Silva looks at the 2010 quarterback draft class

As the draft approaches (three weeks and six days, for those of you who are keeping track), we’ll begin looking at the specific positions.

Well, “we” won’t.  Silva wanted to do it, and he’s fairly good at it.  So he gets the opportunity to be the one who is called an idiot (and worse) by all of you.

Really, why should I hoard the abuse?

So enjoy the 2010 quarterback draft rankings.  And remember:  blame Silva.

10 responses to “Silva looks at the 2010 quarterback draft class

  1. I’m sure NFL exec’s are tripping over themselves to read this……..Do us all a favor PFT, just report rumors and little bitch fest articles, NO ONE and i mean NO ONE is actually going to listen to ANY talent evualation thoughts you may dream up to get hits

  2. We have now figured out what the gay band director from “East Bound & Down” does in his spare time.

  3. Sam Bradford = Chad Pennington and Jimmu Clausen = David Carr, these guys should go late round 1 or round 2 not top 5

  4. A 36 on the Wonderlic qualifies as “highly intelligent?” Maybe for a football player… my little sister could get a 36 and she hasn’t hit middle school yet.

  5. Yo, Silva. Redskins will draft a quarterback in Round 2, and my guess is Colt McCoy (Who the hell is Skelton?). This way, the Skins will have 2 Colts to play with, and as we all know, 2 Colts are better than one. Just ask Marvin Harrison. Oh, wait. That was a Belgian. Nevermind.

  6. Always interested in the “Bradford is overrated” comments. Exactly what do you base those on? The fact that he completed about 70% of his passes, threw 80 TD passes and passes for 8,000 yards. Has an incredible TD to INT ratio. I mean, any player might not be successful at the next level but these “Bradford’s no good” comments are ridiculous. Go ahead, the day after the draft, post that every player taken in the first round “is no good, highly overrated” or any other demeaning term, and I promise you’ll be right about at least three or four of them.

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