Childress keeping options open on Westbrook

BrianWestbrook.jpgWhile the Vikings were waiting for running back LaDainian Tomlinson to decide between Minnesota and New York, coach Brad Childress told our friends at KFAN that Albert Young is a candidate to serve as Adrian Peterson’s primary backup.

In that same discussion, Childress said that the Vikings aren’t interested in free-agent Brian Westbrook.

At the annual meetings in Orlando, Childress suggested that the door is open.

“He is a good player, and I have a lot of admiration and respect for
him,” Childress said, per the Philadelphia Daily News.  “I do not know if we are far enough down the
free-agent trail yet, but he is certainly a guy that is on our board and
on our list
, as are others.  There is no interest as of right this
second, but do I respect his abilities, absolutely.  I have a lot of
admiration for him.”

Possible translations?  One, “We really don’t want him but there’s no reason to disrespect him.”  Two, “We need to keep him in the mix if we don’t like what we see from Albert Young in the offseason or training camp.”  Three, “Maybe no one will trade in front of us in round three or four while we’re planning to jump on a tailback who has squirted through.”

And, of course, 15 percent of you will believe Childress actually said one or more of those things.

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  1. If he is clear of his concussion problems, Westbrook would be a great compliment to Peterson. Westbrook is an excellent pass catching RB who can break long runs at any time. I’ve said all along that a healthy Westbrook would be a better addition to the Vikings then a healthy LT. It’s just his concussion problems, one hit to the head and he could be out for the year.

  2. Vikings are better off drafting a guy like McCluster than getting Westbrook who is one big hit away from an ended career if not already.

  3. ‘And, of course, 15 percent of you will believe Childress actually said one or more of those things.’
    oh here we go…

  4. 6 wins, 8 wins, 10 wins + playoff loss, 12 wins + playoff win and still this thread will more than likely turn into a Childress bashfest.
    Not with this fan.
    I used to be big into getting to know draft prospects before April. I don’t bother anymore because thanks to Brad (and obv Spielman and Zig), the draft is more like Christmas morning for Vikings fans.
    Long live the Chill.

  5. Another possible translation is that Childress meant what he said, and does not actually have anything else in mind when it comes to Westbrook.
    Have you ever thought that he could be honest?
    I know. I just blew your mind.

  6. Westbrook is injury prone but his skill set fits what the Vikings lost in Chester Taylor. I have a gut feeling that the Vikings take Jahvid Best in the first round of next months draft. If they dont get an RB in the draft than Westbrook is a viable option.

  7. Chilly has to run this by LORD FARVE,…who tried to recruit LT to come to Minnesota, even though he hasn’t made up his mind, whether or not he’s coming back this year

  8. I hope he lands somewhere – he deserves it – one of the best both on and off the field.

  9. Actual translation: They are waiting for the draft and if they still have a need they will look at remaining free agent “options.” As for Westbrook, he is off the page unless the medical people give him a clear go ahead, which is unlikely.

  10. Another possibility is the Col Klink talks out of his ass without any conviction one way or the other. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Westbrook played for Klink because Klink was a OC that didn’t call the plays. That’s like the Security Guards at the Mall, they wear a uniform but in place of a gun, they carry a walkie-talkie. A wannabe, but never the real deal. But I digress, the point is that if Klink really thought Westbrook was the answer, he would have put the idea in front of BrINT Favre and have gotten it approved.
    Until that happens, the Vikings will never sign Westbrook.

  11. Is Childo just doing his buds (McNabb and BW) a solid, keeping there names out there? I think he should try to get McNabb, but the Eagles won’t trade him in the conference (I don’t think?). And BW? Why would he take the risk on an old, concussed RB, the easiest, cheapest position to fill through the draft? Not to mention you have guys on the roster.

  12. first of all, Westbrook would be a perfect fit in this offense because the Vike’s could still keep their slots and have an additional weapon of distraction in Westbrook. He could be slotted or double backfeilded with AP. Also, rest for AP is essential! West could produce and give the star some breathers.
    On a side note, I was sad to see Brian go. . . both of them . Dawk and Westbrook 😦

  13. Chilly is waiting to hear what Brett thinks as he is now more important then the owner coach and the the other 52 men on the team
    Oh lord Brett please guide us to the promised land please please please tell when to come pick you up at the airport so I may kiss your old ass again and fall short of the promised land by one bad pass

  14. Maybe he should schedule visits with all these dudes so he can kiss their asses like he’s done with D-bag Favrayyyyyy.


  16. last starfighter says:
    March 27, 2010 4:38 PM
    What are Chilli’s options with Westbrook? Spit or swallow
    You are thinkgin of your Packer GM.
    Ted “altenative lifestyle” Thompson.
    Last, you are gayer than TT’s boyrfreind.

  17. Hey McNabb fan, based on your typing style I’d say you accidental wandered over on to this site from redstate.

  18. What are Chilli’s options with Westbrook? Spit or swallow
    Since he is already full of “Favre seed” I would assume spit. Although I hear Favre is throwing with high school wide receivers again, does this mean another comeback….or, due to the fact that he techinically never left, would he be “pondering passing when he should have run.”
    HaHa, I will never get sick of Paul Allen’s meltdowns on the radio……..
    “Why do you even ponder passing.”

  19. Yeah, Childress is an idiot for trying to get Favre to play for him….
    Unless you’re a Saints or Colts fan, fact is, Brett Favre played better than your QB last year (at age 40 by the way) and it was because of Childress.
    Childress haters are such tards. I get why you would hate Favre for the flip flopping and the media attention, but what beyond trying to get a future hall of famer has Childress done to deserve such disdain?
    JimmySmith– that was probably your worst, most incoherent post I’ve ever seen from you and that is truly saying something. I love how you consider Childress a moron who has outcoached and beaten your Packers three straight times.

  20. I think Childress likes Westbrook too much to enable him to destroy his long term mental health with concussions wearing a Vikes uniform. That’s my two cents.

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