Source "extremely close" to Asomugha denies that he's part of McNabb talks

With the rumors and the reports whizzing around Philly and other NFL cities regarding possible destinations for Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, the tip we received last night gained some traction when’s Len Pasquarelli reported that the Raiders are willing to include cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha in a deal for Donovan.

So while discussing that specific wrinkle with our buddy (and WVU alum) Mike Gill of 97.3 ESPN in Atlantic City, Gill mentioned that Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports had been on the show earlier in the day, and that Robinson said that a source “extremely close” to Asomugha claims that the Pro Bowl corner would not be part of the deal.

But here’s the thing.  If he’s going to be traded to Philly, Asomugha will be the last to know, finding out only after the deal is done.  Any other approach easily could prompt the usually quiet Asomugha to come unglued, realizing that there’s a door leading out of the Black Hole, and that it’s slightly ajar.  So the Raiders have no choice but to tell Asomugha and/or his people that Asomugha will not be traded, up until the moment that it’s time to bid him adieu.

Otherwise, the Raiders would have the same problem that the Eagles currently have with McNabb.

UPDATE:  A prior version of this article said that Asomugha’s representatives were the source for Robinson’s report.  Robinson actually said that the source is “extremely close” to Asomugha.  Either way, the point is the same.

54 responses to “Source "extremely close" to Asomugha denies that he's part of McNabb talks

  1. Florio,
    This is ridiculous. Teams are never going to say they are interested in a guy this is under contract. they will get in trouble. They will always deny. it’s always going to be denied. stop wasting time.

  2. This deal is crazier than the Albert Puljos for Ryan Howard deal.. the fact you guys even thought this was a possibilty makes you guys lose a little credibility…

  3. I don’t think its a good idea to trade Asomugha. I believe he runs the team. Not in the sense of making choices, but rather I imagine he’s in Alameda right now wearing a green visor and using a paper calculator to do reconciliations and pay bills.

  4. McNabb : definition
    Flogging a dead horse
    alternatively ,”beating a dead horse” in some parts of the Anglophone world) is an idiom that means a particular request or line of conversation is already foreclosed or otherwise resolved, and any attempt to continue it is futile.
    F’N .. give it a reast already
    there isn’t one SPORTS reporter in Philly,that KNOWS anything the Eagles are doing ,, or at NBC for that matter.

  5. You should have a filter feature.
    So that we can filter any stupid non-stories you post about McNabb.
    And so that we can filter any stupid non-stories you post as an excuse to point out that Tom Brady was boxing.

  6. most of you don’t understand, no team is going to trade for Mcnabb while he is on a 1yr contract they would have to give up to much for 1yr. All Mcnabb has to do is not sign and become a free agent next yr and go where he wants. Thats how I know the trade talk is CRAP.

  7. McNabb and Sheldon Brown for the Raiders 2nd Rd pick and Asomugha.
    Its as good as done.

  8. So what your saying is Asomugha is as good as gone, as a Raiders fan I have no desire to see Mcscab as our QB much less losing Asomugha, the only solid player on the roster.

  9. This is such trash, Florio your a joke and I can’t believe you get paid for this garbage…is it me or is this site just a bunch of crap that never happens!!

  10. nnamdi could make between 33 and 36 million dollars over the next 2 years. not sure the eagles want to trade for a cb making that much money.

  11. Damn… I know it’s not a done deal yet, but thanks for all the years of service Donny. So close, yet so far.

  12. No way that happens. Raiders would be getting completely fleeced. Al Davis can’t be that stupid. Could he?

  13. There is no precedent for that Florio. You are reaching at straws with that one. Everytime a player has been traded away from the Raiders, they have always mentioned that they were made aware of it leading up to it.
    The Raiders also tend not to trade away their stars until they start on their decline. Very rare situation.

  14. I hope this goes down being that NE holds Oak’s #1 next year. McNabb would give Oakland a few more wins.

  15. Pasquarelli? this guys about as reliable as my brother-in-law on moving day, No way the Raiders give up Asomugha for Mcnabb, not gonna happen. time to find another story. seriously…Len Pasquarelli?….I can’t stop laughing….

  16. McNabb for Asomugha would work. However if it means us moving Assante then thats a stupid deal. Asomugha is a bit better the Assante but the difference between the two is no where near McNabbs value. Sheldon and McNabb for Asomugha then maaaaaaaaaybe due to Sheldons age. Regardless it may have to include their 2nd rounder. Who knows if this crap is even true however a trade is seeming more and more likly. However anytime you guys think you have a lead it gets shot down right away!!!

  17. You really are a dope Florio. Any opportunity to get a dig in at the Raiders, and you jump. What happened, did a Raider sleep with your wife or something dude? For the love of God, get over it!! Nnamdi is a great charachter guy, very intelligent and articulate, and I seriously doubt he’d be “coming unglued” b/c he sees a chance to “escape” from Oakland. What is it dude, penis envy???

  18. I still don’t see how McNabb doesn’t walk in and say “AZ, or I ain’t playing.”
    I’d love to see him go to the raiders. I hate them both.

  19. Um, why the hell would Oakland do this? They’d be getting a short-term rental QB who has no desire to be there for arguably the best corner in the game.
    Ridiculous, Florio, even if it is Crazy Al. And you.

  20. And on the other end, there isn’t one SPORTS reporter in the bay area that is that close to the Raider.
    Just flinging mudd at the wall, see what sticks.
    the Shoeman says:
    March 26, 2010 5:45 PM
    there isn’t one SPORTS reporter in Philly,that KNOWS anything the Eagles are doing ,, or at NBC for that matter.

  21. # BenRapistberger says: March 26, 2010 5:55 PM
    “You should have a filter feature.
    So that we can filter any stupid non-stories you post about McNabb.
    And so that we can filter any stupid non-stories you post as an excuse to point out that Tom Brady was boxing.”
    They should apply that same filter to your dumb ass posts.

  22. damn. another hour, another McNabb posting. i wonder if we’ll actually get to read one that has substance, instead of all this he said/ she said BS you guys like to call news..
    McNabb isn’t going anywhere. get over it. Kolb will be the next generation of Philly fans hatred, but not until next year.
    Besides, who’s gonna make all that chunky soup for Andy if Wilma doesn’t come to Philly anymore?

  23. Asomugha is worth McNabb and a bounty of draft picks. He’s the lockdown corner that Asante Samuel isn’t. If the Eagles have the opportunity to make this trade, they have to seize it. Steve Smith, Miles Austin and whoever the Redskins have at wideout might be shivering at the thought. .

  24. McNabb is not going anywhere. These reporters have been talking to janitors as their “sources.” Mike Mayock said on NFL Network that McNabb isn’t going anywhere. So how come I don’t see that being reported? Cue for Florio to make up some BS explanation…

  25. It is me again, as I have told you if you want to know about the Raiders I am your guy. As I tried to tell you when you first reported on this, it was all bull.
    You can take that from the ONLY person that wrote about the Raiders and them taking the player they Drafted in round two of last years Draft and that was called days prior days to the Draft.
    I have to laugh at all the media that just throw stuff at the wall regarding the Raiders in the hopes that something will stick. Will a trade happen?, who knows but if one does happen it would not have Nnamdi as any part of it,

  26. You guys are like a bunch of little girls that love bitch and complain…bottom line, if you don’t like what’s being reported go to another site…no one is making you read the reports or comment on them…and if they didn’t get any feedback from clowns like you they wouldn’t have a reason to post anything about McNabb…McNabb has been the most talked about topic in last couple of days, but yet, you consistently bitch about it…get real! It’s like the old saying ignore it and it’ll go away…maybe you should give it a try…or better yet, maybe we should give it a try and ignore you, who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and you’ll go away!
    Keep the McRumors flying, I love it! And I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a hell of a lot better than hearing about the attention seeking Favre!!!

  27. Asomugha should jump at the chance to get of Oakland and play for a team with a realistic chance of winning

  28. I’ll tell you this, whomever ends up with Nnamdi gets a player who isn’t just extremely gifted, but also one of the brightest players in the league hands down, who has a great demeanor and is completely unselfish.
    The guy is a real prize in today’s world of pro athletes/diva’s.

  29. you reporters are so dumb. You guys dont understand that the raiders are a “family” business. You really dont know anything what goes on at home. Thats been proven year after year. Just like mortensen and schefter can only spread false rumors. Herra already set one of you guys straight already. Aso is not going anywhere, he will retire with 3 rings in a raiders uniform. With mcnabb or not.

  30. If I’m Nnamdi, I would want this to happen. Where would you wanna be? In Philadelphia to team up with Asante Samuel on a good team? Or stay in Oakland to be a leech behind San Diego in the AFC West?

  31. I’d take Nnamdi and the Raiders 2nd round pick for Mcnabb and Sheldon but I will not just accept Nnamdi for Mcnabb straight up.

  32. Asomugha may not be the league’s best CB, but he is an elite player. He’s also socially responsible. Most of all, he’s an Al Davis success story, and there aren’t many of those these days. Hard to see him giving that up for mcNabb.

  33. hey Florio…. the Raiders are absolutely going to fire Cable this week too…. quite spreading unsubstantiated rumors… my god, Pro Football Talk has gone from football news to football guessing. Have you even gotten a report involving the Raiders right this offseason?

  34. Either the raiders give up ndamdi or our 2nd round pick. No way should we give up a combo of both. Remember, mcnabb’s value is high right now but the clock is ticking and when the draft comes they won’t have as many options to move him. BOTH TEAMS NEED TO ACT QUICKLY!
    Hurry the F up already and do SOMETHING to become competitive!

  35. Why would Aso need to know about the trade??? How about the same reason that McNabb would. There is no way the Eagles are going to trade for Aso under his current contract. 1 year left, with an option that would pay him like a franchise QB for the 2nd.
    The Eagles would want to have an extension worked out ahead of time, same as the Raiders should want from McNabb.

  36. I would think that if this deal was actually on the table, Philly would have jumped on it like Rex Ryan on dinner.

  37. I thought you were a Lawyer? Philly is really going to make a trade for Nnamdi with his contract as it is without first trying to work out a new deal with his agent?, ya and pigs walk on water.
    You media clowns do this all the time with regards to the Raiders. You put out rumors that turn out dead wrong time and time again. You than go and put out other spins on the same rumor to make you look like there might be something there. Problem is you throw out all logic on the try at face saving spin.
    Richard Seymour anyone?, lol

  38. I’ll give them McNabb and Asante Samuel for Asomugha. I will personally drive Asante to Oakland to be sure he gets there.

  39. So, then what I posted earlier is becoming more and more likely to be closer to the truth than what the Eagles are using you for, Florio?
    Has McNabb been traded yet? Just checking since you have your finger on the pulse of their front office…..I mean, you were the one that saw them signing Vick and trading for Peters…..oh, wait, that wasn’t you at all was it?!?

  40. “Source “extremely close” to Asomugha denies that he’s part of McNabb talks”
    A source “extremely close” to my left nut could have told you that.

  41. Trade whoever just don’t trade Jamarcus Russell
    At his weight the shipping costs would be astronomical!

  42. I have a Feeling that McNabb will be dealt on draft day. The Eagles most likely have a deal in hand and they put out a statement (#42) for two things. Throw media off of a scent and to see if they could get better offers. There is no Creditable source that stated he is going to be traded…just that the Eagles want a 42 or better. They might trade him to Miami for their 43rd…Ever think about that?

  43. ultimateweapon says:
    March 26, 2010 9:37 PM
    I’ll give them McNabb and Asante Samuel for Asomugha. I will personally drive Asante to Oakland to be sure he gets there.
    LOL..getting rid of those two would probably help the Eagles long term.
    I’m a Pats fan and I literally could not believe the Eagles signed Asante. He’s not a man to man cover guy…he’s a gambling guy who doesn’t tackle.Anyone. Ever. I wouldn’t be surprised if AS doesn’t have any children yet…that’s how much he hates physical contact. If AS had Asomugha on the other side of him (a/k/a a guy who DOES tackle people and the safety can roll to Asante’s side when he guesses wrong) he would be fine though. I thought Hobbs was a better former Pats CB get for the Eagles than Asante was. I don’t judge CBs just by the # of INTS they get though.

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