Ravens' PR man contrasts Flacco, Roethlisberger

Public relations people usually try to be diplomatic, but the Baltimore Ravens’ PR man took a little shot at Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger at the annual league meetings this week.

The shot was taken during the media breakfast for AFC coaches, where about 30 members of the media waited to grill Steelers coach Mike Tomlin about Roethlisberger. Only five reporters wanted to talk to Ravens coach John Harbaugh.

Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun reports that Ravens
public relations executive Kevin Byrne observed the sparse crowd around Harbaugh’s table and made a joke contrasting the
personal lives of Roethlisberger and Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

Said Byrne, “I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got a quarterback who prefers to spend his nights watching TV on his mom’s couch.”

120 responses to “Ravens' PR man contrasts Flacco, Roethlisberger

  1. Sad that MDS thinks that was a jab. That perspective, is indicative of what is reported that steers what many outside of pro sports think is the norm.

  2. So not only is Flacco a loser than can’t beat Ben and has most of his total yardage on dump offs to Ray Rice, he also prefers to spend his weekends on his mom’s couch. Interesting.

  3. Not sure what that says about Flacco’s personal life, but as a Steeler fan all I can say is “touche´”.

  4. Nobody would want to go out “on the town” with Flacco anyway. Talk about no personality. Dude is like Frankenstein. Shoot…he probably spends more time trying to pluck his unibrow than he does with girls….

  5. I hate the Steelers, and love the city of Baltimore. Still, it should be obvious that the Steelers are going to get more press. They’re more popular, so even if Big Ben wasn’t in trouble, the Steelers would still get more attention.

  6. Non-story. Though I think we can all agree that we’d rather have my QB sitting at home rather than sexually assaulting women in the bathroom.

  7. # DanRooney says: March 27, 2010 8:29 PM
    So not only is Flacco a loser than can’t beat Ben and has most of his total yardage on dump offs to Ray Rice, he also prefers to spend his weekends on his mom’s couch. Interesting.
    Damn, sounds like you’re really jealous that the Ravens 2nd best running back is better than anything the Steelers have. How is “fast” Willie Parker and “guaranteed big game” Mendenhall working out for you?
    And yes, Flacco prefers his mom’s couch, as opposed to his mom’s bed like you inbreds up there resort to.

  8. Dan Rooney…is that the same Ray Rice that ran over your “feared” defense this year????
    You want to talk loser….at least Flacco does not have to get 20 year olds drunk to have sex in the bathroom of some dive….wow your QB is a winner!!!

  9. I’d rather be a qb sitting on my mothers couch instead of a 100 million dollar idiot qb that has to rape people in the bathroom while his boys block the door. hope that piece of @#^$ goes to jail!!! would be great!

  10. I may be in the minority but I am not sure who ends up taking more of that jab Ben or Flacco

  11. That really isn’t fair. Ben spends plenty of nights a week on the couch. He may be feeding Jacksons in g strings but it is still a couch.

  12. LOL I guess thats how the losing qbs of the league spend their nights. hahah actually is kinda funny a grown ass man spending his nights on his moms couch anyway..Lol could of been a jab at his own Qb….lol

  13. @ every one of you idiot Squealer fans that had the nerve to comment here – At least Flacco wasn’t raping the girls you are talking about.

  14. Flacco’s been dating the same girl for years so he doesn’t have to go out and rape chicks like Ben. Just sayin’…

  15. Flacco’s been dating the same girl for years so he doesn’t have to go out and rape chicks like Ben. Just sayin’…

  16. Unibrow is annoying and overrated; however I do wish Ben would take a page out of his book, and sit home once in a while.

  17. Ben is a douche for being a 28 or whatever year old 2 time superbowl champion wanting all this rabid attention at a college bar. I mean, get over yourself. Aren’t you too old to be in college bars?

  18. # DanRooney says: March 27, 2010 8:29 PM
    “So not only is Flacco a loser than can’t beat Ben and has most of his total yardage on dump offs to Ray Rice, he also prefers to spend his weekends on his mom’s couch. Interesting.”
    And he has two less sexual assault allegations than your QB, something else for you to boast about!

  19. Hey Steeler fans, lay off Flacco. I’d rather have a guy like that than someone who has managed to get himself into these type of positions twice now. First time you question, but two times???Big Ben ought to be staying at home watching TV than out chasing you-know-what. He’d be less apt to get himself into these messes. As they say, where there’s smoke…there’s fire!

  20. Steelers Nation is now officially a “Soap Opera”!
    Good luck with “Big Ben” this year and throughout the rest of his career…all the on/off field comments, i.e., date rape Ben, etc. I’m sure will affect him between the ears and performance will start to drop.
    You can make fun of “unibrow” / “Bert” all you want, but what Kevin Byrne said, however funny, was very true! You can’t have your franchise QB as a distraction and expect him or the TEAM to be successful.
    Tomlin should seriously consider starting the bean pole (Dixon) this year.

  21. If Hensley was inferring that Roethlisberger should emulate Flacco (watch TV on his Mom’s couch), I guess nobody told him that Roethlisberger’s mother died years ago.

  22. Hey Stiller fans, worry about getting your QB under control, talk about a loser!!! I’ll take Flacco anyday vs Ben the rapist. Good one Kevin!!

  23. To all you steelers fans that make fun of Joe’s personal life, it’s a lot better than having a QB who has had multiple rape charges filed against him in a year.

  24. No personality . . . or a throwback to a past era.
    Where men were men, and didn’t have to be flashy or diva-ish to play the game and feel like they measure up.
    You weren’t going to see Johnny Unitas in the bathroom of a Georgia club having sex in a bathroom.
    Don’t hate because the Ravens have a quarterback who is not a dirtbag.
    FWIW, Ben is bribing anyone and everyone to make this go away. A DVR machine is suddenly broken, club owner is trying to make excuses for ben having relations with a girl in the bathroom of a club (and probably donkey-punching her if rumors are correct) . . . Witnesses are declining to be interviewed or re-interviewed.
    The power of the almighty dollar. Make all your problems and deviance go away.
    Maybe old school NFL players were more classy because they didn’t have the huge ammount of money to make this kind of stuff go away.

  25. Evolutionary scientists believe the unibrow will be an increasing physical trait in humans as the Earth’s ozone layer continues to disappear and the harsh UV radiation affects us surface dwelling homo sapiens in negative fashion. Flacco’s descendants spent too much time outside in the sun between 10 AM & 2 PM.

  26. If I am not mistaken… Flacco lives in Pikesville, MD in a townhouse with his brother Mike, who is a 3B prospect in the Orioles farm system… He apparently has a girlfriend, a girl he has been dating since his senior year of college named Dana Grady (can’t find a pic of her…). And I believe he drives a BMW that was loaned to him by a car dealer (it even has the words ‘this car was loaned by…’ in big letters on the back window, i believe).
    When you just talk about pure talent… he will be a top 10 QB in a few years and will probably be a better QB at that time then Roethlisberger ever was. Flacco may very well have the strongest arm in all of football.

  27. Maybe if Crappo played or hairbaugh coached in a super bowl more media would eb around them. Let Ray Lewis go kill another man,then lets see the media!

  28. I’m a fan of neither player or team but why would a Steelers fan bash Flacco? Is there any denying that Ben is a scumbag? Sure he can play but the guy is a perv.

  29. Adam David says:
    March 27, 2010 8:32 PM
    Maybe if Flacco didn’t have a unibrow he could get a date.. just sayin
    Your right…..BUT, maybe if Ben’s chick didnt have a black eye we wouldnt be having this conversation?!?!

  30. Flacco is still dating his college sweetheart. Maybe Ben would be better served being a one woman man like Flacco. Just sayin.

  31. @Cleric John Preston …
    Somehow it doesn’t seem right for a man calling himself “cleric” to come onto a Web site and spread rumors and gossip about a serious matter without one shred of evidence to back it up.
    It’s a serious case, try to stick to the facts instead of the nonsense you’re spewing. Ben may be a jackass, but with that post, you’re no better.
    Old school doesn’t lie.

  32. as a steeler fan i dont think that was a bad jab at the steelers in fact i thought it was funny

  33. If I lived in B’more, I’d stay home too …with the doors locked. Of course, if I lived in anytown where Ben visits, I would sit at home

  34. Dear steeler…lady?? (i bet not)…..a grownass man spending the night on his mothers couch?
    Maybe your QB should try staying at home for a change…

  35. # Iscull says: March 27, 2010 9:17 PM
    To all you steelers fans that make fun of Joe’s personal life, it’s a lot better than having a QB who has had multiple rape charges filed against him in a year.
    Let me spell it out nice and slow, in big letters, so you can understand:
    Roethlisberger has had ZERO RAPE CHARGES. The Nevada case is a civil suit, thus no charges, and if you believe that he is guilty there then you must also believe Ray Ray is a killer. No charges have been filed as of yet, though some SEXUAL ASSAULT charges may come in the future, time will only tell.
    @ Cleric John- are you referring to the same good old days when Broadway Joe was chasing every piece of tail he saw and Wilt Chamberlain was bumping uglies with anything that had a heartbeat. Yeah, our athletes used to be so pure. Or it could just be that the internet has allowed anybody and everybody with access (e.g., Florio) an opportunity to move information at a speed never before imagined.
    If I had to guess, I would go with our athletes used to be so pure…

  36. “I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got a quarterback who prefers to spend his nights watching TV on his mom’s couch.”
    All that tells me is that Flacco is a mama’s boy.
    And this is news why?

  37. I think Mr. Smith is just trying to start something. Until this Ben situation gets resolved one way or the other, Steelers management will be saddled with not answering questions that have nothing to do with football.
    The Rooney family cannot be happy with the present circumstances. It’s something that cannot be defended.

  38. While Im not a fan or hater of either team, ill say this. While Ben is out putting himself in a position to be labeled a rapist, Flacco (and most other players in the NFL) are at home with their families or loved ones not spending much of their wealth on lawyer fees.

  39. It’s ok Joe. Soon Ben might be sitting on a cold metal bed instead of a couch anyways, the way that deviant is going. 🙂 Ben’s Super Bowls were a direct result of the immense talent around him. They won despite his play. You might say he nearly raped his team’s chances at winning, but they pulled it out.

  40. AdamDavid:
    1. The uni-brow thing Ravens fans joke about too… so that doesn’t offend us.
    2. He has a girlfriend that he keeps on the DL very well.
    3. Obviously Roethlisberger CAN’T get a date, because he has to force himself on women.

  41. to stnmmc:
    They are giving Ben the special treatment because of his popularity and what image it would put on the Steeler’s organization and the NFL in general. I think they are waiting it out as long as possible until the Goodel finds a good way to handle it. Due to the recent Joey Porter incident, I believe it may be worse for Ben. Joey will be supsended for at least a couple of games, and even if Ben doesn’t get charged and it ends in a civil suit, he will still be out for a handful of games. Two reported rapes in a span of a year is a little suspicious.
    Also, with all the problems with the security footage it looks like Ben paid the club to discard all of the tape of that night. All in all, I really do hope Ben goes to jail. You know the special treatment rapists get in jail. 😉

  42. Yeah….getting bj’s from hot college women…..what a loser
    If Ray Lewis can beat a weapons charge I think that we are all safe.
    I am thinking that we have an opportunistic bar troll trying to pay for college.
    Hey metalman1320….go easy. Your shift at the gas station starts in a couple of hours and you need your rest. I mean you do live in the murder capital of the US. You might not make it until tomorrow. Bitch.

  43. Now lets compare Hines Ward to Donte Stallworth.
    Or even Harrison vs Lewis.
    Buregermuncher hasn’t been convicted yet, other people have.
    Those who live in glass houses…

  44. habibfromnewdehli says:
    Damn, sounds like you’re really jealous that the Ravens 2nd best running back is better than anything the Steelers have. How is “fast” Willie Parker and “guaranteed big game” Mendenhall working out for you?
    Rushing yards 1,166
    Rushing average 4.5
    Rushing TDs 7
    And this is on the same team with a quarterback that threw for over 4000 yards. Not bad if I say so myself.

  45. Wow…amazing how so many can blow off a rape accusation as though it’s nothing…. A battle of Super Bowl rings vs a Unibrow…How scary is that? So far there’s no proof that he did…and there’s no proof he didn’t… but two women have risked their own personal reputations, not to mention their lives (based on the replies here), to come forward to say it happened. Obviously the press feel it’s “true” enough to spend all their time at Mike Tomlin’s table…And the NFL thinks it’s serious enough to look into the accusations. I hope and pray it’s not true…I would hate to think it could/would ever happen…That a man could feel he’s above the law and could force himself on a woman. But it shouldn’t matter if you’re a Steeler’s fan or a Raven’s fan…(I’m a Charger’s fan, myself), stop minimizing what these ladies are saying and just pray, for both their sakes, and Ben’s, as well as Steeler’s fans who just totally LOVE their players, that it’s not true.

  46. I don’t have a dog in this fight but I have to say this….
    It seems to me that one QB is protecting his career while the other one isn’t.
    I’m not saying Ben is guilty of anything, but at the very least, he’s been putting himself in ugly situations, jeopardizing his career.
    Flacco seems hell bent on staying out of trouble, and I find it hard to rip the guy for that.

  47. Hey metalman. Before you diss on someone, learn proper grammar. Your and you’re are different, and for you to get bent out of shape by some dumb comments on this website is typical of the stupidity of the people posting here. I think the difference between “your” and “you’re” was probably taught to you in 2nd grade. Get a book because YOU’RE obviously bringing the mean IQ of Raven’s fans down.

  48. metallady1320- the Steelers and the rest of the NFL watched the Ravens destroy my Pats(Flacco was awful)..then watch the Colts beat the Ravens(Flacco was awful).
    last yr..Ravens beat Miami(Flacco was awful). Beat Tenn..(Flacco was awful)..lose to Steelers (Flacco was awful)..
    3-2 in playoffs..all 5 games he sucked like your Mom..
    who cares where he watched the playoffs jackass..he has 2 shiny rings.. The Steelers are just better than the Ravens…Because they have a franchise qb and the Ravens have Elvis Grbac jr..Get a life ahole..u live in Baltimore…have fun with that.. Go Orioles.. Go Browns..oh wait your the Ravens now…Go Ray Ray..u have killed as many people as Ben allegedly assaulted…Assault

  49. It’s very funny, reading the exchanges between the Shittsburghers and Baltimorons regarding who’s team has the worse criminal make-up. Hell, why not throw in the Ben-Gals, too??
    It’s like a retard convention…
    And, in the meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns are gonna walk right in and kick all of your asses…

  50. Ravenmaniac
    Maybe you all wouldn’t come across as such spit-drooling, nose-picking, booger-gobbling, knuckle-dragging chromosome-deficient mental retards if you hadn’t eaten all those paint chips and lead pencils when you were a kid. Sniffing all that paint thinner while spinning in your mom’s old gas dryer probably didn’t help much either.

  51. “# ArtModellsPimp says: March 28, 2010 7:16 AM
    And, in the meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns are gonna walk right in and kick all of your asses…”
    It’s a little early to be hitting the crack pipe ..isn’t it?

  52. I’m not a Steelers fan nor a Ravens fan, but I have to say, Flacco’s attitude is refreshing. He showed up to his first training camp in his grandma’s used car. He seems down-to-earth, conservative, and humble. That’s why the rest of the team likes him so much. Ben, on the other hand, seems to have a sense of entitlement and arrogance. And you get the feeling that if Ben lost his job tomorrow, he’d be broke in less than a year. You never hear Ben’s teammates talk about what a great guy he is, like the Ravens do about Joe. I’ve never met either one, but my impression is: Joe’s a nice kid and Ben’s not.

  53. Ya the Rooney’s must be proud to have their starting QB raping girls in the bathroom, now there is a standard for the rest of the world to aspire to.

  54. Anyone who spends their Saturday night commenting on PFT shouldn’t be admonishing Flacco for “not being able to find a date.”
    You’ll find someone, guys. Introducing yourself is half the battle. The other half is luring her into the handicap stall while your boy stands guard.

  55. First hand experience: my sister in law used to work at a particular restaurant in Towson, MD where Flacco would frequent every week. We went one time to see him, he was down to earth, every day Joe, signed and took and a picture for my 10 y/o cousin, and had no ‘crew’ or ‘security detail’ just his brother Mike and a buddy. He never had any blocked off areas, sat in the middle of the place, and never even got near a ladies bathroom!
    And Squealers fans, the bad part of Baltimore is not where the stadium is, and only a freaking small part of Raven nation. Don’t be an ignorant moron. Difficult, I know…

  56. Gotta love the Ravens fans who love to jump on Big Ben even though their team is filled with murderers. And the irony that Ben hired the smae lawyer as Ray Lewis is lost upon them.
    Who becomes a Ravens fan anyway? I mean, it’s not even a real franchise. They were imported from another town and yet their fan base has the temerity to talk about the Colts franchise being stolen from them?
    Memo: the current count is 6-1. Come back when you get somewhere in our neighborhood. That would be Sixburgh, located in Western Pa.

  57. Simply put, Ben’s not winning any beauty contests. He can double for the Caveman in the Geico commercials. Hey Ben, leave your Man-Club @ home…that’s no way to impress the ladies!

  58. TasteTheSteel….get a life bud, post something on here that’s relevant to the conversation, not one that rips on a guy for accidently misspelling “you’re”.
    Flacco = Class….Ben=Ass
    @ ArtModellsPimp, thanks for the early morning laugh! Perfect way to start a day! Hahaha, the Cleveland Browns kicking ass….

  59. As a Ravens fan, I am not happy that Kevin Byrne dragged Flacco into the Roethlisberger fiasco. Joe Flacco has been a class act since he arrived in Baltimore and everything I have observed from afar says that this young man has his head on straight and will continue to be a good person as his parents gave him a good foundation.
    As the father of two attractive daughters that work in an upscale restaurant that Joe Flacco frequents when in the Baltimore area, they both say that he and the people that attend with him are gracious, polite and do not seek favor because of Joe’s QB stature. I have no worries like I know I would given Ben Roethlisberger’s reputation if it were him and his friends in attendance.
    With respect to on the field performance, I told the Steelers fans I know that they had their franchise QB immediately after his debut in Ravens stadium when Maddox got knocked out of the game. Roethlisberger is clearly a clutch performer and has already amassed success that one the greats of all time, Dan Marino, wishes he had.
    I hate the Steelers, AS A FOOTBALL RIVAL. While football has its metaphorical aspects to life and society, when it is said and done, it is just football and not actually life itself.
    I sincerely hope that Roethlisberger reflects on his off the field behavior and circumstances and finds a way to live life without hurting anyone and without the scandalous notoriety. I wish the same for the young ladies involved be they victim or charlatan. I wish all can get to a better place in their lives.
    I know I am not the only fan who wants to cheer a good competition, congratulate a rival when they win, celebrate with my fellow fans when our team wins AND NOT HAVE NEGATIVE OFF THE FIELD DRAMA take away from the sport of it all.

  60. @ArtModellsPimp …
    My original comment–which didn’t get posted–was “Congrats on a provocative headline about a nonstory.” The PR guy didn’t say anything insulting about Ben, and I doubt Joe Flacco spends his evenings on his mom’s couch.
    Considering all the comments this nonstory has generated, if our teams are as easily suckered as we are, this finally be the Browns’ year.

  61. I love the Steelers fans who can’t take a simple joke. The fact is I’m proud Flacco can be a good role model to kids in Baltimore. I know that it’s not an athletes job to be that, but I appreciate it anyway. Joe has had a girlfriend (since college I believe) and is very close to his family. Having solid relationships, and being close to ones family is the true quality of a man.
    And those who question Flaccos performance. Wait until this year. The Ravens “on paper” have the best offense in the AFC North. Kinda weird saying that.

  62. “# ArtModellsPimp says: March 28, 2010 7:16 AM
    And, in the meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns are gonna walk right in and kick all of your asses…”
    It’s a little early to be hitting the crack pipe ..isn’t it?

  63. Jaywon, I don’t think you should be taking shots at Big Ben’s Super Bowl rating given how pathetic Flacco has been in the playoffs. You will say he has gone 3 and 2 in the playoffs and I will use your own argument and say he posted a 10.0, 18.2, 48.4 and a 59.1 in 4 of those games. Overall, is playoff rating is 46.5 with his two worst games coming in the playoffs.
    57 of 120, for 660 yards, 1 TD and 6 INTs. That’s Flacco for you, under heat.
    As for this non-story, I have to say, in order, I want my QB to deliver super bowl rings while sitting at home versus trolling college bars. Just wondering, how many QBs in the NFL make that list? Not many.

  64. BigFella87..
    Flacco- playoff choker..Ben- 8-2 2 rings….deal with it jackass…
    art modells pimp…good one u jackass…

  65. Could it be that no one was around Harbaugh’s table because he is a douchey crybaby that isn’t very well liked?

  66. wow you pathetic steeler fans have to go on bout flacco’s uni brow just cuz ur jealous we made the playoffs over a super bowl champion team that u call urselves! cuz im willing to bet that u losers wud give anything to have a uni brow if you played a starting position in the NFL making millions of dollars! so shut up and have fun this coming year when the steelers take their humbled spot in 4th place in the AFC NORTH!!!! from the top to the bottom over night steelers! hows it feel

  67. The only reason there were so many people at Tomlin’s conference was because the media thought it was Bernie Mac.
    As for Rapistpervert, he is a fat ass like Jamarcus. Of course he has to lock chicks in a bathroom to rape them. They would never look at him otherwise.

  68. bledbloe…..dont be all pissed off because ur pretty boy qb is on the downslide of his carreer…how was flacco awful in the playoff game (you know that game, the one we annihilated your team)?? He did what he was asked to do.
    Remember all of the interceptions and the fumble Joe had…..oh wait that was tom terrific…
    Tom was AWFUL!!

  69. Enjoy the whole 6 to 1 SB comments and Big Jen’s 2 to 0 SB advantage while it lasts Stoolers fans. I’m pretty sure by the time the Ravens have been a franchise for SEVENTY-SEVEN years that scorecad will look a whole lot different.
    And before anyone goes on their “the Ravens have been around since 1946 rant, save your breath because you will never convince me it’s the same franchise. Art & Co. left the mistake by the lake following the 1995 season and never looked back. Since then, the Ravens have indeed won only one SB in 14 years, but I’ll take that over 0 in 64 years. 😉
    I also enjoy the trolls that try to dump on Coach Harbs when they have a coach that looks like a damn frog at the helm. I know, I know…he has a SB ring and Harbs doesn’t…yet. Yawn.
    Finally, if it’s true that Big Jen’s mom is indeed deceased…my condolences. But the thought of him setting up shop in casinos and clubs to sexually assault drunk chicks certainly has her rolling in her grave. Shame on him.

  70. ISCULL
    YOU JUST DO NOT GET IT. THERE IS NO RAPE IN THIS INCIDENT. it has never been mentioned, and I am willing to bet it never will.
    By constantly sounding off about rape you are desensitizing yourself and others to those who have been and will be real rape victims.
    It is not like the Porter incident, considering Porter broke the law and “assaulted” a police officer in broad daylight. McNutty was, well a nut.
    I am a Steeler fan, but I am not happy with the constant drama. You, however are spinning conspiracy theories and crossing your fingers that Ben will be bitch smacked.

  71. “Nobody would want to go out “on the town” with Flacco anyway.”
    Seems to me that going “out on the town” with Ben Rapenstein is a guarantee to get interviewed by the cops and assorted lawyers.
    Keep it.

  72. “Maybe if Flacco didn’t have a unibrow he could get a date.. just sayin”
    Apparently Rapeslisburger can’t get a date either, at least a consentual date.

  73. Macadamia you have to claim one, either the Baltimore Dolts or the Mistake by the Lake.
    There is no way you can claim that the Baltimore Ravens are a completely new and separate entity ala the Jacksonville Jags or Carolina Panthers.

  74. @Ravenmaniac …
    The Classy Fan card goes to people who are capable of neutral analysis, not to people who post a Rockwellian homage to Flacco while explaining how Ben would be living out of a gutter without football … based on no personal knowledge of Roethlisberger, his family, or his life.
    You really are losing it.
    For every story I’ve read about Ben partying and being a jackass, I’ve read another about him working for charity, staying late to sign autographs or talk to kids, and being a good customer. You guys have taken the bad stuff and blown it out of all proportion because it suits your agenda.
    “Class” has no place in this discussion.

  75. “# .Vox Veritas. says: March 28, 2010 12:29 PM
    Seems to me that going “out on the town” with Ben Rapenstein is a guarantee to get interviewed by the cops and assorted lawyers.”
    ..or in your case by the INS.
    Why don’t you quit feeding off this country’s welfare and Medicaid and go back to “Kooba”

  76. Deb…does that charity work include standing up a Make a Wish child????
    Both of us have to face the reality that we are mostly at the mercy of second hand info about bens character. I sometimes get insider info due to my brother and I have to admit he has never had anything bad to say with how ben has treated him. Remember, even the worst character people can pour on the kindness when it suits them. I think we have to sit back and see how this plays out. You have to admit so far ben is not doing a good job representing you as a fan or the steeler organization. I still say sometime soon he will be seeking professional help either on his own or mandated by the league.
    I have come to realize…I cannot live up to your lofty “class” standards and I would like to turn in my Classy Fan card…I am starting to think you maybe the only one in that club….if joking around is not allowed..I am not worthy……

  77. @Ravenmaniac …
    And I watched a lovely film of him fulfilling another child’s Make a Wish. Here’s the thing, Ravenmaniac: I’m under no illusions that the guy is swell fella. I’m not under that illusion about any public figure. But even if he stiffed every kid in the Make-a-Wish directory, it doesn’t make him a sex abuser. Jerk and predator aren’t interchangeable. A lot of predators are models of society. I don’t like lynchmob mentality. It’s ugly and dangerous. It’s to be expected of the not-terribly-bright. You’re way too smart for it … which is what irritates me.
    Take away the gossip, Ben-the-jerk stories, speculation, and stuff from unnamed sources, and here’s what’s left:
    A single 26-year-old guy went to a Nevada golf tournament and had sex in a hotel room with a hotel employee a few years older than him. No one alleges alcohol was involved. A year later she spun a tale you could drive a truck through while demanding $3 million. All evidence presented so far refutes her story.
    A single guy celebrating his 28th birthday went bar-hopping with some friends and met up with some students in their early 20s. A girl in the group later alleged he “sexually manipulated” her. That phrase has never been defined, but we know it wasn’t rape and there was no semen on her skin or clothing. A TV station quoted an unnamed source saying he “admitted” a consensual sex act/head injury. That story is oft repeated, but without official confirmation.
    That’s all we know … but it’s enough to convince you he needs professional help and everyone else that he’s a serial rapist who should go to prison, have his team sit him for a season, or be suspended by the league. Wow.
    Hope none of you are ever defendants in trials where your fate is in the hands of a jury of your peers.

  78. RavenManiac you need a life. When you get 6 rings let us talk.
    Florio- I see you still have no class with what you allow to be posted on this site. I am not surprised at the NBC connection. I have seen enough NBC and MSNBC to know you and they do not know class.

  79. @ DanRooney:
    Rushing yards 1,166
    Rushing average 4.5
    Rushing TDs 7
    And this is on the same team with a quarterback that threw for over 4000 yards. Not bad if I say so myself.

  80. @robhug71 …
    That I live hundreds of miles from you is reason to be eternally thankful. I wasn’t aware living in Pittsburgh made you an expert on the events of March 4 in Georgia. So sorry to dispute your unheralded expertise, but the story of the bodyguard blocking the restroom did not come from any official source. It was related by a bartender as told to him by an unnamed girl.
    Thank you for making my point on the subject of gossip and innuendo and its ability to influence small and not terribly bright minds.
    You’ve already said you don’t believe Roethlisberger assaulted anyone, so you’re only arguing the point to get attention. That’s sad for you and time-wasting for everyone else. You’ve also posted on another thread that there’s no such thing as rape because it’s impossible for a man to force intercourse on an unwilling woman. None of us knows yet what Ben has done, but you’ve clearly explained what kind of person you are, and I’m sure the Rooneys would be appalled to think you claim to represent their “storied” fan base.
    Your sad efforts to get my attention on every thread have been entertaining, but save your keystrokes from now on, little man. I’m tired of slumming.

  81. Jamson….when my team has been around for a million years (like yours) I hope we have more than 6 rings. Remember the 30 plus years you went without any rings?????

  82. Deb…it is really starting to look like if someone does not agree with your analytical view, they are dubbed non-classy or to have some kind of problem or “losing it”. Some times I think you take this site too seriously. As I have said, I am on here to have fun. I noticed you referred someone on another story to a post you wrote to me on this story. I rest my case.
    What really opened my eyes was your response to Red’s post earlier today. Red even said they are not a Ravens or steelers fan yet you say Red is not neutral and was rockwellian in their view of Flacco. Again, someone who does not agree with you……
    Trust me if I am ever a defendant I wil not be judged as a millionaire who is supposed to be a leader of an NFL team but is way too immature to be in that position.
    Like I said, lets wait and see what happens.

  83. lol Bump only ONE team succeeded last season silly boy.. No Matter the rest of the stats…only one team reached its goal.. But the argument was … how did Mendy do last season.. he did rather well.
    Maybe you should read the entire conversations BEFORE responding.

  84. BuckFigBen says:
    March 27, 2010 9:17 PM
    Flacco is afraid of girls and girls are afraid of Ben. Weird.
    Therefore by assoication Flacco is afraid of Ben?
    Or is it a rock scissor paper thing where Flacco beats ben who beats women who beat Flacco?
    Flacco= Rock
    Ben= Scissors
    Girls= Paper

  85. @Ravenmaniac …
    Ah yes, you’re just here to have fun … thus your many passionate treatises on why Ben should be in psychological counseling. Those were a riot. Are you familiar with the concept of searching for splinter’s in your neighbor’s eye while failing to see the beam in your own?
    I said one lil line about revoking your Classy Fan card because you took a cheap shot at the Steelers in the Porter thread. So it’s okay for you to take cheap shots at Steelers, but not okay for Steelers fans to fire back at you?
    Am I hell on people who disagree with me? Sure, sometimes. Aren’t we all? But at least I stick to the typical “Are you losing it?” football-blog banter … as opposed to your pious “Your comments have made me re-evaluate the substance of your character.” (Again, give some thought to that splinter/beam stuff.)
    Red13’s post did nothing more than laud Flacco as the NFL’s Boy Scout and condemn Ben based on gossip, some of which your own family has contradicted. It supported the opinion you already hold, so you found it classy. All I did was disagree with YOUR analytical view that Red13’s post was classy. And that earned me a full-on character assassination.
    I referred danlinker to that post simply because he argued that perception is reality, and in that post, I edited out the gossip and reality was all that was left. It had nothing to do with you. You’re taking this too seriously.

  86. KP, if you knew anything about football… In 05 the steelers would not have gone on the road and beaten the 3,1, &2 seeds in consecutive weeks to even make the SB, if it were not for Ben! He didn’t have that great of a game, however he did play well leading up to that game, 8 tds/1int in the post season leading into that SB!
    O8-Not only did he play well in the post season, but he had a solid game in the SB, and through the most memorable TD in SB history! Learn your facts you idiot!

  87. Deb,
    Wow, you are getting into it aren’t you.
    Just to be real, however, i wouldn’t confuse doing autograph signings, and charity work with sexual assaults. All players do charity work and a lot of it is for tax purposes, not simply out of the kindness of one’s heart. There is no write-off for raping someone. (Not saying he did but………)
    I think Big Ben is a great clutch QB and the joke about comparing Flacco to Ernie/Bert is classic. But, one thing you cannot argue, at least as of today, is Flacco is at least smart enough not to put himself in stupid situations. Roth continues to do so, either with motorcycles or woman.
    …and hopefully anyone will not go off on the tangent of how much better Big Ben is……..is he better now, yes, I think so……but Flacco has a superior arm by far and time will tell…..

  88. Hey, golongboyee!
    Yes, I do wish Ben would move in with his parents or they’d move in with him LOL
    Don’t know if you’ve been following allllllll the Roethlisberger threads (Florio has found his muse) but I said the other day that Ben needs some serious professional counseling. Evidence presented so far in the Nevada civil case makes clear that’s an extortion attempt; all police have said in Georgia is that it’s not rape and no DNA was found on her person. So we’ll have to wait and see there. I a big believer in presumption of innocence no matter who’s being accused. So … assuming he’s innocent, someone definitely needs to give him some guidance in rehabbing a $102 million brand. Ray Lewis rehabbed his image (I believe he was innocent as well), and so can Ben.
    You know, I haven’t paid that much attention to Flacco’s arm compared to Ben’s, so I can’t comment one way or another. But the question isn’t whether he has a big arm … it’s whether he can bring you that indefineable something you got from Trent Dilfer 😉

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