANK YOU, Lord
    By the way I also heard the Eagles are going to package the Rams pick with their own #1 to the Rams for the #1 overall pick in the draft. And with that pick the Eagles are going to draft Tim Tebow. Andy just loves his passion for religion.

  36. sammieboy says:
    March 24, 2010 5:35 PM
    If true then Michael Vick will be the Starter for Eagles this year. No way Vick will lose to Kolb in a competition. Those that believe this is just stupid. Vick wins the job easily and the only way Kolb will get on the field is if Vick get’s injured.
    Andy Reid planned this ever since the day the Falcons cut Vick!
    Andy Reid is in love with Vick and he didn’t sign Vick out of the goodness of his heart. He knew McNabb would be mad at the Vick signing and he didn’t care.
    If they were sold on Kolb, they would not have signed Vick last season and would not have paid his bonus this year.
    Vick will be the starter, the NFL comeback player of the year and the MVP of the league, because he finally has receivers who can actually catch and linemen who can actually half way block.
    Sorry guys, Kolb is no better than Alex Smith and a few years ago he was the 1st overall pick.

  37. Now it’s “plus an additional player”???
    It keeps getting more hysterical with each passing report.
    This report couldn’t be more inaccurate.

  38. Once again the majority of the people who have written in this article are clueless morons with Sammieboy taking the cake as the biggest retard of the bunch. I said it before and I’ll say it again, most of you should seriously consider suicide. I can’t even write anything about football in this comment because it would most likely make all of your heads explode.

  39. The Wishbone says:
    “”Per the source, “all focus” is on the available college quarterbacks.”
    Yeah, cause Sam Bradford’s a lock for the Hall of Fame? hahaha
    Good luck with that (if true), Rams fans.”
    Don’t jump right to Bradford. In fact, this could even be taken as an indicator that the Rams are leaning against Bradford. I mean, there’s only so much you can review one guy. If Bradford is it, they should spend their time on other positions. If Bradford isn’t it, then the Rams need to spend a ton of time reviewing QBs who could go in rounds 2-7 since their need will not be fulfilled.

  40. #33 and atogwe? I doubt it, that’s probably the Eagles counter to the Rams # 33 offer

  41. On the one hand the Rams would have Steven Jackson and McNabb on the same team. On the other I think the rest of the horrid Rams team is too far gone to make it possible to exploit the aging super stars.

  42. SmackDaPack says: March 24, 2010 6:00 PM
    Hey Mountaindot, and everyone else outside of the Delaware Valley, you might not hear about this but Mcnabb is a crybaby with rabbit ears. I know he is a good player but the fans here are sick of his apparent allergy to the Lombardi trophy and inabilty to accept responsibility.
    Yeah, and we Eagle fans who moved away and got a better, wider perspective are tired of hearing opinions formed by the swirling pit of hate that is the Philly local media and fan base. When did you all decide that because the Eagles haven’t won the Super Bowl, 1. It’s all McNabb’s fault, and 2. Because he hasn’t won it yet, it’s impossible? Because you might have wanted to invite someone with some reasoning skills to that meeting.

  43. I can see this working for both teams. The Rams can’t be jumping up and down to draft Crawford and give him 35 to 40 million guaranteed . . . especially since high draft QBs work out at best 50% of the time. Look at Oakland (Russell), Cleveland (Quinn), Arizona (Leinart), San Fran (Smith), and Washington (Campbell) – just to name a few over the past few years. A stud Defensive Tackle (a position that can start as a rookie) is worth the money the #1 overall pick would demand. Plus if St. Louis gets McNabb (assuming he plays at a high level for the next 3 to 5 years – which is likely) they could wait till next year to use an early round pick on a QB – a draft year inwhich it is more likely than not that a more reasonable rookie salary scale will be in place. St. Louis would instantly improve substantially in two positions of need (QB and Def Tackle). They would also purge themselves of a RFA player who they have damaged their relationship with by offering him the lowest possible RFA tender – thereby pushing his 2010 salary way below what he was paid in 2009 – they more than likely feel compelled to trade Atogwe with the rif between him and the team.
    The Eagles would eliminate their QB controversy, and would be able to extend Kolb . . . who they view as the future for the team . . . which makes sense given his age and the youth movement they have embarked on. Additionally they will fill a need at FS, essentially replacing the need to use a high draft pick on a safety . . . and will get a second round pick that is likely more valuable than the late 1st rounders. What I mean by that is that with the 2nd round coming on the day 2, teams will have time to review their board and multiple teams will realize that a player who they had ranked in the top half of the draft will have slipped into the 2nd round . . . so the Eagles will have plenty of offers to flip the 1st pick in the 2nd round for the other teams 2nd round and maybe a third or fourth round pick. The Eagles love to have lots of picks on draft day . . . so this is a way to restock their draft picks on Day 2 and 3 of the draft. Finally for the Eagles it makes way more sense to pay Vick $5M in 2010 to be the #2 QB versus the #3 QB, if they aren’t able to trade him . . . it gives them a face-saving way of keeping him on the roster and not looking quite so stupid.
    I think that with a stud tackle and a very good QB to team with Jackson in the backfield, combined with Arizona losing Warner, Seattle seeming to take a step backwards in the off-season and San Fran not doing much so far in the off-season . . . the Rams might be thinking that McNabb, Suh + whatever else they can get in the draft might be just enough to make them competative in the NFC West . . . which really isn’t that far fetched.
    For the Eagles when you look at their FA offseason (Atogwe filling the FS spot, Tappe at Defensive End, Bell as a nice #2 power RB, Weaver & Avent re-signed and Marlin as a low risk/high reward flyer in the secondary) and hopefully a fruitful draft . . . the Eagles just might end up improving themselves this off season.

  44. If it’s true pull the trigger. McNabb is aa very good QB. He will instantly be the best QB in the NFC West. As far as the Eagles. I like most fans appreciate what McNabb accomplished here, however we believe that it is time to move on, and this team isn’t ready to compete for a SB anyway.

  45. People.
    Vick ain’t gonna be the starting QB for anybody, ever again.
    Surely you must know this.

  46. If I were the Rams I might offer a third and a sixth. Then take Suh and then Claussen or Pike in round 2? But McNabb is not worth the 33rd overall pick. Almost a first rounder? Yikes.

  47. The Eagles have no need to have 3 starting QB’s
    One of them will bitch if they arent playing

  48. Isn’t Atogwe unsigned and a restricted free agent at the lowest tender. How would this be worth it to Philly when they could just sign him to an offer sheet if they wanted him. If your gonna trade a player atleast trade one that is signed and not his rights.
    I know a lot of Buffalo fans would gladly ship off Donte Whitner (who is under contract and 4 years younger than Atogwe) with this years 2nd Rd pick for Donovan McWhiner. Any QB would be an upgrade to the current drift wood the Bills have now… Could also throw in Trent Edwards while at it so that McNabb could have his #5 jersey still and Eagles fans could put replace Edwards on the back of theirs…
    Hey, If your gonna shoot out stupid suggestions might as well make them grand…

  49. Atogwe has bigger numbers then Ed Reed? Probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

  50. Atogwe is not on the table … read between the lines … this is a message for another team to step up and better the offer with a solid Safety in the package. This one is not the least bit cryptic …
    The Rams are not sending Atogwe anywhere …

  51. What’s the under/over on number of games started before Kolb throws up in the huddle?

  52. i don’t know how a team like the rams could justify giving up any draft pick for an aging QB when they aren’t even close to turning things around….i thought only raider nation was this stupid

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