PFT Daily: Suddenly, McNabb trade seems inevitable

Before Wednesday, it seemed possible that Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb would be traded by the team for which he has played 11 seasons.

After Wednesday, it seems inevitable.

For a slightly longer version, we give you today’s PFT Daily.


61 responses to “PFT Daily: Suddenly, McNabb trade seems inevitable

  1. well duh. You don’t casually mention trading your star qb and then not do it and pretend everything is normal. They have to trade him now. Big mistake though. The eagles are close to the super-bowl and kolb won’t be able to get them close for a couple years IF he turns out to be starting qb material.

  2. Come to Cleveland…. We would love to have anyone of you QB’s But, Kolb isn’t going anywhere. McNabb is a getting showed the Farve Way out. And Michael Vick well umm. The Dog Pound Really… That wouldn’t Fly.
    “Die Hard Browns Fan”

  3. Are the Vikes gonna make a play for McNabb or wait for Pharv to make up his mind?

  4. Ah? McNabb isn’t that great anyway. However, he’s not that bad either. Screwy situation whatever the case.

  5. Thanks for saying absolutely nothing different than what I have heard all morning.

  6. You guys hearing the Niners are interested? This does not surprise me one bit and we have been following this closely for a couple of months. Only challenge is system as Niners are no longer a true WCO. Still from a fantasy football perspective McNabb has the weapons to deliver and our Draft Analyzer software: and the rankings will not change on McNabb one bit. As T. Holt said on the NFL network yesterday if he goes to the Rams he has no one to throw to. The Niners are an up and coming team who have the weapons. s

  7. Not an Eagles Fan, but it’s going to seem weird not seeing him wearing the green.
    Looks from the outside like he was never really embraced in that city, so time to move.
    Wish him luck, don’t recall him doing anything to tarnish the organization so I guess that makes him a decent guy.

  8. WOW that was FULL of useful information
    you coulda just left the video blank

  9. LOL @Vikings4Life. Good luck! Until you know whether Fraud is returning, you’re kinda hosed. Minny isn’t going to pay McNabb to be a backup.
    You wanted him, you now get to realize the baggage that comes with him.

  10. He was gone as soon as they drafted Kolb. As a Skins fan I desperately want him to stay, watching him loose all those big games has been wonderful over the years. The Cardinals? Really?

  11. For all those McNabb apologists out there, what does it say that there’s hardly any interest in this guy? There are teams out there in desperate need of QB help and the phone ‘aint ringing.

  12. So, let me get this straight. You quote a b.s. article, you re-word Andy Reid’s comments to suite you’re own purposes, you take a denial from another GM about a deal that was b.s. from the beginning & then take Andy Reid’s comments regarding a hypothetical situation regarding the value of the 1st pick in the second round and turn it on its head to mean “something” like he’s trading an All-Pro qb for that pick?!?
    1970 called, they want your hair-do back…..
    Did you ever apologize or post a statement after you were wrong last year about this situation? Get some accountability, otherwise you’re just another monkey flinging poo……

  13. Les Bowen posted some teams he heard were in the hunt, including the Jags. This one makes sense to an Eagles fan who lives 60 miles north of Jacksonville. Del Rio seems to be on a short leash. David Garrard is not a super bowl caliber guy, who could be cut with no consequences. The Jags could even draft Tebow in a lower round as an understudy to McNabb. The Jags have a good running game which would take pressure off Mcnabb to throw 50 times a game. He would have a very legitimate shot at the playoffs and beyond. Best of all, the Jags could sell some tickets.

  14. I like the music over the McNabb video. Very refelective. It asks, “What’s Don gonna do?”, “What does the future hold for 5?”
    Only thing, when Florio’s face shows up you need calliope music.

  15. Congratulations. That’s the first of these little PFT TV thingies you ever managed to get be to watch. Don’t think I’ll watch another.
    This is nothing like the Cutler situation. McNabb is not a snot-nosed little crybaby whiner moaning his way out of a cushy, flashy job in a great city. McNabb is a classy guy.
    This trade makes no sense to either party. The team McNabb has the most value to is the Eagles. The Rams aren’t ready to win if they get McNabb. He’s not the right fit. The team the first overall pick of the second round has the most value to is the Rams. They need to build.
    Reid is an idiot. He supposedly has McNabb’s back and now he pulls this crap. McNabb SHOULD want out. I know so many Eagles fans who are fed up with McNabb and equally or actually MORE fed up with Reid and his poor game management skills, feeling they’ll never crack through and win a championship with him. In my view they should get rid of Reid, not McNabb, and let McNabb steward in Kolb or whoever the next starting QB will be under new head coach.

  16. RedOokies:
    As a ‘skins fan, your greatest pleasure over the last 10 years has been seeing the Eagles go deep into the playoffs time and time again, while your running-joke, synonymous-with-mismanagement franchise languished in the basement of the division?
    Wow. You’re pretty masochistic.

  17. The fact that he was never embraced in Philly is a disgrace. They should be ashamed but I am sure they will keep telling us what great fans they are. Philly gave up on Randall Cunningham a little early too.
    Cowboys win NFC East if McNabb is gone, plain and simple.

  18. makes sense u got kolb hes shown promise get a 1rst or 2nd round pick go guard to fill the void team seems to respect kolb more than mcnabb

  19. Dixon, He is a sensitive guy that never got over a 30 person radio stunt on draft day. I like McNabb, but he has been pretty passive aggressive to the fans too, and they feel that. If he had not spent too much time pouting about that bunch of draft day morons, Philly would have given him the keys to the city.

  20. Dixon – wtf are you talking about? He wasn’t embraced? You sound like an idiot.
    The stadium is full of #5 jerseys.
    He has been the started for over 30% of my lifetime!
    So I guess Knicks fans never embraced Ewing and Edmonton fans never embraced Gretzky.
    Dumb. What part of the city do you live in? That you know all this so well?

  21. @Opie
    when 1970 called did they also ask for that joke back, along with the term hair-do???

  22. McNabb has had plenty of time to prove he is something special. He simply is not.
    He is a good QB, don’t get me wrong, and I know good QBs are hard to come by, but all this guy has done his whole career is get hurt, put up average to slightly above average stats, and lose big games.
    The Eagles gave him more than enough chances. If they can get the first pick in the 2nd round of one of the deepest drafts in years for him after already getting 10 years of solid play out of him, they should jump all over it.
    Kolb could be special. He might not be, though. The only difference is McNabb has already proven he is not. Time to move on.

  23. Kevin Kolb may not get the Eagles their sought after Super Bowl win, but McNabb has had 11 years to do it and he hasn’t either, so what makes anyone think that he’ll achieve it in his 12th year? It makes little sense to have Kolb sitting on the bench for the 4th straight year, when he’ll be a free agent next year. Its time to see if the guy can play. He surely won’t resign with the Eagles if he’s not going to be the starter. At this stage in their respective careers, you’ve got to believe that he has more upside than McNabb.

  24. @zeke777……what the hell are you talkin about how do you know theres no interest in him theres been rumors all off season ur an idiot bro the only thing thats been talked about all offseason is mcnabb so WHAT the hell are you talking about theres 100 comments on here and ur the only idiot that even thinks of sayng noone is interested
    @Dixon29…..ur a moron too bro im pretty sure the only thing that assures u a job in the nfl is a ring….last time i checked mcnabb decided to throw up instead of get his there for he is losing his job for the younger more accurate guy
    i wont miss random over thrown balls to wide open recievers, injuries and horrible intermediate passing game that mcnabb has…..cant throw one pass under 10 yards yet hes 34…..thanks and goodbye goodluck somewhere else homie….if you wouldnt have puked you would not be getting traded a ring is the only thing that assures u retiring somewhere and in favres case not even that is good enough

  25. Dixon…You are an idiot. McNabb was embraced. Problem is he never wins the big game, constantly under throws receivers, can never hit a receiver on the run and generally is a mediocre quarterback. And Randall??? Are you for real?? He was pedestrian at best. All you had to do was cover his receivers and he was dead…Bring on Kolb.

  26. They won’t do any better with Kolb (this year anyway), and I don’t think they ever had plans for Vick sticking around.
    If they want to go ahead and announce the Kevin Kolb era, well, it’s gotta happen some time. But whenever that happens, the first year will NOT be an upgrade over McNabb.

  27. Donovan, do you need a ride to the airport? 11 years of not getting it done. Overthrowing, underthrowing and throwing up in big games. Good QB, not a championship QB. We don’ t know what Kolb is, but we do know what Donovan is. Let’s finally move on. Get a good 2nd round pick and re-build the defense.

  28. Hey dixon we had mcChoke last yea and cowboys still won the east…see people like u are flawed by personal goals n stats…i dont care if we won 14 games in a row..but we still have no superbowl…stats are for losers…rings sre for winners..he all his championship games n playoffs, he has a total of 9-10 turnovers…mostly picks…in regular playoff games he has one…..i can hear his gargling, gaggin self now…peace mcpoop….time to move on…

  29. I think that “the Fans Did not embrace McNabb in Philly” is not true, As a Eagles fan who has been to many games at the Linc I could tell you that at least half of the Jerseys in the crowd were #5 . A minority of Verbal fans are giving the wrong impression that he was NEVER EMBRACED here. In the last few years his popularity in Philly has slipped but he is still respected by Many and I think will be MISSED when he’s gone.

  30. To be fair Dixon29, Cunningham had some help in Minn. Two HOF recievers. Point taken though, I’ve been a 5 guy from the beginning. This is the first time in 11 years I’ve been torn.
    If you keep him and not sign him you get at MOST a 3rd round comp pick for him in 2012 draft. If you sign him to an extension you’re basically wasting Kolb. If you trade him now you get something for him, but you possibly see a downturn in QB play (there is no way to know for sure how Kolb will play…might go the other way).
    One day I wake up thinking it’s time to move on, the next day I wake up thinking we should keep 5 and make a run. Of course, I could be like all the idiots that blindly pick a side and exagerate as much as possible.

  31. Some people out there think they know alot about football, but they really don’t.
    ” For all those McNabb apologists out there, what does it say that there’s hardly any interest in this guy? There are teams out there in desperate need of QB help and the phone ‘aint ringing.”
    There are a bunch of teams out there that would love McNabb. The problem is, most of them are rebuilding and don’t want to give up their high draft picks for an “older” QB when they can draft a young prospect to develop. The interest is going to be from losing teams who want to contend for the next few years, while also having a young guy learn from McNabb. If people are going to talk, make sure you know what you are talking about.

  32. Dixon29 says:
    March 25, 2010 2:23 PM
    Cowboys win NFC East if McNabb is gone, plain and simple.
    McNabb is there, and they STILL won the NFC East last year. Ship him now while he’s worth something.

  33. dixon29
    be easy guy the cowboys always look good on paper and tend to play average at best chill with that cowboys winning the east before the season starts

  34. McNabb to Bears, Cutler to Skins (Shanahan), Skins 1st round pick to Eagles. Blockbuster trade and everyone makes out.

  35. IMO, if the Eagles had any inclination of moving on from McNabb, he would’ve been traded when his stock was at its highest peak. That would’ve been at the conclusion of 2008 season after advancing to the NFCCG.

  36. I hope they trade him and where ever he goes he wins it all.
    Would laugh my ass off if donovan went to a team and won the SB
    Your egal fans would cry cry cry

  37. My far-out in left field draft day prediction!
    1) By the end of this week… the Eagles will trade McNabb to St Louis for their 2nd round pick (1st overall in the 2nd round)
    2) The Skins will trade 1st round draft picks with St Louis moving up to the #1 Pick trading their 4th overall pick and a 5-6th round pick, and select Sam Bradford QB.
    3) The Skins will trade Sam Bradford to Da’ Bears for Jay Cutler.
    4) Da Bears will worry about signing Bradford to a contract. Cutler already has a contract.
    Shanahan will be a happy guy to get his cutler back!

  38. Let’s get it done! I’ve been waiting for this for three years. I’ve enjoyed a lot of his history with us, the Eagles, but his time in Phila., is over. Good Luck, and God’s Speed, Donovan… Like to see you go to the AFC, but frankly, I can’t seeing any team giving, what the analysts, think he’s worth!!!

  39. McWest says:
    March 25, 2010 3:21 PM
    IMO, if the Eagles had any inclination of moving on from McNabb, he would’ve been traded when his stock was at its highest peak. That would’ve been at the conclusion of 2008 season after advancing to the NFCCG.
    so by that logic, you must think the colts should trade manning this offseason. his value will never be higher.

  40. Would love to see Mini try to pressure a decision out of whatisname by making trade noises for McNabb. Someone’s grass in Mississippi would be so tight and snarled up that no mower in the world could ever cut it.

  41. Yeah, McNabb was never embraced. Only got 66% of he votes for best Eagle QB of all-time.
    Face it, McNabb was booed by 30 people on draft day and has used that ever since to get people’s pity. That leads to national media types constantly defending him, and trashing the fans (the millions who did not boo). I was at the draft party at D&B’s and there were zero boos when that selection was made. Not one.
    Criticism of McNabb was then outlawed when Rush made a correct observation (gushing media love affair with McNabb) and then brutally misdiagnosed the reason for it (race) to better align with his clownish political shtick. It was about the pity, not anything else.
    In reality, he’s been embraced. He’s simply run his course in this town, and is now the sole position that has yet to be rebuilt. He was given every shot, didn’t get it done.
    Time to move on – good luck Donovan.

  42. Rams are interested….why in the world would the Rams tell people they were? It would drive up the market and get the Rams or 49ers involved….

  43. “Cowboys win NFC East if McNabb is gone, plain and simple.”
    Uhhh Cowboys win if McNabb stays, too. Philly’s D problem is NOT going to be an overnight fix.

  44. I dunno about that. Otogwe+a healthy Stewart Bradley+4 picks in the first 75 could mean a huge improvement on defense. NFL defenses DO change overnight. Look at yours

  45. @ el colon (or should we call you Perez Florio): would you have preferred “coif?” Helmet? Turtle Shell?
    I was under a time constraint & couldn’t come up with anything funnier……however, it fits in this case.
    Not sure why you’d go through posts to make a comment on someone’s lame joke…… makes one suspect of your anonymity….

  46. Mooch, your post is exactly right. I could not possibly agree more. And, I’m a Cowboys fan and you sound like an Eagles fan. Huh.

  47. Rams aren’t going to give up #33 for Mcnabb let alone #33 and Atogwe, Thats a Philly fantasy. possibly 1st pick round three or Atogwe and a 4 or 5

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