Cerrato thinks McShay has bad information on Clausen

ESPN likes to play up the on-air friction between its two draft experts, Mel Kiper and Todd McShay, and a big source of that friction this year has centered on Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen, whom Kiper likes a lot more than McShay does.

Vinny Cerrato, the former Washington Redskins Executive VP of Football Operations, has weighed in on the dispute and said that based on his contacts at Notre Dame (where he worked in the 1980s), McShay is simply wrong in his assessment that Clausen lacks maturity and leadership skills.

“I think Todd McShay started that, you know?” Cerrato told Jason Reid of the Washington Post. “I’d like to know who Todd McShay talked to at Notre Dame about Jimmy. That’s what I would like to know, because I was at the school and talked to everybody.”

Cerrato says that if anyone at Notre Dame was questioning Clausen’s maturity, it was probably one of the older players who didn’t like the fact that Clausen came in with a great deal of fanfare as a freshman. According to Cerrato, people who saw Clausen progress at Notre Dame saw him grow into a leadership role.

“He’s a totally mature guy,” Cerrato said. “I mean, you know what he is? He’s a gym rat. He’s a football junkie. He loves to talk about football. He loves to watch film. He’s very smart about football coverages, all those things.”

It should be pointed out that Cerrato is close with Clausen’s agent, Gary Wichard, and Cerrato has been helping Wichard’s clients prepare for pre-draft interviews. That might lead some to say Cerrato wants to portray Clausen in the most favorable light possible, although it could also be seen as evidence that Cerrato has had a first-hand look at just how mature Clausen is.

Whatever the case, Cerrato is willing to stake his own reputation on Clausen’s maturity, while McShay is on the record as saying Clausen shouldn’t be a first-round pick. Clip and save this for future reference.

50 responses to “Cerrato thinks McShay has bad information on Clausen

  1. Vinnie can’t exist in life unless he’s smoking someone’s butt. A real life Waylon Smithers.

  2. Occam thinks Michael David Smith doesn’t really think that Cerrato thinks McShay has bad information on Clausen,

  3. This is the same guy who thought Jason Campbell was a franchise QB? Sorry Vinny, theres a reason you were forced out of your job. It’s cause you’re not good at it. Clausen = douche. I’m going with McShay on this one.

  4. Cerrato is an idiot.. I wouldn’t trust a single word that comes out of his mouth.

  5. Ummm…I think I’ll avoid taking whatever Vinny Cerrato says about player evaluation too seriously.

  6. And if Vinny Cerrato has proven one thing it’s that he’s an excellent judge of NFL talent
    Puhlease. Why are you still listening to this buffoon?

  7. That’s cool. Let Clausen slip down to 30. Then let’s hope Cerrato is right and Jimmy can be #4’s understudy. Sweet!

  8. clausen will not be good for a few years he chokes under pressure as his first few years showed untill tate developed n washington does not have a golden tate to help him

  9. Vinny is a fool. He is backing Notre Dame now b/c he used to work there. He might also be talking up Clausen in the hopes the Redskins snag him at 4. This would be a bad move for the skins, but no doubt the one they would have made if cerrato still held his position as Snyder’s right hand man.

  10. McShay is a turd. Kiper is a self made draft expert who helped mold the popularity of the draft to where its at today. All McShay knows is the bullshit that ESPN tells him to regurgitate. Respect Kiper…and his hair

  11. “Whatever the case, Cerrato is willing to stake his own reputation on Clausen’s maturity, while McShay is on the record as saying Clausen shouldn’t be a first-round pick. Clip and save this for future reference.” – MF
    You bet I’m saving this. It’s the first time I’ve heard of Cerrato having a reputation that could mean anything.

  12. … and as a lifetime Skins fan watching Cerrato for years… and cringing at his decisions… I would take anything he says with a grain of salt!

  13. This is exactly how this dumbf*ck Cerrato ruined the Redskins the last ten years with his horrific drafts. Let me see where do I start? Ladell Betts in the 2nd round when we already had Stephen Davis and had much bigger needs. Lloyd Harrison in the 3rd round. Rashaud Bauman in the 3rd, Cliff Russell in the third. Taylor Jacobs in the 2nd. Cerrato is the absolute worst talent evaluator and he is pimping himself out for this agent. Nothing new.

  14. Vinny Cerrato? The unemployed friend of the owner that couldnt keep that job and is pals with the agent? What kind of story is this? Clausen is the Cade McNown of this draft and just like Charlie Weis recommended Brady Quinn—HE CANT LEAD OR WIN!

  15. I have had the pleasure of rooting for the skins since I was a baby. We have a show here in the DC area called Redskins Nation and every time Vinny was on there which well…. used to be all the time, he just looked like he was coked up all the time. I am not sayin anything, I am just sayin. Anyway I think Vinny has survived off the time he spent with SF. I think he is a terrible judge of talent. Therefore I hope the skins do not draft Clausen, paaalease, we need linemen.

  16. How Cerrato is still in the football business is a mystery to me. He ruined the 49ers and the ‘Skins. No one should listen to anything he says. If I were wrong 90% of the time at my job I”d have to find another industry, not just job.

  17. Kiper and McShay are both idiots.. If they really were that good at judging talent they would be in a front office an organization already.. NFL Expert is a made up title.. That’s like how Subway calls their employees “Sandwich Artists”

  18. McShay and other so called analysts who have questioned Clausen’s maturity and attitude can’t point to anything or anyone that can confirm this view. They can’t point to any problems with teamates or coaches in the lockeroom or on the field. What are the chances that if these problems existed that they wouldn’t come out at the most scrutinized school in the country.
    He didn’t have any problems with the law or authority at ND or even in high school for that matter. The closest he came was being sucker punched by someone who had been harrassing his girlfriend outside a bar. Hardly a character flaw or showing a lack of maturity.
    The guy had a very good college career, performing as good or better than any pro style QB from the last decade. That is with an utterly terrible offensive line and only recently emerging playmakers. He also never had anything close to a decent running game while at ND or even an average defense.

  19. Kiper is a self made draft expert who helped mold the popularity of the draft to where its at today.
    Ah Hem, Mike Williams, WR USC …..
    Kiper is a Elvis Wigged Wanna Be….

  20. both kiper and mcshay are tards, but kiper is the bigger tard for thinking the redskins should take clausen with the #4 pick. at least mcshay understands that the offensive line needs to be addressed.

  21. The Redskins would be crazy to pass on Clausen. I really don’t see what the problem is with him. Even if he is a douche, so what? The Steelers have been winning Super Bowls with teams full of douches. As long as he can play at a high level, that’s all that really matters.

  22. I hate Todd McGay who is this cat and where did he come from? Mel Has been just fine before they decided to bring this Midget Moon Monster aboard, i never listen to his thoughts casaue hes always wrong!!!

  23. i don’t think brady quinn can be judged yet.
    we really gave him a bad shake here in cleveland

  24. I could care whether or not Claussen is mature enough, if I am a Skin’s fan, I wouldn’t want him. As a non-Skins fan, I’ve seen a decent team some years ruined by the fact their O-line play is spotty at best, lousy in bad years. If their front office has half a brain, start by grabbing the best 2 linemen they can and build from there. Time and time again, we’ve seen QB’s never realize their potential because they have no time to throw or develop as a result of getting mashed. Let’s look at Steve Young in Tampa. Was he mature coming out of BYU/USFL? Seems that way, but did it help him down there? No. His best move was making it to the 49ers. Look at Carr and Bulger, who had unlimited support for a couple of years from their teams, it’s hard to throw from your backside. The result – ruined potential. When the Giants started to gain respectability in the early ’80s via George Young, it was due to the mantra of building O and D lines first, then skill players, then the intangleables. I find it very dumbfounding that a team with such balant needs is thinking of foregoing them because of a shiny new toy. If you need a large pick-up truck to get the job done, don’t buy the corvette to do it.

  25. McShay is just the latest in a long line of ESPN contrarian douche bags who’s only goal, it seems, is to create controversy to feed their 24 hour news cycle.

  26. Vinny has 0 credibility. WHAT A LOSER he has the balls to come out an comment about football again?? this guy is worse that Matt Millen. Uh..I dont wanna hear that losers name again

  27. Jimmy Clausen blows. Cerrato blows. McShay blows.
    I would rather take Colt McCoy over Clausen.
    You know what, this article BLOWS.

  28. Hey Vinny,
    Can I get a $100 million contract? I promise I’ll go out and eat a bunch of fatty fast foods (McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, etc…) and bloat up. Then when I play in the game I will play in one play and then take off 3 because I’d be too fat to continue and I’d be winded.
    I’ll be a good addition to the team too!

  29. Guys like Vinny and matt millen shouldn’t be allowed to comment on evaluating talent, they are both douchbags that ruined teams. PFT no one cares what they think !!!

  30. @Dapollock
    I couldn’t agree more, the Skins line was terrible last year and still Campbell had an OK year. If they can give him some protection he might be a decent QB. I don’t know why there are so many comments about the Skins taking Clausen when Cerrato no longer works for the Skins and the only mention of the Skins is the fact that he used to work for them. I have no doubt that Clausen will be a top 10 pick but I wouldn’t do it if I were the Skins, they have too many needs up front to jump on a QB at #4. They should hope that Okung falls to them and pounce on him.

  31. Cerrato is Kiper’s go-to-guy for inside information. anything Kiper says, its safe to assume Cerrato agrees with it. Cerrato’s just saying what Kiper wishes he could say about McShay but can’t because they’re colleagues and it would create a Kornheiser-Storm scenario

  32. “Kiper is a self made draft expert…”
    What are you smoking? Kiper has been wrong more far more than he’s been right.
    None of these guys could carry Joel Buchsbaum’s jock strap – may he rest in peace – but he made that one unpardonable sin in our culture. He looked bad on TV.
    Kiper is the reason I don’t watch the draft.

  33. Now I KNOW Claussen isn’t that great, given that Vinny has given him HIS seal of approval.

  34. whatever vinny cerrato says about personnel, the opposite should be assumed as truth. vinny has demonstrated time and time again his inability to grasp the basics of finding useful talent. do not listen to this man about anything.

  35. I agree with My Coke Can’s statement… ” he just looked like he was coked up all the time.”
    Prerhaps NFL Management should have random drug tests also!

  36. “Cerrato is willing to stake his own reputation on Clausen’s maturity, while McShay is on the record as saying Clausen shouldn’t be a first-round pick.”
    Cerrato still has a reputation to put at stake? I thought that was ruined after his awful tenure in DC. How can you be a leader when your team goes 6-6 every year and you are the QB? Leader of what? Medicority. McShay is dead on concerning Clausen. Clausen had the most complete triple threat to throw to in CFB; Tate, Floyd and Rudolph. And he led them to nothing but a comeback win at Purdue. Yipee!!!!

  37. # marktg30 says: March 29, 2010 1:52 PM
    The last great QB to come out of ND was Joe Montana… That says it all.
    The last “supposed to be” great QB to come out of ND was Brady Quinn… That says it all.
    don’t pick a qb in ’10

  38. Clearly, The Danny okayed this. I wonder if Cerrato really thinks people actually take him seriously? Poor fella lol.

  39. I can certainly understand the desire to take Okung …. games are won and lost in the trenches and the ‘Skins need a lot of help up front.
    But not wanting Clausen based on the opinion of Todd McShay is ludicrous. Before you take his word for it, ask yourself “who exactly is Todd McShay?” The answer is this: He is a one time QB who couldn’t get off the bench at University of Richmond. He then helped them cut film after he got injured. He interned and then worked for a web site dedicated to the draft run by former NFL scout Gary Horton. When ESPN bought Horton’s company they got McShay with it. The entirety of his experience and training is with one guy who hadn’t been in the NFL for years by the time McShay got to him. Notice anything missing? I do. Any experience whatsoever with the NFL in any capacity. And being the back-up QB at Richmond doesn’t give you any special insight to the position either.
    I’ve seen every snap Clausen has played in college. I think he’s the real deal. He has only gotten better and better as his career progressed. His problems his freshman and sophomore years are attributable to one thing … no offensive line at all. The line gave up 58 sacks his freshman year. That doesn’t count the times they almost got him but was able to rush a throw. Additionally, they could never really run the ball to keep the defenses honest. What he did do was learn under Weis (who turned 6th round pick Tom Brady into a stud) and is more NFL ready than Bradford, who played out of the shotgun his entire career. Claused mastered Weis’ offense, and Weis was/is considered an offensive guru in the NFL.
    Also, as to the comments regarding his record at ND, I don’t think Bradford, McCoy or Tebow would have done any better … the defense was the problem. Last year alone the Irish lost 3 games where they scored at least 30 points. And lost another where they scored 27. If his defense was as good as they have in Oklahoma, Texas or Florida that is probably 4 more wins and a BCS bid. His rating last year was 161.4 … which is absurd. His TD/Int ration was 28/4, and I remember 1 pick that bounced off his receiver’s helmet at the goal line and into a defender’s hands … should have been 29/3.
    And finally, Cerrato is right, no one can point to a single instance demonstrating a lack of leadership … just people creating controversy at an easy target for the sake of ratings. The ‘Skins could do a lot worse than Clausen.

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