Rex Ryan calls out Leon Washington

LeonWashington.jpgRunning back Leon Washington is a restricted free agent, and he’s currently not under contract with the team.  So he’s choosing to behave as if he’s not a team employee, because he isn’t.

It means that he’s not working out with the team, or rehabbing his broken leg with Jets trainers.

According to Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News, Jets coach Rex Ryan doesn’t like it.  Per Cimini, Ryan said that Washington is “making a mistake” by rehabbing away from the team’s trainers.

Actually, Washington made the mistake when he didn’t sign the long-term offer that was available before he broke his leg.  The mistake is now simply playing itself out, with Washington wanting the contract he didn’t get last year and the Jets not inclined to give it to him and Washington doing the only thing he can to display his displeasure — exercising his right to not show up, even if it’s in his best interests to show up and rehab his leg with the team.

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  1. I’m truly looking forward to the clock striking midnight, and the Jets turning back into a pumpkin next year. This overblown coach and his highly overated team snuck up on some people last year. I’m wondering how long it will be before defenses start actually pressuring Sanchez instead of allowing him to complete short, safe passes.

  2. Moral of the story – when you are in a short term, high risk profession like pro football, and you are offered a long term contract, you take it and run.

  3. Hey, Mike, I’m surprised you didn’t add “Evidently, Sean Payton advised Leon not to show up and rehab his leg. He then asked Leon to come watch a replay of the NFC Championship game to see how lucky the Saints were to win it. Payton added, “Obviously, were not in the same league as the Vikings, they’re so superior. I can’t believe we won that game. Hey, Leon, lets go buy Farve jerseys together.”

  4. Rex Ryan likes to talk alot for being a head coach for only one season. Or at least the media makes it seem that way.

  5. Who gives a crap what Rex thinks. If you want him there, then sign him to a damn contract.

  6. Every year there are teams that have favorable schedules and end up with records that are not indicative of how good they truly are.
    However, I don’t believe the Jets are one of those teams. Defense and Running the football well will get you to the playoffs. In this age of pass friendly rules though, you have to have that ability. Jets need to get better there.

  7. See the follow up on Hard Knocks! With LT and Greene he’s expendable but I’d fear that backfield more with Washington around. Just not sure what Ryan is calling him out on…he’s under no obligation.

  8. @ Doctor K…don’t be gay, the Jets were 9-7 last year and snuck up on no one…they lost games that they should have won thanks to Sanchez. Having said that He looked great in the Playoffs and I look to next year to bring a AFC East Championship and a Super Bowl to the Jets thanks to the D

  9. KingOkra says:
    March 25, 2010 3:38 PM
    Hey, Mike, I’m surprised you didn’t add “Evidently, Sean Payton advised Leon not to show up and rehab his leg. He then asked Leon to come watch a replay of the NFC Championship game to see how lucky the Saints were to win it. Payton added, “Obviously, were not in the same league as the Vikings, they’re so superior. I can’t believe we won that game. Hey, Leon, lets go buy Farve jerseys together.”
    So true, lol.

  10. I think I heard once that Leon could be gotten for only a 2nd round draft pick. If I am right, I think he would make a good fit with AP and the Vikings. Over his career he has had 123 receptions and 47 of them coming in 2008 and he was having a nice year before the broken leg. He would make a nice option out of the back field for #4. Plus, I think long term the Vikes would get the better of the deal having Leon over L.T.

  11. No one would be talking about the jets if Indy did not lay down
    The jets would have ended the season as they have each and every other year at home.
    This year no one will be laying down and rex and his boys will be 5 and 11 6 and 10 at best

  12. The Jets are screwing him? I want you to explain to me how the Jets are screwing a player who rejected a $4.5 million/year contract because he wanted $500K more. To say that they are screwing him is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. The contract offer was a 900% increase from the $500K/year that he got on his initial rookie contract. If you’re gonna blame anybody for this situation, maybe you should look at Alvin Keels for trying to bloat his commission %. Learn the facts.

  13. not sure i see rex “calling out” leon here. he’s just saying that he’s disappointed leon isnt at the work outs. i’m disappointed hes not there and i’m just a fan. i can only imagine what rex and the team think. everyone else showed up, even braylon. leon has a contract offered to him at 2nd round tender level. he’d be making well over a million dollars next year coming off a horrible injury and surgery. i’m not sure what he expects to find on the open market. his agent, keels, is a moron. way too greedy.

  14. haha i would take it one step a time there guy, they got lucky their final two teams they played pulled their starters…

  15. As a Jets fan I’m biased… but I’ve got to agree with OpininatED on this one… aside from jealous Bills and Fins fans who know that their respective franchises have no ability to compete with the Jets and Pats, I’m not really sure why so many people are so down on the Jets?
    They went 9-7 last year and made it in to the playoffs… who cares how they made it in, they made it in, and then they ran with it and made it to the ACF Championship game!
    Yes, they lost a handful of games during the season, a few of them that they probably should have won, but even still, I believe 6-7 losses were only by 3-4 points or less, so they obviously weren’t that bad.
    They’re pretty young; they’ve got a ton of talent on both sides of the ball; they had the #1 rushing Offense and the #1 Defense in the NFL last year; and their QB was just a rookie… AND, they did it without Jenkins and Leon, arguably 2 of their more important players on either side of the ball!
    So why all the hate… haters?

  16. Dude Broke his leg, he’s lost a lot of value now. He might not be the same type of player he once was. The broken leg will hurt him some with his speed. Oh well, thats too bad.
    He’ll sign a contract with someone else thats less than the 3 mill he could of made if he signed last year. Greed will get ya.

  17. @Bigbluefan says:
    March 25, 2010 4:10 PM
    No one would be talking about the jets if Indy did not lay down The jets would have ended the season as they have each and every other year at home.
    IF, WOULD, COULD, SHOULD- doesn’t really make a damn does it? what happened, happened.

  18. The Vikings should get Washington. They’d only have the give up the 3rd to last pick in the 2nd round, and of course money. He’s a proven player that can run and catch the ball, averaging close to 4.5 yards per carry. Have him take Chester’s place and also return kicks with Percy Harvin and no one would be able to kick away from them both. It would be a huge pick up…..only downside is broken leg and money…..broken leg could be the deal breaker for any team.

  19. florio u are a hater… always hating on the jets and rex. if its not about brady or manning u hate,as a journalist (i guess maybe some how u are) your supposed to be unbiast

  20. And Rex was just exercising his right to voice his displeasure with Leon not showing up. Petty some? Florio

  21. Ryan keeps talking about LT and Greene getting all the carries, and reducing Washington’s role to just that of 3rd down back and returner. I really don’t blame him for being upset. So much for being a player’s coach..

  22. To the Fins fans out there… YES, I know you won both games last year… so enjoy it while it lasted, as we all know Sanchez was going thru his Int. spell mid season when you beat us (or, as most Jets fans see it, Rookie Sanchez gave the games away to you)!

  23. Someone tell Fatboy Rex that Leon isn’t under contract and these are “voluntary” workouts. Oh yeah, the Jets suck! S-U-C-K JETS JETS JETS!

  24. That leg will never be the same, nor will the contract the Jets offered last year.
    You rolled the dice and lost Leon, thank your agent.

  25. Two big bucks, horns interlocked, one with a burr under his tail, the other with a staple in his stomach – battle for supremacy –

  26. tacious,
    That’s OK, just wait until Sanchez suffers his sophmore slump and proves once again that he can’t throw in the windy Meadowlands.
    No Playoffs for you!! (said as the Soup Nazi)

  27. Rumor has it that Rex and Leon spilt a pizza the other night and Leon ate Rex’s last slice. Leon is now in the dog house with Rex BIG TIME!

  28. DoctorK
    How did we sneak up on anyone? We did the same thing every game. Everyone knew what was coming, and still couldn’t stop us. We were the most obvious team out there. I think you were the only one caught by surprise.

  29. @ Dolphan34
    Wouldn’t the same “Sopomore Slump” bode for Henne as well?
    The difference is the Jets have an abundance of talent… the Phins don’t.

  30. I love these jet fans who swear bc their coach has a loud mouth and they won a couple of games vs 3rd stringers that there now la’creme of the division. LMAO…

  31. hueskie
    Do you mean the Colts 3rd stringers in the Conf championship, when we we were winning until half our secondary, and backfield went down with an injury. Maybe you mean against the Charger’s 3rd stringers. Maybe you mean the Bengals 3rd stringers in the wild card game. Which 3rd stringers are you talking about? Are you still crying about that 1st Colts game. You make it seem like a whole season is based on 1 game. We also had to win every other game that we won that year, to get to where we were.

  32. Let me see if I have this straight: A fat, slovenly pig of of a human being (that’s you, Wrecks) gains 40 lbs. over the course of a season, eating everything in sight, no discipline, generally exemplifying the ugly, lazy, disgusting American.
    So lazy and undisciplined, in fact, is this morbidly obese tub of goo that he takes the loser’s way out, the surgical weight loss procedure, rather than having a backbone (not to mention self respect) and eating right and…dare I say…exercising?
    Now this portly blowhard is going to call out a guy who is generally regarded a class act (despite being a Jester), whose leg snapped like a twig last year, because he is not “working out” with the team? Can you say irony?
    No way the Jesters finish above .500 this year.

  33. People said they wouldn’t finish above .500 last year. Aren’t you guys tired of being wrong?

  34. Bigbluefan
    awww, it sounds like someone is sad that their team didn’t know how to close out their own stadium.
    You make it seem like the Jets didn’t go ahead and kick their ass the next week at their home. Quit your crying. Maybe if your team won a few more games, you could have been watching them in the playoffs instead of ours.
    He said that he doesn’t want to start Leon off with the same role he had last year because of his injury. He wants to ease him back into that role. That sounds like the smart thing to do.
    Jack Burton
    If Leon was the best player on your fantasy team, and the reason your team sucked, then you must really be bad at fantasy football.

  35. DoctorK you should have your computer taken away because you are a fool and dont know dick.
    Run the ball control the clock-and everyone knows defense wins championships so please stop hating on the jets

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