Marshall releases bizarre statement, and/or sends bizarre message

In theory, a public relations firm should be able to represent a client’s interests in a clear, positive manner.

Here is the statement Brandon Marshall’s P.R. firm EAG released Friday night to Josina Anderson of KDVR in Denver:

“Brandon Marshall is continuing to work out and progress this offseason,
and is hopeful that wherever he lands that it will be the right place.
Additionally, if it were true that a contract extension commensurate
with Marshall’s skills was actually offered, there would be no question
as to what team Marshall would be staying with at this time.”

Luckily, we have our shoddy P.R. firm translator nearby.  It spit this out:

“Brandon Marshall wants a lot of money. It’s cool if the Broncos are the team to pay it.  As long as it’s lot of money.”

Here’s a tip to Marshall if he wants to save money: Fire your public relations team.

UPDATE: Anderson tweets that said P.R. team did not officially release a statement. In Anderson’s words, they contacted her to disseminate a message. Not a statement. A message. Glad that’s cleared up.

40 responses to “Marshall releases bizarre statement, and/or sends bizarre message

  1. This reporter is crazy. She posts all kinds of weird shit like this that is so suspect it never makes it to the mainstream. Never really have been able to figure out how she is sponsored by this TV station — I’m convinced she has somehow snuck onto the site and started a terrible blog.

  2. Alot of these receivers have these manic mood swings. Think of Ochocinco and T.O. too. They hate everyone and want out. Then they want back in but nobody wants them. So they change and hug their coach every time the camera is on them. They are also seen to wear the cities’ other teams ballcaps. Happens every time.

  3. Sorry Brandon if it were up to me you’d be in Teal and Orange counting your money, but evidently thats not gonna happen *sigh*.

  4. Except Javon had one good year and did nothing else. While I don’t really care for Marshall, he is one of the most talented players in the NFL. Guy had more catches in one game that half of some teams receiving corps for a season! Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he gets one of the biggest deals a receiver has ever received.

  5. Brandon Marshall is a man… he’s 40!
    And he thinks that this reporter is a bad man, man.
    Seriously, was this press release written by North Korea.

  6. The release doesn’t sound so bizarre to me.
    Supposedly, though uncorrobated, Marshall was offered $9.5 M by the Broncos (duration of contract?) and he refused the deal. That number was circulated by Denver area reporters in the pocket of the Broncos.
    Marshall would be foolish to even attempt to stay with the Broncos under any condition.
    It may be frightening to him to leave, because the Broncos organization is the only one he has played for in his NFL career.
    But he’ll get paid properly and will excel with whatever team he sings with as long as he makes an effort at maturing and actually does mature.
    As good as he is, and he is by far Denver’s best player, it is in his best interest to get out of Denver. He’s not wanted by the Coach or the Owner and they’ve both expressed that in numerous ways.
    If Bowlen actually wanted him in Denver he coud have paid him properly before McDaniels was even in the picture.

  7. So you otherwise could question what team an RFA can stay with?
    Maybe EAG stands for English Ain’t Good.

  8. Brandon Marshall is continuing to [slip on McDonald’s wrappers] and [douche around] this offseason, and is hopeful that wherever he lands that it will [involve spraying champagne on people to get them angry so they will shoot his friends]. Additionally, if it were true that a contract extension commensurate with Marshall’s [Wii playing] skills was actually offered, there would be no question as to what [level of Mario Bros.] Marshall would [have cleared by] this time.”

  9. As a lifelong Broncos fan I do not object to the Broncos paying Marshall $10 million per year, as long as there are iron-clad guarantees in the contract to protect the Broncos when Marshall has another encounter with a girlfriend, gang member, police officer or McDonald’s bag.

  10. Brewster – what planet do you live on where 9.5M per year doesn’t qualify as being paid “properly.”
    I, like many Americans, would take just 1% of that.
    Marshall, on the other hand, acts like a whiny 4 year old – then takes out his frustrations on women. Sick.

  11. Brandon Marshall Say:
    I am happy to be a human. Please let me play football. Translate my language to say that I can catch an oblong ball and make some fools miss!

  12. I think it’s fine. It’s basically saying Pay me to stay. on paper they are fools not to the wildcard is this guy could fall off a cliff daily! The GM who takes him will either look like a genius or a guy who couldn’t read the writing on the wall!
    There still room in bmore for another head case!

  13. I think that Marshall deserves to get out of Denver. He has stated that he is still haunted by the murder of his friend every day, and that being in Denver only keeps it alive for him. He has a buttwipe for a coach that, despite having Brandon Marshall the player really clean his act up and be a star performer on the team, has to pull shit on the player and the whole team in general.
    If Brandon Marshall gets his “get out of jail” (of course, not for free) card, he will be one of the top 3 wide receivers in the league this season. Let him out of there! He’ll show everyone!

  14. And the more he opens his mouth like that the less like ANY team is to pay him the money he wants.

  15. The PR team’s first mistake was in choosing to use words that were not commensurate with Marshall’s intelligence level.

  16. I am a Texans fan. I truly believe a team like the Dolphins or Steelers would benefit the most from signing Brandon.
    There are moments when I can vision Him lining up opposite Andre Johnson, but we would never sign him.
    Hope that doesn’t keep up from playoff contention again.
    If only his head was screwed on straight. it must be because of the shot that was meant for him and inadvertently killed Mr. williams.
    Message to BRANDON MARSHALL. Grow up and make Dariant proud of you, you fool.

  17. He’s a gamer. He’s a Diva. Mr. Bowlen please pay the man, Brady’s gonna need a deep threat. Oh and sign Kevin Muwea too!

  18. Yep I have always hated it when nobody wanted me too.
    Made me say totally weird stuff on TV, and in the papers.
    But I still didn’t feel any better…..CAUSE NOBODY WANTED ME.
    Crap now all of us are sad too 😦 😦 😦

  19. I’m going to start by agreeing that Marshall should fire his P.R. firm, most specifically if they decided to reach out to Josina Anderson. Not exactly a pillar of reporting accuracy here in the Denver community, and might have fabricated at least 2 major stories since reporting in Denver.
    I have no idea what Marshall or his firm seeks to get out of something like this. You won’t get paid more after saying this and the Broncos hold almost all the cards.
    Just weird.

  20. No way he actually goes for less than a low first rounder. Two two’s is dreaming and will NEVER happen.
    Over 100 catches three years in a row and 15 touchdowns playing with Kyle Orton. If you compare that with Javon Walker you do not know football.
    He is a proven talent with a flamboyant lifestyle. Pay many young men that kind of money when the come from a poor background and you will have issues. I don’t know what’s so hard about providing a team sponsored entourage to go out with these young guys and help keep them out of trouble. It should be in the contract to protect the teams investment.
    Or you could spend $10 an hour on drunk rent-a-cops like Big Ben does……..

  21. Big Dumb Jock wants money…. this story has been told a thousand times before…. IQ pays dividends not a five year iffy career,attitude etc… Good luck to this dumbass and the 1600 current dumbasses who will squander away their “deserved money” on the “important things”.
    Don’t colleges teach anymore? I’m one season away from not caring about the NFL. What an endless load of worthless human beings that perpetuate a great sport. And the media that support the industry, wow how sad are you folks.

  22. Mike Klis of the Denver post started circulating a false rumor that the Broncos offered Marshall $10 mil several months ago which Brandon rejected. This is a out and out lie designed to shape public opinion against Marshall in order to ease (insure) his departure from Denver.

  23. @ Sujillo and @rx
    I agree with points made by both of you that $9.5M is a lot of money and that Bailey, Dumervil and Clady figure into the equation of how to compensate Marshall.
    However, if you read and comprehended para 2 of my post the point made is that there was supposedly an offer of $9.5M made to Marshall which was never confirmed.
    This is just more gamesmanship with the Denver Post and the Broncos management on one side trying to paint a negative picture of a star player to suit the Broncos purposes. If there actually was a $9.5M offer made to Marshall let the team come out and confirm it, or what the real offer was.
    Marshall’s been trying to get paid fairly for two years now and has had little success with Broncos management.
    Does anyone think Brandon Stokeley is worth 2-4 times what Marshall gets paid? In 2008 & 2009 Stokeley was paid $8.1M in salary compared to Marshall’s $2.7M. In 2009 Jabbar Gaffeny was paid $3.0M in salary.
    Somebody in the Broncos organization just doesn’t want to “pay the man” what he’s worth.

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