Report: Eagles want a top 42 pick for McNabb

As further proof that a trade of Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb has become inevitable, the Associated Press reports that the team will consider only an offer than includes a pick among the top 42 in the 2010 draft.

It’s unclear why or how 42 became the cutoff point, especially since the 42nd selection, held by the Buccaneers, falls 10 picks into round two.

Under the official draft order, the Bills own the 41st pick, the Raiders have the 39th selection, the Browns hold the 38th pick, and the Redskins possess the 37th pick.  (We’d be shocked if the Eagles would be willing to trade McNabb within the division, and there’s no indication that the Redskins would want him.  But, you know, Jason Campbell and Rex Grossman.)

It previously was believed that the Eagles wanted at least a first-round pick, possibly more.  But with no one offering a first-round pick three weeks into the 2010 league year, the Eagles have had to relax their expectations.

Now that the cat is fully out of the bag, the Eagles might have to relax their expectations even further.

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  1. “We’d be shocked if the Eagles would be willing to trade McNabb within the division, and there’s no indication that the Redskins would want him. But, you know, Jason Campbell and Rex Grossman”
    Washington makes more sense than most other possibilities, Snyder is probably the only owner stupid enough to give McNabb a mega millions extension.

  2. This is starting to concern me. Didn’t we just do this kind of public auction with Michael Vick? And we got…nothing.
    I am starting to think they’re drumming up a market where none exists.
    3rd in 2010
    2nd in 2011

  3. Well, You saw how AR was salivating about the 33rd rumor. You would have thought they offered him a Bacon cheese burger covered in sausage gravy! (No Lie…that sounds awesome) I think that 42 plus a DB would be great! Its time to get with the future. Thanks Donnie but its Kevin’s turn now… Good Luck Kevin, Don’t screw it up!

  4. Its probably the same source that McClain had. All of this out of Reid saying people have sent offers… Should they turn off their phone?

  5. Come on Buffalo, get this done! Convince him to sign long term deal – Pay the man, hes 2wice as good as any QB on the roster since Drew Bledsoe.
    Just kiss up to McNabb a little, tell him youre gonna win and get on with it already.
    Get a left tackle in the first round, maybe resign that jerk TO (hes friends with McNabb again apparently) and its on.

  6. ok well its offical then McNabb is going to oakland. they have the 39th pick thats the earliest pick they can get. This trade should be announced this weekend or sooner. You heard it here first. I have all the inside scoop.

  7. I’ am a big bills fan.We have to many holes to fill. Not to mention he’s gonna want a new contract. Our line was injury riddled last year ,we have to build for the future. We are not a Q.B. away from a championship

  8. the eagles seem as if they are losing the upper-hand minute by minute, of course, if florio knows what he’s talking about (stretchhhhhhhhh)

  9. Tough call for the Rai-duhs. Deal the future for something now and maybe win.
    How close are they if they get McNabb? It’s been so long since they had a proven commodity at QB, I don’t think we have any idea of how good they are…or can be.
    Remember what Jim Plunkett did. Well if they get McNabb, it would put more butts in the seats. That wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  10. If I’m McNabb, I reject every offer and wait until next year. Then I go to Minnesota, get a handsome contract, and go for a ring.

  11. If Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders do not have the Eagles front office phone #, I will be happy to google it for them.

  12. Picture this:
    Andy Reid sitting teary-eyed in his office after week 3 of next season. He slowly lifts his oversized head to look out the window and up at the stars and hopes maybe, just maybe, that Donovan is looking up at the same stars. Cinderella’s “Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Till It’s Gone)” plays somewhere in the distance.
    End scene.

  13. Kevin Kolb has to be crapping his pants. He’s about to leave the cushiest job in sports (Eagles backup QB) for the most thankless (Eagles starting QB).

  14. He’s going to go to Pittsburgh! Ha ha Just kidding
    Well at 42…the list of teams that may be interested is:
    and the Skins
    Pittsburgh would be a shocker…but yet again so would the skins!!!

  15. So basically they still want a 1st rd pick for a 35 year old QB in the last year of his contract. 3rd rd and compensation only.

  16. jreed, you’re a geek for writing that and I’m a geek for understanding it.

  17. Eagles are falling apart here, NcNabb Is an all-pro QB, this is insane. Kevin Kolb is another AJ Feeley.

  18. also could be they need a 42 or higher for a trade they might have in place.

  19. Is it possible they have an offer from a team somewhere in the 41-43 range on the table already and are waiting for something better?

  20. My name is Buddy ( you can call me Uncle B) Nix from way out here in Buffalo.
    I’ll give ya Donte Whitner, Ryan Fitzpatrick and a 4th.
    How bout’ it Philly? Throw Uncle B a bone

  21. I put on another post and I will post it again here, this is my prediction
    49ers send: 1 of their 2 first round picks and a 2nd round pick
    Eagles send: Mcnabb and their 1st round pick
    49ers get a solid QB and keep their 2 first round picks and the Eagles move up in the first round and pick up a second rounder! I like this trade for both teams and it would make alot of sense!

  22. Bills 41st pick and Whitner are going to Philly for McNabb.
    Other option: Bills/Eagles swap 1st rounders and still give Whitner to seal the deal.

  23. Trade McNabb for Chad Lewis and Koy Detmer
    If that doesn’t win a Super Bowl than I just don’t know what football has come to nowadays

  24. Oh who was it who called this inevitable trade before there was even a whisper about it? Now who could that be? Hmmm. Oh. Right…. I remember now. It was me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha!

  25. Miami holds the 43 pick.
    Perhaps they have offered it up, and Philly is looking for a better offer before they accept it.

  26. 42=the amount of times the eagles are going to beat the scummy cowboys over the next 21 years.

  27. I don’t like McNabb too much but if you are the Raiders doesn’t your 2nd round pick seem like a no brainer? Cut Jamarcus and use the money towards McNabb. Yeah, it’s always hard to move on after a pick that bad (especially considering they could have had Calvin Johnson… Or Adrian Petersen… or just passed on the pick and at least saved some money) but Mcnabb with their second and an O-lineman with their first and they could be a legitimate playoff contender. I’m not saying they’d make it but their fans could at least have some hope and an outside shot if their D plays better and their run game improves. If mcnabb could force opposing teams to play honest against the pass, maybe Darren McFadden could actually be worth something! Especially if they can add one of the top tackles with their first round pick!

  28. So that they can pick everyone’s favorite linebacker, Michigan State’s Obi Ezah, the #39 prospect in the draft? Or the unstoppable Bryan Bulaga from Iowa???

  29. I agree with Mooch… the trade will probably be McNabb for a 3rd in 2010 and a 2nd in 2011.
    I have a feeling the trade that will end up going down is with the Rams…
    QB Donovan McNabb and a 2011 5th to the Rams for FS O.J. Atogwe, 2010 Rd. 3 (#65) and 2011 Rd. 2

  30. JAJ, that’s as good of an assessment I’ve heard on the Browns this whole offseason

  31. 2010 3rd rounder, 2011 5th. At BEST
    Beleve it or not, thats all he’s worth at this point

  32. “As further proof that what we’re speculating is true, we offer more speculation.”

  33. I have cancer. Two of my friends are drug addicts with HIV. My grandmom, who raised me, has been given 4 months to live. If I was given one wish, anything I wanted… it would be for McNabb not to be an Eagle next year. I want to cut him, any kind of pick we get in return is a bonus.

  34. Can’t believe the Vikings are gonna take Favre for 1 year as opposed to McNabb for 3-4. What a joke of a franchise.

  35. It basically tells me they think there are 42 players in the draft with 1st round grades … being that this is a deep draft and all.

  36. I don’t think there are no-trade clauses, but a guy on the last year of his deal can essentially exercise a veto. If he doesn’t sign an extension as part of the trade, it would dramatically effect his value.

  37. Bingo! …
    Atleast someone’s paying attention to the Ram’s PR move leaked by the Eagles … unless the Raiders pony up something better that’s the deal as long as the Bills can coax McNabb

  38. Eagles want a top 42 pick for McNabb.
    People in hell want ice water.
    I predict McNabb goes to either the Bills or Raiders for a 3rd round pick and a cornerback.

  39. The Bills want McNabb, but they need their draft picks for LT, NT and other holes. One possibility is that the Bills agree to swap first round picks with the Eagles, for McNabb. The value difference between #9 and #24 is 610 points, which is basically like getting either pick #30 or #31.
    Another possibility, since the Eagles could use a DE for their 4/3 and they need a FS, the Bills could give them DE Chris Kelsay and FS Donte Whitner for McNabb.

  40. Oakland would be crazy not to pull the trigger on this one. Hell, they gave up next year’s 1st rounder for Richard Seymour. They will certainly give up this year’s 2nd for McNabb.
    But, you never know with Undead Al.

  41. Philly area Waffle Houses better lay in extra gravy for the upcoming season if Andy decides to go McRibless – because we all know that’s not a playsheet around Andy’s waist – it’s the menu! KornKolb won’t go down as easy as a McRib! Hail!

  42. “But you know Jason Campbell and Rex Grossman”
    Like the two are the same caliber player…

  43. The Eagles lost all of their leverage when the Browns signed Delhomme. They could have got a lot more for him if the Browns were at least still in play. Either they weren’t sure they wanted to trade him a couple weeks ago, or they were asking for way too much. Florio will get to the bottom of it, or he’ll at least make something up.

  44. The Bills and raiders make most sense than considering they have no true starting Qb. I think McNabb would make the receivers look better on either team.

  45. Brett Favre is three times the NFL QB McDrabb is, yet somehow Donovan is worth a high 2nd, while Favre is worth a mid 4th???
    I think it’s safe to assume the Eagles will be retaining McNabb.

  46. McNabb and a 3rd round pick to Minnesota for the rights to Brett Favre, and their 2nd rounder. If Favre retires, the pick turns into a 1st rounder.

  47. Eagles are falling apart here, NcNabb Is an all-pro QB, this is insane. Kevin Kolb is another AJ Feeley.
    dogma1: simply put, only a complete moron would say something like you did, I like mcnabb a little bit and have watched almost every game he has played in the nfl, We have no f’in idea if Kolb will be as good,worse or better than him. There is not enough to go on here. The only constant in this equation is that Mcnabb is 34 and injury prone and has had an awful lot of chances. I mean its so freakin simple its ridiculous.

  48. Please Buffalo, stay away. Let Oakland have him. In 3 years, he’ll be choking like always, and we will have Tebow ready and primed!

  49. I hate McNabb. I’m a huge Raiders fan. Al Davis needs to make this trade today!!! My God, McNabb is such a no brainer. Cut that turd Russell and move the fk on. Give then a few first round picks, its obvious that Davis can’t make a good selection anymore. He keeps wasting his money on terrible players. At least McNabb is a proven talent all though I think he’s way over rated.

  50. Eagles should take him off the market. If teams think hes worth less then a first, We”ll keep him. And these teams can watch us in the playoffs.. Even if we are choking….

  51. RickUpchurch says: March 25, 2010 9:01 PM
    The Eagles only will accept picks 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42.
    Damn, you beat me to it!
    Guess they think Kwon is the key to the mystery!
    I need to come to terms with what a geek I am.

  52. The Raiders are not dumb enough to trade for McNabb.
    The post Marv Levy Bills could be that stupid.
    The folks in Philadelphia are finally realizing that Rush is Right.

  53. it includes a pick among the top 42 in next month’s NFL draft.
    So, no one mentioned the obvious…….. there would have to be more than just a top 42 pick as it would have to include the top 42 pick.
    Saying that, the “Poo flinging monkey” that is Florio strikes again!
    Let’s see the Rams have offered (or haven’t) a hurt DB and a draft pick and then the Raiders offered their best player plus a draft pick (or didn’t) for DNabb and Samuel and now it “just has to be” a deal that “includes” a top 42 pick (or doesn’t) because, well you know, the trade that was to happen last year is now inevitable because Reid’s comments about other teams “entertaining us” with offers…..
    It must become frustrating to continue to try and predict the Eagles’ front office moves while not knowing a damn thing……. based on the other career forecasters predictions.
    Hell Florio, the local meteorologists have a better success rate than you do with the Eagles

  54. @deedubb jason campbell is worse than grossman…..atleast grossman played in a superbowl

  55. I know I’ll take alot of flak for this but seriously Washington should pick him up. trade the second round pick for him maybe add Andre Carter Idk. But We’d solver this QB issue for now. Take Pick 1 and Either Draft Okung Or The guy from Oklahoma. If we can’t get them trade down which is what I would prefer. Get a second round pick and a later 1st rounder maybe get Bruce Campbell. The second round is super loaded and I’m sure we could either get another lineman or RB or Whatever.

  56. FMWarner says:
    “Kevin Kolb has to be crapping his pants. He’s about to leave the cushiest job in sports (Eagles backup QB) for the most thankless (Eagles starting QB.)”
    Totally. And at the end of the season, we’ll get to hear all the Eagles fans who are now crying for McNabb’s release crying about how stupid they were to go with Kolb.

  57. mike florio just posted ummm BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!raiders will do something and eagles will also!!! unnamed sources w/out names or sources w/or w/out new news or credibility. more BS at 11.

  58. If a team doesn’t offer a high 2nd then they are morons. Bills, 49ers, Browns, and atleast 5 more teams should make this happen by 9 oclock Friday morning.

  59. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out.
    Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it.”

  60. ok, after reading some of this trash, theKING will reply.
    There are 4 places McNabb could go: Oak for the reported deal. Oakland could be close to becoming a playoff team with this trade.
    St Lou IF they don’t want Bradford or Claussen. Rams are CRAZY if they don’t do this. Bradford and Claussen have maybe a 20% chance (combined) of being as good as McNabb. They can move a pick, draft the DL (and their front line is great for yrs), sign McNabb to 3 yr deal & work on his replacement AFTER 2011.
    SF: with 3 1st rd picks & they are division champs IF they do this-OR he stays in Philly.
    Eagles will be around 8-8 to 10-6 with or without him. Moving him now makes sense as he will bring NOTHING nx yr when he’s a F.A.
    IF he stays in Philly, they will move Vick. Mc5 starts and it is a very short leash with him. They have a difficult schedule this yr & it would become TEAM KOLB with the 1st struggle.
    theKING has news for you, KOLB IS GOOD. He will be a big stat qb for years to come. More of a drop back passer, cannon for arm and he’s accurate. Watch this unfurl and then give theKING credit!

  61. @Eagles are falling apart here, NcNabb Is an all-pro QB, this is insane. Kevin Kolb is another AJ Feeley.
    All-pro quarterback my ass. If this guy is so good how come nobody wants him??? If Eagles fans ever wanted proof that their starting QB is a washed-up never been, the lack of interest from all the other teams in the league should confirm it.
    Eagles should swap him for a warm six pack. Stick a fork in Mc Nabb. He’s done.

  62. QB isn’t even on the top ten things the eagles need to address this offseason, but if they’re gonna trade him I say package McNabb and Sheldon Brown (and if they need to sweeten the pot a 4th rounder) for a 2010 2nd rounder and a starting calibre free safety.

  63. Go ahead and shop his old broken booty all you want. Brotherman has been on sale now for months and NO one is taking him the way the Eagles want it.
    It wont happen. Man is old and broke down.

  64. How come nobody is talking about the imminent lockout next year? What team is going to extend a 33 year old QB with the potential for a missed season next year? So he plays this season for a sub-par team, then they miss a full season and he comes back at 35 to pick up where they left off? I dont know but I dont think the Raiders, Bills or Rams are only 2 or 3 seasons away from contending. But that is just me.
    McNabb stays, deal with it.

  65. No… the Eagles are getting 10 #1’s for McNabb… just ask their fans… the ones who hate him and want him out so Kolb can start.

  66. hahaha, someone said Redskins should take him. I LOL’d pretty hard at that. Redskins don’t want McNabb.
    Redskins just grabbed Rex Grossman and will be drafting either Tebow or Bradford in the draft. They are looking to get rid of Jason Campbell… any takers on Campbell? He is worth atleast a 42! LOL

  67. “TFBuckFutter says:
    March 25, 2010 9:09 PM
    Miami holds the 43 pick.
    Perhaps they have offered it up, and Philly is looking for a better offer before they accept it.

    Miami has a lot of needs, but QB is not one of them. They are perfectly happy with Henne, Thigpen and Pennington.

  68. the associated press said a person familiar with the discussions said the Eagles want atleast a top 42 pick. This is a krock of shit, familiar with the discussions who the hell is familiar with the discussions and how much does he make. Yeah Right!!!

  69. I still say, sell High on Kolb. He will not pan out as expected, rob some team for a high pick or two. Stay competitive with McNabb.

  70. IMO the reason 42 has become the magic number is that they don’t want to pay a top 10 rookie prospect. Since they don’t want to take on the cost of a top 10 draft pick, but want to include any team willing to trade with them 42 becomes the magic number – picks 11 thru 42.

  71. @KRC
    That washed up never been took the Eagles to 5 NFC Championships and a Super Bowl. That is a pretty good career for a never was. He also helped lead the team to the playoffs last year and had a very good year. The reason there is limited interest is because there are only so many teams looking for QBs in the first place and most of them are rebuilding so a 33 year QB might not be in the plans, especially one with only a year left on his contract.

  72. TJ – I thank god that you are not the GM of this team. This team is not competitive, hasn’t beaten a winning opponent in over a year. If we were in the AFC North we’d be a .500 team at best even with McNabb. Let’s be realistic.
    As for a trade, I have no idea how the 49ers are not making a push. They’d be highly competitive and probably the odds-on favorite for the NFC West title overnight. Bills would go to a solid B- with him, but the division is much harder.
    Rams and Raider make no sense, except financially…
    But remember, Iverson paid for his whole season salary in two nights…26k seats were sold that would not have been otherwise – equates to $1MM+ (26,000 tix multiplied by $40…not counting parking and concessions and holiday AI jersey sales).
    What revenue could McNabb generate for his salary? I suppose we’d need to look at…unsold seats x (avg ticket price of $50 + parking pass of $15 + concessions of $20). These are guesstimates, very conservative though.
    Say McNabb gets $15MM ($5MM in 2010 + $10MM extension in 2011) – the team would need to sell an additional 174k tickets over two years to break even. That’s about 10,000 per regular season game (let’s ignore preseason for now), easily reachable with a superstar draw.
    And this ignores increased season ticket sales, PSL’s (if any), and increased revenue from local TV and radio advertising, etc.
    It doesn’t take much for an owner to make money in pro sports with a Superstar, regardless of team record.

  73. @ theKING says: “KOLB IS GOOD. He will be a big stat qb for years to come. More of a drop back passer, cannon for arm and he’s accurate”
    Except when he’s throwing the “out” pattern along the sideline or a laser 20+ yards down field, then his ball is more zepplin like. I’ve seen it before, when Feeley had to play. Similarities on those throws is scary.
    Here’s another opinion why the term “lukewarm interest” is being thrown about. The Eagles want a very good return on any trade. They aren’t going to hand DNabb over to someone for the priviledge of drafting a rookie safety.
    Other posts are correct, the Eagles have more pressing needs than trading a qb. DNabb wasn’t the problem, it was lack of quality depth on the defense. Most teams have this problem. How many teams can be named that can lose all their starting linebackers for all or parts of a season AND make the playoffs………

  74. @8man: “Tough call for the Rai-duhs. Deal the future for something now and maybe win.”
    Are you high? McNabb hasn’t won anything with the team he’s with and you think he might all of sudden start winning in Oakland?
    Absolutely unbelievable that anyone would be dumb enough to trade a high pick for this perennial loser.

  75. Opie – yeah, they made the ‘offs. But in a very 76ers-as-8-seed kind of way.
    No one ever answers this question – if it is never McNabb’s fault (rather, the fault of every other position) then why not just start Kolb and fix everything else?
    If the QB position is, as some have suggested, not really a primary influencer on team performance, then why not cash in your most valuable asset and move on?
    If a QB can’t win unless every other position is running at 110%, then why even bother with McNabb on this depleted Eagles roster? Won’t they all just “show their youth” and let him down yet again? Just like every member of the 2000-2009 Eagles has on a consistent basis?
    Maybe we’re just wasting McNabb’s time.
    Maybe we should ship him to a team that has 21 All-Pro’s on O & D. Plus an all-pro Punter and Kicker. And to a team that never suffers any injuries. And let’s make sure the gameplan runs the ball way more so that he doesn’t even have to pass all that much. And that the coach has the best gameplan every game.
    THEN he’ll be able to win it all!
    These people want to play it both ways – that he is the best ever, but that he should not be expected to carry the team unless it is 1000% times better than anyone else in the league.
    Tom Brady, Ben Rothlesberger, Drew Brees, Peyton and Eli Manning…they didn’t need such an incredible scenario in order to get it done. But McNabb apparently does.
    He is what he is. A very good QB with a track record of losing big games in the post-season. I’m sorry, he’s a great guy and a good citizen. But he’s decidedly second-tier. And old.

  76. The Eagles are an organization run by Jeff Lurie, Joe Banner, and Howie Roseman. Given the background of these three individuals, you honestly think they covet a championship over making money? These guys get off on money instead of on sex. Wake up a smell the roses people. If they think they can improve the team, but it would cost Jeff Lurie ONE SHINY PENNY, he is not making the move. So it makes sense that they would trade McNabb this year, so they can dump the salary and Jeff Lurie, Joe Banner, and Howie Roseman can masturbate to the 13 billion shiny pennies they saved.

  77. @Mooch
    I don’t think anyone ever said McNabb doesn’t SHARE in SOME of the blame for the NFC Championship and Super Bowl losses. The problem people like myself have is that people like you don’t want to give him his share of the credit for getting to those games in the first place.
    You can count on one hand the amount of QBs who have lead their team to 5 conference championship games yet some of you act like the fact that he lost those games makes him a failure. Dan Marino would have loved to go to 5 conference championships, as would any number of hall of fame QBs. In every game there is 2 teams out there trying to win and one of them has to lose.
    You mention Peyton Manning but McNabb has a better playoff record than him and all playoff games are big games. Is he a failure because he has only one ring and is a .500 QB in the playoffs?
    Was Jim Kelly a failure because the NFC dominated anyone the AFC sent to the Super Bowl for over a decade? Ask Bills fans what it has been like since he retired.
    Was Elway a failure before his last 2 seasons?
    I assume you are an Eagles fan and if that is the case just wait and see what it will be like once McNabb is gone and you long for the days when you made the NFC Championship.

  78. Bronco…
    “The problem people like myself have is that people like you don’t want to give him his share of the credit for getting to those games in the first place.”
    No, then you are not the guy I am talking about. I mean the people who say McNabb bears no blame. The people who think a QB should not be expected to take a team on their back. Yet, these same people talk up McNabb as a top QB.
    Where have I shortchanged McNabb?! He is a very good QB, rebuilt the franchise. Had over a decade. Didn’t get it done. Got old. Time to start over. This is how it goes. It’s business, not personal. You take it personally.
    If this team were even B+ I would bring McNabb back. But we are not even C+ on defense, so it becomes a business decision to cash in the asset.
    “You can count on one hand the amount of QBs who have lead their team to 5 conference championship games yet some of you act like the fact that he lost those games makes him a failure.”
    Lost 3 as a favorite. No Super Bowls. Sorry, that is the standard by which we judge greatness. I do not care about losses to inferior teams in big games. Losses are losses, especially when VEGAS says you should win by a FG or more. Is that all Mcnabb’s fault? Nope. But I see QB’s do far more with equal or less talent (Givens, Branch, Brown, and a far inferior RB).
    I lived in NE, McNabb is Drew Bledsoe. His memory will not endure once we finally find a guy to get us there – and no, I don’t know if that is Kolb. But it ain’t McNabb.
    “Dan Marino would have loved to go to 5 conference championships…”
    He would see anything less than a SB as trash. Even if he won a conference title, which McNabb only managed to do 20% of the time, when he faced a fraud Atlanta squad with a joke of a QB.
    “You mention Peyton Manning but McNabb has a better playoff record than him and all playoff games are big games. Is he a failure because he has only one ring and is a .500 QB in the playoffs?”
    So, would you trade Manning straight up for McNabb now? If not, stop using that ridiculous argument. If yes, you need to learn about the game and what matters – winning.
    Repeated losses as the favorite. Not “some of the time”, but on a consistent basis. Not one year, over the course of a decade. With good WR’s and bad. With good defenses and bad. With good OL and bad. With good special teams and bad. Change the variables except for McNabb, and the result is the same – a loss in the biggest moments.
    Losses in the very games that define what a great QB is about.
    “Was Jim Kelly a failure because the NFC dominated anyone the AFC sent to the Super Bowl for over a decade?”
    McNabb is not in Kelly’s class. Kelly WON title games. Kelly made it to more than one SB.
    A failure? Yes, and he’d be the first to admit it. The lack of a SB ring kills him, is a mark on his career. He would trade every MEANINGLESS AFC title for one SB. How can you not know that?
    Do you really think Kelly looks back on those title games and trophies? He claims that the fondest memory of his is a USFL title game against Steve Young.
    “Was Elway a failure before his last 2 seasons?”
    Yes, and he would tell you so, as would every Denver fan. However, he had a pedigree of leading comeback drives and winning title games, something McNabb has never done in a decade (and only 20% in conference title games). And his coach committed to a running game, which Reid never will. So forget that.
    “I assume you are an Eagles fan and if that is the case just wait and see what it will be like once McNabb is gone and you long for the days when you made the NFC Championship.”
    I am a fan, for a long long time. And I live in the city, where I live / hear it every day. When you are older, and understand the game and the ebbs and flows of it…you will see that it is cyclical. This regime has run its course, maxed out, and must be reloaded.
    I am prepared for rebuilding, so long as the trajectory heads back to a SB. Rebuilding is the only strategy that gets us back to competing for one. Or will McNabb be playing FS, WLB, backup DT, nickel corner, and rush DE?
    A guy like you said if we got rid of Jaws we’d never win again.
    A guy like you said if we got rid of Cunningham we’d never win again.
    A guy like you said being competitive with Rodney Peete was good enough. And not to rock the boat.
    You operate off pure emotion. You ignore the football realities. I did that with Iverson, we kept him, now the team sucks for a decade.

  79. How much enjoyment did you enjoy when being death-marched to a playoff game against Dallas that you knew we’d lose by double digit points?
    Oh, but the fact that we scored almost no points against Dallas was not Donovan’s fault…right?

  80. Please buy a franchise and offer something more than a 3rd rounder for McNabb.
    Because no one in the business of football shares your high opinion of D-Mac.

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