Reports: Seahawks don't want Brown's contract

In response to the report that the Bears could trade defensive end Alex Brown to the Seahawks for guard Rob Sims, two new reports say the Seahawks don’t want Brown under his current contract.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Bears have talked to the Seahawks about acquiring Sims, but the Seahawks are not at all interested in trading Sims for Brown.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times also reports that the Seahawks have no interest in Brown’s $5 million salary.

Brown could always agree to restructure his contract to make it more palatable for the Seahawks, but it’s hard to see what would be in it for him in doing that: If he just waits for the Bears to release him, he’ll hit the open market and be able to negotiate with 30 other teams, not just the Bears and Seahawks.

10 responses to “Reports: Seahawks don't want Brown's contract

  1. C’mon, where are all the comments about Allen being a tight-wad?
    Ah, I forgot. This isn’t about the Cardinals.

  2. good … in a deal that makes sense.. Brown better reduce his salary… otherwise Lions fans will rejoice.. The Bears are within strinking reach even with the Peppers and Taylor signings

  3. The Hawks paid $10 mil for a guy that’s never thrown a pass. You don’t think they’d give $5mil for 5 sacks?

  4. If they’re looking for raw sack count out of Alex Brown, yes, they will be disappointed.
    But Brown does everything else well. He’s consistent at batting passes down at the line, does a good job of at the very least consuming the leading blocker on any sort of reverse or counter play, and plays hard in run support.
    Is that a $5 million dollar guy? Guess it depends on how close a team thinks it is and how much a bump a solid role player like Brown will give them

  5. Is it me or are the Seahaks looking to get worse instead of better. No quality free agent signings, trading away a de with some upside for nothing, paying a qb 10 mil without throwing a pass and now don’t want to pay a decent de 5 mil. Is Paul Allen that cheap? I thought we had a good owner…guess not.

  6. heisty- relax, the Seadogs have two #1 draft picks, sitting at the 6th and 14th overall. That’s where you’ll see them spend money and attempt to get better.

  7. propheteer- their forced to spend money on those picks..they’ll get better only if with those picks they get a left tackle and either 2ndary or d-line help.

  8. I think this trade chatter is coming exclusively from Chicago.
    Maybe Timmy Numbskull will give away his entire draft for Sims, Spencer, Branch, Jennings, and Jackson. Oh wait he already did that once.
    Believe it or not those five guys represent four 1sts and a 3rd. Amazing incompetence.

  9. Of course the Seahawks aren’t interested in paying Brown $1M/sack, who in their right mind would?! Said it before, saying it again; when the best thing you can say about a D-End is that he’s good against the run, he’s NOT a good D-End and it’s time to look elsewhere. Oh yeah, you know what’s overrated? “Leadership” that doesn’t equate to production. Great guy but can’t get to the QB.

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