First rumbles of McNabb-to-Raiders trade terms emerge

Every once in a while, we develop a tipster who builds a track record of providing tips that end up being true.

And one of our latest tipsters who has been accurate with past tips (for the most part) has now given us a tip regarding the trade terms that possibly would send Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb to the Raiders.

Per the tip — uncorroborated but nevertheless intriguing — McNabb and cornerback Asante Samuel would go to Oakland, and cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha would go to Philadelphia.

We don’t know whether an offer of this nature has been made.  We suspect that the Eagles would, at a minimum, want to replace Samuel with Sheldon Brown.

Anyway, stay tuned.  This is all uncorroborated, but we know that our friends in Philly are desperate for information, and that our friends in Oakland are desperate for hope.

176 responses to “First rumbles of McNabb-to-Raiders trade terms emerge

  1. Yes, this is a c*ck tease right now. That obviously wouldn’t be a straight up trade. Does that include their 2nd rounder?

  2. Whoa. Samuel is gonna be royally pissed.
    Honestly, I wouldn’t be so sure that Asomugha is worth Samuel plus a late first rounder … I know Samuel is a prototypical route jumper to pimp his pick stats, but he is one of the better corners and Asomugha looks to be on the decline, plus a huge contract …
    Does Al Davis try to build his team based on players from the Pats Eagles SB?

  3. WOW!! Do you really think Al Davis is still smart enough to pull this one off?? JUST DO IT AL!!
    Also, cut your ties with Jamarcus Looser while your at it!!

  4. No draft pick involved? I don’t buy that for one minute….if Samuel wasn’t involved, maybe….but not both McNabb and Samual for JUST Asomugha.

  5. Why would the raiders do that? Why would the Eagles do that? Cmon florio…How about McNabb straight for Jim Plunket?

  6. Sounds like a pretty good deal for both teams and that’s why I’m a little skeptical… I don’t think the Raiders are smart enough to get this deal done.

  7. No, please no. I like McNabb, but get real.
    In a straight trade for draft choices, Asomugha would be worth one of the top three picks in the draft, maybe more. Samuel is past his best. Something like our 2nd round pick plus Kirk Morrison would be about right.
    Ask Redskins fans how trading away the best cornerback in the league for an offensive star makes your team better…

  8. The value doesn’t match. 2 Pro Bowl players for one? And you’re giving up a vital position (corner) for the same position.
    So you’re basically giving away McNabb.

  9. Getting rid of Asante “Erik McMillian” Samuel – addition by subtraction.
    If Samuel is dealt, drop Miles Austin 3 rounds in fantasy drafts.

  10. Ever since the 70s I have had a white hot hatred of the Oakland Raiders – and their “fans” – that will never die.
    That said, I believe that if the Raiders get McNabb they win the AFC West or at least make the playoffs next season.
    I also believe that the Eagles have no idea how much they will miss McNabb when he’s gone.
    I say without McNabb the Eagles don’t make the playoffs.

  11. Really? Really? Seriously?
    Asante Samuel fits the eagles system perfectly. He is a zone DB who bates QB’s into throws and picks them off. Perfect for the Eagles.
    Nnamdi, forgetting about the fact that he makes more money then QB’s and the Eagles pride themselves of being the gold standard on contracts, is a press corner with great speed to play bump and run.
    You know when people start rumors this simple 99% of the time they are not true.
    Again Florio creates a story where there is not one. Congrats on yet another Epic Fail.

  12. OHHHHH SNAP!!! GO RAIDERS!! Add a offensive tackle in the draft and we are lookin good..

  13. seems to me some draft picks would need to be exchanged too in this rumor. I would love to deal with the Eagles, they are a similar fan base as us and I have rooted/followed them since our Superbowl meeting in 1980. Hope it works out for both sides.

  14. If that is the offer, I don’t think it would be anywhere near enough to get McNabb in Silver and Black. Asomugha is a great corner, among the top 2 or 3 in all of football but there isn’t enough difference between him and Samuel to justify giving up McNabb. If the Raiders threw in a 2nd round pick it might be worth it for the Eagles but right now I would take a pass if I am Reid.
    If you sub Brown and Kolb for Samuel and McNabb then that might be a better deal for the Eagles too.

  15. sounds like ur “tipster” made a franchise in madden and id this trade lol. i doubt this has any truth to it what so ever.

  16. pull the trigger… Namdi its been miserable you deserve a chance… so do the raiders.

  17. how does this make sense? seriously.
    would one of the loyal PFT readers explain why the eagles would want to swap pro bowl CBs and give McNabb away.
    Asomugha (in my opinion) is better than Samuel, but the difference in upsides between the two defenders is NOT equivalent to a proven winning quarterback.
    I would imagine there is a 2nd or 3rd round pick in there as well. Without the pick, I doubt Andy would go for a proposal like this.

  18. I would love to see McNabb in Silver & Black.. but for Asomugha? Surely Al would have to wrap up McNabb for more than 1 year. McNabb can be productive for another 3 or 4 seasons..As far as Ja-Bust goes…..well, I wish he would…
    Welcome to Hell:
    The Black Hole

  19. Wow! The Raiders are making a run at being relevant again? Interesting story Florio.

  20. Rumbles = Rumors
    The above does not equal facts.
    Although that’s a pretty good deal. If we get McNabb, that would be pretty exciting.

  21. wow, more washed up players to Jokeland, what a surprise. Throw in Westrbrook in the deal too plz.

  22. If that’s on the table Oakland should take it! This sounds like it’s missing a piece from Oakland though.

  23. afiresnake says:
    March 25, 2010 6:45 PM
    …Asomugha looks to be on the decline, plus a huge contract …
    just b/c people talked about revis more last season does not mean asomugha is on the decline.

  24. if Nnamdi’s involved then that’s not a good deal for the Raiders, while it would help the offense for a season anyway the defensive secondary would take a major step back, Samuel just isn’t as good as people are fooled into thinking he is

  25. @Dr. Michael “Why would the raiders do that?”
    You high? The Raiders would have ROBBED Philly if this deal was legit (which I strongly doubt.)
    And of course, I say all this assuming the report is accurate in omitting an Oakland draft pick.

  26. This would be a great deal for Oakland except loosing one of the best corners in the NFL, a complete corner who not only shuts down half the field but also is one of the best tackling cb’s in the league. Al Davis is not smart enough for a trade like this and I dont see Philly only settling with just a player they will want a pick

  27. It must be a good deal when all the Raider haters come out of the woodwork and say Al isn’t smart enough to pull it off.

  28. without a 1st 0r 2nd roung pick involved, this is the worst trade in the history of football

  29. This trade would do more for the raiders than the eagles. The raider get a good qb and an above average cb for a good cb. They also shed a huge contract.
    I wish it were the Vikes making this move for out #1 & Berrian

  30. BS rumor. There was a rumor a few weeks ago, before the Jets traded for Cro. Sending McNabb and Jets lb to the Raiders and Jets a 2011 Jets 1st rounder, Jets getting Aso and the Eagles getting Jets 1st round pick. Al nixed the deal

  31. man you guys sayin this has no chance and JUST asomugha are rediculous… aso is imo the top corner in the game… yes revis could argue… but besides him he can shut down any WR in the game. im a die hard raiders fan. watch every raiders game. he is a VERY good tackler. very physical. almost never called for a penalty. i think gave up 22 catches last year ON THE YEAR… people say he is on the downhill of his career are dead wrong. he just doesnt get publicity because we are so bad everywhere else… but even if he does slow up and cant cover in like 5 years. he can convert to safety. he played safety in college. played his rookie season as a safety. long arms, smart, knows the position… samuel im not sure could make that conversion if he starts to slow up… and i live in philly. mcnabb has 3-4 years left tops… im not so sure about this trade. id ask for more… aso is all we truly have right now. and samuel and mcnabb im not sure are even worth him… oh al davis please be smart with this one…

  32. If that’s a straight up trade I know it’s BS because Al Davis would never get the better end of a deal.

  33. If this deal happens under those terms…then many, many people will have to write apology letter to Al Davis. That would be an absolutely fantastic trade for the Raiders…if this is on the table, the Raiders need to get it done.

  34. wait. im pretty sure ur “tipster” is playin madden. haha was this post even worth a post. this is fantasy world. never gonna happen. if it does i will stop blogging forever

  35. no way man,this cant be true. Mcnabb and Samuels for just Ahsomuga. Al better jump all over that one if it is.

  36. This would make little sense for the Eagles. While Nnamdi would be an upgrade, overall they gain little. Now if it was Brown and McNabb sure. That would give the Eagles the best 1 -2 CB set in the league.

  37. Al covets corners more than anything. I don’t think that will happen. Asomugha is and has been the best corner in the league for the last four years. Yep better than Chump, better than Revis, or any other corner that has played in San Diego, New England or Philly.
    Nnamdi stays and Mcnabb comes over for draft picks and Jamarcuss. I heard Andy Reid likes his ability to sniff out “all you can eat” buffets on long road trips….

  38. “Every once in a while, we develop a tipster who builds a track record of providing tips that end up being true.
    And one of our latest tipsters who has been accurate with past tips (for the most part)”
    Is this the same guy/gal who tipped you to the passing of Terry Bradshaw?
    Well, somebody had to bring this up, again.

  39. Miles Austin burned Asomugha for 7 catches 145 yards against the Raiders this past season. I have no problems with this trade, except I’ll miss McNabb throwing balls into the ground.

  40. Nonsense and not any compensation. No deal! Mcnabb is worth more than some swapp please.this better not even be entertained.

  41. this is like saying that Asomugha is as good as trading for a 1st and 2nd straight up.

  42. McNabb and T.O. make up and start hanging out together, McNabb might be going to a Raider team with no real #1 receiver, and T.O.’s still a free agent… could they reunite in Oakland? It would be exactly what the Raiders offense needs, and Al Davis is one of the few men crazy enough to make it happen.

  43. Asomugha looks to be on the decline? Pay attention so more then interceptions firesnake.

  44. Trade for powder puff Assante Samuel?
    For every big play he makes, he gives up 1.5 back the other way with his gambling. No physicality to his play whatsoever.
    I wasn’t sorry to see him leave NE.
    On the other hand, McNabb to the Raiders makes sense, they could turn into a playoff contender quickly.

  45. is youur unnamed tipster “Kawakami” Gimme a break, Raiders are not trading Nnamdi….Eagles would be lucky to get a 2nd round pick for McNabb at this point in his career.
    I would try everything to get McNabb, but am not willing to trade the best DB in the nfl in order to do so..
    Your tipster could also be from BSPN, because that is what it smells like.

  46. afiresnake: “Asomugha looks to be on the decline”.
    How the hell did you come up with this assessment, seriously, how?
    I gotta hear this, lol.

  47. Sounds like a stupid move to me which is why it makes sense. Oakland and Al Davis have a history of making stupid trades and making stupid draft picks that would make Alan from The Hangover look like Albert Einstein. That being said I think McNabb is a shitty enough QB to play in Oakland.

  48. That wouldn’t make much sense for the Eagles. Two Pro Bowlers for one? No picks? Asomugha for McNabb straight up, maybe (doubtful), definitely not with Samuel thrown in.

  49. danielcp0303: “Miles Austin burned Asomugha for 7 catches 145 yards against the Raiders this past season.”
    No he didn’t – that was a combination of Chris Johnson and Stanford Routt.
    Asoumugha gave up a grand total of 13 catches ALL FRICKIN’ YEAR!

  50. @ Citizen Strange .. are you a little slow?? The playoffs have been around a loooong time.. before McNabb was an Eagle.. and they were their before they drafted him and they will get their again after he leaves.. try not to be so dumb

  51. What was left unsaid was the pick compensation for McNabb, but the CB swap makes alot of sense.
    Why? Two reasons, just right off the top.
    1. No accelerated cap hit for the trade of either player’s deal.
    2. Samuel has fallen out of favor with the coaching staff over his refusal to play the coverages and schemes called, in favor of jumping routes and “freelancing” to inflate his interception total.
    This was mentioned more than a few times in the Philadelphia media but wasn’t followed up on because of Samuel’s Pro Bowl status and his lofty numbers. The argument was “How can you argue with his production?”
    But the terms of the trade as they are explained right now? Florio has a better chance of getting his gig back with ESPN than that happening.

  52. Actually Al Davis exchanged his longevity potions for McRibb and a copy of Speed Racer.. What can you say, he loves his speed.

  53. screw brett favre being traded, if joe montana can be traded, then anyone can be traded

  54. Sounds good to me…..
    McNabb would be good for an extra (5) five wins for the Raiders next year….
    Plus he could teach JaMarcus how to throw-up right after eating.
    Super Model’s throw up after every meal… This keeps their weight down.
    It is perfect,
    McNabb starts, develops JaMarcus through quality puking coaching… And you have your QB of the present, and your QB of the future.

  55. Why, oh why do you guys keep getting pissed that this site puts up things that are just rumors, wild or not so wild? Where anywhere on this site does Florio claim that this is a news site? ITS NOT.
    If you want supposedly fact checked stories go to ESPN and get your Rick Reily head up Tiger’s buttocks story and enjoy. If you are too dumb to figure out that this site is not about anything but rumors then you got real problems.

  56. as stated above, Samuel is a zone corner & Asomugha is man2man. I’m sure Oakland fans remember what an expensive failure DeAngelo Hall was. I’ll pass
    How about McNabb and a 2nd rounder for Nnamdi Asomugha?
    That way Al Davis can draft Kyle Wilson. LOL

  57. afiresnake says:
    March 25, 2010 6:45 PM
    Asomugha looks to be on the decline, plus a huge contract… ==================================================
    Some of you idiots never cease to amaze me…What exactly are you LOOKING at when you came to that brilliant conclusion? If anyone is on the decline its samuel, not to mention asomugha played the entire season with a fractured wrist and was still one of the best tackling corners in the league. Also, if his productivity was declining, dont you think film wouldve shown this and more teams wouldve attacked him as the year went on, yet they didnt. As far as idiots saying he got torched by miles austin, you jackasses do realize that he always lines up on the same side of the field, so its highly unlikely that all those passes were completed against him, I didnt check, im too lazy, but im sure someone will. On a lighter note, best quote ive seen in a bit…
    hemiduke78 says:
    March 25, 2010 7:02 PM
    Nnamdi stays and Mcnabb comes over for draft picks and Jamarcuss. I heard Andy Reid likes his ability to sniff out “all you can eat” buffets on long road trips….


  59. And one of our latest tipsters who has been accurate with past tips (for the most part)
    what the hell is that supposed to mean? either he is accurate or he isnt. keep fishing, jackass.

  60. Those who say McNabb would be missed by the Eagles forget we have Kevin Kolb, who in his first two starts became the first QB in NFL history>/i> to throw for 300+ yards in his first two starts, plus a very capable backup in Michael Vick, who will be much sharper this season with almost a full season, a full off-season and a full training camp under his belt. Kolb has had three seasons to learn this offense and is probably now ready to take over.
    The Eagles do need to trade one of their QBs, and McNabb is the most expendable. Unless the Chargers do another 11-0 run, McNabb can certainly help the Raiders now as they could win an otherwise sorry AFC west if the Chargers do stumble.

  61. Andy Reid likes his ability to sniff out “all you can eat” buffets on long road trips….
    Funniest thing I have read in ages

  62. SF, StL, now the Raiders!The hacks continue to make up stories. What team is next?

  63. danielcp0303 says: March 25, 2010 7:03 PM
    Miles Austin burned Asomugha for 7 catches 145 yards against the Raiders this past season. I have no problems with this trade, except I’ll miss McNabb throwing balls into the ground.
    Your delusional. Austin caught one ball against Nnamdi while in man coverage, one.
    Get a grip, buddy.

  64. danielcp0303 says:
    March 25, 2010 7:03 PM
    Miles Austin burned Asomugha for 7 catches 145 yards against the Raiders this past season. I have no problems with this trade, except I’ll miss McNabb throwing balls into the ground.
    Correction, Miles Austin burned Chris Johnson for 7 catches, 145 yards, not Nnamdi. Did you watch the game or did you just read a stat sheet and assume that Nnamdi was on Austin?
    Also, this tip is not believable. Number one, Al OVER values his players. So believe it or not, he would probably ask for MORE for Nnamdi than just McNabb and Samuel. Especially since Philly was originally only seeking a 2nd rounder. Also, Samuel is not a man to man CB. He would get torched in Oakland just like D-Hall did.

  65. Common Sense says:
    March 25, 2010 6:39 PM
    Raiders should waste no time in accepting that offer
    Yeah, You’re right, the raiders would be better off watching Fatmarcus continue to binge off the field and Purge the entire season when on it.
    The Raiders would instantly become relevant if they had the stones to make such a move.

  66. So, they essentially swap cornerbacks and give away McNabb for free? No draft picks? Pixie dust? half a ham sandwich? Never going to happen…I hope.

  67. Al Davis is not smart enough to get such a deal done. He would instead give away Asomugha and a future first round pick for Michael Vick.

  68. # danielcp0303 says: March 25, 2010 7:03 PM
    Miles Austin burned Asomugha for 7 catches 145 yards against the Raiders this past season. I have no problems with this trade, except I’ll miss McNabb throwing balls into the ground.
    Interesting fact, there is usually more than one CB on the field at a time,
    check the highlights, 4 of his catches are on there, none of them came against Asomugha

  69. The Raiders would be stupid to pull the trigger. Pick up 2 overrated clowns and lose your best defensive player?
    I wont be surprised to see it happen

  70. I actually think that would be a good deal for both teams. Anybody who thinks that Samuels is as good as Aso is insane! Aso is the 2nd best CB in the NFL behind only Revis. Plus I think Kolb is almost as good as McNabb.

  71. The Eagles should be so lucky. I’d say Philly needs to pony up a 3rd or 4th rounder and THEN this is a good deal. Aso is the premier CB of the league.

  72. This trade doesn’t seem that rediculous or anything but it will not happen.
    The raiders are very tight-lipped about the moves that they make and nothing is ever known until it happens. If a trade for McNabb to Oakland was going to happen it simply would have happened, then we would be hearing about later.
    point-blank- We would never have heard about an interest in McNabb until after he was aquired, the fact that these reports are comming in are all just rubbish
    Also- I would not put any weight into any of Florio’s “sources”

  73. Per… 41 CBs played atleast 75% of snaps in 2009. Asante Samuel was #19 of 41. And he was #18 when it came to pure coverage. He may have had 9 INTs, but he also gave up 5 TDs (the most given up among those 41 was 6.) His opp. QB rating was an 80.0. Also, pass thrown his way were completed 67.2% of the time (Asomugha was officially the worst with 75%… but they only threw his way 28 times out of 980 snaps all year).
    Sheldon Brown actually rated better (#10) than both Asante Samuel (#19) and Nnamdi Asomugha (#12) last year.
    Point being, Samuel is not this HUGE shutdown corner anymore. He is decent-good corner who is probably living off of his reputation more than anything. Nnamdi Asomugha would be an upgrade over Asante Samuels… but Donovan McNabb isn’t worth the difference. I just can not see a McNabb, Samuels for Asomugha straight up trade working… AT ALL.

  74. OMFG DRAMA!!!!!!!
    Under pressure he just doesnt get it done and im am ready for some accuracy.
    Anyways, Ask…
    Bastard Factory Forums
    It’s an Off-Topic message board… I’d say that the Endless 1,000,000 post thread were worth the look alone… Great place to ”bust” on one another.
    These guys are on top of this in there sports forum… anyone want to take it over and call it home? Go for it… they need sports minded bastards to talk NFL!
    Free to look…
    Amber K.

  75. Waiderz!! I hate u punks, but DONT DO IT!! Your getting robbed! Losing the best defensive player in the league to MCnabb and samuels is crazy!
    Matter of fact, do it!! D-o I-T!!!

  76. McNabb wouldn’t be my first choice, but he’s still a whole lot better than any of the stiffs Oakland has had since Gannon played.

  77. no way namdi and there 2nd for samuel and mcnabb or second for mcnabb and thats it

  78. I doubt all seven of those catches were against “Scrabble”, Daniel. Good try, but no receiver has had those kind of numbers against him over the past few years. You obviously don’t realize that the Raiders don’t match their DB’s up to just one WR the entire game. Miles Austin in no way burned Asomugha for those kind of numbers. Put your Madden game down and come back to the real world.

  79. Source tells me the Raiders are talking Jamarcus and Stanford Rout for McNab – Nnamdi’s name was never mentioned…

  80. Now if they could get Jamarcus in the deal, I’d say there’s still life in Al.
    Asante Samuel…. big money, soft player. Just like Jamarcus.

  81. This would be a freakin blockbuster. I could not care les about either team, but you cn’t deny that this trade would be huge.

  82. McNabb to the raiders? Let’s see here. Gets the ball out quickly and accurately. Can actually feel the pocket pressure and step up and make a perfect pass. Last, but not least, he’s a leader. McNabb would give this team leadership and direction instantly. I like this trade if it is legit.

  83. good luck philly fan if u trade mcnabb u guys think kolb is the second coming of joe montana what idiots id take mcnabb in a heartbeat but not for nnamdi al would be a idiot if he gave up him hey but whats new

  84. This is a ridiculously bad deal for the Eagles. It’s a totally lateral move to go from Asante Samuel to Nhamdi Asmoghua, and they would be giving a Pro Bowl QB away for free if there was no exchange of picks.
    Now if it was a deal for Nhamdi + a 1st or 2nd round pick, then it might be worthwhile.
    To all you Raider fans who think YOU’D be getting ripped off: If McNabb goes to your team you are 10-6 or better next year and a playoff contender. If you guys stay with JaMarcus Russel next year you’re no better than 5-11 again.

  85. OAK needs WR and an OL first, you could bring in Philip Rivers and it wouldn’t make a difference.

  86. Really?? your reliable source and you must be smoking crack. That’s the wrong Eagles CB and the wrong deal. Make it Sheldon Brown from the Eagles and a 2nd rounder from the raiders…
    Unbelievably stupid and counter intuitive.
    Really? are you that freaking stupid to give this credence?
    Take another toke retard.

  87. “Per the tip — uncorroborated but nevertheless intriguing — McNabb and cornerback Asante Samuel would go to Oakland, and cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha would go to Philadelphia.”
    Right, equal CB swap AND they just throw in McNabb? Get friggin real.

  88. This trade rumor made me LOL. If McNabb is traded, I doubt it’s gonna be the trade of the century, as predicted here.

  89. Yeah right. I seriously doubt it.
    EG says:
    March 25, 2010 6:45 PM
    straight-up? no picks to philly????
    oh wait, the raiders traded them all to NE lol
    Ignorance is bliss huh EG? Oakland has two of NE’s picks this year. They traded the 3rd for Wimbley but they still have the 5th rounder they got for Burgess. You should consider closing up one of those holes you’re talking out of, it makes you look stupid.

  90. Scenario does have credibility, but fails to take into the equation the possibility of a double trade that involves a certain Mike Vick.

  91. Nnamdi was targeted 27 times in 2009, giving up only 13 completions. Best CB in the NFL.

  92. There has to be atleast a 2nd in there for Philly. A.Samual is a ball hawk, I would rather give up S.Brown(even though I love him).

  93. This would be a crazy trade….As a Raider Fan
    I love it….I think a lot people would owe Mr. Davis an apology. McNabb has enough seasons left in the tank. But the problem people are forgetting is that, this mean Jamarcus will be around. Why do you think he is going for McNabb…..because he feels after his years are done….he is going to be on the bench mentoring Jamarcus…………Yuck! Why
    I used to always think that the San Diego chumps were stupid for drafting Ryan Leaf….but we got the biggest bust fighting for starting qb right now

  94. I don’t think Mr. Davis would ever trade Nnamdi. Nnamdi is one of his greatest draft picks of All-Time. Nnamdi was considered an absurd reach and the commissioner could not even pronounce Nnamdi’s name. And in a few short years Nnamdi became the best in the game. There’s nothing that could make Mr. Davis any more happy than that.

  95. Give the Raiders and their fans a break.
    This board has been unkind to them. This would be a sweet deal.
    It would give the Raiders some hope.
    Get it done Al!!

  96. Well, at the very least this trade would satisfy the Eagles fans who want to give away McNabb for a bag of jock straps.

  97. Just reading this inane post again…the Eagles would want to replace samuel with brown???? The eagles would replace one starting cb with their other starting cb?
    really….change your crack dealers…seriously.
    this post

  98. this is really being nit-picking… but I have Nnamdi Asomugha being thrown at 28 times… 21 of them being catches, not 13 of 27…
    Either way… it’s hard to argue with a guy, who under the stats I am looking at, gave up 21 catches for 246 yds and 1 TD ALL YEAR… And that’s while being on the field for 980 snaps. I am just being nit-picky… but that kind of production is just flat out ridiculous.
    And the only way I could see Oakland moving him is because he gets something like $30M between this year and next year… McNabb and Samuel doesn’t make sense, really for either team.

  99. Dear God — P L E A S E let this be true.
    Nnamdi Asomugha

  100. If the Raiders do this, I will disown the team. I know it sounds strange considering all the stupid moves we’ve made over the past seven seasons, and the trade looks to be great for the Raiders when viewed objectively, but for some reason I really don’t like the idea, draft picks or no.
    To those who wonder whether Aso is on the decline or not, I’ll just say that despite his talent he’s injury prone. He’s a Raider and one of my favorite players, but for someone who never gets thrown to, he seems to get dinged up a lot. Maybe it’s because the front seven are so weak.

  101. I actually did watch the game. 2nd play of the game, Austin beat Asomugha for a 49 yard gain. They then put Asomugha on the opposite side of Austin because of the mismatch, because they didn’t wanna double and Asomugha could handle him. Try watching some NFL games instead of just watching youtube videos and reading stat sheets.

  102. papertiger…disown the team and start watching soccer. If you think this is possible and wouldn’t welcome it if it were true, you know nothing about football or the players involved.

  103. You can mark this one down as one that did not happen for your source. The trade to the Raiders may happen I do not know. But Nnamdi being a part of it will never happen. Take it from the guy who called the Raiders second round pick days before the Draft, wrote an article on it on Bleacher Report as a Fan. You can take that to the Bank, no Nnamdi in any trade with Philly.

  104. Thats just plain cruel to Donovan. Id rather see the Eagles shoot him then send him to Oakland

  105. papertiger…disown the team and start watching soccer. If you think this is possible and wouldn’t welcome it if it were true, you know nothing about football or the players involved.

  106. Pure Ignorance wrote:
    >>Thats just plain cruel to Donovan. Id rather see the Eagles shoot him then send him to Oakland>>
    On the surface, yes, but he may be exactly what the Raiders need at this point to get their anemic offense going. The Raiders have a strong defense, and McNabb might be enough to get the Raiders to 9-7 or even 10-6, which would be enough to win the AFC West if the Chargers stumble this year and would have them in contention for a wild card.

  107. Wow your Philly fans are ridiculous! How can you even think that Samuels is as good as Aso? Its not even close! Samuels has more picks because he get thrown at a lot more because-wait for it-HE ISN’T AS GOOD AS ASO!!! Not even close. Aso was the best CB in the NFL until Revis surpassed him this year. Those are the only two legit shutdown CBs in the NFL. Samuels is good, but you can’t even compare him to Aso. Stop overrating your players! Samuels is a solid #1 CB and McNabb is passed his prime. Sounds like a fair deal for the second best CB in the NFL.

  108. Danielcp0303 you really don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Yes Austin burnt Aso early in the game (the only big play he allowed the entire season) but it hilarious that you’re claiming the Raiders put Aso on the other side of Austin to avoid the mismatch (mismatch? What mismatch. Aso has size, speed, intelligence and technique that no other CB in the league can match. The WR’s are always at a mismatch to him). You’re completely wrong. Nnamdi primarily plays on one side of the field (because the Raiders coaches are idiots) and it’s the coaches on the other teams (who actually know what they’re doing) by putting their star receivers on the other side so they can torch Johnson and Routt.

  109. I don’t think anyone in Oakland is intelligent enough to pull of a trade like this.
    And I would hope nobody in Philly would be dumb enough to make a trade like this.
    Poor Donovan would be sent to Oakland to die, and the Eagles would just be swapping DB’s? Doesn’t make sense…

  110. Like the trade but I would keep McNabb and dangle Kolb. Kolb is way overvalued right now and Andy Ried is a good enough coach to pick up a couple of mid to late round QB’s in the next few drafts and groom one to replace McNabb in the future. Mcnabb has plenty of good years left in him. Trade Vick as well for what ever you can get for him and bring in a grey beard who knows the system and who can mentor the drafted QB’s

  111. “…and that our friends in Oakland are desperate for hope.”
    You have friends in Oakland?

  112. No way the Eagles give up Mcnabb and Samuel for just Aso.
    They are already good enough at corner and still need help at alot of other positions.
    Florio you know that rumor is trash and the only reason you posted it is because you know it would get alot of hits.

  113. I have finally realized why people constantly include the Raiders in any trade, signings, draft, or league rumors….
    The Raiders and specifically Al himself keep everything SO quiet that when someone makes something like this up, the Raiders don’t respond (Mostly because a high percentage of these things are gross rumor and do not even merit a response). The media can then tell the public that it could be true because the team did not deny it.
    When other teams get this kind of story, the team responds immediately to refute and disspell the rumor. The Raiders don’t care what people think and choose not to play the silly media games.
    Keep fishing for stories guys, getting one right every fifty or sixty stories about the Raiders isn’t bad, is it? I forget what good journalism is, I haven’t seen it in a while.

  114. The trade seems a bit lopsided for Oakland, and I don’t see Philly wanting to pay that much for a CB.

  115. “Poor Donovan would be sent to Oakland to die”
    Isn’t that what most of the Philly fans have wanted for years? That and another chance to bean Santa.

  116. Every once in a while I come across a tipster too that proves to be reliable and accurate. Mine is my dog and he is telling me your tipster is your dog and your dog is a f’in idiot!

  117. I love how people still think Ndamdi Asomugha is relevent as a cornerback in the NFL.
    The Raiders were last in the NFL in 2009 against #1 WRs… to the tune of 70.8 yards per game.
    In contrast, the Eagles were #3 against #1’s to the tune of 55.5 yards per game.
    So yeah… that seems like a fair deal.

  118. This just in: Oakland trades Jamarcus Russell to Philly for Pukey McChunksalot, Andy Reid celebrates by dipping his entire body up to his 5 chins in cheese. They both suck who cares. Florio, McNabb is not hope for anyone except the E-gals if they can get rid of him, maybe then they wouldn’t choke.

  119. As much as the Raiders are the ideal team for Reid to deal with (only play them every four years), Reid wants picks for McNabb. I can imagine the Raiders have no interest in giving up picks since they are re-building. So this doesn’t make much sense. Now if the Raiders think McNabb can help Russell and they aren’t planning on getting another QB in the draft AND they are willing to sacrifice a second round pick I can see Reid doing this.
    The trade as proposed above doesn’t sound like something either team would propose. Since Sheldon Brown is not going to be in Philly much longer, they will need a corner, I just don’t see Al Davis giving up a good corner that easily based on how he believes defenses are built.
    Conclusion: This rumor pure speculation and not something based in reality.

  120. How bad is your team when adding Donovan Mcnabb is considered a good thing? Oh, I forgot, its the raiders.

  121. Raiders 2nd round pick and Nnamdi Asomugha for Mcnabb and Sheldon. I don’t even have to think about this. It is a done deal. That upgrades the Eagles and Raiders. Alright Eagles and Raiders lets play a game of lets make a deal.

  122. @heLL paso
    Well that’s what happened. He got burned and they switched Aso to the other side of the field to cover Roy Williams. The only time they moved Austin was to the slot, I’m telling you Aso couldn’t cover Austin. And have you seen the Raiders stats from last year? Aso is one of those players who is good, but doesn’t make an impact. I love how some people on this site no nothing about football and have never played.

  123. @ The Franchise
    I love how people like you try to find any excuse to knock a guy, who is in fact, one of the best defensive backs in the game.
    It’s obvious that you don’t watch too many Raiders games. Asomugha pretty much plays one side of the field only. Even if a teams #1WR moves to the other side, he sticks with his side most of the time. The Raiders opponents often got match-ups with their #1 WR on our #2 CB. Your stats mean very little when it comes to Asomugha.
    I also find it funny when someone like you ignores the words of those who play against the guy. Asomugha’s peers claim that he is the best, and that goes a lot further than anything you can bring up here on this blog.
    Asomugha is one the best defensive backs i nthe league. anyone who argues that, is a hater or an idiot.

  124. McNabb is a good QB but it seems too many pundits think he is worthy of star status. Keep in Philly, please !

  125. Both players stink! McNabb will be a bitch about it and perform way below expectations. Samuels, he talks too much shit to be really good. I hate both these morons!
    Get over it you stupid Raider fans, this team will stink until Davis is gone forever and is a plaque on the Coliseum wall.
    At best this year, at best, they are a 4-12 team. Lucky to even get 6 this season.
    Ok you Al Davis ass kissers, I am calling it a 4-12 season. Love the team but done with the Davis era!

  126. All of you are retarded. No more so than E-gals fans. BTW, all you Raider haters are so unbelievably transparent. Furthermore there is only one team who had a “successful” year last year so unless you are a Saints fan you have absolutely nothing to brag about.

  127. Pull the trigger on the trade, then sign T.O. and trade your first rounder for B-Marshall. The Raiders would automatically win the division.

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