Last word on Pacman to Detroit

Our early-morning report regarding a deal between Pacman Jones and the Detroit Lions has created an immediate string of contrary accounts. 

Officially, the Lions
have no comment
, per John Niyo of the Detroit News.

As we’ve heard it, via NBC Sports Digital G.M. Rick Cordella’s intel gathering in Las Vegas, an agreement has been struck, and the Lions will announce it on Tuesday.  We’ve spoken to Cordella again, and we stand by the report.

But here’s the thing.  We wouldn’t rule out the possibility of the Lions delaying the announcement, now that word has leaked.  Also, if Jones hasn’t already signed a contract and if the Lions think that the leak traces to him and not them, the Lions might decide not to proceed.

39 responses to “Last word on Pacman to Detroit

  1. So it’s not the last word then, is it? At least until we hear that Pacman officially signs with Detroit…

  2. 49ers should have given him an offer. He would be OK for DB depth and help out in S/T.
    I also wouldn’t worry about his off-field issues with Singletary running the ship. He has a way of corralling troubled young men.

  3. I am not sure how rainman can help the Lions. Their are alot of adult entertainment bars around the area! I would recomend the Toy chest!

  4. Now that the Pacman to Detroit rumors are over, can we please move back to more stories about Rapistberger?
    Thank you.

  5. God its like once a day now that you have “I was wrong but its not my fault” article.

  6. HA! We believe you Florio…Tom Kowalski absolutely Hates the ideal of Jones coming to DET so I am sure his “Sources” are saying nothing has been established between the two.
    I think Jones will contribute to the Lions, and I’m not worried about Jones visiting the Strip Clubs in Detroit, because if he does and he starts causing problems, those boys in The D dont mess around…He will regret ever coming to Detroit. Trust me.

  7. Detroit may care if the news is leaked but no one else in the NFL does……Pacman was overrated to begin with and now he is a has-been. His signing is only good news for the packers, vikings and bears wr’s.

  8. Let me get this straight:
    The Lions are re-building, working on overcoming the last decade of horrid drafting, no quarterback, lame coaching, and no direction.
    Their solution: Bring in an overrated short db who never lived up to his draft status, his entourage/ hangeons paralyzed someone, had numerous fights, drug use (allegedly, thanks Florio), and has shown the judgement of the average 11 year old.
    And you wonder why Detroit sucks, year after year after year. After year.

  9. we’ll see…. but Pacman… if you let the cat out of the bag.. not good… but I don’t see it being a big deal.. but wait the last paragraph is Mike’s opinion… I can’t take that seriously
    the point…..and my opinion… Clearly the Lions need him and realistically would not drop him just because he may have leaked it out? Maybe he did not… Come on….. you got to be kidding me?… We’ll see on Tuesday if this is fact or fiction. I’d say lock it done deal.

  10. Way to cover your asses. If he signs, you were right. If he doesn’t sign, you were right about that too.

  11. They want him as a return man by the way. The extra depth at DB is just a bonus.

  12. Why would the Lions “decide not to proceed” if word got out? Bullshit. It sounds like your Vegas source jumped the gun and is making a fall back plan if the Lions decide not to sign him.

  13. Good signing by the Lions. It’s probably all incentive-based with league minimum. Even a cracked-out Pacman is better than anything they have right now excluding C.Houston.
    Burleson, KVB, Houston and now Pacman…that there is some nice damage control. Should really open some options on draft day.

  14. Maybe this is going to be like last year when he almost went to Canada but screwed it up by saying he would bail on the deal as soon as an NFL team would make him an offer.
    Once a waste of skin always a waste of skin. No change of character for this idiot.
    Beware Detroit. Inviting a cancer into your locker room is never a good idea.

  15. Last season Pacman himself went on his blog to “announce” that he had signed with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL. He made some disparaging remarks about “this is just until I land back in the NFL…”
    This cost the GM of Winnipeg his job and any offer that might have been was quickly withdrawn.
    So I wouldn’t put it past Jones to leak this and I wouldn’t be suprised if it costs him the signing. It has happened before.

  16. So what you’re saying is:
    A deal has been stuck…unless it hasn’t.

  17. He should bleach his skin and put a blonde wig on and maybe Big Ben would assault him.
    Just sayin

  18. low risk move than could pan out. Schwartz knows him and if he is in shape and can play nickel for them at a high level it could be worth the risk. The contract has to be written to protect the team in case the knucklehead messes up again

  19. Pacman is nothing but a knob….
    I thought Matt Millen was no longer in Detroit?

  20. I’ll say this again … No one knows the Lions like Tom Kowalski!
    So if Tom Kowalski says theres no deal, then theres no deal

  21. Should have gone to St. Louis, rumor is the strip clubs suck.
    (No, I have never been to a strip club……shut up, I’m not a pre-pubescent douche, you are.)

  22. ANYBODY can change. Cris Carter would have been drummed out of the league by now had he played in the “Information Age”. Instead, he got his stuff together and became a well-rounded human with sweet stats to boot.

  23. Oh yeah cause Pacman will stay outta trouble in Detroit.
    8 mile will soon be Pacman mile

  24. Low risk, if he does becomes locker room cancer, cut him out. Return man or CB, he’ll be cheap, it’ll be incentive based. Lion’s are looking to improve.

  25. “Also, if Jones hasn’t already signed a contract and if the Lions think that the leak traces to him and not them, the Lions might decide not to proceed. ”
    That is the most pathetic excuse I have ever heard. How can you rag on other people for not admitting to there mistakes and trying to weasel out of committing to what they said when you do the same thing.
    I know you arent wrong as of right now but to even try to add a loop hole to your story after the fact makes you look worse.
    Its fine to say that in your first post but you cant put that out there and expect us to believe it after you have gotten contrary reports that you are wrong.
    I know your making alot of money off this PFT thing the only problem is I dont think you can buy journalistic integrity.

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