Irsay mentions connection between Manning and Brady deals

We’ve occasionally mentioned here the connection between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady’s upcoming contract extensions. 

The man set to pay Manning, Colts owner Jim Irsay, acknowledged the two quarterbacks are tied together in an interview with the Indianapolis

“We know Peyton’s going to be paid, along with Brady, at the top of the league,” Irsay said.

Let’s face it: It would be stunning to see Brady make more money than Manning. That’s why Irsay grouping the two together is significant.

It’s just a theory, but we think the Colts and Patriots would be well served if Brady’s deal happens first.  In that scenario, the Patriots wouldn’t try to have to match Manning’s megadeal, and the Colts could possibly use Brady’s numbers to get Manning’s asking price down.

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  1. The last time that these two got new contracts was around the same time, and Brady took FAR less even though his came after Manning’s mega-contract. Because Manning held his team over a barrel for every last penny, and Brady didn’t.

  2. So the guy that is 3 of 4 in Superbowls gets paid less than the guy that is 1 of 2 in Superbowls. Hmm, interesting!

  3. Unless Brady takes another “pay cut”, that is. He’s already giving the Patriots a sweetheart deal (relatively speaking, that is) – most, including Pats fans, expect that to end this time around. But what if it doesn’t? What if he takes ~10 million a year for 6 years? The Manning camp will (rightly) point out that the Brady deal means nothing, because he has a history of being “underpaid” (again, relatively speaking).
    In fact, the Manning camp will probably make that argument regardless of what deal Brady strikes.

  4. Tom Brady’s current contract (signed in 2005) averages $10 million a year. Peyton Manning’s contract (signed in 2004) averages $14 million a year. I don’t think that Brad or the Patriots are going to be too worried about Manning’s deal because Brady has already shown he’s willing to take a pay cut of several million a year to help the team.

  5. It appears to be common knowledge that Brady will play at a discount in order to free up money for the team to build around him, whereas Manning just wants to get paid, despite the fact that he earns zillions in endorsements. Would you rather make $25 million a year personally and allow the team more money to acquire/maintain talent or make $35 million a year but max out your team’s salary cap?

  6. Brady has said several times he doesn’t care that much about the money involved. He considers football players overpaid and already has enough money to live more than large for the rest of his life. Not to mention his wife makes significantly more per year than he does.
    Brady will give the Pats a good deal so they can maintain depth and be competitive.

  7. Brady has said in interviews that football players are overpaid in general. He takes the “hometown discount” so that the Patriots have enough money to spend in other areas of need (except pass rush apparently, but I digress). he might be looking for that mega deal this time around, who knows. But the main factor is that the other Manning signed a contract over $100 million and that can skyrocket Brady and Captain Fore-head’s value.

  8. Hey, if the owners of the perspective teams have the money to pay those QB’s, I don’t have a problem. We get caught up with what the players are being paid but honestly no owner is going to go broke paying a player or players the money needed to keep them, think about this if owners are able to pay this kind of money, how much money are they really making ? Hmmmm

  9. Brady will get less because he won’t press for being the highest paid player and the Pats won’t make him that anyway. Manning will get a buttload of dough because he will demand it and the Colts will bow to him as always.

  10. As a Colts fan, I would really like Manning to do the same thing – take less with an eye on helping the team. It’s not like he needs the money except as an ego boost. I know. I know. Our QB has to be the highest paid and why should he not be because he is the best ever in the history of the world. Unless we are talking about playoff time. I appreciate all the great things he does but let’s face it – true greatness is measured in how a person responds in the most difficult, pressure-packed circumstances and Manning can’t run with the big dogs (Montana, Bobby Layne, some guy named Unitas, even Troy Aikman) in those circles. Not saying Aikman is better, but Manning needs to step up more in January and February.

  11. gaydy will always take less than manning, as he would be nothing without his groom belidick….

  12. I thought it was very telling that Brady publicly said,”We are all overpaid.” I can’t recall anyone saying this publicly before.

  13. Between him and his wife, Brady already has a gazillion dollars, and rumor on the street is he is pretty frugal with the money he does have. I don’t think he would get too amped up about his next contract, unless it is an excuse to field offers from other teams.

  14. I hope brady takes another discount, his wife makes more than he does, which is insane because all models do is walk down a catwalk or pose in front of photographers. Quarterbacking is extremely difficult work.

  15. this dilemma is pretty interesting, and personally I don’t blame either player for how they handle their contracts
    Manning is among the elite at his position and wants to be paid as such, which is more than fair since i assume many teams would be lining up to pay the man
    Brady is willing to take a pay cut and help his franchise build a competitive team, he knows he’s got money (as does his mistress) so he’s ok with taking the cut
    I think u can make an argument for both players doing what’s right for themselves/team, since they both play on competitive teams in the AFC

  16. rikah8888: Are you saying that me, BenRapistberger should be the 2nd highest paid QB in the league because I’m 2 for 2 in Superbowls?
    Or that any other of the QBs that have won 1 Superbowl should be paid like Peyton Manning?

  17. Brady had 2 years left on his contract and Manning was going to be an unrestricted free agent that was franchised. The situations were very different, along with the leverage of the player.
    Now the conditions are similar for both with one year left. It’s going to be tough for both players and organizations to make a new deal with no CBA in place beyond 2010.
    So far, for new contracts in 2010, the biggest guarantee so far was Vince Wilfork’s $25M. Brady and Manning are probably looking at upwards of $40M each.
    That’s a lot of money when 2011 can play out in a lot of ways.
    A lockout seems unlikely when the owners can force their final best offer on the players. They would then either have to accept it or decertify, strike and sue.

  18. Interesting comparison.
    One guy was drafted as the underdog (199), has all the team trophies (except the wife), and took a ‘haircut’ to help the team salary cap wise.
    One guy has all the TV commercials, was highly drafted (#1 overall), has the big contract and individual stats.
    Do fans want the star, or the trophies?
    I think Manning would be traded out of Philly right now.

  19. What’s the matter PFT? Deleted my post because I posted a link to a video of peyton crying?

  20. AllThat says:
    March 25, 2010 11:48 AM
    Pay Jughead and the Earth Boy
    Okay I SCREAMED when I read that!

  21. It doesnt matter which deal gets done first… least not to Brady and the Pats. Brady never has and never will care about making huge dollars….how many times has he said he is overpaid?

  22. Manning is on the upside and Brady is looking worse and worse. Just look at last years playoffs, Brady with the bum knee looked horrible in his first round loss at home to the Ravens. While Manning went to the SB, they didn’t win but he looked better in the playoffs then Brady.
    They are basically the same age but in totally different places in their careers. I doubt these two contracts are even close to being the same, especially Brady with his bum knee.

  23. I love it how pats fans make brady out to be a saint for taking 10 million a year. He didn’t win 3 super bowls, vinatierri did. Brady is a cry baby little bitch, and without the supporting cast that he has had he isn’t sh*t. That being said I also think that Manning has had one hell of a supporting cast, but is a better over all QB than brady and deserves more money. They are both loaded for life so who really gives a damn?

  24. Yeah right, let’s see how willing Tommy-boy is to take one for the team this time around.

  25. You all are missing the point. The Player’s Union will crap a brick if either of these guys takes less than market value. That sets the bar low for all other players, so when a Matt Schaub for instance goes into a contract year, owners are saying “well, he deserves X amount less than Manning/Brady” and the agent would be saying “but Manning/Brady are *really* worth X amount of dollars.”
    Basically, if Manning/Brady take anything less than market value, it screws up contract negotiations for everyone else, as they are the current standard.

  26. A few things.
    First, Brady won’t care what Manning does.
    Second, to NOwillrepeat, no they won’t and no he isn’t.
    Third, to darlak, you’re so original.
    Fourth, to Cbatchel, Manning looked real good on that INT in the SB.
    Fifth, to DiehardSkinsfan21, Brady had a good supporting cast? His RB in the 1st two SBs was Antwain Smith. His WRs were Brown, Patten, and Givens. HOFers all! His TEs were Jermaine Wiggins, Christian Fauria, and even Mike Vrabel, a LB! WOW! What a supporting cast. His OL was Matt Light, Greg Robinson-Randall, Brandon Gorin, Russ Hochstein, Damian Woody. My God! I can’t believe this list of iconic NFL superstars! Yes, he had Corey Dillon for the 3rd SB, but he was still throwing to Brown, Givens, Branch, Patten Fauria and Graham. After that, the Pats added Jabar Gaffney and Reche Caldwell. The list of superstars grows!
    Yes, he did get Moss and Stallworth and Welker, but he’s had no running game. AND, they actually haven’t won WITH a great supporting cast.
    Vinatieri may have kicked the GW FGs, but who got them in position for those FGs with less than 2 minutes in each game? That’s right. You can say it.
    Go watch your crappy ass team down in DC. Good luck with that.

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