Coughlin expects to coach against Plaxico some day

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin said at the annual league meetings that he expects his imprisoned former wide receiver, Plaxico Burress, to return to the NFL some day.  But Coughlin indicated that Burress is more likely to play against the Giants than with them.

“You never say never, but that part [re-signing him] hasn’t been discussed,” Coughlin said, per the New York Post. “I would expect that he would get a chance [with another team].  I mean, you’re talking about a rare talent.”

Coughlin said he was saddened by Burress’ imprisonment and that he has talked about visiting Burress at the Oneida Correctional Facility. Giants quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan and former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan have both visited Burress recently.

“I’m hoping that he has an opportunity to come home quickly,” Coughlin said. “I hope he’s paid his dues, because he does have a young boy and a young daughter, and he’s needed.

“I just think that’s a real sad event that took place.  That’s not to say it’s undeserved.  I hope he comes out a better person and has the ability to look at these things in terms and see all that you have to see as far as making the right decisions and right choices.”

Burress, who accidentally shot himself in a New York nightclub, was sentenced to two years in prison for illegally possessing a firearm. He is expected to be released in the spring of 2011.

25 responses to “Coughlin expects to coach against Plaxico some day

  1. Are the Giants playing the Oneida Correctional Facility football team anytime soon? Because that’s the only way this happens.

  2. this guy should get some time off for pure stupidity,no maleciousness intended,i think he got about one year six months too many

  3. “Burress, who accidentally shot himself in a New York nightclub” Still can’t get over this! LOL

  4. I think what Coughlin means is that he is under criminal investigation and expects to be convicted and sent to a different prison from Plaxico’s, where he will coach that prison’s football team as it plays against Plaxico’s.

  5. If Coughlin has another season like last year he could be coaching a team in the New York penal system next.

  6. The only chance Coughlin gets to coach against Plaxico is if they both start coaching a high school team in two years.

  7. Yeah, he has a young daughter and a young son. If he cared soooooo much about his kids, this dumbass homey wouldn’t have been in a nightclub in sweats toting a handgun! Can you be more of a DYQ than that, but oh, he has kids and cares so much! FAIL!

  8. how this guy ends up with 2 years or whatever for shooting hisself still astounds me, but that is our f’d up legal system for ya.and btw i do not see plax returning to any team and it’s sad because as coughlin pointed out he is a rare talent.

  9. @covercorner7
    Not according to their record last season… Did you even watch anything after October?

  10. how do u go to jail for shooting urself…..justice system has one too many flaws….either way as an eagles fan i luv that he single handedly ruined the giants who looked crazy dominent with him playing at the start of 09

  11. Plax is back in the league somewhere next year, so the only thing stopping this from coming true is weather or not Coughlin is still coaching the Giants.

  12. i hope he comes to new england. dude is in jail, i dont think he is going to be carrying guns when he gets out. I dont think he will leave his house.still, what a moron. i still cant believe he shot himself.

  13. Yeah, they’ll both be in the Empire Football League after Burress gets released and Coughlin gets fired.

  14. Just to clear things up, he didn’t get two years for shooting himself. He got two years for doing it with a gun that was not registered.
    He could have gotten two years in prison for just safely carrying that same gun in holdster on manhattan, and he could have probably gotten a lesser sentence for something like reckless endangerment if he had shot himself with a legal gun.
    And before people get the image of Burress bying an illegal gun out of some guys trunk; the gun was legally bought in Florida. Plaxicos problem was that he didn’t realize that he had to register the gun again in New York…that and the whole shooting himself in the leg in a public place thing.

  15. Plax got screwed here, and anyone with any sense of fairness knows it. This guy is doing 2 1/2 years for being a moron. If he did this in almost any other city in the country, he’d be back in the NFL already. Hell, if he did this on the other side of the Hudson River he’d be back in the League.
    This is a terrible injustice. FREE PLAX!!!

  16. Ugh, only reason he’s doing two years is because Bloomberg opened his big mouth to the public, with his self righteous speech.
    He should be punished for what he did, but he’s going to be in there 6 months too long. Plenty of other crimes in NY that got less time then this.
    I hope he does come back though, probably not to the Giants, but never the less I will be rooting for him as a player.
    He is a big reason why the Giants got their third ring….that should not be forgotten.

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