Goldberg hints at a "Lights Out" return to wrestling

A long time ago, back in the days of Jay Strongbow, Jimmy “Super Fly” Snuka, and George “The Animal” Steele, yours truly enjoyed a good wrestling match.  I liked it enough to resist for years the notion that grown men typically don’t stomp one of their feet on the ground when throwing a “genuine” punch.

Though I haven’t paid attention to wrestling in years, the squared circle could soon contain a man of great interest to NFL fans:  Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman.

Several of you have pointed out that former WWE star Goldberg, who currently is one of the contestants on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice, has been talking to Vince McMahon’s wrestling operation about a return.  And Goldberg has said that, if he returns, it’ll be part of a tag team featuring Merriman, “updating the old Goldberg/Kevin Greene duo.”

Since Merriman, a restricted free agent, currently isn’t under contract, he can engage in any and all activities that would otherwise be prohibited.  The real question, as we see it, is whether Merriman will opt for a year of wrestling over a year of football.  Though he would not earn his sixth season of NFL credit if he doesn’t play football this year, he wouldn’t need a sixth season if the next labor deal returns eligibility for unrestricted free agency to four years.

And that puts Merriman and the other restricted free agents with four or five years of service in a unique position.  They can take a year off, do something else, and return to the unrestricted free agency that they don’t currently enjoy — if the next CBA indeed reverts to a four-year minimum when it comes to hitting the market.

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  1. Jimmy Snuka in the late 60’s early 70’s was really fun to watch. I can remember his submission hold, ” the Full-nelson.” Dutch Savage is the wrestler that discovered him.

  2. Slow news day Florio? So far we have a “wrestling” post, a Hockey post, and a College basketball post. Time to change the name of the site…..

  3. i remember when Goldberg was like 182-0 and finally lost to Kevin Nash when that cheap piece of crap Scott Hall tasered him…. that ruined my 12th birthday party.

  4. FLORIO, stick to football, …Goldberg made his name in WCW, hates McMahon, …tag team wrestlers never really get a “PUSH” in the WWE, IF he was desperate enough to come back, highly doubtful it would be w/Vince, especially after his one year run pretty much consisted of Vince trying to change his “character”…one thing wrestlers are known for, is “working” peopleconsider yourself worked Florio

  5. He should be referred to as a former WCW star, just like Dustin Chandler says. WWE bought out WCW and can take credit for things like this. Goldberg carried Monday Nitro for years!

  6. Right, you ding anyone who’s been away from the NFL for a year for legal reasons, injuries, etc. But now all of a sudden, its a good idea for slighted RFAs to take a year off from football and return when the new CBA is signed.
    I usually don’t jump on the ‘making things up to sell papers’ bandwagon, but this is stupid.

  7. It was CHIEF Jay Strongbow………..and no mention of old school wrasslin cannot omit Johnny Rodz or the champ Bruno Sammartio….I guess if they were WVU alum, we’d have known

  8. Professional Wrestling cares less about it’s former athletes then the NFLPA. Merriman should stick to football.

  9. Professional Wrestling cares less about it’s former athletes then the NFLPA. Merriman should stick to football.

  10. If he should, he should be on RAW. He’ll be on live TV, can do the Lights Out dance before dropping an elbow, and have an Asian chick to choke.

  11. Sweet, tag team match maybe? I bet Tia is Excited, hope she posts it on her website. lol.

  12. Hard to imagine these guys taking a year off to do something else, unless something else pays a lot of money and draws a lot of press. Especially a guy like Merriman, who will probably not have a long career.

  13. McMahon was talking about wanting Goldberg, so he could induct him into the WWE hall of fame next year. Hope Goldberg tells him no and goes to TNA.
    I wish Goldberg would spear and jackhammer senile crypt-keeper Al Davis. It would be funny seeing Herrera have to scrape him up and clean his diaper.

  14. Yes “Lights Out” please do. You are a much better character study for WWE/WWF/WTF than you ever will be in Foot ballin.
    I believe you have the ability to be able to be a Rassler just fine. Just don’t forget to turn .. before you leave the room…

  15. What’s everybody jumping on Florio for? WWE, the NFL…hey, we are talking about staged entertainment here. You guys act as if this is real sports we’re talking about.
    You do know it’s all rigged, right????

  16. Vince is talking to Goldberg about a merchandising deal, NOT a wrestling comeback, Goldberg was throwing the idea of Merriman around jokingly. Florio, do a little research

  17. # Percy Nugz says: March 28, 2010 3:14 PM
    i remember when Goldberg was like 182-0 and finally lost to Kevin Nash when that cheap piece of crap Scott Hall tasered him…. that ruined my 12th birthday party.
    awesome comment. I seriously laughed hard because I remember that too and despised scott hall…
    HEY YO!

  18. Florio,
    Do yourself a huge favor and jump on YouTube and search ” Chikara Pro” wrestling.
    Based out of Philly, they have taken all forms of pro wrestling and mixed it with comic book story lines and Lucha Libre masked grapplers. Weekly free podcasts and DVD sales of all of their shows are available.
    Again, you and I have the same wrestling heritage, Jay Strongbow, Super Fly Snuka, etc. you will really dig Chikara !!

  19. Who has the heart to tell Percy that ‘pro wrestling’ isn’t real?
    Slow time of year for NFL news, but even womens hockey would be more justified here than that crap.

  20. Pro Wrestling is real, just like movies, novels and sitcoms. These are not figments of your imagination people, so drop the “real/fake” lingo already. The world is a lot smarter than you who engage in this discussion who don’t even use the right terminology anyway.
    And btw, Bronko Nagurski left the Chicago Bears to go into wrestling full time as the pay was better back then. So it has been done.

  21. Goldberg was in WWE for less than a year, but was made in WCW his entire career and was the top guy there for many years.
    I didn’t realize he was buddies with Merriman, but because Goldberg doesn’t HAVE to wrestle, he does have some leverage to do something unique like bring in a football player as a partner.
    Goldberg is looking huge on Apprentice, so he appears to be in shape. I think he’ll be a little more careful this time and will have more control over what happens to him in WWE this time around.
    There’s not enough time to get Merriman trained enough to look good in the ring, but WWE doesn’t care. They’ll take any kind of celebrity like Napoleon Dynamite or Kevin Federline and let them pin their World champions. I’m thinking Shawne Merriman pins Cody Rhodes in a tag match this summer that no one will care about, and he’ll pocket $2 million for it.

  22. this has got to be the STUPIDEST article/blog/whatever that I have ever read….total NON story…..and Merriman is under contract for ONE more year…and NBC blows!

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