Reid says Eagles are getting offers for McNabb

After more than two months of silence regarding the status of quarterback Donovan McNabb, coach Andy Reid reportedly made a stunning admission on Tuesday at the annual league meetings.

According to Ashley Fox of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Reid said that the team is receiving offers for the eleven-year veteran and the other two quarterbacks on the roster, Mike Vick and Kevin Kolb.

But while Fox characterizes Reid as saying the Eagles are “entertaining offers,” the precise quote isn’t quite that strong.  Reid’s precise quote was that “[p]eople are entertaining us with offers,” a subtle yet potentially significant difference, since the phrase “entertaining offers” implies a higher level of commitment to accept one of them.

Still, Reid said that the team is “evaluating” the offers.  And that could be enough to disrupt the delicate balance that the team previously had struck with McNabb, making him available to be traded but not saying he was available to be traded, possibly in order to avoid an leverage-killing outburst from the player who at times behaves like the proverbial delicate genius.

Speaking of killing leverage, Fox reports that the lack of a market for Vick traces in part to his public comments regarding his desire to be a starter.

As to McNabb, Fox reports that the Eagles supposedly have dropped their firm expectation of a first-round pick, claiming instead that the Eagles want only a “fair” price.

The stance makes sense.  With McNabb and Kevin Kolb under contract only for one more year each, waiting too long to do a deal could force the Eagles eventually to let one of them walk away for no compensation in 2011.

Then there’s the question of whether the Eagles would move Kolb, if the offer for the fourth-year player who seems poised to become a solid starter exceeds the offer for McNabb.  The sense, however, is that Reid and company are ready to go younger at the position, and that if they trade either guy it will be McNabb.

80 responses to “Reid says Eagles are getting offers for McNabb

  1. I guess after all the OT posts and Rapistberger posts it was time to get another Eagles v Cowboys comment debate going. I’ll bite..
    McNabb is worth a 7th rounder and a big mac

  2. Don’t read too much into what Reid says or how he says it. When he says people are entertaining him with offers, that is only because he is unfamiliar with how to phrase the words, “we are entertaining offers.” He’s not a very articulate guy, that’s all.

  3. People are entertaining us with offers, the offers to date are highly entertaining to Donovan, Kevin and myself. The fact remains that coach Reid has gone on record as saying that (a) he is happy to be in the position that he finds himself with three QB’s…and (b) that Donovan remains an Eagle…

  4. Why do the Eagles do this? Don’t they know that even the slightest hint of criticism sets McNabb off? And now if they don’t trade him then it’s another year of pouting. For a smart front office they sure screwed this up.

  5. Please stop the BS about offers for Vick, what team is gonna pay this piece of crap or give up anything for him. Eagles still trying to get someone interested to take last years mistake off of their hands

  6. Puffery. Eagles have sat on ALL of their QB’s too long. Most of the teams in need of a veteran starter have already made their moves or plans. As you point out, both McNabb and Kolb are int heir final contract year – and McNabb is due a HUGE bonus.

  7. Unless the Eagles are ready to extend McNabbs’ contract before the season starts it makes perfect sense to get rid of him before the draft ends while they can still get something of value for him, because if they wait it will end up creating a controversy which the Eagles don’t need.

  8. Nooooooooooo… Keep McNabb They will Never Win SB with him….
    Redzone Failure Please Keep Him
    I Hope he Retires an Eagle….
    GO COWBOYS………….

  9. Please let Mcnabb be done. He just needs a change of scenery. Any team in the NFC West that gets him probably wins the division. Eagles should go with Kolb.

  10. Trade Kolb, his value is at an all-time high and he’s definitely outkicking his coverage relative the public eye’s perception of his abilities. They will certainly deal him for less than two first round picks, although it may be for something like a first and a third. Let’s say you want to sell your house and you put it on the market for $400k, no one will buy it at face value. Moreover,the seller doesn’t expect to sell it at face value. Just because Arizona, Cleveland, and Seattle picked up a new quarterback this offseason, doesnt necessarily mean they’re finished looking. Especially since Anderson, Delhomme, and Whitehurst all suck – remember?
    McNabb brings stability to our offense. Vick is as an ample back-up and will get his five snaps a game. If McNabb wins a Super Bowl, we have to bring him back. What do we do if he gets to Super Bowl but loses? So then what happens with Kolb? The Eagles have a legitimate shot to win it this year with McNabb behind center. Just as they have every other year with him taking snaps.

  11. Skim_Flute be very careful of what you wish for ..LOL. Seriously if the Eagles feel like they can make a run at the Super Bowl this year then McNabb stays, if on the other hand the Eagles are looking at 2,3 or 4 years down the road with a painless as possible rebuilding transition McNabb is out. Clearly right now McNabb gets you the greatest value of any possible trade.

  12. I pity any team that picks up Vick – as a starter or not. In his prime he was a lousy QB. A coach killer – just ask the Mora.
    Because I hate Philly almost as much as the Cowgirls, I think he is perfect where he is.

  13. mcnabb stays, the guy isnt going anywhere
    vick is NOT a good NFL QB, and a career backup now
    Kolb still unproven, but how can this guy prove himself while riding the pine

  14. It’s not a higher level of “commitment” to accept one of them {offers}, it’s a higher level of “willingness”. Get your verbeage right, Florio. The higher level of commitment is you to your hair pieve.

  15. “The Eagles have a legitimate shot to win it this year with McNabb behind center. Just as they have every other year with him taking snaps. ”
    The Eagles never have a legitimate shot to win with McNabb behind center

  16. If McNabb leaves as a FA next year the Eagles will likely get a 3rd round Comp pick for him. So, it wouldn’t be completely for “nothing.” But, yeah, point taken.

  17. McNabb will be exposed if he doesn’t play in Reid’s customized dumb down offense. Reid is itching to get Kolb in there so that they can do more than throw screens, 7 yard passes and the occasional chuck it up and hope to get it or get a flag fly routes.

  18. This should get really interesting when they draft another QB come late April. They have 3 QBs on the roster who will all be able to sign elsewhere next year. There is no way they cant draft/sign and undrafted guy. McNabb is on his way out, and I would take that to the bank.

  19. There, Ms. Fox got her 15 minutes of fame. She misquotes the interviewee and then Florio pushes the envelope of “what they say vs. what they mean” too. Nice.
    “waiting too long to do a deal could force the Eagles eventually to let one of them walk away for no compensation in 2011.”
    Waiting too long to find an exit off the highway where you can use the bathroom, could eventually force you to pee on the side of the road….
    Just saying

  20. Your gonna eat those words next year everyone whose a birds fan. First of all in an uncapped year who gives a shit about money, its not urs anyway. He is 33 years old and is still in his prime. 5 Championship games far exceeds anything this craphole of city we live in has done other than the Phils as of recent. He still has 3 or 4 years of game in him. Kolb looks like Koy Detmer out there and has a rag tag arm. He played 3 games, and got smacked in two of them. When he entered the ravens game last year the birds were down 7-6 and lost 30 somethign to 13. He then started against the Saints and we got smacked yet again, like 41-21 I dont care about 340 yds cause if u wanna talk stats McNabb has them all, inlcuding the 2nd best TD/INT ratio in NFL history only behind Brady. Kolb threw the ball 50 times that game against the Saints so he better have over 300 yds. Then he beat the Bucs which is no feat. We have no run game and I guarantee will go with Bell and McCoy next year which is barely adequate. They will dare Kolb to throw on every play and he will get pumbled. We will be 6-10 next year and all u jackasses who wanted McNabb gone can eat ur words for wanting Kolb. Maybe hes never won the big one but atleast football has been exciting for 10 years. Hey if we had Aaron Rogers on the bench id be with u. Take the talented youth. But we have Kevin Kolb whose 165 pounds soaking wet out of Houston. Our O line is bad and he is not elusive like McNabb. Imagine what that cowboys d line will do to us with him back there. So go ahead and Tee off on me now with ur responses, thats fine. But regardles of what u say we win when he plays. And this year we are in deep sh*t!

  21. Chapnasty2 says:
    March 24, 2010 8:55 AM
    “The Eagles have a legitimate shot to win it this year with McNabb behind center. Just as they have every other year with him taking snaps. ”
    The Eagles never have a legitimate shot to win with McNabb behind center
    They did in ’05

  22. @ Chapstick,
    Ditto for Dallas with Rom-O-Choke under center, as proven with the overall lack of sucess during the Rom-O-Choke era!
    1 playoff win in 5 years!
    Fat, drunk & stupid is no way to go through life son!
    Steers & Queers!

  23. Is this why folks constantly disrespect Philly fans?
    You have a top ten qb (albeit older and not as mobile) but the guy is still head and shoulders above the majority of qbs in the league.
    Do you remember what its like to have a “bad quarterback” Philadelphia?
    Careful guys you may get what you wish for ..

  24. I am really exited. I appreciate what McNabb has done for us but I want a QB who actually takes the game seriously. Not laughing all the time and maybe get angry at yourself once in a while and yell in the huddle to get your team going! I see that in Kolb and im ready for him now. Plllllllllllllllllllllease make this happen Reid/Banner etc

  25. 11 years of shorthopping, underthrowing and throwing up. I’m done with 5. Get what you can and move on. He has proved for 11 years that he CAN NOT win the big game.

  26. McNabb to Buffalo would be awesome. A Syracuse guy coming in. If you don’t like McNabb, you can at least admit he is better than what Buffalo currently has, although it is a step in the wrong direction for building the future. I like McNabb in Buffalo. ‘Cuse!

  27. coxypoo, thanks for being the voice of reason. People’s love for Kolb is no different than how much they overvalue draft picks until they see what you actually get for them. Maybe he’ll be good, maybe he wont. At least with McNabb you know QB wouldn’t be an issue for another 3-5 years.

  28. mcnabb is amazing. still top 5 qb in the league. dont get rid of him. he still has 5 great years left.

  29. Ha Rickah888,
    Romo may be a Homo….. But at least there is a Upside if we get reciever’s
    But McBurgler”s time has passed… Flat out he Sucks..
    He was my Fantasy QB last year … All his points were in 1st half of games .. then Choked in the 2nd half.. Thats reality…
    Numbers don’t lie….
    Please Keep him….
    Do not let Kolb Start…
    Trade Kolb////////

  30. Please stay in Filthy
    This way we can all be sure the egals are the only NFC East time that has NEVER EVER won it all !!!!
    Andy better stop this talk or momma mcscab may get mad again and start throwing soup cans

  31. I’ve supported Dmac since day 1, and even knocked reporters who called for his head and i hated our fans that would whine and bitch about him. But then i watched the last drive of that super bowl again, where we had the ball and coulda taken that game then 5 was puking and slow
    & i watched some other film of balls thrown at the feet
    or smiles after missing wide open recievers for touchdowns
    & rocket passes to dudes 10 yards away
    & SO many wasted time outs / terrible game management
    / but what got me was the playoff game last year. before the team entered the field McNabb was shown pounding the glass at some kids who were talking shit ..
    ****** Getting rattled by a kid before that game was indicative of our playoff career with #5 ***
    I’m sure what kills eagles fans is that losses kill us and Donny seems to be joking around. Every Pick that canceled our trip to the SuperBowl was a knife in a fans heart, but our leader had a smile on his face and a lil ‘my bad’ pat on his chest . Not what Philly wants to see// There is a fire that a true CHAMPION must have, to live and die with each pass. Dmac never gave us that. Brother, if you had half the heart of MR. BRIAN DAWKINS we might have some rings on.
    It’s been the same shit for too long big #5,
    i can’t & won’t say Kolb is better. But shit I’m willing to find out

  32. Rickah
    Did they cancel one of your names too? The 8’s look new. But anyways, You arent getting away with comparing McNabb’s 11 year career to Romo’s 5 year career. It doesn’t make sense but I have explained this to you several times.
    Duck Fallas
    Had McNabb not been out of shape the Eagles might have one championship from 05. He is nothing without TO.

  33. emoser says:
    “coxypoo, thanks for being the voice of reason. People’s love for Kolb is no different than how much they overvalue draft picks until they see what you actually get for them. Maybe he’ll be good, maybe he wont. At least with McNabb you know QB wouldn’t be an issue for another 3-5 years.”
    Dude, where have you been? QB is an issue every season for the Eagles. First, when will he get hurt, second, how many games will the mid-season slump last, third, when is he going to learn to make all the throws, and fourth, guaranteed, he WILL come up small playoffs.

  34. Chapnasty2 says:
    March 24, 2010 7:34 AM
    I guess after all the OT posts and Rapistberger posts it was time to get another Eagles v Cowboys comment debate going. I’ll bite..
    McNabb is worth a 7th rounder and a big mac
    (Sigh) It’s not really an Eagles-Cowboys debate when the article is entirely about the Eagles and the options they have at quarterback. It’s still not even a debate when you rear your backwoods, Confederate flag-waving head in a lame attempt to start a debate. You spend a little too much time on the internet. Run along and find some livestock to molest or deep fry some Oreo cookies.

  35. @ Philly4for4guy,
    Well put. I’ve been a big supporter of DMac during his tenure in Philly, probably to a fault. There’s a part of me that wants to see him stay and WIN here…but there’s another part of me that understands he’s had plenty of chances. I’ll be sorry to see him go. But at some point you’ve gotta pull the trigger on the future. And IF the Eagles’ brass thinks Kolb is the future…then it seems to me that the time to pull the trigger is now.

  36. I’m praying he is gone. Donnie in the Dirt is due a roster bonus AKA clean diaper in May.
    If they trade Kolb we’re screwed.

  37. How self-centered do Cowboy fans have to be to believe that the only reason that Florio would post an article about the Eagles (an article by the way, that makes no mention whatsoever about Cowboys) is to get them to start a Cowboy-Eagle debate.
    Like it or not, if it is being reported in major media outlets that people are making offers for McNabb and the Eagles are listening, that’s news. Far more relevant than another posting on what Ben Roethlisberger had for breakfast, or what another coach thinks of the overtime rule.

  38. # boysroll says: March 24, 2010 9:36 AM
    beagles will get killed by my boys no matter what chump is QBing that team…..LMAO.
    I wish I lived in the same fantasy land as cowgurl fans. Some how every year they think they are going to the SB and haven’t. Yet the same thing happens every off-season. They all still swear that they are going to be there the following year. I think they finish third if not forth in the NFC East.

  39. Enderlite – at top 5 QB? Are you kidding?
    Eff stats, let’s talk results and upside…in no particular order I get…
    Guys clearly better…
    As good with more upside…
    Better with equal upside…
    Almost as good with far more prime years to go
    If you offered DMac straight up for any of the guys above, you’d be laughed out of the room.
    3rd rounder in 2010
    3rd rounder in 2011 (could become 2nd with playoff appearance)
    And that was as good as you were ever gonna get. Nice work waiting until several teams figured out their QB position before getting to work on dealing McNabb.
    The Gold Standard!

  40. Vick will be cut, or he’ll be a wasted roster spot all year. That scenario has run it course.
    Nice move!

  41. @ toe
    What does a confederate flag have to do with anything? And my attempt obviously worked. McNabb sucks. As for your concern about how much time I spend on the internet, you comment back to everything I say, think about it chief.
    @ reality
    Self-centered, not so much, confident in my teams history and historic accomplishments, definately. And I do belive that he posts articles hoping to get us to debate which generates hits. No fans are more passionate than NFC East fans and I personally enjoy it. And I couldn’t agree more with your second point

  42. PAULITHEHOOK, you say McNabb is done, but he had career bests in yards and points scored last season. And about McNabb scoring all of his fantasy points in the first half, who cares? They still go down as fantasy points whether its in the first half or second half. And you’re wrong about that, because he lit it up vs. the Chargers and the Giants in the second half of those games. He also led a good comeback vs Denver in the second half. And to CHAPNASTY, you say that we shouldnt even compare McNabbs 11 year career to Romos 5 year career? You’re right! In McNabbs 1st year as a starter, he led his team to an NFC Championship game and almost pulled of an upset vs one of the best offenses of all time, and he had some lame ass weapons such as Pinkston, Thrash, Cecil Martin, Charles Johnson, Jeff Thomason. . . . . . . .you get the picture. And by the way, I know McNabb and Romo both made the Pro-Bowl as reserves, but McNabb WAS voted in before your precious little Romo!!lol

  43. myeaglescan’twin, you took the thoughts out of my head and said them better than I ever could have.
    People who haven’t watched 960+ minutes per season of Donovan for the last 10 years have no idea what they’re talking about. Some idiot who has probably only watched 10 Birds games in the last decade likes to pull the stat card: “the 2nd best TD/INT ratio in NFL history only behind Brady”
    Here’s a stat for you: since 2005, six QB’s have had a perfect passer rating of 158.3. They include Big Ben, Donovan, Sissy Tom Brady, Kurt Warner, Eli, and Drew Brees. Please name the only one mentioned without a Super Bowl victory. See, I can throw stats out there to “defend” my argument too.
    The only stat that matters to us here in Philly is that 1 parade down Broad St.

  44. Coxypoo you sound so stupid it’s insane! You have somany facts wrong. He never played against the bucs last year, that was Don. He’s not 165, try 220. He may look thin next to our tubby 260 lb starter. You don’t need a cannon for an arm in the west coast o if youre accurate! Something you haven’t seen from 5. I don’t think kolb will be an instant success but I do believe with time in this offense he will be alot more effective. Missing ten wide open receivers a game and hitting one lucky bomb to desean isn’t very effective. See what happenns when you take away the deep ball. Example: cowboys.

  45. All you people who think Mcnabb is our best option are stupid. What have you seen in 11 years that makes you think he can get us a SB? Sure he can beat on bad teams, but when it matters, he sucks. I sincerely think the Mcnabb supporters out there don’t really watch the games. You guys are like the annoying neighbor or co-worker who tries to talk sports but you can tell doesn’t watch; he just re-iterates something he read or overheard. This Eagles team is young and this is the perfect time to let Kolb take over and gel with McCoy, Maclin, Jackson, and Celek. Why delay that for another year??? Andy’s not stupid and I’m no genius, so I’m sure that’s what we’re gonna see this year. Mcnabb is gone (thank Christ) and Kolb’s our boy.

  46. Self-centered, not so much, confident in my teams history and historic accomplishments, definately. And I do belive that he posts articles hoping to get us to debate which generates hits. No fans are more passionate than NFC East fans and I personally enjoy it. And I couldn’t agree more with your second point
    Believe me, nothing makes me happier than you getting the Eagle fans all riled up. As a rabid fan of the NFL with no particular allegiance to a team, The only thing as enjoyable to me as watching the Birds v. Boys wars on here are Vike-Pack wars. And maybe Steelers v. rest of AFC north. Am I missing anyone?

  47. Someone in an earlier post actually said, “dump all three quarterbacks and bring in Culpepper”. Wow!! Really? Culpepper who couldn’t even lock down the staring job in Detroit before Matt Stafford was there!! Get rid of Donovan McNabb for Daunte Culpepper, man you must have a great connection dude, you better thank him for getting you the best smoke money can buy!!

  48. I can sympathize with the fans who are tired of watching Donovan on Sunday because they’ve lived and died with his successes and failures for more than a decade, which has produced one Super Bowl trip and no championships. That being said, I don’t think it’s time for Kolb to take over. You cannot honestly say that Kolb provides the Eagles with a better chance of winning based on two starts. Look at his body of work as an NFL quarterback, his TD-INT ratio, how he reacts to a pass rush. With the subpar offensive line the Eagles now have, combined with Kolb’s inability to evade a pass rush, it will only be a matter of time before he gets hurt. I’m not kidding, go back and watch some film of this kid with a defender in his face. It’s embarrassing.
    Focus on the defense. The defense lost the NFC Championship Game against the Cardinals last year. The defense gave up 34 points to Dallas in this year’s playoff loss.

  49. Get a #2 for McNabb and move on. However, to all the Eagles fans saying Kolb will be the one to take us to the SB – just be ready for what we get…
    Kolb is the next great QB in Philly based on what? The 2 300+ yard games against the Saints & Chiefs last year or because he’s been sitting behind the best QB Philly has ever had in its history? I was at that Saints game and saw the pick-6 coming before the ball even left Kolb’s hand.
    Be ready for more of that because that is what most “rookie” QB’s do… If we go 8-8 next year (which is very possible with our schedule), the same fans calling for McNabb’s departure, will be calling for Kolb’s head. McNabb still gives us the best change to win today – we’ll see what Kolb does for our tomorrow’s…

  50. Mark Ingram’s Crack Pipe says:
    All you people who think Mcnabb is our best option are stupid. What have you seen in 11 years that makes you think he can get us a SB?
    Let’s start w/ the fact that he actually got to a Super Bowl, Sherlock.
    Look, I understand the movement to go w/ Kolb. It’s fair. But to say McNabb sucks…? Now that’s stupid. J. Russell sucks. J. Delhomme sucks. A. Smith sucks. McNabb has been a major reason we’ve had a successful team to watch more often than not over the past decade. He hasn’t won the big game, yes, and he’s had his chances. If the Eagles decide it’s time to move to a younger guy whose time has come, I’m on board. But the utter lack of appreciation for a guy who has done a damn good job for this team for a long time…THAT is what sucks.

  51. I’m from PA, and have watched McNabb’s whole careen in philly, I believe the guy is a good QB but i don’t think he has the heart of a champion, all the good he does seems to go out the window in the playoffs. Have any of you eagles fans watched the defense this past year?? The eagles won 11 games and not one against a team that finished with a winning record. Even my raiders beat more teams with a winning record than the eagles did. That defense won’t be fixed this offseason, and the division just got alot more competative. McNabb should go and the eagles get value while they still can…………….having said all that, i would KILL for DNabb in Oakland, we could use a descent QB, lol

  52. I’m ready for McNabb to leave,but not for the eagles,for him.He deserves better and this town deserves whatever it gets after he leaves.
    He’ll be just fine almost anywhere he goes(I was hopin’ the 49ers but who knows)but what about the eagles?I don’t know about the eagles.Can kolb compete in the NFC EAST?I don’t think so.The real question is will we(Philadelphians) accept this?If so then I’ll have to question the motive of support for a loser.
    McNabb will most likely be very successful consideriing he will most likely go to a team that had a terrible season just the year before.If that team goes even 9-7 or better yet 10-6 and the eagles go from 11-5 to say 8-8 or 9-7 will we be outraged?Will we question the wisdom of the trade?Or will we attempt to brush it off as nothing?
    We play the Giants,Redskins(defense) and Cowboys twice a year.That’s possibly six automatic losses.Plus the Chargers,Saints and well I could go on and on.Check the schedule your self.Bottomline….we don’t know if this guy can stand the fire and if he can we don’t know if he can compete and even if he can how long before we complain that he hasn’t won a Super Bowl “yet”.I forsee false accolades and near universal excuses for this guy versus overlooked achievements and near constant criticism 5.But who cares as long as we get “our guy”,right.

  53. Mcnabb has to got to go. It is clear as daylight that Mcnabb is not the quarterback for this system. The West Coast system is made for an ACCURATE pheriphial quarterback and clearly Mcnabb lacks that ability. He has a strong arm yes but he does not have the accuracy nor the pheriphial vision to succeed in the west coast system. Judging by what I see in Kolb, he is made perfectly for the system. I say give the Kid a chance. We will never know if we don’t give him a chance too.

  54. kolb threw for 300+ yards in a loss,hip hip hooray.McNabb throws for 450 yards in a loss,crickets,then criticism.Some of the so-called fans are unbelievable.No Super Bowls for the eagles,ever, because “GOD don’t like ugly” and far too many eagles “fans” are ugly.

  55. I’ll take a high 2nd round for Kolb and Mcnabb. If two teams offer high 2nd round picks for both, See you later guys. Let Vick run the offense.

  56. McNabb has been a great QB for us over his time in Philly and he probably does give us the best chance to win now, but not win the Super Bowl and that is the ultimate goal. McNabb is still throwing the ball at people’s feet, skipping the ball 3 yards short on a quick pass, can’t hit a slant route, and throws a bullet pass everytime when a touch pass will do, and generally coming up small in big situations for years. He’s been doing the same thing for 11-years and honestly everyone knows its not gonna change. Why not go with the young kid now, give him some more time to develop. Yea Kolb won’t be McNabb as far as eluding the rush, or extending the play by breaking out of the pocket, but if you think that missing those attributes are gonna hurt the Birds its not, 9 out of 10 QBs in the NFL are slow footed brain surgeons, who could fit a pass into a paper bag at 30yds, thats what we need, someone who can make a quick decision and get the pass there accurately, having to take a sack every now and again. And by the way the reason Don’s TD: INT ratio is so good is because so many of his passes are high % passes in the flat or screens that almost will never get picked off, but when he has to go down field its not quite the same, he misses low on alot of passes and can’t fit the ball in a small space accurately on a consistent basis. Honestly if we think were a SB contender right now were joking ourselves, McNabb or not, playoff contender yes, SB contender no. We need a year or two to let our young players mesh in with the system and add pieces to the puzzle, esp on defense. Let’s move McNabb and grab some quality picks and jumpstart on rebuilding our team. Our biggest needs are at S, LB, DE and OL; lets fix those pieces and give these young players some PT and see what happens, we still will prolly make the playoffs and be moving forward as a franchise.

  57. Please finally trade McNabb. I am so tired of all the throws into the dirt, the smiling and patting the chest to signal “my fault” and not running for first downs.
    We can get something for McNabb like a 3rd or 4th round pick for sure.
    While I was not a fan of Kolb at the beginning of the season, he shows promise; plus I am fine with one to two years of 8-8 or 7-9 or even 6-10 football if it means improving the team in the long run…..

  58. # Chapnasty2 says: March 24, 2010 8:55 AM
    “The Eagles have a legitimate shot to win it this year with McNabb behind center. Just as they have every other year with him taking snaps. ”
    The Cowboys never have a legitimate shot to win with Romo behind center.
    Just had to fix that for you.

  59. # realitypolice says: March 24, 2010 10:31 AM
    How self-centered do Cowboy fans have to be to believe that the only reason that Florio would post an article about the Eagles (an article by the way, that makes no mention whatsoever about Cowboys) is to get them to start a Cowboy-Eagle debate.
    Well these are the people who still think after 13 years with only one wild-card playoff win to show for it that they’re still “America’s Team”. Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the delusions of grandeur.

  60. Oh wow, now we have an Eagles post troll with the name “McNabb fan?”
    Some of these people really need to get lives.

  61. We are going 8-8 no matter who starts, the defense and lines suck.
    Rebuilding started with Dawkins, last offseason. Wake up, it’s over.
    Better days ahead.

  62. No way the Eagles get a R1 for McNabb, it just ain’t gonna happen. If he was younger, I could see it.
    However, if I’m Philly, I ship him for the best offer because after next year, he is a FA and they would get nothing.
    The Eagles know McNabb isn’t the future anymore and if they are smart, they make something off of him before he walks.
    Minnesota makes perfect sense except the team has to wait until August to know if the Ancient One will opt to come back.
    Way to let a dinosaur control your offseason, Childress!

  63. Mooch: What the hell are you talking about?
    The defensive line is fine. Trent Cole is probably the best all-around 4-3 DE in the game, Bunkley and Patterson are decent DTs against the pass, but great against the run, and now they recently signed another solid DE in Tapp. He’s not going to be Dwight Freeney, but he’s at least solid against the run and he should be able to get 8 or more sacks playing on that line next year if he starts full time (because it’s easier to get sacks at LDE if there’s already an elite RDE getting double-teamed, and the defense likes to blitz alot.) Next year, young players like Victor Abiamiri and Trevor Laws will get plenty of opportunities to step up and produce too.
    The offensive line could use some more depth, but Jason Peters is a very solid LT. Slightly inconsistent last year, but barring injury I don’t see any reason not to expect a solid season from him next year. Winston Justice is an adequate RT. They could use maybe 1-2 more players on the interior, but they can definitely get by with what they have right now, and I fully expect them to draft a center or a guard at some point this year too.
    The linebackers will be fine as long as MLB Stewart Bradley comes back and plays at least at 85% or so. They could use a better WLB that can cover guys, but that’s about it. That having been said, I fully expect a WLB to be drafted in the 2nd-4th rounds this year to improve depth.
    Almost all of the offensive skill positions are set for the near future. The only question here is who is going to be the QB next year, and it’s obviously going to be someone in-house (Kolb or McNabb).
    The main problem area is the secondary. Sheldon Brown and Asante Samuels are getting old, and the free safety spot is still not completely decided. However, there is going to be a 3-way competition at the FS spot next year, and it’s not unreasonable to expect some progress from Macho Harris or Quentin Demps, or some contribution from Marlin Jackson. And here’s the thing: I fully expect a DB to be drafted in the first and/or second rounds of the draft. Expect to see someone like Earl Thomas, or Kyle Wilson, or Devin McCourty drafted this year, which should improve the secondary and provide some more depth at either the CB or FS position.
    So if they can manage to get a talented CB or FS in the first round, and grab a decent OG/C in the 2nd-5th rounds, and a solid WLB in the 2nd-3rd rounds, I think the team will be pretty set for the 2010 season. It’s really not unreasonable to expect this, either.

  64. Myron, maybe I am overly pessimistic but I have to question your optimism. Is this team good for ten wins a playoff berth (early exit) with McNabb? Sure! But there is no way it gets to a SB.
    “The defensive line is fine.”
    Could use depth. Laws and Abiamiri? Don’t count on it. They COULD be good, but look like injury plagued guys. I think the scheme hurts the DT’s, but a better rotation is needed. Cole would be so much better with an impact LDE, right now he bears too much of the burden and gets too much attention. So you need that other end badly.
    “The offensive line could use some more depth…”
    Peters is OK, highly overrated. You have NO right guard. You will not have a center until November. Tackle depth is non-existent. I am OK with Justice, but he could revert.
    Sure, they can “get by” with it – but I thought we were talking Super Bowl as the goal?
    “The linebackers will be fine as long as MLB Stewart Bradley comes back and plays at least at 85% or so.”
    He will be 50% at best until November. Trotter will likely be back, or the perennial Joe Mayes experiment. Those are not solutions.
    Both OLB are decent, with Gocong woefully out of position / scheme as a 4-3 OLB. You know this.
    PS – agreed that defense will be the focus of the whole draft.
    “Almost all of the offensive skill positions are set for the near future.”
    Right – you rebuilt that and it is maturing, so why not develop a QB the same age and set up for a decade or potential dominance?
    “The main problem area is the secondary.”
    Yep, followed by OLB and DE. We need an enforcer as right now it is all finesse. Macho Harris is not an NFL starter, and more than anyone shows how bad the personnel is now on defense.
    You keep talking about filling spots in the draft. But you don’t have that many picks. You have to draft OL and DL high. Those are premium positions. So you have to get extra picks. A 2nd for McNabb would be HUGE.
    Again, this is not about getting 10 wins. This is about getting a SB.
    We need:
    Starting RG
    Backup C
    Backup T
    Impact DE
    Backup DT (2)
    Upgrade WLB
    Upgrade SLB
    Backup MLB
    Starting CB
    Starting FS
    And keep in mind, FA is over. The Eagles wisely passed on an inflated market, but that quick fix option is gone.
    By the time you fill all the gaps on D and develop the WR, RB, TE positions – it’s 2 seasons. By then McNabb will be gone anyway…and you will then just be starting the development of Kolb. Makes no sense.

  65. Hey Florio, I noticed you had “Charles Johnson”s’ name highlited on my 11:06 post and it showed a defensive player for the Panthers. I was referring to Charles Everret Johnson who was a WR for the Eagles for a brief time. He went to the University of Colorodo. Look it up!! Dont try to put me on the spot and try to correct me if YOU’RE the one that has mistaken a certain player.

  66. Barring a lockout the Eagles might have to shell out big money to keep McScabb or Kold next season. Keep talking about trading both there is a slight chance both will walk away for lucrative $$.

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