Peterson, Ross spotted together repeatedly at league meetings

We pointed out the other day that former Chiefs G.M. and president Carl Peterson was seen at the annual league meetings, and we surmised that he’s looking for another job.  A member of the media pointed out the possibility that Peterson was present in connection with his duties as Chairman of USA Football.

If so, his duties as Chairman of USA Football required him to spend a lot of time with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

Per a league source, Peterson and Ross were seen together on numerous occasions, with Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland and coach Tony Sparano rarely in sight.  It has long been believed that Ross will hire Peterson once current V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells leaves. 

The source believes that Ireland and/or Sparano could be in trouble if Peterson is hired, given that Peterson would become the G.M. — and the possibility that he would want to hire his own coach.

UPDATE:  Per Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Peterson also is an investor in Kangaroo TV, the company that Ross purchased in December.  Peterson and Ross collaborated on the sales pitch that was made Tuesday.  Though some might point to this as proof that Peterson wasn’t in Orlando for the purposes of forging the kind of relationship with Ross that could lead to Peterson replacing Parcells (and possibly Ireland), others might view this news as proof positive that the relationship already exists.

27 responses to “Peterson, Ross spotted together repeatedly at league meetings

  1. Ross and Peterson have been friends for a while and used to work together. It is not unusual for friends to hang out after not seeing each other for a while.

  2. I’ve actually seen reports that he’s there to try to get owners to get on board with a new “mobile device” thing that they have in Landshark Stadium. It gives stats, game updates, scores, lets you order food, all of that.
    Those are the reports that I saw. He and Ross are friends. But he’s not there to take over. At least, let’s hope that’s the case.

  3. “It has long been believed that Ross will hire Peterson once current V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells leaves”
    Oh goodie, King Carl can go screw up the Fins just like he did with the Chiefs. Love it. They’ll be back to cellar dwellers in no time.

  4. If Ross hires that piece of garbage to take over, I will quit being a Dolphins fan! He would destroy the Miami Dolphins!

  5. Since when is it news when two friends hang out?
    Way to push the envelope of journalism florio. Always on top of things. Let us know when gooddell talks to the owners at the league meetings……

  6. when Bill leaves Peterson will be in there!!! A make or break year for Sparano!!! Do or die for the Fins, or Sparano will be packing!!! GO FINS!!!

  7. “Peterson would become the G.M”
    Future Headling if this happens:
    Parcells is building a GOOD solid team. DON’T MESS WITH IT! Sparano has already built a ton of respect around the league as a good head coach. Leave it ALONE! Peterson SUCKS! KC hasn’t mattered since Montana spent the last few years as a Chief. Carl Peterson spends more time telling people how awesome he is than actually winning. There is a good reason that Scott Pioli (Parcell’s Son-In-Law) is now head man in KC. Peterson wasn’t given the same lack that Lamar gave him.
    Ross needs to figure out how to keep Parcells in South Florida rather than working out potential replacements to Jeff Irleand. Parcells > Ireland > Sparano = WINNING.

  8. So let me get this straight, these two guys have a business together, and both are involved in football usa so naturally they would have to speek with each other…….yet being a slow news day here, you decide to “surmise” he’s looking for another job and it naturally must be with the phins right? Wow that’s really phishing isn’t it?

  9. when i say – OFF
    you say – SEASON
    come on man, even Mike “ugly suit” Florio should be to lazy to write that kind of crap.
    there is no way Sparano gets fired, there is no way Ireland gets fired BECAUSE they actually do a good job.
    tell me another team that added more talent in the last 2 drafts
    LT Long, QB Henne, DE Langford, DE Merling, OG Thomas, CB Davis, CB Smith, WR Hartline, S Clemons, WR Bess,, K Carpenter

  10. Fish are terrible, how they didn’t make playoffs last year is pitiful. Destined for 6-10 or 7-9 for the next 2 years. Burn it down and rebuild.

  11. the UPDATE on this article makes the whole article pointless.. They are business partners, why wouldn’t they talk together?

  12. Hey Ross,
    If you want to undo all the good that the current regime has done the last two years…
    If you want to take 2 steps backwards after taking 1 forward, when it comes to on-field performace…
    Then yea, sure, hiring Carl would be a great idea

  13. Ross open your eyes dude, Peterson couldn’t beat a Highschool team in KC. He’s obviously blows as a talent scout and a GM.

  14. Wild speculation befitting a retired lawyer.
    Please stick to reporting the news, rumors, and innuendo you retrieve from elsewhere and stop inventing your own?

  15. this story is just plain stupid. ross is a businessman and he’s pretty darn good at it and he’s not going to hire a proven loser to replace a proven winner. end of stupid story

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