Mike Smith sees lighter workload for Michael Turner

After spending the first four seasons of his NFL career as a backup in San Diego, Michael Turner became a workhorse in Atlanta in 2008, carrying 376 times for 1,699 yards. But after Turner suffered some injuries in 2009, Falcons coach Mike Smith thinks that 2008 workload was too much.

“It’s important for us to do a good job of monitoring his carries for the game,” Smith said at the annual league meetings. “We have to make sure we don’t overwork Michael throughout the season. We designed our game plan to get others involved.”

Turner was hampered by ankle injuries over the second half of the 2009 season, missing five games and totaling just 22 carries for 151 yards in the three games he played.

Smith said Turner may have rushed himself back into the lineup in 2009, but that in 2010 the more cautious approach will yield better results.

“He’s such a tough guy he wanted to get back in and play,” Smith said. “I think he’ll be bigger, faster and stronger this year.”

7 responses to “Mike Smith sees lighter workload for Michael Turner

  1. Even as a backup in San Diego, he was injury prone. Not sure how the Falcons didn’t know that.

  2. With bruising back-up Jason Snelling, who had 25 carries for 147 yards in week 17 against Tampa Bay, and speed merchant Jerious Norwood healthy (?), Turner should be just fine. He did rush himself back too soon, as he aggravated the injury coming back barely 2 weeks after it 1st happened, but that’s water under the lake.

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  4. Injury prove? You’re an idiot. Turner is a beast and if he is bigger, faster, and stronger this year it is very bad news for everyone on the defensive side of the ball.

  5. With less carries, he’ll be ok.
    I just wish someone would inquire about the services of Jerious Norwood, now he’s really INJURY PRONE.

  6. I wonder how he’ll manage that.
    Anybody with Netflix should check out their Bigger, Stronger, Faster sports documentary.
    Good insight.

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