Urban feels the heat on his failure to develop Tebow

We’ve stayed away from the goofy, tough guy, “make my day” outburst from Florida coach Urban Meyer, primarily since CFT has that stuff covered quite thoroughly.

The latest?  Meyer has apologized.

He should have apologized, and it shouldn’t have taken three days for him to do it.  Meyer, in our view, blew a gasket not because receiver Deonte Thompson committed a mortal sin (he didn’t, even though Meyer acts like he did) but because Meyer knows that the flaws in Tim Tebow’s mechanics — Thompson’s implicit message that Tebow wasn’t a “real quarterback” — stick to Meyer more than they do to Tebow.

Look, whether Meyer bears the blame for taking the path of least resistance is a different issue.  The bottom line, in our view, is that Meyer is sensitive to the criticism that he has received — and will continue to receive — for the flaws that he left in what otherwise could be a work of football art.

Meanwhile, more than a few of you have pointed out that the folks at ESPN have added some Jimmy Kimmel-style unnecessary censorship to Meyer’s remarks, creating the impression that Meyer used profanity against Jeremy Fowler of the Orlando Sentinel for having the gall to write down in the paper something Thompson had said.  (Here’s the uncensored video, which shows that ESPN bleeped over the phrase, “you’re a bad guy.”)

The only good news?  We all now have a better understanding of why Meyer has had periodic stress-induced chest pains.  The guy is holding onto the whistle a bit too tightly, and he needs to find a way to relax before it’s too late.

56 responses to “Urban feels the heat on his failure to develop Tebow

  1. Ultimately I can’t fault Meyer. Yes he could have transformed Tebow into the John Elway and Peyton Manning combined in his four years, but would he have won 2 National Championships. His first job is to get the Gators that trophy and he’s done that. If doing so didn’t leave enough time to make Tebow a consensus top pick in the draft, boo hoo. That wasn’t his job. Tebow won a Heisman and 2 National Titles, to ask anything more out of your college coach is down right greedy.

  2. Where is he feeling the heat, exactly? Another top recruiting class? His huge contract? Please elaborate on where he’s feeling “the heat”. Cause I’d love to be in such a terrible position as Urban Meyer. I hate the Gators, and I have no respect for Urban Meyer, but his job is to win college football games, not to develop players for the NFL.

  3. Heat, what heat? Just wait until next year’s recruiting class is complete. This will only help him on the recruiting trail. This will be the prove he needs to show he cares about his players to all those perspective recruits’ moms and dads.

  4. It’s not in any college coach’s job description to prepare any of their players for the “next level”. Urban shouldn’t have apologized. Should he apologize for two national titles in three years? Both of which Tebow was a part of?
    “He should have apologized, and it shouldn’t have taken three days for him to do it. Meyer, in our view, blew a gasket not because receiver Deonte Thompson committed a mortal sin (he didn’t, even though Meyer acts like he did) but because Meyer knows that the flaws in Tim Tebow’s mechanics — Thompson’s implicit message that Tebow wasn’t a “real quarterback” — stick to Meyer more than they do to Tebow.”
    Are you out of your f*****g mind? Seriously? Apologize? Go f**k yourself, Florio. Like the way that guy did in Wishmaster 2. Look it up.

  5. Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems as though Meyer says “you’re a bad guy” twice, and ESPN bleeps out the first instance, but not the second. Either way it’s unnecessary censorship, but if he said it twice and they only censored it once, that really doesn’t make sense.

  6. he only wants to win at all cost’s we all know taht he is just a spare part. urban will cotinue to destroy lesser opposition. take the easy money.the big boys in the nfl will eat you. just ask saban!

  7. Meyer’s just sent his player’s a very mixed message. On the one hand he tells them to be sure to keep their composure on and off the field. Then he shows them how to get in the face of someone you disagree with and threaten them.
    Whether you’re right about Urby being upset over the criticism of not preparing Tebow remains to be seen – I bet you are right. But what we do know is that he is unstable and a sets very poor example for his players to follow.

  8. His job is to win college football games, the only NFL is even brought up is because in order to recruit he has to at least appear to give a crap about kids moving to the next level. 90% of college qbs will never play a down in the NFL anyway

  9. tebow won him national titles for the man why would he change what his qb was doing when it was working great for him, would you? hes a college coach why the hell would he care how he turns out in the pros he has nothing to do with that and he’ll never coach in the pros probly he is a recruiter he recruits guys not draft them for long term projects like the pros and plus he runs a spread opinion offense have a pretty release is the last of the worries in that system

  10. @ stan26:
    youre an idiot, and should be permanently banned from ever commenting again….seriously, youre just plain stupid bro, id love to hear you even try and rebuttal this….
    does meyer get paid to prepare players for the NFL, or does meyer get paid to win national championships (check, twice)?? does he get paid to coach NFL players, or does he get paid to to make his players the BEST in their sport (COLLEGE football, not professional; check, heisman)
    using that same logic, when was the last time you heard ANYONE blast a high school coach for “not preparing their players for college”….your idiocy is hilarious

  11. The only reason Tebow had that “work of art ” career in college was because of Urban Meyer’s system. Without Meyer , Tebow would be nothing.

  12. That’s something that I always thought was overlooked when people talked about Tebow’s “new delivery.”
    He was a starter for three years, why didn’t he work on a new delivery then?

  13. Is it a college football coach’s job to prepare his players for the NFL? I honestly don’t know the answer to this question. I could go both ways on it. Does anyone have an INTELLIGENT opinion on this? Please, PLEASE, spare me the Rome’s clone’s remarks. I’d like to read a thoughtfull answer.

  14. Another reason he is feeling the heat… all that sand in his vagina. Everytime he walks around it must feel like a camp fire down there.

  15. What good is a quarterback if he has perfect throwing mechanics, but can’t read defenses, can’t feel the pocket collapsing, can’t get the ball out in time to his receiver? There’s alot more than just throwing the ball that’s involved in this game. Tebow can read the defense, has great pocket awareness and can get rid of the ball early and accurately. 2 national championships and a heisman trophy. Must be doing somethin right.

  16. So should we draw and quarter Steve Spurrier for Danny Wuerffel’s pro career?
    Doesn’t little Timmy Tebow share in his unpreparedness for the NFL? They hired a pro QB coach for his last year and until it was going to cost him money, Timmy couldn’t be bothered. According to previous Florio posts, he actually got worse from a technique standpoint. And lets be serious, he is more popular than the coach. He failed to take advantage of the coaching that was available as a Senior and was never called on it. He rested on his laurels as the savior of Gator football.
    Tebow is not the first QB to leave college with poor mechanics and it hasn’t stopped them from being first round picks (Leftwich). He is a third round value because his arm strength is average and so is his accuracy.

  17. Who the Hell cares? I hate the Gators, but honestly is it Meyers job to get Tebow NFL ready or win football games?

  18. a college coach is not minor league coach preparing guys for the next level. his job is to win!! meyer and tebow have been successful.. period.
    if tebow wanted to be prepared for the next level then it is his responsibility to prepare for the next level

  19. PFTebow at it again. (i know, florio, it gets you hits. you’re so transparent.)
    what would YOU change about the guy who led the nation in pass efficiency this year? the guy who posted insane passing numbers while setting the all-time SEC record in RUSHING touchdowns? the guy w/ a stiff-arm trophy and two NC rings?
    oh yeah, even florio now admits he’ll probably also be a first round pick.
    bottom line – anybody who thinks this somehow constitutes a “failure” ought to buy a freaking dictionary, get their head examined or just shoot themself in the head for being such a loser.

  20. To braindead–My thought on it is that it is a college coach’s job to get his team to win. But one of the steps to having your team win is by bringing in top recruits, and you typically get top recruits by convincing them that you can prepare them for the NFL. I don’t at all think that this is a matter of Meyer shirking his duties. He is supposed to set up his team to win championships, and they did. It is interesting that he was, apparently, unable to prepare Tebow to be a pro quarterback while still allowing the team to win, and there is a CHANCE it could cost him recruits. But it certainly doesn’t make him a bad coach.

  21. Urban Meyer should retire.
    Oh, that’s right; he did……. and then unretired.
    Tell me, does he live in a swamp in Mississippi?

  22. @HellsGrimTyrant:
    You are a moron. Do you think a quarterback, any quarterback can be made “into” Jon Elway? That’s aboit as dimb as…wait. Nothing is as dumb as that statement.

  23. College football is a different game than what’s played at the pro level. Success in NCAA is not a guarantee of success in the NFL or even playing at the next level.
    The coach’s job is to win and please the boosters and the administration. That means employing your personnel and gameplanning the best way to do that. Not concentrating on what makes a guy look good to NFL scouts.
    What is disturbing here is the seemingly obsessive relationship he has with Tebow. Weird.

  24. Urban shouldn’t have went off like he did, but that was Bush League journalism pure and subtle. Yes, the reporter deliberately left out the context, failed to provide the actual meaning (prototypical is what Deonte meant – mechanics has nothing to do with Tim’s style of play), and he intentionally didn’t ask Deonte to elaborate on his comments (let me just cut this young kid’s innocent quote and create a story).
    As for Urban feeling heat for Tebow or ever losing a game because of Tebow’s
    mechanics – I’ll say it again: No way and it will never happen. If you
    understooda single thing about college football recruiting you’d know that Tim’s mechanics and the Florida coaching staff will

  25. It takes a very long time and a lot of pressure to make a diamond from a dumb piece of coal, even if it is so blessed.

  26. Grimmlock42 says:
    What good is a quarterback if he has perfect throwing mechanics, but can’t read defenses, can’t feel the pocket collapsing, can’t get the ball out in time to his receiver? There’s alot more than just throwing the ball that’s involved in this game. Tebow can read the defense, has great pocket awareness and can get rid of the ball early and accurately. 2 national championships and a heisman trophy. Must be doing somethin right.

    I have read that Tebow most often had one read (to throw or run) in Meyer’s offense. Are you so sure he is ready to read pro defenses? Look at the trouble he had passing versus Monte Kiffin’s D last year at Tennessee. He also had accuracy problems at the Senior Bowl. He is no lock at QB in the pros.

  27. saying urban’s job is simply to win championships is like saying my professor’s jobs in college were to make sure i got high grades…

  28. Florio you obviously have reading comprehension problems. The whole problem with this situation in general was the misinterpretation of the quote as you just did. It was clear to anyone who saw the whole interview that when Thompson said “real quarterback” it was a poor choice of words for what he meant to be traditional quarterback. He even went on to say Tebow was a legend. All you reporters took the quote out of context and that is why this situation came to pass.

  29. By Florio’s logic, every college football coach that uses the spread offense should be apologizing for not getting their quarterback (one guy out of over 100 on the team) ready for the next level.
    Here’s a thought, maybe he got everything out of Tebow that a coach possibly could? There’s no guarantee that the guy is going to be a great pro, or would have been better prepared with another coach. Ken Dorsey won just as many college games and was never better than a 3rd stringer in the pros.
    You’ve got no business telling others they should apologize when you can’t even say a simple one yourself over your stupid Gaines Adams headline.

  30. Not Sure What your broblem is as football is football wither it be grade school highscool college or nfl its all the same just depends on how fast and accurate a quarterback is ????? RIGHT

  31. Where some of you are wrong in covering for Meyer is that while it is true that his job is to win football games and not necessarily develop players for the NFL, the only reason he has had good recruiting classes is because he is selling them on his ability to give them the coaching and exposure so that they can one day get to the NFL.
    I guarantee you that if he started telling his QB recuits that the style of offense he runs will hurt their chances for the NFL, he would never get a blue chipper again.

  32. yeah, with one QB drafted #1 overall and another one about to be drafted in the 1st round (maybe 2nd), i can see why QB recruits would be really afraid of signing on with meyer. even HS kids are smart enough to see that urban meyer’s “failures” are more successful than 99% of other college coaches’ success stories!

  33. Some guys are just not going to be the number one pick no matter how much you coach them up. Florida tried to alter his release, improve his pocket awareness, accuracy, timing, and endurance. They accomplished almost everything they set out to do with him. It is insane to blame Urban Meyer for “only” getting Tebow a Heisman and two national Championship rings without also being the number one overall pick in the NFL draft. For a running QB, Urban Meyer did wonders with him to make him a respectable passer! We’re not talking about developing Peyton Manning! … Alex Smith was a 6th round draft prospect before Meyer!! Think about it! Meyer increased Tebow’s draft stock so much more than it would have been playing in a pro style offense where he would have been just abother guy with a big heart. meyer showcased his talents, but let’s face it, Tebow’s very best physical talent is his relentlessness running the football, not reading defenses. The coaches tried to help tebow, but they can’t do everything!

  34. Any QB considering UF should take note. Urban Meyer and Florida have combined to put a total of ZERO competent QB’s into the NFL. Go to UGA, Tennessee or Alabama if you want to have a career in football. Of course selling $160 autographs is a good living while it lasts.

  35. All this business about Tebow not being ready for the next level is stupid, in my opinion. He’s a excellent football player, a great leader and a proven winner. It makes no difference where he goes, he’s going to be a suberb QB.
    What did all the NFL and sports know-it-alls see in Tom Brady. Nothing! But, he had the two things they couldn’t measure; motivation and heart. And, the Patriots were the only team to recognize that.
    Tim Tebow has the same qualities; motivation and heart. And, some wise GM is going to recognize that and select the future hall of fame QB.
    Years later when Tim makes the Hall of Fame, all the know-it-alls will be saying; “I knew Tim would be excellent. I knew it all along. I really did. I mean, I really did. Honest.”

  36. I’m not sure why it’s a foregone conclusion that Tebow is going to bomb in the NFL. I mean, he’s annoying and charging $$$ for autographs and probably insanely overhyped and will never be able to live up to it. But how many NFL games has he played in so far?

  37. To Free Ryan Leaf:
    He did look like a fish out of water at the senior bowl. He looked confused and I think he lacked confidence that day. Can’t really expect much in a game like that anyways. Is he pro ready right now? I think he’s ready. He mastered the college game and I have no doubt he can master the pro game. Now he’s gonna make his mistakes, but he’ll learn from them as he goes along. He’s the type that will put in the time off the practice field and that’s what makes you a star in this league.

  38. @Florio: for the flaws that he left in what otherwise could be a work of football art.
    Really? C’mon Florio.
    Did you get $160 for that line?

  39. Tebow won one National championship. Chris Leak was the MVP in the other. Please stop giving him 2 National Championships!

  40. What’s the big deal? Meyer was just repeating the same thing he said to Pontius Pilate at the Jesus trial: If that was my son, we’d be going at it right now!

  41. “He also had accuracy problems at the Senior Bowl.”
    What accuracy problems during the Senior Bowl? He missed ONE pass and the receivers dropped 3.

  42. I wish he would have attacked the reporter. I’d love to see that smug asshole in jail stripes.
    Hope he dies of a heart attack on the field.

  43. Here’s a list of all the major college football coaches who AREN’T douchewaffles:
    Get the idea?

  44. reading this stuff is hilarious. As much as you can look at Uf and say that he doesnt develop qbs (grossman =nothing, Leak = not even in NFL) you can look back on the last ten years and see the tremendous success. Urban meyer is a great coach with a great system. His job is to win Football games for UF. He has done one hell of a job. whoever says tebow wouldnt have been anything with out meyer is ridiculous! he didnt have 85 athletic scholarships his senior year of highschool just becuase of meyer, he had them becuase he is a damn good QB. and seriously why would you change something that is winning the game? Tebow has been the biggest part of the success for UF in the last 4 years(even his freshman year he played a huge role developing a team that could not be stopped on 3rd and short or 4th and short.) Meyer has done his job and tebow has done his. Now tebow will step up and do it for a team in the NFL

  45. The only reason Meyer gets chest pains is because he got caught “Tebowing” a co-ed. How is this story not getting more scrutiny?

  46. It amazes me that folks think kids and coaches have nothing to do in college except practice the fundamentals. I believe the NCAA has strict requirements on the number of contact hours with players…and it isn’t much time at all.

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