Bill Gramatica still laughs at his own torn ACL

One of the funniest injuries in NFL history happened in December of 2001, when Arizona Cardinals kicker Bill Gramatica jumped into the air to celebrate a field goal and came down with a torn ACL.

Gramatica is now retired from the NFL, but the Arizona Republic recently caught up with him for an interview in which he said he’s fine with being remembered for something so ridiculous — just as long as reporters remember that it wasn’t the jump that caused the injury, it was the landing.

“You guys got it wrong,” Gramatica said. “You said I got hurt jumping. My jump was excellent. It was my landing I needed to work on. It was funny. It was part of my career. I talk about it all the time. You have to laugh about it.”

Gramatica’s injury on the field goal celebration meant he was sidelined for the ensuing kickoff, and it was Pat Tillman — who would quit football to enlist in the Army a few months later — who handled the kick.

“The coolest thing about that injury is Pat Tillman kicked off for us after I got hurt,” Gramatica said. “I have some great memories with Pat Tillman. My rookie year we were coming back in a van from the kickoff luncheon. I remember Pat telling me, ‘Just remember, football is what you love to do but at the end of the day, you have to live simple. Just keep it simple.’ “

Gramatica and his kicking brothers, Martin and Santiago, now run a company that specializes in energy-efficient construction.

11 responses to “Bill Gramatica still laughs at his own torn ACL

  1. Wow – I am impressed with GSI Inc. Good investment to own a company on the money that he earned on football.

  2. Don’t be too impressed. As a “Gramatica insider” I could tell you some stories about this loser

  3. I love all the Pat Tillman stories. He was truly a great guy. Just watched a documentary on him not too long ago.

  4. DoopDoop says:
    March 25, 2010 10:09 AM
    Don’t be too impressed. As a “Gramatica insider” I could tell you some stories about this loser
    Do tell then. WOW, stories about a kicker. This story wasn’t anyting to be impressed about.
    He was laughing about it. Go crawl under your rock.
    It sounds like he wouldn’t date you or something.

  5. Does anyone know if the injury video is out there anywhere? I’ve searched for it multiple times and haven’t been able to find it – only still images.
    That is still my favorite injury of all time. Right before they cut to commercial they show him go down and when they had doctors and trainers working on him. I think I laughed for about 3 straight hours.

  6. Date me? Did you not see their pictures…I’ve seen more attractive placentas framed by unruly vaginal pubic hair. His wife is ridiculously hot though…I’m sure its true love.

  7. I remember seeing him kick an XP in a pre-season game and the guy acted like he’s just discovered the cure for cancer. Glad those guys aren’t in the NFL anymore.
    But at least there is another Pat Tillman (an atheist) story. The guy actually lived his values.

  8. The Gramatica’s were great… Kicker’s need swag man, it’s not like they got much else…

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