Shanahan says Carter "will do a great job for us"

When we last mentioned Redskins outside linebacker Andre Carter, we pointed out that he didn’t seem thrilled with shifting positions in the Redskins’ new 3-4 defense after previously playing defensive end in the 4-3.

There’s still plenty of talk in Washington that Carter isn’t a good fit for the 3-4, that his contract calls for him to make more money than the Redskins want to pay him, and that he could be headed elsewhere. But Redskins coach Mike Shanahan says he wants Carter on his team.

Andre will do a great job for us,” Shanahan said. “I talked to Andre. He came in before [the] offseason program [began]. He’s getting rehabbed over at the Stanford hospital. He’ll be in April 5 or April 8, somewhere in that area, with our offseason conditioning program. We’re looking forward to him getting started.”

The rehab Shanahan refers to is from surgery in January to repair a torn biceps, which Carter managed to play through in December at the end of a very impressive season in which he started all 16 games and recorded 11 sacks.

Carter’s willingness to play through that injury, as well as his text message to Jason Reid of the Washington Post in which he said he’d  “do whatever the team needs me to do,” indicate that even if Carter isn’t thrilled with moving to outside linebacker, he may still play there for the Redskins in 2010.

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  1. This guy is classy, most NFL players would complain until they get their release, but being near the end of his career Carter just wants to play and my bet is he doesn’t wanna move out of DC. These are the kind of guys I would want in my locker room.

  2. I like what shanahan has done thus far i think youll see a big change in washington. I also think he has a wild card up his sleeve and his name in marshall

  3. What would Andre Carter fetch on the trade market? A fourth round pick? Also, do the Redskins jump all over Gerald McCoy if the first three picks are Bradford/Okung/Suh? Or would they take Trent Williams? Bryan Bulaga? Eric Berry?

  4. Gerald McCoy would completely waste away as a 3-4 end, it completely plays to his weaknesses and doesnt expose his strengths—the skins MAY take SUh if he fell, but I dont see the value for McCoy on the Redskins….in fact the Skins need a NT not a DE, Haynesworth and Kedric Golston, Cornelius Griffin + Philip Daniels to play end in the 3-4

  5. I would keep him too. All to many guys are looking to shut it down and still get paid. Carter proved he has a “hockey player mentality”. He wasn’t hurt, he was injured and he played through it. Oh more thing…Fail to the Redskins!

  6. Carter can be a VERY positive influence on rookies and the other players who are brought into Ashburn. He’s proven, by a very tough example, that he bleeds burgandy and gold.

  7. hey scammy i can tell when your lying,you lips move. back to the drawing board danny boy.

  8. As long Maake Keomuatu is healthy the ‘skins don’t a need a starting NT. We need a LT, if Okung isn’t there I want to see a trade down. Hail the Redskins . . . haters be damned.

  9. if mcoy falls we better grab him, for all the talk about a 3-4 the fact remains that the skins are built for a 4-3. adding suh or mcoy to that front 4 would be sick.
    And Carter is a great skin, he may not be a great fit in the 3-4 but we would get nothing matching his value in trade anyway.

  10. Carter is a badass…He could rip your head off with his bare hands and squeeze your eyeballs out of the socket….He is also a great man of God.

  11. So nice to be talking about things like this rather than how we overpaid for a free agent as in prior years. Looks like Shanahan et al are running the franchise like pro’s rather that kids with Daddy’s money as in the past (And I am a Gibbs guy).

  12. Shanahan has stated that they haven’t decided what defence they will use next year yet because they don’t know what the roster is for next year.
    No one who actually works for the Redskins has stated that hey are moving to a 3-4. They’ve said they will be using a hybrid defence that encorporates both fronts, and Shanahan has stated that the 3-4 has worked well over the last few years but he has also stated he will play whatever system fits the talent on the roster.
    If McCoy fell to 4, and the Redskin pick him, the chances are the ‘Skins would stay as a 4-3 team, with an occasional 3-4 look.
    The only people I’ve ever seen definitively state that the team is going to a full-time 3-4, regardless of what happens in the draft are journalists and these mysterious “sources” which seem to exist inside every team and provide information that is usually about as accurate as a journalists guesswork.

  13. I don’t think the skins are exclusively going to be running a 3-4 and if the roster looks a whole lot like it does now when the season starts then the bottom line is they can’t run the 3-4 b/c they don’t have the personnel. Carter is not the only guy on this D that is suited to a 4-3, fletcher is a 4-3 MLB, he is too small to play in the middle in a 3-4 and Rocky isn’t exactly ideal in the 3-4 although his size may make it easier for him to transition. H.B. Blades is essentially a younger Fletcher, he too is undersized in a 3-4 and would probably find it hard knocking with centers and guards who outweigh him by 60+ lbs.
    They need bigger linebackers in general if they want to use a 3-4 system, the re-signing of Chris Wilson is an indication they may use hime more at the OLB spot especially on passing downs. They are going to need another NT type guy too, Kemoeatu may not even be healthy come training camp (the guy can’t run right now) and Haynesworth is too dynamic and too tall to stick at NT as a space eater, his skills are better utilized at the end position if they run a 3-4. I think this team is too stocked with 4-3 players to realistically expect that they can run a 3-4 on a full time basis and they have 5 draft picks with glaring needs on both sides of the ball at multiple positions.

  14. The more they talk about this 3-4 change the more I hate it. Granted, Shanahan and Haslett are much smarter than I in regards to football but it’s apparent to me that the personnel they have is best suited for a 4-3. Andre Carter and Brian Orakpo are at their best when they have a hand on the ground. Albert Haynesworth has made his name as a 3 technique guy. London Fletcher has had an long, outstanding career as a MLB…a textbook MLB. Now with all that taken into consideration, they don’t have the depth, skill or experience at LB to pull it off (at the moment). Now we all know they need to focus most of their picks in the draft on the O-line –BUT– they only have 5 picks. They made no real key additions in free agency to either O-line or LB so how exactly is all this supposed to happen? They have a plan and I hope it works but it seems like alot of square pegs and round holes.

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