Report: Bears shopping Alex Brown

With Julius Peppers in for the Bears, Alex Brown could be out.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, the team is shopping Brown, a nine-year veteran who ended the 2009 season as a captain.  Per Biggs, if they can’t find a partner, Brown could be cut.

Earlier this week, coach Lovie Smith said that Israel Idonije would move from defensive tackle to end, which indicates that Idonije would replace Brown in the rotation.

Under contract for two more years, Brown is due to receive base salaries of $5 million in 2010 and $5 million in 2011.

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  1. This guy can still play – and a lot better than several bigger names at DE around the league – against both run and pass – but as the report points out, other teams are unlikely to both give up something in trade, plus absorb that kind of salary for a guy over 30. He’ll probably get released – then find a new home with considerable playing time at a lower salary.

  2. This is a dumb move, alex brown has been consist, he has 2 more good years left, what is the bears strategy thus far. We need a safety maybe the one from St Louis, we need an upgraded o-line. I like the moves thus far but this one makes no sense

  3. I guess I am a little shocked by this. Its not like we got a lot younger at D end lately. Israel Idonije is a decent player, but they tried to make M Anderson the starter and as it turned out it was a bad move. We lost Gaines Adams and Ogunleye while only signing Peppers. So now we are going to dump another DE to make up for the Peppers contract? I hope this is only rumor.

  4. Really, Bears? I read this in the bar last night it completely ruined the vibe of my rock paper scissors tournament. Total BS.
    Next to Briggs, Alex Brown is our most consistent defensive player. bringing in Peppers isn’t supposed to remake our line it’s supposed to improve it. Did they not consider Brown’s $5M contract before they signed Julius? Why reinvent the wheel, Idonije is good but untested at end and Marc Anderson hasn’t proven anything.
    This pisses me off. Sure, there’s a good trade for most any player but the only upgrade I could see is a marquee free safety or corner. Anything less is a stupid f’n move that disrupts something good we have going up front… so I bet Angelo does it.
    He’ll probably trade him for a 6th round pick and a beer(Chris Harris, Tom Jones, anyone?). God damn it Bears, just when the defense is starting to look decent again(pending a secondary). This better not be true.

  5. Are you guys all high? Seriously, Izzy has been hands down more consistent than Brown. He’s younger, faster, more-motivated, more versatile, and much less expensive. It’s funny how many people on this site and elsewhere on the net talking about how the Bears defense is over the hill. Well, this is the right move because they younger and better. I wouldn’t want any of you clowns running my business into the ground.

  6. This would be a dumb move by the bears. If they want to save some $$ pull the approximate 2 million tender on Anderson. That guy hasn’t done a thing since his rookie year.
    Hopefully this is just speculation since they said Odonije wouild be in the rotation.

  7. @ florio, idonije will be in the rotation…brown will not be cut. He’s too valuble to the team, never gets hurt and is still productive on both run and pass D. anderson nor idonijie arent good enough to succeed brown full time.

  8. @propheteer
    I can’t believe you just said someone who played less then half the time at a different position is more consistent than our starting right end( 330 defensive snaps/30.9%… at tackle, by the way). You simply cannot make a comparison between the two, which makes trading Brown away a risk. In my opinion, Idonije is a great player, but he’s not established. I’d have to say Brown is one of the few players who defended the run well the last couple of years(along with Briggs).
    The last time the Bears tried to promote someone “younger and better” Marc Anderson leapfrogged Brown on the depth chart in 2007. It didn’t end well. If it weren’t for that idiotic move, Brown would have the Bears active record for consecutive starts. So don’t tell me anyone on that line is more consistent than him. Give credit where its due.

  9. please be a rumor….just when I thought the Bears couldn’t get any dumber….oh well….we’ll have a totally new staff next year. Maybe Singletary can come back here as a head coach

  10. Until there is a market for the Redskins to trade Andre Carter…there won’t be one for Brown. Unless the Bears are willing to let him go for nuthin.

  11. Cheap,Cheap,Cheap… So they sit around grinning like the Cheshire cat when they sign Peppers, knowing they are taking 2 starting DE’s off of the payroll, while also dumping Vasher’s salary in a cost cutting move. Trade or release, ok, just which team is going to part with anything of value just so they can pay Alex Brown more $.

  12. Are you people kidding me? Yeah Alex is a good guy & all, but the only thing he’s ever been consistant at is mediocrity.
    All this angst over a guy whose NEVER had more than 7 sacks in a season & doesn’t even average 5.5 sacks/year over his career is absolutely ridiculous.

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