Pacman Jones expected to become a Lion next week

medium_080131-pacman-jones-nice-hair.jpgSo NBC Sports Digital G.M. Rick Cordella gets to attend the Interactive Sports Conference in Las Vegas.  And he’s justifying the write off by gathering some information for PFT.

On Thursday afternoon, Cordella passed along some intriguing quotes from Titans running back Chris Johnson.  On Thursday night, after yours truly had retired for the evening following the latest post-WVU tourney win couch burning, Cordella passed along a nugget he picked up while making plans to steal Mike Tyson’s tiger.

Per Cordella’s sources in Sin City, cornerback Pacman Jones has agreed to terms with the Detroit Lions, and the move will be announced next Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Detroit G.M. Martin Mayhew said that Jones “has a skill set” that would help the team, but that a move was not “imminent.”  It could be that the Lions decided from a P.R. standpoint to let the notion of Pacman joining the team sink in slowly.

It remains to be seen whether Jones has anything left, given that he was drafted five years ago and hasn’t played much football in the last three.  But we’ll agree that Jones “has a skill set” that would help the Lions, given that roughly half of the U.S. male population between the ages of 17 and 34 “has a skill set” that would help the Lions.

UPDATE:  Swiftly responding to this report, Tom Kowalski of says that a deal has not yet been reached between the Lions and Jones.  Presumably, Kowalski is getting his information from the Lions; the folks close to Jones think a deal is done.  (And, of course, that could be another reason for the Lions to run the other way.)

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  1. “It remains to be seen whether Jones has anything left, given that he was drafted five years ago and hasn’t played much football in the last three. But we’ll agree that Jones “has a skill set” that would help the Lions, given that roughly half of the U.S. male population between the ages of 17 and 34 “has a skill set” that would help the Lions.”
    HAHAHA, great way to start the day!

  2. If you actually look at his stats from his last season, he was around the middle of the pack in stats, when you look at pass deflections and the smaller stats that people tend to ignore. That was after being out of football. I imagine he’ll come back and do the same for his first season, which yes, is an improvement. If he stays clean and can string multiple seasons together, I would imagine he can improve.
    His downside is clearly off the field, and we’re banking he’s grown up. We’ll find out soon. I’m sure his contract will be full of “no trouble” clauses, and it will likely be closer to the league minimum than the franchise tenders.
    Hey, I guess you can go ahead and kick the team that beat your team to win the Super Bowl last year. The Lions kicked you square in the nuts last year in week 3 and you’re still mad, we get it.

  3. oh great!
    let the biggest thug loose in the most ghetto and poorest city in the U.S.
    this will work as well as kids playing hockey from Minnesota and Boston… only there wont be a gold medal waiting for the Lions…..
    He may have a skill set but he also has a kill set

  4. Didn’t Jerry Jones prove this fool was a failed experiment that would never fly straight? Every other team in the league learned from Pacman’s stint in Dullas…. except the Lions of course. Do people still wonder why this franchise has sat at the bottom of the league for as long as it has?

  5. faulkn22, you are banking he has grown up? My god man do not get your hopes up. This guy has more lives than a cat. I can not believe that a team would sign this thug. POS.

  6. @ Thorny
    I couldnt have said it any better myself. Man i’d pay to see that lol

  7. This is what the Lions need, work ethic, professionalism, leadership….all of those things come to mind when you say the name “pacman-jones.”

  8. Mayhew is an idiot whose only qualifications are training under Matt Millen, (literally). He is a a sneaky little con man who has already prepped his so called pro director, Sheldon White, to be thrown under the bus. Every time he’s mentioned Pac Man he prefaces the statement by saying “Sheldon White likes him”. Buckle up Sheldon, but it’s not like you don’t deserve it, who has ever been brought in as a free agent in the league that has ever done squat in Detroit. Pathetic record, this team will always be a joke.

  9. The Lions seem intent on remaining an awful franchise. The fact that they seem to think this walking human turd can help them only demonstrates that the Fords must go as owners. No competent owner would allow this guy on their team under any circumstances.

  10. PacMan, the Steelers need you.
    As for Detroit—does anyone actually live there anymore?

  11. The “skill set” we need is a Punt Returner… if he can fill ONLY that role this year and sign for the league min, then I think it’s a good signing. He can compete for the 5th DB and possibly the nickle, but I don’t see him on the field that much in that aspect.
    He will be our Punt Returner.

  12. This just in…the Lions have hired Hitler as their new director of player personell.
    Do you mutts believe THAT??? Until this becomes official, there’s really nothing to rip the Lions for. They are desperate and decided to LOOK at this guy. If/when they decide to SIGN him, then you all can feel free to crucify and persecute the Lions. Until then, this really is nothing but speculation.

  13. Schwartz must feel confident about Jones. He did coach him for several years down with the Titans.

  14. I can tell there aren’t many people in here from Michigan. Because anyone from the metro Detroit area knows that this info is WAYYYYY off base!!!!! and totally untrue …. no one knows the Lions like Tom “the killer” Kowalski, so if Killer says it didnt happen … then it didn’t happen

  15. I just think this is wrong. There are so many other guys out there who do things the “right way” and don’t get a chance even though they could contribute just as satisfactorily as Jones.

  16. skoolya: Sheldon White was the guy they sent down to watch him and grade him on his ability to play. Mayhew and Schwartz are the ones deciding if he has the ability to stay out of trouble long enough to make an impact.

  17. The Lions are already turned off by recent acquisition Chris Houston. OUCH!

  18. I hope the Lions sign him. We need as much help as we can get. Who cares if he spends all of his time in strip clubs. I don’t care what are players do off the field as long as they are ready and able to play on Sunday. Stop considering these player rolemodles! There here to win games for your team, not to preach at your church on Sunday.

  19. Well I think this is a fabulous deal, and I am glad to see that it is materializing.
    This guy has an attitude and is at the very last place to ever prove himself.
    The Lions NEED people with attitudes, and at the same time people that want to prove themselves.
    I think this is a win-win for the Lions and Adam Jones. If he doesn’t pan out, so be it. This move also allows the Lions to focus on getting a Running Back with the 34th pick in the draft instead of a corner.
    ONE THING I’d like to see happen is he gets rid of the nickname ‘PacMan’…….If he needs a nickname he should go with ‘Halo 3’, or something a little newer? Wii Sports?

  20. Damn, he can’t become a cowgurl again?
    I thought that they would pick him up again for sure.

  21. I was appalled when the Bengals resigned Chris Henry & by all accounts I was wrong…his teammates said he had changed & gave him their support
    but I dont think this is going to end well….there is too much violence in Pacman’s resume
    what makes the Lions think he has changed his ways? the article on Ronnie Brown’s DUI painted him as a thug..there is a difference between being a thug & doing something stupid..
    Goodell’s personal conduct policy is a joke until the NFL finally has the balls to permantly ban players who have a proven pattern of violent criminal behavior…nevermind “skill sets ” Lawrence Phillips should have been a wake up call…

  22. yes he will live at the “scrip” clubs down on 8 mile rd.
    the lions can go 3-13 without this guy. with him, worse and even more distracted.
    now, punkman should go play for the vikings. after all, they have the “love boat” episode on their resume!

  23. how do u know? The guy has been clean for the two years… and he knows this is truly his LAST chance with a legit coach that we played well for… THIS IS HIS LAST CHANCE.. I’m willing to give him a chance… He can be cut just like that if he screws up… no penalty in an uncapped year
    in my opinion he should get a incentive based contract with a club option (in case he performs well).. with very little upfront $… he did not do well in his Bengals workout… but he did well at his second workout reportedly 4.5s 40 times.. as good as a first rounder
    The guy could be a steal for the Lions IF HE KEEPS HIS HEAD CLEAN… if he does.. you will see a complete turnaround of the Lions defense… after the draft it could be top 16…

  24. We could use pacman as our PR. As you all you reatrds taking shots on the city of Detroit, it’s just like any other city it has it’s ghetto and it’s nice areas. It’s not all bad here

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