Graves: "No interest" in Donovan McNabb

There is a convincing case to be made that Donovan McNabb was never an option for the Cardinals, despite idle speculation to the contrary. 

Darren Urban of the Cardinals’ website made that case a while back, and then he got a defining quote from G.M. Rod Graves Thursday. The Cardinals have “no interest” in McNabb.

(Urban also predicted that quote would get attention in disreputable corners of the intergoogle like this one. We aim to please.)

There are still a few teams left that make sense for McNabb, but the Cardinals clearly aren’t one of them. 

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  1. “There are still a few teams left that make sense for McNabb, but the Cardinals clearly aren’t one of them.”
    um.. the Cards actually DO make sense for McNabb to play their, even tho they might deny the interest.. if you payed attention to the NFL even you would know that..

  2. I respectfully disagree, sir. I believe the Cardinals of Arizona would be a splendid fit for Mr. McNabb of Philadelphia due to the superior talent talent on the roster at the position of wide receiver.

  3. Tampering?
    “no interest” doesnt affect the eagles’ leverage in the same way as “yeah, we have interest.” But still, if you dont have permission from the Eagles, you’re not supposed to sayANYTHING, right?

  4. I don’t understand why the Cardinals would take that stance. McNabb would be a great replacement for Warner and the Cards would be very competative again in 2010. With Leinart……. not so much.

  5. The Cards have REPEATEDLY said they had no interest in McNabb. Hey Florio, this just in, Kurt Warner retired, and the sky is blue.

  6. C’mon Eagles we’ll give you Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme for D Mac. You can’t say no to that! We’ll even give Any Reid’s fat ass a fifth round pick cause we know he likes em’!

  7. I demand a McNabb post about Vikings using McNabb trade rumors as leverage to get Favre to commit. I’m shocked you haven’t found a way to mention Favre lol

  8. I don’t think fans in philly really understand what we are about to loose. 5 NFC Title games, 1 superbowl appearence. He gets his balls busted for puking in the huddle of the Superbowl, but Joe Montanna did as well. NOt saying in is in Montanna’s league, but good god. Against Dallas this year he had his starting center out and they had NO linebackers. Also, I don’t care who you are, passing 4o plus times a game will not put you in a position to win. Look, Elway didnt win a bowl until Reves left. I think this could be the same situation. I would rather have Reid gone than Mcnabb. As far as him being a “baby” he threw 4 tds on a broken ankle. That’s not a baby. Besides, newsflash, most athletes are pampered anyway.

  9. of course all these teams are going to deny they want McNabb. If they don’t get him they want to be able to tell their present quarterbacks that they were the preferred starters all along.
    One of the teams that has denied McNabb trade talks will give up their second rnd pick and an established defensive player within the next week.
    I’m speculating that McNabb will end up in Buffalo or San Fran in the next couple of weeks.

  10. yea matt leinart is wayyyyyy better than mcnabb…lol… arizona is just posturing…some teams have policies that prohibit anyone who represents the organization from commenting on other teams players until they’re signed to their teams roster….total non-story !…we’ll see !

  11. I agree that all the NO talk is a ploy to gain leverage. You can never believe NFL executives. It’s a cut throat business.

  12. Hes not saying hes not a good fit he was just saying since apparently the cardinals want nothing to do with him that they must think hes not a good fit

  13. The Cards are built to win now and they are the best choice for McNabb. The Vikings are the object of the laster rumors regarding McNabb however. The Eagles are trying to push the Vikes to push Farve to make a decision. The Eagles want a pick in this years draft and want to give the mini camp reps to Kolb. The Vikes think they can wait it out and get McNabb in July if Farve decides to retire then.

  14. Graves needs to reconsider…. McNabb wopuld be a perfect fit in AZ… McNabb and Asante Samuel to AZ would be a smart move… hell Even sending Westbrook and possibly T.O to AZ… = AZ unstopable

  15. Mcdabnammit had a great receiver 1 yr in his career. In that yr he put up amazing #’s, 64.0%, 3875 yds, 31td 8int. He has done as much, with less at WR, than any QB in history. You put him in red and white (not the chiefs) with those guys catching the ball and look out. Rosenthal doesn’t know the pigskin very well does he?

  16. Donovan has a house in my sub-division here in Chandler, AZ and trains in Tempe in the offseason. He’d love to play here. Also, Wisenhunt lives down the road too. Only thing is the Cards are backed into a corner with the Derek Anderson signing and no one wants to trade for Leinart.

  17. Really are you kiding me McNabb is the best option out there for the Cards. If McNabb wants a superbowl ring his agent should work it out with Graves and get it over with. We got Leinhart and Anderson, trade them both for McNabb. Please someone help the cards with a quarterback……..WARNER PLEASE COMMMMMME BACCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Donavan if you read this the cards want you…..PLEASE even if they say they don’t….. Come on any one that gets McNabb will get a winner….. McNAbb to Fitz is that not a perfect call

  19. Really Baby have you seen Leinhart……. Don’t put me in coach……. Warner has a concussion ….. Please don’t he can stilll win… Where is ST. Piereee…. Bryann I am NOT READY COACH

  20. DOLPHINATIC- very well put. dmac with talented wr’s like az has would = trouble for any team that they played

  21. So far a lot of teams are baffling me. The Browns sign Delhomme, the Cards sign Anderson, Broncos sign Quinn, but NO ONE has gone for McNabb? Is there some secret benefit to signing proven losers and remaining mediocre that I’m missing?
    Though I do find it amusing that those guys are getting signed by teams with real needs, while Vick remains ignored. Every team in the NFL would be smart to ignore that washed-up egomaniac.

  22. McNuggets makes his offseason home in Chandler AZ, about 10 minutes from the Cards headquarters. He lives closer than Kurt Warner, and about the same distance away as Matty, who’s also in Chandler. Hell, they could carpool.
    That said – Leinart has to be given the ball this year, and given the full year (barring a complete meltdown in play) to play with the first team and find out what he can do as the #1 guy. I think Matty will surprise a lot of people this year, who have inexplicably written him off prematurely.

  23. Ha! One poster says that the Couldntals are built to win now. Where – the arena football league?
    This team has peaked! Lousy owner but a decent coach, no QB, signing everyone’s rejects, etc.
    They’ll go 8-8 or 9-7 in the ridiculous NFC West. In the AFC North, they’d go 1-7 in the division, probably 4-12 overall.
    At least they have their recent super bowl loss to whine about. Suggest they watch it up until the last 2-3 minutes and then trun it off!

  24. Ok, so let’s reverse this report and see where it goes . . .
    This just in Rod Graves was quoted as saying “yes we are very much interested in acquiring McNabb’s services, we feel it gives us the best chance to win now and become the Superbowl champs next year”
    Eagles reaction = wow they are really hot after Donovan, we can drive the price up . . . let’s hold out for their 1st and 3rd rounder picks this year . . . after all Graves went on the record saying they want McNabb . . . hell he practically said that they need McNabb.
    Matt Leinart’s reaction = he is quoted as stated “I welcome the competion for the starting position and if McNabb is selected as the starter I am sure it will present a great mentoring opportunity” – while he thinks “wholly shit another aging QB that they acquired to start over me . . . boy they have no confidence in me and I must really suck . . . well at least a got fat money from being a first round draft pick . . . no I can sit back and relax while McNabb takes all the snaps.
    NFL Leagues reaction = McNabb is on the Eagles roster and Arizona hasn’t been granted permission to negotiate with him or make public comments about him . . . this is the very definition of tampering . . . they need to be disciplined . . . LET’S GET IT ON!!!
    The other potential trade partners reaction = Boy Arizona is really going after McNabb, if we really want him we better put together a great package or we will lose him . . . thereby driving the value through the roof.
    Of course Graves and/or any other GM/Owner/Coach is going to say they don’t have an interest in McNabb . . . to do otherwise would be completely moronic . . . reporting a denial of interest is a complete non-story . . . because it is not an indication of interest or non-interest . . . and by the way a team can’t come out with a “no comment” type of statement because it creates rampant speculation.

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