Seahawks have had "preliminary" talks with Marshall's agent

Thumbnail image for B. Marshall Getty.jpgThe Seahawks and Brandon Marshall continue to circle each other like Conan and Bieber.

Seattle doesn’t look willing to give up the No. 6 pick overall pick for Marshall, but they are obviously interested after picking up Marshall and his fiancee in a seaplane on March 6.

Pete Carroll admitted Wednesday morning that Seahawks G.M. John Schneider has had “preliminary” discussions with Marshall’s agent Kennard McGuire about a possible new contract.   That’s step one.

Step two is figuring out trade terms the Broncos would accept.  Denver says they aren’t looking to negotiate, but that defies logic.

Denver wants a first-round pick.  If Seattle’s No. 14 overall pick was the highest first-rounder they were offered, why wouldn’t they negotiate? 

The deadline for signing restricted free agents to offer sheets is April 15, but a trade could possibly come closer to the NFL draft.

31 responses to “Seahawks have had "preliminary" talks with Marshall's agent

  1. It looks like Dudek is going to be getting a new jersey soon! Maybe he can use his housh jersey for his yoga workouts.

  2. Yeah, the Broncos would be morons if they didn’t want the #14 pick from the Seahawks (and would only accept their #6), but would accept a late #1 from the Jets.
    Then again, ever since Shanahan left town they seem to be ran by morons so you never know.

  3. Just like McDaniels when he got to Denver. Make a big splash by signing all kinds of free agents, let a big time player go (Cutler), and only go 8-8.
    But in the NFC West….maybe 10-6.

  4. Hey, “Bobby” (what are you, twelve?): why was Shanny so smart? He couldn’t win without Elway and never went beyond 8-8 in his last three years.
    (Bobby. LMFAO at BOBBY.)

  5. Why would Seattle even give up the #14? Nobody else is interested. Over a 2nd rounder and a player. If Denver says no, then so be it.

  6. really the Seahawks FML i live in BC and i hate the green birds, i was hoping Marshall could stay in Denver but i guess Seattlke is better then the freakin Jets they get lucky at the end of the season and all of a sudden the believe they can win the Super Bowl this year……get serious you guys suck

  7. @Calgaryhawk
    The fact that nobody has stepped up to sign him is good for the Broncos, since he likely shows that his agent has overvalued him. This will give them more leverage to sign him to a long term deal at a reasonable price. If Seatle doesn’t want to give up their 1st, they can’t sign him to an offer sheet so they aren’t exactly negotiating from a position of strength.
    If I am McD and Xanders I just wait out the process and force them to sign him to an offer sheet, then decide whether to match or not. If they were to negotiate anything less than the #6, I think it would start at the #14 AND the #60 they just got from the Chargers. Even then I don’t think the Broncos are interested in negotiating because they want to have an offer sheet in front of them that they can chose to match if they like the terms.

  8. Rather than give up one of their picks why wouldn’t the Seahawks work out a deal whereby they agree to a contract with Marshall and then the Saints/Colts/Jets/Vikings sign him to that contract and then trade him to Seattle for the 14th pick plus something? The Seahawks give up the 14, get the player they want plus something, the lower drafting team moves up a bunch of slots, and the Broncos are forced to take one of the last picks in the first round.

  9. @ Bobby:
    2006: 9-7
    2007: 7-9
    2008: 8-8
    Yea, Shanny was earning the “lifetime contract”.
    F’s sake Bobby…unless they are of Saban/Petrino competence you give a coach 2-3 years to try to build his team!
    Morons? How’d Cutler do in CHI-town? Right…1 up in the td/pick. Awesome.
    Brought in Wolverine (Brian Dawkins). How’d that go? Pro Bowl you say?! Wow.
    Benched Sheff and B-Marsh in a potential playoff birth-clinching game out of some Napolean complex moment? Well….ok, I concede that one. What can I say Bobby? Even a blind pig finds an acorn e’ry now and again.

  10. The ‘Hawks should get him if they are looking to draft an offensive weapon with the #6 pick. The dude has cranked out back to back to back 100+ receiving years and is an absolute terror.
    I know that he’s kind of a headcase, but who isn’t these days? With Superstars the best you can hope for is that they “get it” while they’re still young.
    If any team is serious about adding a playmaker at WR they make this move. If not, Devner should find a way to keep him and lock him up long term.
    Would you rather draft at #6 and shell out cash on a gamble or shell out cash on a known commodity?
    It’s a tough one for sure.
    PS: Is there a rule that prevents Seattle from coughing up the #14 pick since it’s not theirs? I know it was acquired from Denver last year, but I thought there was some rule about using it in a trade. I could be wrong.

  11. Seahawks won’t give up a 1st rounder for this guy. Look for some wheelin’ and dealin’ on draft day, he ends up in Seattle with some players being sent to Denver and a second round pick.

  12. Mile High Clown, you’re an idiot. HE GOT ALL THE WAY TO THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP… WITH JAKE PLUMMER. You nimrod.

  13. If they don’t want to give the 1.6, send Denver back their pick 1.14 and Seattle’s 2.6. The value on the chart is negligible.
    I think Seattle would do well with this. They get a top receiver and a top 6 player in the draft – two impact players who can immediately transform the team in Carroll’s image. Also, I don’t think the local Seattle press would perceive that they’ve given up as much as they have since they are simply returning Denver’s pick from a trade in which they bamboozled Xanders & McD.

  14. If any of the top picks turn out to be as good at their position as Marshall is at WR, then you drafted incredibly well. How can Seattle pass up one of two first round picks for Marshall? Would that not be the top WR combo in all of football?

  15. BroncoBourque,
    It is Denver that has overvalued Marshall. No other team is willing to give up a 1st rounder. Seattle would be crazy to sign him to an offer sheet and have to give up that #6. They won’t do it.
    They may come to terms on a possible contract and then go back to Denver and talk trade. If Denver refuses they can keep a disgruntled Marshall who doesn’t want to be there, the team doesn’t want him there, and Denver can deal with what they did last season.
    How does Denver have the leverage here? No bidding war at all. Denver can talk reasonable trade (i.e. something other than a 1st rounder) or they can be stuck with a guy that doesn’t want to be there and has already shown he has no problem acting out on that desire to leave.

  16. I realize the above comment at 11:02 may have been unclear, please edit to:
    Rather than give up one of their picks why wouldn’t the Seahawks work out a deal whereby they work out a contract with Marshall and then the Saints/Colts/Jets/Vikings sign him to that contract and trade him plus something (say a 5th round choice) to Seattle for the 14th pick? The Seahawks (who are willing to give up the 14 pick anyway) give up the 14 and get the player they want plus a 5th rounder, the lower drafting team moves up a bunch of slots, and the Broncos are forced to take one of the last picks in the first round.
    This is simply arbitraging the Broncos stubborness to the benefit of two other teams.

  17. Fiancee and a seaplane is a tad more glamorous than a wife and a chopper … Seattle gets more interesting every day.
    So does Green Bay – getting the OL line in shape, maybe getting Al back, re-signing a bunch of right guys, letting some stew a little, bringing in punters from Australia!, probably setting up playdates for Clay, etc., with new kids in the neighborhood, and since this is Justin Harrell’s 75th year in the League, seeing whether or not he’ll be able to log 3 consecutive plays –
    and Chicago, shaking things up mightily and trying to manually create chemistry; and the Jets and the Jags and the Chiefs making moves, the Raiders’ always provocative shenanigans – the Eagles having a yard sale on QBs, wondering yet again if/where MV is going to land, whether BF will tell the Vikes yea or nay any sooner than 37 seconds before the start of the first regular season game, waiting for the first of the inevitable (1) firings, (2) benchings, (3) scandals, (4) arrests, (5) injuries, (holdouts) –
    Thinking about all the action so far among most teams – significant rules changes, union noise, the capthecapthecap, moves at all levels, money floating around, all the machinations pointing toward still more deals, back room & otherwise, coaches and owners battling, players and coaches battling, bulletin board material up before the draft, players standing up on their hind legs and saying, if HE doesn’t have to come to camp and you still pay him, then I don’t have to come to camp and you gotta pay me too! – all points to another really exciting, shake-it-up season –
    Because fans can’t stick theirs thumbs into the bottom of the chocolate -though we do try – you just never know what you’re gonna get –
    Early season golf and tennis me get through the doldrums between the SB and March Madness. The NCAA paves the way to the NFL draft. The Masters, Wimbledon, spring and summer baseball, various Opens, keep me awake till preseason. And then I’m there. My sports year begins.
    Ahhh, home at last –

  18. @Calgaryhawk
    Yes Marshall acted out last year and he was punished for it. But the reason he acted out was a lack of a long term deal and he felt he was underpaid, which he was. The only regular season game he missed was a game at the end of the year that ended up being meaningless. Even with that being the case, he was featured in their offense, set a record for receptions in a game and caught over 100 balls for the 3rd year in a row. That is good value for just over $2.2M,
    Now he can go and find a long term deal, with the caveat being that if a team signs him to an offer sheet, the Broncos have 7 days to match and if they don’t the other team has to give up a 1st round pick. If he can’t find a team to sign him, he has 3 options; sign long term in Denver, sign the tender and get arround $2.6M or don’t play at all. At $2.6M even if he isn’t happy and acts out as much as he did last year, it is still a great deal for Denver. He would also be risking his future value to another team by acting out so there is a big risk for him too.
    I would say that is some good leverage for the Broncos. They can sit back and let this process play out, just like all the other teams are doing with their RFAs. Marshall has about 3 1/2 weeks to find someone willing to sign him to an offer sheet or he will have to deal with Denver exclusively.

  19. @BroncoBourque
    Exactly. Let the other teams (I guess only one) decide just how much he’s worth and decide if you agree. If not, you get a number one. If so, then you sign him to the same deal they offered him. If no offer sheet, you either try and lock him up or let him play in another contract year. Seems simple enough to me.

  20. @rx
    Thank you, at least someone else understands how restricted free agency works. There is no pressure on the Broncos at all, it is all on Marshall and whatever teams might want him, in this case the Seahawks. If he can’t find a deal and won’t sign with the Broncos he is the one that has to play another year with a bellow market deal and no long term security.

  21. Bourque, your Broncos (at least McDaniels) don’t want Marshall back and Marshall certainly wants out of Denver. No team has expressed serious interest except for the Seahawks. You’re an idiot if you think the Broncos somehow have leverage in this scenario. Quit making stuff up you homer.
    Can’t find a deal? The Seahawks are more than willing to give him the money he deserves, the obstacle being that a trade with Denver for lesser compensation than the original tender is needed. Seattle will not sign Marshall to an offer sheet because they don’t want to give up the #6 overall pick especially since there’s no bidding war.

  22. Bourque,
    We all understand RFA’s quite well around here. IF a team signs Marshall to an offer sheet THEN Denver has 7 days to match the offer or let him walk and get that team’s 1st round draft choice as compensation (in Seattle’s case their #6). That is WHY no team has signed him to an offer sheet.
    Seattle is interested. They don’t want to give up their #6 so they won’t sign Marshall to an offer sheet. What they will to is work out the contract perameters with Marshall and tell him they now need to go back to Denver and work out a trade.
    Meanwhile Marshall knows what he COULD make in Seattle. If Denver won’t deal, Seattle walks away and Denver is left with a player who knows what might have been. He can then ask Denver to at least give him what Seattle would have. If Denver doesn’t agree to that you think Marshall is suddenly going to be a happy camper and total team guy? Last year was just a warmup to the antics Denver would see this season.
    Now, how does Denver have the leverage?

  23. Please explain what his “antics” would be. Because if he ever wants to get paid the only “antics” he can really afford are catching 100 balls and scoring 15 touchdowns while being good teammate, just like he did last year until the end when he knew they weren’t going to make the playoffs. Denver is at absolutely no risk here. I’m a Bronco fan and I really don’t care if he stays or goes.

  24. Seattle would be insane to give up the 14th and the 60th for Marshall. If your going to rebuild this team you need those draft picks although I might give up #60 for him plus Branch but that would be it. We can’t afford to improve on our o and d lines by giving up the 14th pick in the draft

  25. @Stealthhawk
    Where has anyone with the Broncos said they don’t want Marshall back? Please show me a link to any statements remotely close to that attributed to anyone with the team. YOU CAN’T! The Broncos will gladly take him back but they won’t overpay to do it and they won’t negotiate against themselves.
    You claim I am making up the leverage I belieave the Broncos have yet then you point to the fact that “the obstacle being that a trade with Denver for lesser compensation than the original tender is needed.” THAT IS LEVERAGE. The Broncos don’t NEED to agree to lesser compensation and have actually said that they will not negotiate any trades with teams for Marshall. If a team wants him they have to sign him to an offer sheet. If they don’t like the compensation required, don’t sign him. It is no different than Demeco Ryans or Ryan McNeal or Mario Austin or any of the other restricted free agents who still haven’t signed.
    If Marshall doesn’t get a deal he likes and has to sign his tender he can act out all he wants. He will get suspended and lower his future value even more. The only way he gets paid in the future is by playing well on the field and behaving off the field. Depending on the future CBA the Broncos could lock him up for a few more years after 2010 using the franchise tag too so there is no reason for them to give away their asset for anything less than what they think is market value, a 1st round pick.

  26. A stud WR can help a team tremendously but is he really worth a #6 pick? Will the Seahawks really be THAT much better?
    Hassleback needs to stay healthy

  27. The Broncos have no leverage here. Both McDaniels and Bowlen at numerous times have said they want to build a team with high character players in reference to some of Marshall’s antics both on & off the field. They don’t want Marshall around. It doesn’t matter that he’s one of the top 5-7 WR’s in the game today, they’ve decided, he’s as good as gone.
    If they don’t get rid of him this year, they will get nothing in return for him at the end of next year when he’s a FA. So if they want anything of value for him they’ve got to get it this year.
    McDaniels certainly doesn’t want him back next year and will do whatever it takes to dispose of him. Even trying to fill the hole Marshall leaves with Gaffney, or some FA he picks up, or a rookie.
    So other teams knowing the scenario here are not rushing in to give Denver a high 1st round pick when they don’t have to.
    The benching of Marshall (and Sheffler) in the KC game last year when the playoffs were on the line is all you need to know to be 100% sure McDaniels doesn’t want them around one more minute than necessary. They’re cancer to him, he want’s his guys even if they’re not nearly as proficient.
    Marshall’s gone and the Broncos are going to get less value in return than they should have gotten because the situation has been very poorly handled by management, or they wanted him gone so much they don’t care what they get in return.

  28. Marshall needs to stay for a couple reasons-
    Jabbar Gaffney/Dez Bryant/Eddie Royal- not close to Marshall. Orton’s favorite target, the dude who helped a marginal to above average quarterback look real good at times last year, cannot leave. Pay the man, no deal will be worth losing Marshall…
    …and the opportunity to draft Rolando McClain. This beast will immediately increase the chances of the defense not having another Jamaal Charles game. Using No. 10 on anyone but this guy isn’t wise.

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