Pete Carroll has a place for Ty Law

Ty Law was drafted by Bill Parcells, but his first of five career Pro Bowls came when Pete Carroll was Patriots head coach.

Eleven years after Carroll was canned, the two men may hook up again.  Pete Carroll told Pat Kirwan of that there’s “still a place” on Seattle’s roster for Law.

The Broncos also told the 36-year-old he was “welcome to come back” according to the cornerback. 

Law figures to get Hall of Fame consideration some day, but doesn’t sound ready to start his five-year waiting period just yet.

12 responses to “Pete Carroll has a place for Ty Law

  1. Really? Maybe now the Rams will sign Terrell Owens so we could see an epic match up between two 1998 pro-bowlers!

  2. Ty Law?
    Wasn’t he a part of the Pats Dynasty run?
    Oh how the mighty have fallen… or in this case… aged. Best shot at a ring before you’re using a walker is in Denver. But… highly unlikely. Hang it up old man. And wait.

  3. bob, wake up and take a look at his career. he is a hall of famer, no question. 3 super bowls, 2 rings and the resume will get it done. I just wish he would come back to new england.

  4. stiller43 says:
    March 25, 2010 12:21 PM
    “…the two men may hook up again.”
    You couldn’t chose any better wording than this?

  5. since peyton + poollean changed the game that db’s cant hit. poor ty could’t cover me. it suck watchin that goober loser pass for those yards. stick one in there anyway ty. colts suck!

  6. Ty Law did rely on contact to be a good cover corner, and he was only an elite corner for a few years. It seems like “the end of his career” has been going on for 6 years now. I’d say his hall of fame credentials are on the fence.

  7. Ty Law has recorded more INTs than Darrell Green (a HOF cornerback), and Ty Law also came up huge in two postseasons that led to SB victories. He’s not a media darling, so he won’t be a first-ballot guy. But has a good chance at making it.

  8. I don’t see Ty Law as a Hall of Famer…..sorry guys. If he’s so good, how come he’s bounced around so much and missed so much action over the last 11 years?

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