Buchanon to visit Redskins

Cornerback Phillip Buchanon, who has been a somewhat forgotten free agent this offseason, will visit the Redskins on Wednesday, according to his Twitter account.

PFT has confirmed that the visit is occurring.

Buchanon turns 30 this season.  He’s had an up-and-down career, but has started 40 games at cornerback over the last three years for the Lions and Bucs.

18 responses to “Buchanon to visit Redskins

  1. My Al Davis syndrome continues to make me excited for this guy, but the bottom line is that he’s a loser.

  2. Even if he’s signed he will be at best a nickle back but more likely a dime or 5th string. Skins have spent draft picks on Justin Tryon and Kevin Barnes the past two years.

  3. are you kidding Me????? Another player that nobody wants in the nfl at all. Ok, this is looking stupid…. We go from picking players that everbody wants but will not pay the money we do, to now picking trash and paying still something for it. We are going to be worse next year for SURE. THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. save your money dan. scamaham might more. i feel so bad for you dan. you spend so much money on these losers and have nothing to show for it. keep spending dan. even a blind squirrel find a nut once and a while. dan i hope you find your nuts!

  5. This would be a nice addition for the ‘Skins after dismissing Smoot. Still a need to draft at the position though. Buchanon is no solution for the long term.

  6. You mean toast ! He got burned by everyone ! Shanahan is to smart to bring in that cancer, I hope !

  7. …THIS JUST IN…..Estate Lawyers for both Bullet Bill Dudley and Sammy Baugh contact Snyder about re-signing them to the team. Shanahan predicts “spirited” competiton for open positions.

  8. Why would we want another Fred Smoot. I mean…we FINALLY got rid of him when Shanny arrived.
    I HATED every time Smoot would get burned one play. Then make a tackle the next, get up, do that STUPID dance. Then get humiliated the next play.
    Don’t need another one of those guys.

  9. Interesting, but I think this is more related to Byron Westbrook’s DUI/pending release than the rest of the corners on the roster.

  10. this org is the land of misfit toys…….LMAO. Funny as hell Lee Haney but I just heard Sonny Jurgensen was seen working out with Fat Albert to compete with JC…LMAO.

  11. Good luck with him if you get him Skins fans. Detroit has shit for talent and we still tried benching him until injuries caught up. I’m now convinced I could try out for an NFL team and get some sort of interest.

  12. So “Toast” is looking for his jam. Good luck…loser.
    One had to know what a total waste he is when he showed up as a rookie to training camp in a limo.
    All glitz, no brain.
    Is he really JaFatbutts older brother?

  13. If you’re gonna look at a 30 yr old CB why not bring back Fred Smoot? He’s the better of the two and is a fan favorite in DC.

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