Another $160 autograph signing for Tim Tebow

We don’t yet know how much money Tim Tebow will make on his rookie contract. But he sure does have a lucrative side business signing autographs.

Tebow appeared at an autograph signing in Florida today and — for the second time this month — charged $160 apiece for his signature. The Palm Beach Post (which, in a questionable journalistic decision, signed on as a sponsor of the event) reports that about 900 people showed up.

At $160 each, 900 autographs would generate $144,000. Not bad for four hours’ work — and that’s about $100,000 less than he generated last time he charged $160 for his signature. And we haven’t even gotten to the photographs, which were another $75 apiece.

The Post reports that Tebow wrote a $50,000 check for the Tim Tebow Foundation, which will in turn give money to orphanages and the Boys & Girls Clubs. The Post doesn’t tell us how much money the Tebow Foundation is giving away, how much the Tebow Foundation is keeping, how much Tebow himself is keeping, or how much the event organizers — a company called Palm Beach Autographs — are keeping.

The Post also doesn’t say how much it spent to sponsor the event. Whatever it was, the paper is clearly happy to be in the Tebow business: The Post‘s story is written in such a way that the reader is made to feel like Tebow provided a wonderful service during his four hours signing his name today.

There’s only one athlete in America who can charge $160 for his autograph and come away from it looking like a saint, and that one is Tim Tebow.

97 responses to “Another $160 autograph signing for Tim Tebow

  1. $160.00 for a Tebow autograph? He won’t be worth $160.oo in the NFL and will be in Arena League 2 in a couple of years…as a backup.

  2. Who are the jerk-offs that pay this overrated Jesus freak $160 a pop for an autograph?

  3. I hope the Pats don’t draft him, the media up here in New England would eat him alive.

  4. This turnout was smaller because sarah palin was holding a tea party at the same time.

  5. “A rich man trying to enter the kingdom of heaven is like a camel trying to pass through the eye of a needle.” Jesus.

  6. $160 for a Tim Tebow autograph? For a guy who’s never taken a snap in the NFL? For $100 I could meet and get an autograph from a NFL legend like Joe Namath.
    And Namath doesn’t claim to walk on water.

  7. If anyone’s interested, I’ll sell you autographs of Akili Smith, Rick Mirer and Ryan Leaf.
    All three for $150.
    That’s a way better deal. 3 autographs of guys who couldn’t hack it in the NFL for $10 less than 1. Come on guys. Get on this one.

  8. Last time I though; what a douchebag move..
    This time; I have lost all respect for the guy and I hope he busts..
    Weren’t his dad and management certain that he was gonna be a top 15 pick? If he’s a top 15, he doesn’t need this..

  9. TT, is what professional sports needs right now (Woods, Porter, etc.) He is what our young kids need to emulate. Couldn’t pick a beeter role model, outside of Dad, for my son!

  10. We just left the signing event in Palm Beach Gardens at 7:00 PM and there were about another 100 people in line so he put in a full day’s work (regardless of the huge paycheck). It started at 1:00 PM. My wife is a Gator, I’m a Commodore and I’m no fan of his. I give the guy credit though, he looked like a rented mule up there and the fact that he’s giving any of the proceeds to charity puts him above criticism from this profit-only website (NBC, GE?). Florio, does Tebow need to give you another “disarming” phone call for you to melt like butter again? Try to stop short of calling him “dreamy” this time. And please stop trying to act like this kid isn’t already a more altruistic human than anyone that writes for profit on this website. Stick to reporting, that’s why we click on your website. When you opine, you confirm what Rich Eisen said to your face on NFL Network, “Florio, you’re just a mixer”.

  11. Yeah…
    If I was Tim Tebow I would be trying to get all the money i could too.
    His autograph is worth $160 now. It’s not going to worth crap in 4 years.
    Tim Tebow recognizes supply and demand.
    Jesus taught him everyting he knows.

  12. f’in smart. he prolly thought “hey, this NFL thing might not pan out” now he can bank off being famous for as long as possible and stack funds.
    dollar dollar bills.

  13. It’ll definitely be worth keeping – in three years when the trade value is equal to a Chris Weinke autograph recycling will be much more efficient. You get ’em Jesus guy – and who cares if you’re a 3rd string TE who’ll eventually be cut.

  14. If even 1% went to charity that is probably 100% more than most guys in his position are donating.
    At times it seems that Tebow is more hated than guys like Leonard Little and Michael Vick. Just makes no sense.
    And he probably won’t make it in the NFL, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a winner and leader as a college athlete. The hardware alone at that level justifies the price tag.

  15. and cheeseteak, you’d do well to learn about Pat Tillman and use him as an example for kids to emulate – the guy lived his life not worrying about money and made a huge impact on society.

  16. I wouldn’t go to a signing if his autographs were free. Guy hasn’t played a down in the NFL and I honestly don’t give a damn about his college accomplishments. Do idiots really think he will be some future super star ?

  17. Like Al Gore making money for lecturing others about Global Warming. Or libby fundraising for BS programs. Nobody knows where that money goes either.
    How about your auction for the baby here, Mike? How do we know where that money went? Hmmmm? Hypocrites never win.

  18. If those who paid $160 for his autograph want to see what it will be worth in the future, they can just look up what Eric Crouch and Danny Wuerffel autographs are worth today.

  19. Still chuckling…PFT calling out the journalistic ethics of another news publication. LMAO!

  20. He funnels the proceeds to right-wing extremist groups that blow up abortion clinics.

  21. ppl need to get off tebow. even if he doesnt pan out in the nfl he will be a legend in florida 4ever. as a legend in a city u will be able 2 make a ton of money. hate on him all u want but tebow is a good guy and will be rich reguardless.

  22. Tebow, you PBA failure. Quit charging people for your signature. In a couple of years, plenty of people will get it for free when you sign off on the 2013 Ford Mustang deal one of your salesmen brings to the table….You suck and you make me and Danny Wuerful feel sick!

  23. wow he realy is a saint for “giving away” his signature for “only” 160$ what a great guy. translation: SUCK IT TEBOW. so he gives, maybe a 3rd of it to charity wich is nice. But what about all the kids who do look up to Tebow but cant afford 160$ for his autograph? I dunno but i feel as tho he could have still done something for his foundation and not charge a 10 y/o kid 160 bucks. but who am i to say.

  24. You’re a weird bunch.
    What the hell do you care what this guy does with his money?
    If he is a Christian, then what he does with his successes is between him and God.
    Just worry about a decent draft anaysis.

  25. yea you and this site have nothing personal against tebow but feel it neccesary to reort any and everything he does and put a negative spin on it. try as hard as you can but the only thing you have on him is that he is making money selling his name? wow that puts right up there with pac man and vic doesn’t it?it is none of your buisness what he does with that money,do you tell us your loyal readers what you do with yours? I never realy cared anything about him before you launched your crusade against him but I hope he makes it big time and stiffs you and all the others who wrote all the negative stories about him when it comes to interviews. but you and your scources would just make up stuff anyway right?did you check with the other guys in the room about the prayer request like he suggested?I am betting you have not and will not and just go with what your guy says and call him a liar and leave at that.

  26. Ha ha ha!!!! Now just what qualifies as a questionable journalistic decision? Is that where you hold off on a story to check your sources? Did you learn that term at a MSNBC seminar? The word journalism does not apply to any of this stuff. I think the word is now a synonym for the word entertainment

  27. Frickin’ dopes! I’ll bet you are the morons that turn your head at the homeless. Tebow probably does more good for the less fortunate in ONE day than y’all will for your entire lives.
    Good luck… we know who you are… the ones wearing the tinfoil hats.

  28. he writes a 50k check for his charity after collecting a 160$ contributions from his flock?
    what’s wrong with that?

  29. # cheesesteak says: March 27, 2010 8:25 PM
    TT, is what professional sports needs right now (Woods, Porter, etc.) He is what our young kids need to emulate. Couldn’t pick a beeter role model, outside of Dad, for my son!
    you may want to, just so your son has a beeter chance at an education…

  30. Dumb asses, the signers don’t set the price for the autographs. They are paid a set fee for a block of time in which they are required to sign/take pictures, etc… The promoter, Palm Beach Autographs in this case, set the prices that they are going to charge per autograph and or picture. Ultimately the market sets the price as people choose what they are willing to pay and in this case plenty decided to pay the $160.00.

  31. @ silverreign LMFAO my thoughts exactly! Never have truer words been written!! GREAT comment!!!

  32. why does everyone pick on tebow?!? who cares what he charges, you would charge the same thing if u could florio but not one person would go to an autograph signing unless they wanted to punch you. leave him alone for once. and how do people compare him to ryan leaf? leaf was a high draft pick. tebow wont be. also no matter what this guy will be rich as hell. he is loved in florida and will be set for life. gerry mcnamara who played basketball at syracuse a few years back is a celebrity there, he is in car commercials and on billboards for advertising alone. Tebow can at least do this times 10. Tebow is a bigger and more accomplished star. Tebow is set for life and he deserves every dollar he makes.

  33. He BETTER sell his autograghs now because he won’t get squat for them after he flops in the NFL.

  34. So stinkin’ what?
    – We live in a free country where is man is allowed to make a living by selling his autograph (if there happens to be a market for it).
    – TT is selling his autograph based upon his success as a college FB player (one of the best ever), NOT on what he will or will not do in the NFL.
    – Once a person spends his/her money for a good (such as an autograph) or serivce, it is none of their business how that money is used. Buying an autograph is not the same as making a charitable contribution (for which, by law, you are not allowed to recieve anything in return).
    If you don’t like Tim Tebow- fine. But do really need to pile on him for stuff that is legal, ethical, and charitable (50k is 50k, no matter how much he keeps)?

  35. I’ll take an ounce of weed over a Tebow autograph any day of the week.
    Anyone who thinks they’re so great that they need $160 to sign a piece of paper for someone can eat shit in my book. Go to hell Tebow (since you’re so convinced there is one).

  36. Jeezzzzz why are people being suck haters. I’m no devote Catholic and haven’t been to church in years but think he’s a great role model. Jared Allen is an elite defensive end and see his face on interviews and ESPN frequently. People love him and love his personality and look up to him. DUDE!!!!! The guys been convicted on numberous DUI charges. GOD BLESS his soul but wan’t Steve McNair getting DUI’s every offseason. Plus the retard that complained about 10yr olds not being able to get a $160 autograph from Tebow is such a knit pickers. Thats the name of the game. Yeah $160 might be a bit much but like the article said about 900 people were present. Doesn’t matter if he is a bust, he’s still part of history and will charge in the $70 per auto range in the future(if he really busted). Troy Smith still charges about $40 an auto. Tebow will definitely demand more than that. I personally think you guys are just jealous on him because he’s an easy target to pick on online. The guy could squeeze your head like a lemon.

  37. About one year from now those Tebow autographs will have about the exact same value as all those Obama Presidential collectibles people scarfed up 14 months ago, i.e. almost zero !
    So, buy people, buy !!!!!

  38. This story sucked the first two times around.
    Danny Wurawful and Kurt Warner.
    Go home Teblow.

  39. that is some shysty sh*t right there!!, i hope he gets drafted in the 7th round!!,lol by the colts, get the minimum low contract and never play!!!

  40. I want to fight every piece of shit who wasted $160 for his signature. This story should’ve read “Tebow sets up outrageous signing but no one shows up”…

  41. Why does this site hate Tebow so much? I used to hate him because he was a Gator. However, now that so many people, including PFT, are hating on him for EVERYTHING he does, I’m starting to pull for him.
    He seems like a good kid and tries to the right thing with his heart being in the right place. Would it kill PFT or any other media outlet (like it or not Mike, you are now a member of the media) to give us some news about athletes that are good people and that news isn’t slanted to try and make us hate them? This slant only works on the uneducated or those that hate their own lives so much that ripping someone else’s makes them feel better.
    Since when is it a sin to make money? Everyone in the media and most politicians want us to feel as if those of us who work hard and demand to be paid for our work are somehow greedy. If Tim Tebow can get $160 for an autograph then more power to him. If he wanted to keep every dime of it for himself and spend it on gold fronts, more power to him. Does this make him a bad person? Just because the kid says he is a Christian doesn’t mean he can’t make money or demand to be compensated for his time. If people don’t like it, don’t pay for his autograph and that gravy train will stop. Trying to make him look bad or greedy for doing this is plain stupid and is the exact same attitude that is making our society lazy and dependent on the government for handouts.
    I’ve said my peace for the one person who actually reads all of this!

  42. So it’s completely obvious that Tebow is your new whipping boy since Warner is retired, eh Florio? What does it have to do with actual NFL reporting that he had a paid autograph session? What business is it of mine what he does in his own time? We are all accountable for ourselves. Tim Tebow will answer for himself and you will for yourself as well Mike. One of the questions you will hear will be “Why did you constantly run down and try to smear my people at any and every turn?” What could you possibly say in return? I just hope you get it right bro and aren’t one of the ones that hear “Depart from me for I never knew you.”

  43. I happened to be in the area at the time and decided to walk by. There were a lot of Gator fans and everybody seemed pretty happy, even with the large price tag. I was there around 1 PM and another poster said he was still there around 7 Pm. That’s a lot of autographs and photo ops. Hard work. I wouldn’t want to have to do it. He took it well though, he seemed to be a genuinely nice guy in his interactions with others. I didn’t get a chance to get up next to him because it was roped off, but I stood to the side about 30 feet away. He didn’t look that big to me. I was really surprised cause I expected him to be more solid.

  44. Funny, I don’t MDS or Floor-Boy complaing about any other players who do this. How many of those players immediately give 50k to charity?
    Oh and MDS, hate to do your job for ya but I’m pretty sure charities have to file papers that tell the public how much money they took in and how much they gave out for their non tax status.

  45. My problem isn’t Tebow having a religion, it’s that he’s the “shovel my book down your throat” type of religious. Wanna say a prayer? fine. Wanna wear a crucifix or Star of David or that moon thingy? go ahead. Wanna hold a faith group for people OF YOUR religion? All well and good. Wanna tell me I’m an a-hole because I DON’T pray, wear jewelry or sit in your group? Well F**K YOU.
    It’s all I’m saying. As for the $160 autos? Wait til ya win NFL MVP, or at least get a couple Playoff victories under your belt.

  46. “Tebow wrote a $50,000 check for the Tim Tebow Foundation, which will in turn give money to orphanages and the Boys & Girls Clubs.”
    What a dick. Helping orphans. Dick.

  47. Last Christmas I was Looking at Mini Helmets Online and I found a Sonny Jurgensen ( Hall of Fame AMAZING Redskins QB) For 110$. )Thats Just Sad.

  48. silverreign , U seem a lil unstable? Mr. Tebow is a virgin not a rapist! So he says? I am a gator hater USF fan, But a qb rapist? Come on see your DR or Pharmacist ASAP U need some meds!!!And for all the other HATERS , NFL or not he will be As Dave Chappell says Im rich bitch!

  49. @ The_Emperor
    Wanna tell me I’m an a-hole because I DON’T pray, wear jewelry or sit in your group? Well F**K YOU.
    Tebow told you you were an A-Hole?
    All the girls in middle school hated the hot girl because everyone liked her. Now that were grown up, we’re much more sophisticated. We choose to hate people that appear to be doing more good than we are. Its hard to believe so many people hate Tim Tebow only because of his religion. With all the bad behavior of pro athletes these days somehow Tim Tebow gets bumped to the top of the list for donating half of his income in a day to a charitable cause. Remember, Tim didn’t set the price, and the $144,000 goes to the promoting company. Tim may make 100k. If thats the case, how many of us are giving half our earnings to help other people? Tim Tebow is a better dude than me and I refuse to hate him for it.

  50. Sounds like a dumb move by Tebow, if he wants to get drafted early and receive a big contract. He already is considered one of the QBs who is least prepared for the NFL, but he had a good reputation. Now he is showing teams he is a greedy little punk, who requires $ 160 from fans for his autograph. Everyone remembers the Mean Joe Greene commercial, where he gives the little kid his towel. Now owners can look forward to a commercial like the following: Tebow leaves the field after a hard game and a little kid asks him for his autograph, Tebow tells the kid that his autograph costs $ 500 (price goes up when he is a pro), he knocks the kid to the ground as he pushes him out of his way and then as the kid lies on the ground crying, Tebow walks away laughing. This could be a commercial to try to sell season tickets, with the closing phrase “Please buy more season tickets, so we can keep Tebow happy!”

  51. Hmmm, I wonder why he charges $160 for an autograph?? IT’S BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL PAY THAT MUCH. It’s not that hard. If nobody shows up, then the price will go down.

  52. Gotta love all these broke-ass haters that couldn’t get paid $160 to do anything.
    “Everyone remembers the Mean Joe Greene commercial, where he gives the little kid his towel.”
    It was a jersey. Do you ever wonder what “Mean Joe” charged to do that commercial? Oh, I forgot that only roided-up freaks are allowed to make money.

  53. I wonder if Florio ever donated $50K to charity? In fact I wonder if all PFT have collectively donated $50,000 to charity. Just kidding. I don’t really wonder about that. I know they haven’t.

  54. Tebow is a jerk for doing this but the people who are paying the money are idiots. Wouldn’t it be great if an athlete set up one of these pathetic events and on one showed up?

  55. Yeah, if this were purely for profit – the market is clearly dictating he could charge even more than $160.
    Tebow seems like a smart guy who “gets it” – he probably realizes that he is at the peak of his fame as an athlete. Therefore, this is the time when he can be most effective in advancing the causes he believes in. So why not go hard and connect with as many people as possible and raise as much money as possible?
    I’m not sure what people want out of this kid.

  56. Would he sign my Bible? The Christian thing to do would be to sign it for free right?

  57. “Yeah, if this were purely for profit – the market is clearly dictating he could charge even more than $160.
    Tebow seems like a smart guy who “gets it” – he probably realizes that he is at the peak of his fame as an athlete. Therefore, this is the time when he can be most effective in advancing the causes he believes in. So why not go hard and connect with as many people as possible and raise as much money as possible?
    I’m not sure what people want out of this kid. “

    They want him to quit acting holier than thou and shoving his piousness in everyone’s face. You don’t have to talk it to walk it. Just walk it and let everyone follow in your example.

  58. Wow, you guys really have it in for him. Look, I’m not a fan of the Gators and I’m no “Jesus Freak” but man, I can only think that you KNOW that posts like this will generate traffic to this site because you’re definitely not providing unbiased coverage of the guy. The sad thing is that you can get away with this because you know that he won’t shut you out.

  59. Bob – I totally agree. I just don’t see that here. If he did call for prayer before the test in a room full of strangers, that crosses the line and I said so.
    But holding an event where his fans donate money to his cause in exchange for some time / pic / autograph…I don’t see that as ramming anything down anyone’s throat.
    I went through this with Reggie White, and trust me – if Tebow ends up being a great QB (doubtful) the fans of that team won’t care if he holds high mass in the huddle.

  60. I cannot believe Tebow is out there earning money. Doesn’t he understand that in this day and age of Obama, profit is bad? And, with this guy, next thing you know players from both teams might huddle together after games and pray. When will it ever end with this guy?

  61. I was there at the Gardens event all day…and am amazed at all the misinformation put forth by the “media”. There were more than 900 people there…more like 1500, half of whom just came for the excitement and didn’t purchase a thing. The rest were dedicated fans who stood in line for autographs or pictures. A third of the rest were there for an autorgraph, but for each autograph ticket, seemed like there were at least 3 family members who got to go up on stage and actually meet and talk to Tim for their ONE ticket. It’s not the autograph that was so valuable…it was the opportunity for those fans to actually meet…and more importantly, be inspired by, Tim Tebow.
    The other two-thirds of the remaining people were there for a family photo with Tim…one family had 12 members…most had at least 4. Again…ONE photo ticket entitled all of the family members to climb on stage, meet, shake hands, get hugs, and yes..get their family photo taken with Tim Tebow – to be cherished for years to come.
    Now…go do the math yourself. Surely those posting negative comments must have something better to do with their time that bash a guy who is serving as such a great role model for our kids.

  62. I’d pay $160 for an autographed copy of QBF.
    I’d also accept $16 for my autograph.

  63. He isn’t forcing anyone to come and get his autograph, if he is donating most of it even 10$ an autograph then who cares. I dont see Tom Brady or Peyton Manning raising additional funds and they are super rich. Bottom line is fi you dont want his auto dont get one.

  64. OLD NEWS: You are just trying to create a new story from a very old one. Tebow has tradionally not wanted to sign autographs for adults, but always children. Why, you ask? Because the autographs he signed immediately would end up on Ebay for sale many of the times. Money was exchanging hands for his signature all of the time and it was for profit.
    He, in what should be deemed a smart decision by a logical and reasonable person, thought it would be better to get the money into charity’s hand. If they still continue to put his signatures on Ebay, well, at least they have a cost to it.
    The guy should be commended. Once again, he is doing something for the less fortunate, and on the flip side, there are many whiners and haters who do nothing for anyone but themselves attacking him. Ahhh life in these United States today.

  65. If I had $160 to waste on a Tim Tebow autograph, I’d be happy to waste the autograph itself.
    $160 of dispensable income to rip up Tebow’s autograph in front of his face? Well worth it.
    Could I pay $75 for a picture of me doing that?
    I think I’d rather spend $160 on a round trip plane ticket to Jacksonville and leave a flaming bag of poo on his doorstep.
    Colt still gives out autographs for free, you queer Tebow fans.

  66. Bronkko, silverreign, TFBuckFutter – Thank you! All very funny.
    Tebow is a one man marketing machine interested only in his own self-promotion and personal gains…………. Oh no, wait, that’s what everyone says about Chad 85 every time he makes a move. What’s the difference here guys? Proven Talent? Skin Color? What? Really, what’s the difference? Because Jesus told Tebow to charge $160 for his signature? Because Tebow loves the Bible? Because Tebow is a “great person?” Please, this guy’s no better than you or I, he just has a spotlight, a great college career, and a hook for Christians, that’s it.


  68. Glider, I agree with you.
    The rest of you need to get over the fact that no one wants to spend four hours standing in line only to drop 160 bones for the pleasure of getting you to sign your name. Even if he takes every last time he made from the event and spent it on keeping a private jet, what is that to you?
    This is still America(I don’t know for how much longer, though) and that is why our country rules, because he has the freedom to set a price, and you have the freedom to decide if that is too much for you to spend.
    BEETLE490715, it’s time for your meds, and a bed check.
    I am not a particular Tebow fan, and think he is dangerously close to the national over-exposure line. But just like Howard Stern or Rush, change the channel when he comes on, and go do something productive enough to warrant that kind of attention so you can then show the world how a person of consequence ought to handle the spotlight.

  69. As a graduate of FSU I found it difficult at first to be a Tim Tebow fan but as this young man’s life has progressed I have become as impressed as ever, not just of his accomplishments on the field but more so off.
    I do not have to remind any of you of the prolific career that he accomplished with a wonderfully talented team and coach behind him, but may have to remind you of what he did not do…leave college early for the pros and a big payday that is. Many, if not most said that this is was a stupid and risky decision but whatever you believe, this man thought otherwise and took a risk that most of us would have not and risked a career threatening injury before his professional career even had begun. If nothing else, this merits his charging whatever a free market economy is willing to pay for someone that is more than just a star to his loyal fans, but a true hero as well.
    So for anyone to begrudge this man this opportunity to raise funds for who or whatever should be ashamed. He has earned every right.
    So the first of you that thinks this is immoral or unjust “Cast that first stone,” and let us know what you might do if you where in his shoes.

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