Joe Buck Live may be over

Artie Lange has had a sad go of it since his notorious appearance on Joe Buck Live, but this news should cheer him up.

Brooks from SportsbyBrooks passes along some quotes from a radio appearance of Buck last weekend. 

I don’t think there will be another episode of Joe Buck Live,” Buck said. “There’s only another nine months on that contract anyway, so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal either way.”

HBO won’t comfirm the news officially according to John Ourand of SportsBusiness Journal, but it doesn’t look good for Buck.

Buck mentioned a similar type of show could exist at Fox, but the news has to be a major disappointment.  He tried something new, and it imploded spectacularly.

At least he’ll have more time to view his second favorite website.

UPDATE: Buck made essentially the same joke we did over at Deadspin. That speaks poorly for his sense of humor. And ours.

56 responses to “Joe Buck Live may be over

  1. Maybe if he wasn’t such an awkward blowhard asshole his show wouldn’t have been so painful to watch.
    I had dinner with an NFL on Fox stats guy in Phoenix this year who used to be on Buck’s crew. He said the guy is a total prick. I’m glad his show flopped.

  2. Joe Buck has the personality of a dead moth. Never should have had his own show to begin with.

  3. I must admit that i haven´t seen the show. But if it was anything like is NFL broadcasting, it must have been very boring.

  4. I must admit that i haven´t seen the show. But if it was anything like his NFL broadcasting, it must have been very boring.

  5. Now, if we could get him dropped from Football commentary too, that would be great!

  6. Now if only he could get fired from announcing NFL games. That would be the best news ever.

  7. Thank God, Joe Buck Is Atotal tool who has a man crush on troy Aikman and when broadcasting on the yankees he clearly roots for the other team. With his giant head and stupid comments. He totally sucks at life

  8. The self proclaimed moral compass of America, say it isnt so!! I get the douche chills everytime I think of him going off on Moss in Green Bay. Good riddance jagoff.

  9. That’s because Joe Buck sucks and so do his opinions. Even the white bread vanilla people of the Midwest couldn’t stomach that much of his pandering.

  10. This show was terrible. It wasn’t funny. There was no energy and Buck doesn’t have much talent interviewing people. He needs to stick with what he’s good at which is play by play.

  11. Why stop at Joe Buck Live? Get him out of the broadcast booth, the guy is painful to listen to.

  12. Thank god joe buck blows as a talk show host as well as broadcasting he totally has a crush on troy aikman and clearly hates the yankees. He should take his large head and quit life.

  13. Sad. How is the TV sports landscape going to move forward with a diminished role for an overly sarcastic, snide, know-it-all d-bag?
    I just hope ESPN can somehow pick up the slack for this loss — though it’ll be tough since they’re already nothing but overly sarcastic, snide, know-it-all d-bags.

  14. I watched his show twice…and I could not believe anyone actually gave him a show…he must have been under a desk sucking…for years to get a show.
    He sucked and sucked and sucked…
    then his TV show sucked and sucked 🙂

  15. i met Joe Buck in St Louis once, was a real nice guy to my girlfriend, until i came out of the bathroom and met her at the bar, guy was a total prick to me from the start, glad his show was canceled

  16. Joe Buck’s personality is so bland that he should carry a slice of Velveeta cheese for identification.

  17. He needs to be removed from all football broadcasting! He is annoying!! he should tell his daddy to get him another job

  18. Can his gig at FOX end too?
    I never knew that ‘nepotism’ (getting the good stuff because of your family name) could get a pathetic looking dope like Joe Buck THIS far.
    The head of HBO Sports Ross Greenberg needs to fired too!!!
    He has sucked and been on a losing streak ever since he unceremoniously and unnecessarily canceled ‘Inside the NFL’ .
    Ross, why replace Bob Costas (‘The Great One’) with someone who is boring to listen to, slouches on camera, sucks at interviewing, and was YANKED from hosting duties at FOX NFL Sunday???
    Joe Buck hosting anything made Bryant Gumbel “Marv Albert-like” as a NFL play-by-play announcer!!!

  19. Buff_bronc_fan says: I had dinner with an NFL on Fox stats guy in Phoenix this year who used to be on Buck’s crew. He said the guy is a total prick. I’m glad his show flopped
    is this guy the only joe buck groupie?
    nobody 1 believes you and 2 nobody cares

  20. thanks god that guy is a total tool and douche bag.He thinks he is better then everyone and always right.He is everybit as boring as paint drying.He is in the same league as Bob Costas when it comes ot Douche Bags and wanna know who they paid off to find there jobs

  21. I didn’t even know he had a show…who in their right minds would think that would be a good idea?

  22. … For a lack of a better term , I’d say you guys hate Joe Buck . Frankly it’s like this folks, Buck sr. was a LEGEND and his son rode his coattails for son long , some of the upper heads whom are a tad bit older view this guy as their “nephew” which is why he has stayed around for as long as he has . Every now and again , Joey will have something interesting to say , but overall, he tries to be a throwback announcer when he should just stop …

  23. Tebow’s mom did a commercial on anit-abortion, Buck’s mom should do a pro-abortion commercial. I would be one happy camper if she had decided to have one before Joe was born.

  24. Joe Sucks and so does Troy too many blows to the head Ackmen get rid of them both
    The bad news is that is the A team so they get all the national games
    I turn down the TV and listen on my radio

  25. I heard Joe Buck makes sweet yet sensual passionate love to all Packer fans. Could be a rumor but I believe it to be true. Both parties are gay so it makes sense

  26. The link I provided works the link form this post does not. just in case you are interested in watching Artie destroy this clown.

  27. Now I’m just waiting for the end of Joe Buck, National Sports Broadcaster. I don’t really wish anyone to lose their job, but I definitely enjoy games he broadcasts less then with most other announcers.

  28. Wasn’t his only good show the first one where he had Brett Favre as a guest? Brett can liven up anything.

  29. He’s a jack ass!!! During the world series he practically wouldn’t stop talking about how spectacular the Yankees were. Um… I’m sorry Joe Buck but there was the defending world series champs Philadelphia Phillies in there too… did you happen to notice???
    He does the same shit in football games. He’s so one sided. He likes new york teams and of course the cowboys because of his bedtime buddy Aikman!

  30. A Slimy Discharged Mixture of OOZING GOO …. Comes to mind
    …… bye bye JOE!
    R Moss fan 4 life

  31. “He tried something new, and it imploded spectacularly.”
    That’s what he gets for have a scumbag like Lange open his show. He should have known better.

  32. @ trademcscab
    If I’m a Buck groupie, what does that make you? His mother? Do you always get so defensive when people criticize him?
    I’m just passing on the conversation I had, since it basically confirms what we all believed in the first place: Buck is a douchenozzle.

  33. Joe Buck had his own show? Next you’re going to say Jay Leno is back on the Tonight Show.

  34. didn’t he kno he had a show, but thank goodness somebody out there who did watch it doesn’t have to watch it anymore

  35. Artie was the only thing worth while on that show. Bucks awkwardness after being called a “c*cksucker” was priceless. What a piss poor idea for a show. Joe Buck? I seriously want to kill myself listening to him and Troy Aikman cluck like a bunch of haggered hens every Sunday.

  36. Upon hearing the news of Joe Buck Live’s cancellation, Artie Lang pulled the knife out of his chest, quite heroine and joined the Catholic church. He was later seen running up and down the street screaming “there is a god!”
    Get well Artie!

  37. Now if they could only throw Buck out of the broadcasting booth and get rid of Mike Greenberg on ESPN as well, the world would be perfect.

  38. Artie Lange and his fag friend Howie Stern can burn in hell. I’m sure Buck’s a good guy in real life, but he comes off as an arrogant know it all behind the mike. Mike and Mike…a great alternative.

  39. What?!?!? You say a talk show based around the sparkling personality and wit of Joe Buck is doomed for failure…NOOOOOOO!!!
    Seriously, less Joe Buck is a good thing. You hear that MLB, you hear that NFL?

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