Source: Bolt’s representatives have been pushing for Chris Johnson race

ap_usain_bolt_090429_mn.jpgIn response to Thursday’s comments from Titans running back Chris Johnson regarding an ongoing desire to race record-setting sprinter Usain Bolt, a source with knowledge of the situation tells us that Bolt’s representatives actively have been pushing the event.

Word of the race first emerged in early January, when ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Bolt’s people and Johnson’s people were working toward setting up a race for charity.  (We suggest calling it the “Usain Bolt Chris Johnson Dunder Mifflin Sabre Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For the Cure.”)  Within hours, however, Bolt’s agent said “[t]here is no truth to the story,” and that Bolt “doesn’t follow the NFL too closely.”

So it was odd that Johnson said Thursday that he plans to race Bolt next year.  But, apparently, talks indeed have occurred and continue to occur, notwithstanding the denials of Bolt’s agent, whose word on the matter was accepted as Gospel truth, possibly because agents have an impeccable reputation for honesty.

Per our source, the two sides have not been able to agree on a distance.  Johnson presumably wants a shorter race, and Bolt wants a longer distance.  The folks at NBC Olympics previously have determined that Bolt’s 40-yard split from his world-record time in the 100-meter dash during the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing was “a hair slower” than Johnson’s 40-yard dash at the Scouting Combine.

55 responses to “Source: Bolt’s representatives have been pushing for Chris Johnson race

  1. ok.. so Bolt would obviously want 100 meters.. Johnson would want a 40 yard dash.. SOOOO do 60 yards.. problem solved..

  2. “Bolt’s 40-yard split from his world-record time in the 100-meter dash during the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing was “a hair slower” than Johnson’s 40-yard dash at the Scouting Combine.”
    Holy ****!
    I will DEFINITELY watch this thing…make it happen, jerks!

  3. Chris Johnson would get smoked.
    We’re going by scouting combine numbers after all the hoopla regarding how inaccurate they’ve been??

  4. from what I have seen, Bolt’s a slow starter(comparatively obv.) & then goes into a completely different gear … he will definitely own CJ at 100m but a 40yd dash could be close

  5. Well since the combine Johnson has bulked up a good bit so if bolt was a hair slower then chris Johnson 2 years ago then he’s prolly a hair faster now so it would make for an interesting race but chances are that one of them would blow a hamstring and be done which would also make it interesting

  6. Who cares?
    Talk football not a bunch of BS about a sprinter. Is there really no good news about the NFL for you to report on? I guess it is hard to fabricate stories all day. I would love to someday see a list of your supposed sources? Are these sources the voices in your head?
    I am not quite sure why I visit this site so often each day. I guess in hope of actually seeing some valid report of a trade or sigining in the NFL. You do get the dood stuff when it happens but the junk we have to filter through until something valed happens is gruesome.

  7. Oh silly me. I fell for it and thought it was about the Chargers. Apostrophe before the ‘s’. I should have noticed.

  8. most of the time i don’t know about you Florio, but the suggestion for the race name… well played! very well played!

  9. Bolt is a slow starter (if there is such a thing for a world record holding sprinter) and finishes strong, so of course Johnson would want to keep it shorter. It’s not very often that he has to run further than 60 yards.

  10. @ Cameltoe –
    …then he’s prolly a hair faster…
    probably…… prolly is not a word.

  11. I agree with Gautam, at 40 yards, it would be a really cool race to watch, but when you reach a distance over 60 yards, I dont think Johnson has a chance…

  12. This would be a fun race to watch. Absolutely no meaning to it but it would still be fun. Hopefully if they do it, they don’t make the race any longer than 50 yards or so since anything longer than that Bolt would absolutely destroy him. If they can keep it to shorter distance he might have a slight chance.

  13. They better get this done soon for Johnson’s sake. Its not like NFL running backs get faster as the seasons move on. (bumps, bruises, tweaked ankles, etc). Bolt doesnt take on the collisions that Johnson does…im just sayin’

  14. I was more interested in watching Ochostinko race a horse or dance with the stars.

  15. Only if they do it once in their undies, then once in full football pads, and then again having to make three angry linebackers miss!

  16. All of you complaining about the article.. it DOES have something to do with football.. Chris Johnson IS a football player last time i checked!!! If you don’t like the article.. DON’T READ IT!!!! Keep scrolling!!! And for heavens sake don’t waste your time posting a comment about it!!! If you feel that the site makes you “filter” through articles until you find one that is factual and confirmed, i have two suggestions.. 1.) Stop coming to a “RUMOR” site.. and 2.) Just be patient and wait for or to post it.. problem solved!! Oh, don’t feel like waiting the extra day or so until it’s posted on those sites? Then guess what, it’s your impatience that keeps you coming back.. so blame YOURSELF!! You whiners are ridiculous!!!

  17. Bolt would crush Johnson at 100 meters. But he is about 6’5″ tall, so in a short 40, Johnson may just beat him. But by 65 yards, Bolt pulls away, not even close.

  18. @ -RoNiN-
    Just curious if you wear horrible glasses and work as a beet farmer when you’re not kissing Michael Scott’s …. I mean Mike Florio’s ass

  19. Chris Johnson has NO shot at beating Bolt
    …. theres a differance between being very fast in football and having olympic speed
    … isn’t there???

  20. Do it on a football field… in full uniform… with a ball tucked under your arm… and a defense waiting to knock your head off.
    Then maybe this self-promoting a-hole Bolt will shut up, suck down some more PEDs, and go pretend he’s doing it all naturally.

  21. How about doing away with the Pro Bowl & having a skills competition…fastest man, bench press, etc ???

  22. If they race and CJ beats him. There is no doubt about it, CJ must race in the olympics.

  23. the combine clock begins on the runners go (his first step), correct? so – really there is no comparison when Bolt is running after the gun.
    CJ would never actually do this. you can tell he speaks probably a little more than he should.
    why would he honestly believe he can beat the fastest man ever?

  24. We saw the reports of Darrell Green still being able to fly at 50.
    When CJ is 50, he’s going to be living out of a bottle with the shakes….
    Let’s see how fast he is at 50.

  25. I highly doubt that there is ANY competition for Bolt existing in the entire universe. He is un-human.
    I wished to hell the guy would give American Football a try. Think about it — he could smoke everyone on a straight route. He wouldn’t have to run anyother routes, or block, or tackle — just run a straight line as fast as he can and make a catch at the end = touchdown everytime!
    Plus he has a cool name – Usain Bolt! Soooo cool!

  26. You people complaining about “slow news day” “nothing else to report” really need to shut the hell up.
    How the hell you think this isn’t news is beyond me. You damn half’tard think that if a news article is specifically geared toward you that he it isn’t “newsworthy” enough for a damn sports blog.
    Who the hell are you that you think this damn site has to revolve solely around your freaking desires? Goddamn.

  27. @ Big Stretch
    How miserable is your life?! First you make the “TRACKANDFIELDTALK.COM” comment.. Then you feel the need to correct someones spelling of “probably”.. and then you feel the need to try to belittle me with your response to my original post.. I’d tell you to grow up, but that would TRUELY be a “Big Stretch”!!

  28. Depends on if it’s an “Officially Timed” Chris Johnson or “Unofficially Timed” Chris Johnson.
    If Bolt is up to challenges he should do the 40 yard race. At 60 yards or longer CJ would probably lose for sure.
    Also, I wonder how come Jerry Jones has not paid Usain Bolt to run some go paterns for him?

  29. It depends on if it’s an “Officially Timed” Chris Johnson or and “Unoficially Timed” Chris Johnson? LOL
    If Usain Bolt is up to challenges he should race CJ at 40 yards. At 60 or longer he would beat CJ for sure.
    Also, I wonder why Jerry Jones has not paid Usain Bolt to run 3 GO paterns a game for him? That would sell tickets.

  30. It wouldn’t matter the distance.. Bolt would absolutely destroy him. It would take CJ 6 steps to go the distance of Bolt’s first step.. Besides, Bolt would be finished with the race before CJ got done telling everyone how great he is..

  31. Let them race 100 yards (on a football field, not a track) and give Chris Johnson a 5-yard head start and I think Bolt still smokes him.
    Remember, he was mugging for the cameras during his world-record run 10 meters before the finish line with the world’s other fastest men stumbling along behind him.
    Now, ask Bolt to break a tackle or two along the way and it’s a different story.

  32. “The folks at NBC Olympics” are wrong. Remember, in a track race, the runner starts after he hears the gun, but the clock starts when the gun goes off. The runner’s reaction time adds at least .10 seconds to his time. For Bolt, it’s usually about .15 seconds. At the Combine, however, the runner starts when he wants, and the timer must react to the runner’s first movement. So the clock doesn’t start until at least .10 seconds after the runner starts running.
    When Bolt ran a 9.69 100 meters, his running time over the first 40 yards was 4.19 seconds. When he ran a 9.58, it was 4.20.
    Johnson’s “official” time at the combine was 4.24 seconds, so his actual running time was at least 4.34 seconds and probably closer to 4.40.

  33. Big stretch,
    You sure are a rebel with those witty insults and incessant whining about the content on a rumor based website. Just curious, but why even take the time to not only read an article you don’t care about but also comment on it. Do you just like to complain? He’ll why are you even on this site. It’s obviously below your intellect level. You should start your own site and only post things that are of the utmost importance to a football conisour such as your self.

  34. @# -RoNiN- says: March 26, 2010 12:03 PM
    @ Big Stretch
    How miserable is your life?! First you make the “TRACKANDFIELDTALK.COM” comment.. Then you feel the need to correct someones spelling of “probably”.. and then you feel the need to try to belittle me with your response to my original post.. I’d tell you to grow up, but that would TRUELY be a “Big Stretch”!!
    1. yes I called this site i have also referred to it as mostly because Florio’s content on this site has been incredibly watered down since NBC got involved and forced him to spew out garbage every 30 minutes.
    2. sorry but how is explaining to someone that “prolly” is not a word a problem for you. it’s not like the guy missed a letter when spelling probably i.e. probabky he spelled an entirely new word that doesn’t exist.
    3. as for your post, you are the one that went on the attack of other people criticizing Florio, so i was just responding.
    4. a foot race between Chris Johnson and Usain Bolt is not football news, it’s barely even worthy of Florio’s favorite site TMZ.
    5. nice play on words with my screen name, but as for how miserable I am, if working a job that pays me $75,000 a year to sit on my ass with plenty of free time to post comments on here and then go home to dinner cooked by my chick followed by a BJ and the NCAA tournament is considered miserable then yeah I am one miserable son of a bitch.
    I bet you are “prolly” sitting in your mom’s basement right now trying to figure out a way to become the assistant to the regional Florio right now.
    Also it is TRULY not TRUELY.

  35. @Quentin673
    1. I like to bust people’s balls. It’s fun.
    2. I don’t really care when people spell things wrong, but when what they spell does not exist in the English language than I feel the need to point it out to them so they don’t continue to embarrass themselves. Kind of like when someone talks about turning their life around and uses the term ” I did a complete 360″

  36. @ Big Stretch
    Thanks for proving my point for me.. you definitely erased all shadow of a doubt to PFT as to whether or not you were pathetic!! Great job!! ;o)

  37. @ Big Stretch
    Since you are SO smart.. learn the difference on when to use the word “then”, and when to use the word “than”.. just saying!! ;o)
    Ouch.. that’s got to BURN!! LOL

  38. @ RoNiN –
    you are turning me on….what are you wearing right now……come on big boy you know you want it

  39. hope the experts adjusted the “guesstimate” 2 compensate 4 the reaction time on a true race.. on the other hand.. no blocks on a combine 40.. hm.. who wins.. lets say, a 50 yard.. looking @ bolt’s run.. he was clearly the 3rd or 4th starter but caught up in 2 strides.. he’s got quite good getty-up 4 a tall guy.. as much as the field that day.. johnson would have 2 train night & day 2 get his start down..

  40. Here’s the math on it… Bolt ran 9.58 for 100m.
    His 60m split in that race was 6.31 seconds.
    So over 60m his average speed is 9.509 m/sec
    40 yards = 36.58m
    so… expected time to run 40 yards for Mr. Bolt= 3.85 seconds.
    No Contest!!! Bolt wins by 4 yards.
    Mr. Johnson needs to stop talking and stick to his own sport. Him saying he can beat Bolt in a race is the same as Bolt saying that he could catch a ball better than Randy Moss.

  41. Here’s an apples-to-apples comparison.
    Usain Bolt’s reaction time was 0.165 second, and his split at 30 meters was 3.79 seconds. So, if timed in the same manner as the combine, Bolt would have passed the 30-meter mark in 3.63 seconds.
    40 yards is equivalent to 36.6 meters. Bolt’s split at 40 meters was 4.65 seconds, so between 30 and 40 meters his average speed was 11.6 meters per second. At that rate, he would have covered the 6.6 meters between 30 meters and 40 yards in 0.57 second. So the best available estimate of Bolt’s 4o-yard split is 4.20 seconds. This is slightly faster, not slower, than Chris Johnson.
    My money’s on “Lightning” Bolt.

  42. Jokers when bolt ran the 9.58 he broke every track record along the way. If you use your heads Johnson has not yet broken 10 flat . They are not in the same league. The difference is the nfl combine does not measure reaction time. If you remove Bolts reaction time in that same race and use Nfl timing methods he would do about 3,95 for forty yards, Its almost like giving him a running start. Remember when he runs relays he always clocks way under 9 seconds for 100 meters not yards. Johnson was not beating his peers in college . Bolt will beat him by several meters over 40 yards. Stop daydreaming . An American is not the worlds fastest human no matter how you try to juggle it. Just to set it straight Tyson gay would smoke Johnso as well. These guys are professional sprinters so stop the day dreaming

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