Texans owner believes Hard Knocks decision is made

It used to be difficult for Steve Sabol to find teams willing to be featured for NFL Films’ Hard Knocks series on HBO.

Now owners have to angle for the gig.

Texans owner Bob McNair told John McClain of the Houston Chronicle Wednesday that he believes the decision has already been made to use the Jets this summer.  The Texans have publicly campaigned to be on the show, but McNair thinks his interest came too late.

New York is a natural pick because of the market and Rex Ryan would make great television.  Plus owner Woody Johnson has PSLs to unload. 

We’re just happy one of the best programs on television should continue for at least another two years.

UPDATE: The Jets will announce they are the pick Thursday.

21 responses to “Texans owner believes Hard Knocks decision is made

  1. Dear Florio,
    Every single move by the Jets that you re-report on here is not in some way motivated by PSLs. Woody is a multi-billionaire. The ~$10-20m in current unsold PSLs is a mid-Wednesday lunch for someone that rich.

  2. Zappa – You would have found the answer a lot quicker w/ a google search. But I won’t come down on you, since you’re a FZ fan.
    # 1 Baltimore Ravens (2001)
    # 2 Dallas Cowboys (2002)
    # 3 Jacksonville Jaguars (2004)
    # 4 Kansas City Chiefs (2007)
    # 5 Dallas Cowboys (2008)
    # 6 Cincinnati Bengals (2009)

  3. 1 Baltimore Ravens (2001)
    2 Dallas Cowboys (2002)
    3 Jacksonville Jaguars (2004)
    4 Kansas City Chiefs (2007)
    5 Dallas Cowboys (2008)
    6 Cincinnati Bengals (2009)

  4. Go somewhere else Hard Knocks. The Jets training camp held in Nowheresville NY last year went perfectly. They don’t need camera’s and another podium for Rex’s mouth to serve as a distraction.

  5. That’s because it HAS been decided. Jets have scheduled a press conference for tomorrow to announce it.
    # Daily News learns that Jets will announce they’re on “Hard Knocks” this summer, sources say. 18 minutes ago via txt
    # Early rumblings: Jets could be announcing they’ll be the subject of popular HBO series “Hard Knocks” in training camp. 22 minutes ago via txt
    # Sources: Major announcement not related to players, coaches, roster. Sounds business-related. 32 minutes ago via txt

  6. they should do a Hard Knocks spoof during these labour disputes… have a camera following Goodell and another following DeMaurice Smith lol

  7. ActionDan, Greenantz, Gautam, Henchman, and the rest of you, Thanks! While you would think a major company like the one I work for would allow me to search whatever I wanted with any search engine I would like, they don’t. Every day they remove another search engine and block certain websites (facebook). The haven’t blocked PFT yet, nust be because we are located outside of Buffalo and the Bills fans don’t bother reading NFL news.
    Not a lazy bum, or an idiot, just living as a Vikes fan in the Buffalo area. I knew that was awful before I wrote it, looks even worse in print.
    Thanks for the info!

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