Fox is not "freaked out" by contract year

J. Fox.jpgPanthers coach John Fox says his lack of a contract beyond 2010 will not change his approach to this season.

“I’ve been coaching players for years who have been in the last year
of their contract — quite a few of them,” Fox said  “That’s not going to
affect me at all. It’s called free agency.”

Fox said he will “practice
what I preach” to his players about staying focused despite contract issues

The Charlotte Observer notes Fox will be the first Panthers coach to enter the final year of his contract.  Marvin Lewis is the only other coach currently the same situation, but he’s been negotiating with the Bengals. 

Fox hasn’t received an offer and isn’t expected to.

“It’s got its ups as well as its downs,” Fox said.  “It probably wouldn’t be
my preference, but I’m not freaked out about it.”

It will become a major problem if the Panthers aren’t in playoff contention late in the season.  None of Fox’s assistants are under contract in 2011, so could have to start looking for other jobs before they are even done in Carolina.

15 responses to “Fox is not "freaked out" by contract year

  1. Nor should he have a contract in place…8 years here in Charlotte and not ONCE have we (Panthers) had back-to-back winning seasons
    That speaks to his inconsistency…he can win alot of games playing a last place schedule but that following year with a first place schedule the team blows its load…
    Cant make in game adjustments and is BLINDLY LOYAL TO A FAULT…PEACE FOXY!

  2. Great Coach! Only a handful of coaches have won more game in the NFL than him during his time in Carolina. If Jerry lets him walk it will be because he can’t afford him anymore.

  3. John Fox has to be the lead horse to be the guy to replace Eric Mangini. Perfect fit, as well, which he may not be with the Panthers’ future plans.

  4. Matt Moore may not save his job again this season but MM’s good, real good.
    Of course they need to be abble to pressure the qb and with Peppers gone…..eeks !

  5. There will be no 2011 season with a lockout. Cowher or someone will step in as the new HC in Charlotte in 2012.

  6. I hope they keep Fox for 10 more years. That way the kitty cats will continue to suck. It’s not about winning games. It’s about winning the Super Bowl. Something the kitty cats no nothing about and have never experienced. They had their shot and blew it. Remember their dumb kicker kicked the ball out of bounds in the Super Bowl against the patriots right after the kitty cats had just tied the score. Fox told his kicker, “just don’t kick it out of bounds”…..well, Kasey i think is his name (the only original Panther left) went out there and kicked it out of bounds……ha ha……then the rest is history, the Brady bunch marched down and kicked a field goal and won the Super Bowl…….ha ha…..i laughed……cuz i’m a saints fan and thats what fans do when their division rivals lose the Super Bowl…..laugh like hell……i laughed when the Falcons lost theirs too…..yea, thats right, the Saints are world Champs…….even the almighty Eagles have never been world Champs…..ain’t life great…..hey, i hung in there with my team for 43 years and it finally paid off…..ha ha…yea, sign ole Fox to 10 more years…..ha ha….

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