AFL returns on Friday

It’s already March 29, which means it’ll soon be April 1.  Which means that the Arena Football League will soon be returning.

Our friends at NFL Network will be televising the first of 18 weekly games on Friday night, when the Chicago Rush visit the Iowa Barnstormers.

Calling the action will be Paul Burmeister and Solomon Wilcots.  Throughout the year, Fran Charles will handle some of the play-by-play duties for Burmeister, and Charles Davis and Tom Waddle will sub for Wilcots in the analyst chair.

The games will be televised in HD, and they’ll feature “in-game audio techniques” aimed at capturing “the high-scoring action and fast-paced intensity” of the AFL.

We’re not entirely sure what that means, and the only way to find out will be to tune in and watch.

21 responses to “AFL returns on Friday

  1. So does this mean the NFL is running this thing??
    It’s about time! I always thought we needed a a “Fun” Spring Football league operated by the NFL!

  2. At first I though that said “Alf,” as in the 80’s TV show about the alien from Melmac, and I actually got excited.

  3. Can’t we get a 2nd dose of underwear olympics or something?
    Maybe Deon can cover Chris Carter while Marino tosses some backyard balls instead.

  4. Jimmy, very funny, and I would have been excited too. Does this mean that ONLY the NFL network will be airing games?

  5. all of a sudden nfl is embracing all OTHER kinds of football? wonder why? maybe a huge gap in their schedule next season?

  6. Im glad the AFL is back in buisness. It gives people who love any form of football somethin to watch in the off-season

  7. Woooo Hoooo AFL is back!! If you have never been to a live game you are missing out big time. It is constant action, I actually enjoy it more than the NFL games I’ve been to…then again I am stuck seeing Bucs games so you have to figure that into the equation.

  8. I don’t know if the one-on-one matchup means they don’t need elite speed, but some of the receivers I’ve seen in this league (Bobby Sippio, Ben Nelson, Jason Geathers) have made more circus catches than NFL guys.
    I expect it will be better than ever.

  9. coachhart says:
    March 29, 2010 2:28 PM
    Too bad this isn’t even the best indoor football league. GO IFL!!
    i personally feel like the IFL is a joke, every single one of their teams logo’s can be found among various teams in various other sports, and thats just the beginning of my rant LOL

  10. I went to the Pre Season game for the Tampa Storm this friday, it was free and beer and food were $2.00. I love having the AFL when there is no NFL!
    Season tickets are only $50.00
    Go Storm

  11. Why don’t they send some of these teams to England? Don’t mess with the NFL please. It’s all some of us have!

  12. BENACCI says:
    I went to the Pre Season game for the Tampa Storm this friday, it was free and beer and food were $2.00. I love having the AFL when there is no NFL!
    Season tickets are only $50.00
    Go Storm
    You’re lucky. My season tickets more than tripled when the team moved into a new arena and when I complained about it and wanted a reason why, they didn’t give me an explanation, they justed moved me from the front row to the next section back so I canceled my tickets and I’m not going back. Oh and you’re lucky that Tampa has tickets that low because it’s double that for the nose bleed section. The funny thing is that I got 5 people from work to buy season tickets but that apparently didn’t mean much to them.

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