Ryan Leaf will avoid prison time with plea deal

alg_leaf.jpgAfter weeks of negotiations that at times appeared to be headed for impasse and as of last Tuesday a 50-50 chance that he’ll head to the hoosegow, former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf has reached a plea bargain regarding a variety of charges arising from Leaf’s effort to gather up pain pills.

But according to Brent Schrotenboer of San Diego Union-Tribune, the deal will not involve prison time, even though one of the charges — burglary — carried a maximum sentence of 20 years.  Leaf’s reprieve in this regard comes from a decision by the victim, a player on the West Texas A&M team Leaf helped coach, not to push for a tougher sentence.

“The burglary would have been a bigger problem for us to agree to
probation, but it’s hard to proceed without a victim,” said Randall County, Texas prosecutor James Farren.  “We try to give a
voice to [the] victim when we can.  A lot of young men still look up to Mr.
Leaf, and I understand that.”

Leaf, the second overall pick in the 1998 draft, will be placed on probation for 10 years, and he’ll pay a $20,000 fine, if the judge accepts the plea deal at a hearing scheduled for next week.

Still, even if Leaf avoids prison now, he’ll need to dramatically change his ways, or he’ll inevitably end up residing in a room with a view that consists of peering through the spaces between steel bars.

13 responses to “Ryan Leaf will avoid prison time with plea deal

  1. He should have done prison time for all the money he stole from the Chargers.
    Although, I’m sure if you poll the other teams in the AFC West, they’ll say that the Chargers made a wise and sound investment.

  2. He is like Brett Favre and Big Ben wrapped into one! Only reason he isn’t going to jail though is because he is white (lmao… you have to add that to every single posting like this)

  3. No creativity. Why not multiple dr’s, multiple scripts, like Michael Jackson, Corey Haim, Brittany Murphy, you know, smarter drug buyers?

  4. stories like this and the stallworth crack me up,cause people get on here and talk about”well just cause they are football players they dont get enough time”,its all crap,he got what anybody in his exact position would have got,probation,and with stallworth,evverybody was so up in arms saying,he killed somebody,,blah,blah blah,in my own experience have worked with 2 diff guys that killed someone while driving,and in both cases,got a year in jail,but after 3 weeks,were able to get work release[7 days a week],but it must just be all the “holier than tho” people who never had real life experience with stuff like this,oh and i worked with another guy who is on his 5th dui,still allowed to drive,my point is,its not just rich football players that get off light,plenty of judges out there dropping the ball on all kinds of lawbreakers

  5. If is was any other person, such as Mark Sanchez,Tony Romo, or anyone else of color, then straight to jail or prison. Leaf is no better than anyone else, burglary, stealing pain killers is not a light thing to look at for sentencing.

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