Reid would "love" to have the 33rd pick in the draft

A_Reid.jpgLate Wednesday afternoon, a bizarre and confusing series of reports emerged regarding whether the Eagles would be trading quarterback Donovan McNabb to the Rams for the first pick in the second round of the draft, which will be the first overall pick of the second day of the process.  (Eventually, the report was amended to include Rams safety Oshiomogho Atogwe, a restricted free agent who could be traded once he signs his tender, just as defensive end Darryl Tapp was traded from Seattle to Philly last week, a day after signing his.)

But while the reports have been shot down conclusively, given the decision of Rams G.M. Billy Devaney to go on the record and call the report “utterly false” and “absolutely ridiculously,” one thing is clear:  Eagles coach Andy Reid covets the first pick in the second round.

In a series of questions and answers generated via an interview with Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News, Reid gushed about the first pick in round two when asked generally for his thoughts on the new three-day draft format.  “I’d love to have that first pick of the second day,” Reid said.  “Where you can sleep
on it, regather your thoughts, which you normally don’t get to do.  I
don’t think [the new format] is a bad thing.”

Here’s what we said about that 33rd overall pick on Wednesday:  “Now that the draft is spread out over three days, with the second round
starting on Friday after after the first round finishes on Thursday
night, the team that holds the first pick when the draft reconvenes
holds a lot of power.  Players that other teams covet will have slipped
through round one, and there will be an extended time period for the
team that has the next pick to do a great deal.”

So it’s more than just having the ability to “sleep on it.”  The first pick of round two provides a wide variety of options, from taking the best player remaining on the board to trading down a few spots in the hopes of still getting the guy at the top of the board to trading even farther down if the price is right.  The luxury of time, with far more than five minutes available to make the pick, makes the pick even more valuable because of the dramatically expanded opportunity to weigh offers.

Though it still appears that a deal between the Eagles and the Rams for the 33rd pick wasn’t even remotely close, it sure sounds like Reid hopes that it happens, eventually if not sooner.

55 responses to “Reid would "love" to have the 33rd pick in the draft

  1. I love it when you quote yourself in this blurbs. Your arrogance really shines bright when you do that.
    BTW, that’s really fruity picture of Andy.

  2. Yeah, because management is always completely honest with the press.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if the teams are close to a deal or if the teams haven’t even spoken. Quotes from management in cases like this are meaningless because they lie so much.

  3. If the Sheagles can really get Atogwe and the 33rd pick for McNabb they should just pull the trigger. Kolb is the future, and that 33rd pick is huge…

  4. Again, creating a story where none exists.
    Every other coach in the league also would love to have that pick. Doesn’t mean they are willing to pay for it.

  5. You are the one who spread these rumors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ****Late Wednesday afternoon, a bizarre and confusing series of reports emerged regarding whether the Eagles would be trading quarterback Donovan McNabb to the Rams for the first pick in the second round of the draft****

  6. This sounds more like an effort to get Oakland or Buffalo to ante up with a little more…

  7. One thing we cal all agree is this – he fact that Reid is out there talking is very significant.
    This is a guy who wouldn’t talk to the media for a week last summer because someone broke the story about Stewart Bradley’s injury.
    His nickname used to be “I’mnotgonnagetintoallthat”!
    Could it be that another team is working with them on an offer, and the Eagles want more? So this story is floated to set the bar higher in terms of compensation?

  8. Still don’t understand why my Birds would trade Mcnabb? Its not his fault the defense has not been stopping anyone the last two years and he’s always had a medicore receiving core, and no running game. Maybe the coaching staff needs to look in the mirror at their schemes.
    Maybe if they got another playmaker(Yes at receiver), got some help on the D-line for Cole and a Safety they would be in the super bowl forf 2011.
    I say trade Kolb. Go for Brandon Marshall. Draft D-line, DB, then Lineman. Mcnabb under center, Kolb traded or on the Bench. Vick traded or release. Next

  9. I’m wondering if the only hold up of an announcement is McNabb’s agent working out a contract extension with the Rams first, and he’s being a ballbuster about it.

  10. Father of the year Andy Reid jumped the shark 5 years ago and this team has been running on fumes.
    Trade McLoser and waive dog killer Vick..and jettison
    fatso Red. He can’t even win the big game to get to the big game

  11. Once rumors of Atogwe being added, it just sounded unrealistic. However, he was only tendered at the lowest level (right of first refusal).
    How about the Eagles come to an agreement with Atogwe (not actually sign him), then approach the Rams with the deal. Could force their hand.
    At very least it would be entertaining.

  12. I thought the 1st round was Friday night and the second round would start on Saturday? Get your s**t together Florio.

  13. Seems to me the Eagles and Rams are, sounding out the trade, to their respective fan base and other “So Called Analysts.” After all, “The fans buy tickets and all the football regalia. Personally, as a life long Eagles Fan, “I’d like to see it happen!”

  14. Eagles fans have to truly ask themselves. With Kolb under center, are you ready for being the NFL’S NJ Nets for the next 3-4 years, or with Mcnabb atleast contending for a title every year. I’m a win now type of person, I understand it takes patience, but I’m not willing to sit and let Kolb get his feet wet for 3-4 years.
    I rather have a pro bowl caliber proven QB lead my team and just try to get him some help. I don’t understand my own fans sometimes. Some of you have probably never played a down of football in your life, besides that thanksgiving day pick up game.

  15. lurch says:
    March 25, 2010 8:37 AM
    I thought the 1st round was Friday night and the second round would start on Saturday? Get your s**t together Florio.
    I think you’re the one who needs to get their sh!t together numb nuts; via front page:
    “The NFL draft moves to primetime for the first time in 2010, with the first round taking place Thurs., April 22 at 7:30 p.m. ET, followed by the second and third rounds on Fri., April 23 at 6 p.m. ET. Rounds 4-7 will be held Sat., April 24 at 10 a.m. ET. Watch the entire draft live on NFL Network. “

  16. I think the Rams #1, #2, Otogwe and any 5 players off their roster for McNabb. That’s the rumor I heard anyway.

  17. Tampa – You’re an ass. You really think they would be the Nets of the NFL with Kolb? I would love to see McNabb stick around, but your comments are crazy.
    Kolb isn’t proven, but there is no proof that he’d be terrible. Reid has an extremely good track record with QB’s. He’s won games with McNabb, Garcia, Feeley, Detmer…DETMER! The one thing I trust Andy about the most is QB. The Pederson thing wasn’t too good, but that was just a system thing.

  18. Lurch, per ESPN:
    Rd. 1: Thurs., April 22, 7:30 p.m. ET Rds. 2-3: Fri., April 23, 6 ET Rds. 4-7: Sat., April 24, 10 a.m. ET Radio City Music Hall, …

  19. “I’d love to have that first pick of the second day,” Reid said. “Where you can sleep on it, regather your thoughts,
    Maybe if you want to consider a trade. If you are picking a player, there are hours between pick #1 and #33. You better have it figured who you want before that.
    For Al Davis it is easy. Who had the 2nd fastest 40 time this year? That’s our guy.

  20. Florio,
    your attempts to make a story are horrible.
    i’m sure he’d love to have the 34th pick too. god.

  21. The quote was in the paper before the rumors took off yesterday. I thought the original question was in regard to Andy’s thoughts on the new format.
    I hate to use the “out of context” line but wouldn’t the other coaches all pretty much agree that they would also like to have the first pick the second day? Don’t the analysts make comments about having the first pick on the second day every year? The trade may very well occur but the quote means nothing. In 10 years, Andy Reid has not provided enough insight on the inner workings of the team to fill a fortune cookie. I sincerely doubt now all the sudden he’s changed.

  22. Well, Florio, you’ve finally found the perfect way to describe your writing style and PFT in general when characterized your own series of reports:
    ****Bizarre and Confusing****
    Which is what can happen when a web site stops focusing on what is newsworthy, and maybe even *gasp* TRUE, and starts focusing on crafting articles that will get the most vitriolic responses.
    You chould change the name of this site from PFT to TWG- Tail Wags Dog.

  23. Of Course he would love to have the first pick in the second round, so would 31 other teams including the one who already has it. It doesn’t mean that he will give up McNabb for it or that St Louis is interested in trading McNabb for it.
    What is the next headline? Andy Reid would love to have Calvin Johnson? Andy Reid would love to have $1 Billion?

  24. Wow!
    If the Rams were ready to make a deal Reid just made a case for them to hold onto that pick. Dumbass!

  25. I think the Rams are set on drafting a QB #1, probably Bradford as long as he doesn’t choke at his pro day…so they are going to be hesitant to use their #1 pick on a QB, then trade their 2nd round pick for a QB.
    Granted, it would be ideal for Bradford to sit for a year or two and learn behind McNabb. But, on a team with tons of holes they would be only filling one position with their first two picks.
    And no matter who their QB is, they aren’t a playoff contender next year, so why trade the 2nd round pick to try and win now?

  26. people are dumb. eags will never go after Marshal because of the crew they have now. NOT that he’s not a topa the line player. Big money big mouth, + lost of a 1st rounder.
    To get to the SB birds need to get bigger on the DL / Make some moves for a prime time LB / hope that jackson is healthy at SS & draft a stud just incase.
    I’d like to see Odrick on the team / if we can get that trade with ST. Loui, we can nab Odrick and Weatherspoon/ or Kindle and also have that safety spot locked up.
    No more ‘my bads’ outta Dmac
    no more smiles after interceptions
    no more beat the feet passes
    but maybe no more playoffs / could be a reality but i’m ready to take the chance

  27. Reid has that look in his eyes he’s staring at the biggest buffet he has ever seen…. From the look of it, I’d say he’s ready to turn in his lifetime pass to Krispy Kreme for an hour unobstructed at the feeding trough….

  28. birdmancomenth-
    As a rebuttle to your lougee shot at me, your correct, Reid has won with those other Backup QB’s. Any championships with them when they went in?
    Read my previous comment, I didn’t say it was all on the QB’s. Once again, lack of a running game, a porous defense with no D-line pressure, and a injury prone O-line have hurt them. If they could solidify both O & D lines, get another Poession receiver, and A DB they will be fine. You sound like I hit a nerve with that Thanksgiving Day comment, I’m pretty sure your city has a Flag Football Rec League for you to join. Google it, and sign up.

  29. AB in Tampa, are you serious that you think the Eagles need another receiver? Jackson year 3, Maclin year 2, Celek second year starting, Avant re-signed.
    This is probably the only position I haven’t even thought about drafting. If they do trade McNabb or Kolb, I think even drafting a QB even makes more sense (and it doesn’t). All D and OL, with a mid-round RB.

  30. Good lord people, some of you need to go get a friggin’ GED. I swear, some of the people that frequent this site have got to be the dumbest sports fans in the country.
    I’m looking at you, AB in Tampa.

  31. AB in Tampa = actually the Eagles ranked 3rd in defense in 2008. So your statement that the Eagles D couldnt stop anyone the last “TWO” seasons was completely false…
    Also all you McNabb lovers = Look I love the guy to but your not thinking about the big picture. You will “NOT” resign both QBs as they both want to start. So one re-signs and one walks away without us getting anything for him? Its best to get value for a player. McNabb is getting up there and Kolb is still young to mesh with a young offense and build chemistry. Its a no-brainer!!!! God I swear many people dont know the football buisness!!!!

  32. AB Tampa – you don’t have 20 picks in the upcoming draft. And FA is over.
    This isn’t Madden where you can trade Matt Schoebel for a 3rd rounder.

  33. AB – you are 100% right.
    But to fix the OL and defense you need at least 2 years of GREAT drafts and solid FA signings. And the Birds took this FA season very lightly, so your best ‘quick fix’ opportunity has passed.
    Even if all that goes well, you need a couple of seasons for all that talent to gel, it isn’t as if rookies just come in the door and start – which you seem to assume. How many starters are you penciling in from the upcoming draft? Maybe one, possibly two. At best.
    You throw out about 8 positional needs, and claim we can contend now?!?!?! You see that we have that many holes yet claim we can turn it around on a dime!?!?!?
    By the time all this happens in 2012, McNabb will be gone anyway. To keep him only delays the development of Kolb – why would you ever want to rebuild around an old QB who loses value after this season?
    You need to find out what you have in Kolb. You need the extra picks to rebuild and fill all of these many needs, and McNabb gets you a #2.
    How does keeping McNabb help you accomplish ANY long-term or short-term goals?
    I am not interested in a 10 win season and early playoff exit – especially when it denies us the picks we need to fix the defense and lines.
    You want it both ways.

  34. Not a big fan of the “you get to sleep on it” style of drafting. Much better to have teams think on the fly.
    “Getting a chance to ‘re-gather’ one’s thoughts” seems like a crutch for the weak drafter(s).
    That stated, it might boost trading – which is a plus.

  35. @ mike_311,
    Pls inform us when you finally grow up, as you’ll realize what a moronic statement that was.

  36. Florio, following your logic ? that the 33 pick is so valuable because the team has more time to think about it.
    Does that mean the 33rd pick should be paid more than the 32nd pick, or the 31st pick because the team had more time to think about it?

  37. Worst kept secret in the league: McNabb has been told that Kolb is taking over, and HE (McNabb) is weighing competing offers to be stopgap QB. The Bills want him the most and he doesn’t want to go to there. Yiggles keep up the fiction that McNabb is still starter to keep his trade value high– he won’t be with Philly after the draft.

  38. andy your a great guy and i hope everything works out for you.” having said that” i think your way over your head. you would miss on it. your clock management vs the pats haunts me and arlin spector to this day. good luck anyway!

  39. I don’t know if that picture is of Andy Reid fantasizing about the 33rd overall pick, or fantasizing about a steak dinner.

  40. What I dont get is Why would STL Trade for a guy who has maybe 2 years left in him when clearly their 1-15 record indicates they are in the rebuilding stage.
    What is the result??? STL goes 5-11??? Year after they go 6-10? Then McNabb Retires?
    Their is NO WAY this trade goes down and unless the Rams Draft Clausen rather then Bradford, they are going to Suck forever.

  41. Andy Reid’s eyes are telling me he wants to open my head and feast on the goo within. Very creepy picture Florio.

  42. @ooomorrisooo
    If the Eagles keep all three, They could resign Kolb midseason and let Mcnabb walk in free agency or Franchise him then let him walk the next year in which case they would get a 3rd round compensatory pick for him.
    So to trade Mcnabb at this time for anything less than a 1st rounder would be dumb as hell. Regardless of how little you SO CALLED Eagles fans think of him he is still THE BEST QB the Eagles have EVER had. No other team in the league can boast that. The needs this team have are along the defensive and offensive lines as well as a TRUE FS and SS instead of converted CB’s.
    And to all those that think Kolb is next in line to start for the Eagles think again. The 2nd best QB on that team is Vick.
    In Atlanta Vick was pretty much handcuffed to bad WR just as Mcnabb was in Philly. All he had was Crumpler and he still got the Falcons to an NFC championship game. Remember Roddy White JUST got decent THIS YEAR. As with most WR their 3rd is the corner turning year.

  43. @ Dr. Michael,
    What’s up, doc? “Father of the year,” huh? You seem like a real high-character guy. And I love your plan to deep-six both Reid and “McLoser.” I mean, god, what a pair of blockheads. Thanks in large part to those 2 imbeciles, it has been practically unbearable to root for the Eagles these past 11 seasons, ya know? Really makes you long for the days of Rich Kotite, Ray Rhodes, and the string of crack QBs they wove in and out of the team seemingly every single season.

  44. @ Dr. Michael,
    “Father of the year,” huh? You seem like a real high-character guy. And I love your plan to deep-six both Reid and “McLoser.” I mean, thanks in large part to those 2 imbeciles, it has been practically unbearable to root for the Eagles these past 11 seasons! Really makes you long for the days of Rich Kotite, Ray Rhodes, and the string of crack QBs they wove in and out of the team seemingly every single season.

  45. @Mooch
    No other team in the league can boast that the best QB they EVER had is playing for the team RIGHT NOW. Not N.E., Indy, N.O., Not one except for the Eagles. I remember Detmer, Detmer, Peete, and the likes. I remeber that 5-11, 6-10 was wishful thinking for the Eagles.
    If the Offensive line not so…well, OFFENSIVE the Eagles would have been playing for another shot at the SB. 40+ sacks in a season is not a decent front line.
    If the Eagles trade Mcnabb and his productivity is not repalced in other ways on the team ie.. DT, FS, RG, LG, OC. Then the Eagles are in the cellar of the NFC east.

  46. Who do you have for the Pats?
    But not sure how it matters. Jake Delhomme was the best the Panthers ever had. And he got dealt. Didn’t Namath end his career a Ram?
    When it’s over, it’s over. You are right – the team is full of holes. So use McNabb to get picks and speed up the rebuilding process.

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