Pierre Thomas won't skip workouts

Thumbnail image for P. Thomas.jpgSaints running back Pierre Thomas was one of the most underpaid backs in football last year, making the league minimum while he led the Saints backfield in rushing.

He is hoping for a long-term extension this offseason, but he won’t skip OTAs in an effort to get paid.

“It’s a business and it’s up to them,” Thomas said.  “You know, I’m putting my resume
out there, showing them what I can do.”

To this point, the restricted free agent hasn’t received noteworthy interest from other teams. Thomas told his agent he only wanted to hear updates if another team wanted to meet with him; that hasn’t happened.

With Reggie Bush’s future uncertain and Mike Bell already gone, Thomas figures to be among New Orleans’ priority extensions this offseason.

12 responses to “Pierre Thomas won't skip workouts

  1. He’d better get an extension. No way the Saints let Thomas get away. Who would score touchdowns on all their screen plays?

  2. Reggie Bush’s future is only uncertain at PFT. The Saints have stated clearly that he is an important part of the team and he will be back.

  3. what is going on with the Saints’ & their tightwad ways? PT is worth more than Bush & they are yanking him around.

  4. Thomas is the Saints workhorse. He’s a big time back who has so much desire to get extra yards. The Saints better extend his contract because backs like him don’t come around often.

  5. Aside from his love life, how is Reggie’s future uncertain? Not even some of the famous PFT speculation to back that one up?

  6. The Saints will pay him, they been kinda busy !! In case you hadn’t notice:-). An the Saints have said numerous times that Reggie Bush was going nowhere!

  7. I wish all NFL players were like this, unselfish. Thomas deserves to get paid more than Bush does, especially with Bell gone now.

  8. As an Eagle fan, this is the Saints RB I would have loved to get.
    Loved his highlight reel from the Super Bowl.

  9. Thomas is a class person and very strong in the Saints offensive production. He will get his due with the Saints. He has been tendered at the 2nd round level, but that only allows the team time to negotiate a long term deal with him.
    As others have said, Bush is already in the 2010 plans and that has been so by Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton both. So why the shot about Bush’s future?

  10. I hope they get Thomas signed soon. If they did end up losing him I don’t think I could handle crybaby Saints fan whining about it.

  11. Reggie Bush’s future uncertain? What???? If they’re going to pay him $8 million this season, why wouldn’t they pay him $10 million the following and then make a long-term contract extension.

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