Gaither could be available for less than first round pick

Time is running out for teams to sign restricted free agent Ravens tackle Jared Gaither to an offer sheet, but he may be available for less than his first round tender.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora, citing two Ravens sources, said Monday an offer of a “high second round” pick would get a team’s foot in the door.

La Canfora suggests the Redskins as a possibility.  If Washington didn’t draft a tackle in the first round, they could potentially send their second round pick for Gaither.

There would be no April 15 deadline to sign Gaither to an offer sheet because it would be a straight trade.

By all accounts, Gaither played like a quality starting left tackle last year. That’s why it’s  surprising Baltimore seems so open to moving him.

63 responses to “Gaither could be available for less than first round pick

  1. Red flag red flag. You said it, they’re now willing to take less than a 1st rd. He’s gotta have Roethlisberger weeny or something.

  2. If the 49ers don’t give up a second and a 4th or 5th then they deserve to get second again.

    Then you could trade down with your 8 overall pick and get more picks..

  4. They want to move him because they know he will always be the same lazy slug that he has always been going back to his days at Maryland. Plus with a high second they could pick up the tight end they want with their first AND one of the high quality corners who will still be there at the top of round two. With their own second they could pick up a pass rusher.

  5. I would love to see Cleveland initiate something to get him. Would most likely need to use another team to do it, since it is highly unlikely Ozzie would trade him within the division.

  6. Why do they want to get rid of Gaither? He hasn’t killed anyone (allegedly), so he doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the locker room.

  7. Trading Gaither for a draft pick makes no sense. Even a 1st round draft pick makes no sense. What are they going to get with that pick? A receiver that will start over Boldin or Mason? Nope. A corner that will start immediately? I doubt it.
    Ravens… your roster is built to win NOW, not in another year or 2.
    Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Derrick Mason, Trevor Pryce, Kelly Gregg… all expected to retire soon and are only still playing for that one last run at a Super Bowl.
    It would be better to keep Gaither for this last year of his current contract, and franchise tag him if you can’t get a new contract, or a sign-and-trade worked out.

  8. He’s expendable b/c of the pick up of Oher last year.
    Although high second sounds cheap to me.

  9. Jermely-
    You cant trade down picks like on Madden 2010, until we get a rookie pay scale. No one wants a top 10 pick unless they are after a specific QB, see Sanchez.

  10. Its likely because of the contract keeping him would demand, he played like a starting LT and now he’ll want to be paid like one. He is also taking Michael Oher’s spot on the blindside, and the Ravens can’t give him a big LT contract and then move him to RT, its just not worth it, so get what you can now and move on before he walks away for less compensation later. Sucks but makes good buisness sense.

  11. gobrowns…that is the thing..Gaither is really good. He is also 6ft-9. I am not sure why we are looking to move him. I would like to see Oher on the “blindside” eventually. But I would also like to keep Gaither.

  12. Trade him, move Oher to the left side, put Yanda on the right side and draft a right tackle for depth.
    I hope someone comes through with an offer. I’d much rather see Oher on the left.

  13. This suggestion is bewildering. Why would the Ravens give a up a proven left tackle for a high second round pick? It’s self defeating.

  14. Ahhhhhh…hahahaha…..ItalianArmyGal….that was a good one…I bet you can carve your teams logo into you back hair!!

  15. I can not see it. I doubt the source was Ozzie or Harbs and anyone else would be guessing.

  16. Don’t believe anything that weiner La Canfora reports, especially from the infamous “two Ravens sources” (who are of course unnamed). No way Oz & Co. give away an up-and-coming starting left tackle for a second round draft pick. The Ravens don’t have ANYONE to replace Oher on the RIGHT side if they move him over to left tackle. Some people say put Marshall Yanda back there but that would be a mistake for two reasons: one, he’s a much better guard and two, you completely wreck your depth on the OL.

  17. I don’t see the Ravens dealing him for anything less than a first round pick. The only reason the Ravens are advertising him for a trade is because they feel that Gaither’s heart isn’t in the game and that Michael
    Oher is going to be an all pro left tackle. In addition when their contracts are both up, they are both going to be asking for left tackle money, and the Ravens won’t be willing to do that. If the Ravens are given a first round pick, I say take it, they have great depth at the offensive line and with an additional pick could address some areas of need.

  18. Gaither must be damaged goods now after that neck injury last season. Or he’s a bad team player. Otherwise, I don’t understand why the Ravens would dump a pretty good, young left tackle, especially since they aren’t exactly stacked at the O line position.

  19. zangy says:
    March 29, 2010 9:14 PM
    Ted Thompson would be foolish not to go after this…Ted Thompson is foolish.
    zangy, you are correct. I wouldn’t have said it so nicely though.

  20. I wonder if anyone remembers Buffalo trading their LT last year. How did that work out?
    Yes, Baltimore is in much better shape across the line, but good LTs aren’t galling off of trees.

  21. hey maybe the seahawks could trade #40 for Gaither, oh yeah we got rid of that for whitehurst.Hey at least we got Sean Morey

  22. WetHog says:
    Something doesn’t pass the sniff test with this. You covet O-linemen not discard them.
    Totally agree. He may not be starting tackle for the Ravens now, but you never know when the next man up will be Gaither.

  23. The Rams need to give up the 33rd pick for a true LT to replace the living, breathing false start known as Alex Barron.

  24. I’d jump all over this if I were the Niners. This would free up the #13 and #17 picks. CJ Spiller to compliment Gore? Dez Bryant to compliment Crabtree? Just thinkin out loud…

  25. I think they are putting out this information to motivate Gaither. The message is: If you don’t start working hard, you might be moved…and it may not be to the other side of the line.

  26. There have always been questions about Gaither’s work ethic. Which is why they could be hesitant to give him a new deal. I seriously doubt they are worried about paying him LT money even if he and Oher switch, which they wont- Oher was OK at LT last year nothing special though. Oher still has 4 years on his rookie contract and Ozzie Newsome is notorious for waiting until his guys deals expire before giving them an extenstion. So they could give Gaither his money now and structure it so that in 4 years when its time to resign Oher, Gaither is no longer making big money. Or even just sign him to a 4 year deal.
    The other problem is they literally have no quality depth on the offensive line. Chris Chester lost his job at G for a reason, he’s not starting quality. So putting Chester in at G and moving Yanda to RT makes no sense. Oniel cousins is absolutly terrible and the Ravens would need to draft another RT. This would just create a hole thats not needed. My guess is the Ravens want to bait someone into signing him to an offer sheet, with a low contract.

  27. Come on Buffalo. High 2nd round pick and lets you go QB (Clausen) or NT (Williams) in round one.

  28. from what ive read. gaithers agent is very hard to deal with. they aren’t sure they will be able to sign, he’s got issues in his game. they have michael oher to become the Better left tackle. then they can find a suitable right tackle with the pick. smart ravens.

  29. i say the Ravens and Redskins make a deal, 2nd round pick for Gaither, the Ravens use that pick on depth or a new right tackle or other needs, the Redskins get their left tackle, sign him long term, get their young passer, let him sit a year and then in 2011, their line will be good enough for the young passer to start behind.

  30. There is no injury or work ethic issues. As someone stated above, Oher is getting big dollars to play RT. They want to move him to the left side so that he can produce what he is paid for. Gaither, the current LT, is producing. He is, at this moment, one of the top LT’s in the league, but the $ he gets shows him as RT, compared to Oher’s paycheck. But, his production will garner him big dollars. So, instead of losing him next season as a UFA because they won’t pay him, Baltimore is going to take what they can get, as long as it is atleast a high second.
    NOW….. Personally, I think it is the most ignorant thing ever. Teams don’t pay for the right side OL. But, the right side OL springs more blocks for your high priced backfield. Me, I would pay big dollars to a LT and RT, insert 3rd round talent to the G spots, use a low 1st/high 2nd on a C, and walk into stadiums knowing that my OL will kick your DL ass!

  31. There is a simple reason they may want to trade Gaither and that is this- this year he’s a RFA and if they come to an agreement on a new CBA soon and it remains the same to the old one, Gaither would then be an Unrestricted Free Agent after the season. So, the Ravens are thinking a few things: One- Trade him now while his value is at its highest. Two-Because they have Oher, who will eventually take over at LT, the team doesn’t want to have to pay Gaither Left Tackle money when he becomes a free agent if they have a better Left Tackle and plan on moving Gaither to Right Tackle anyway. Three- Ozzie loves draft picks and after losing a 3 and 4 for Boldin, he would love to restock, move Oher to left tackle now, put Yanda at RT, and draft a lineman and develop him. Four- With Gaither’s injury history they may think they have gotten the best out of him already and don’t see any more upside. This was a supplemental draft pick here, and if the Ravens can land actual draft picks for a guy they got in the supplemental, it’s quite a deal. It’s just business here.

  32. Is Pittsburgh trading away Harrison or Woodley?? because this is the only way this makes sense
    i might stop being a ravens fan if yanda goes back to right tackle. he’s an atrocious tackle..see the 5-11 2007 season. unless they think they’ve developed cousins this is insane

  33. do they trust oher that much with the LT position? he had a hell of a year at right tackle and it seemed like he had found his niche there. gather wasnt all pro last year, but he certainly was in the top ten of LT’s. finding a quality LT is hard, and the ravens sure arent gonna get one of the legitimate LT prospects like Okung, Buluga or Williams wherever they end up selecting.

  34. There’s no way they can pay both him and Michael Oher, and when the time comes they will either have to let one go or trade one. Waiting another year makes more sense than trading Gaither now.
    If he plays like a premier left tackle, tag him and trade him for more than they can get now. If he doesn’t play like a premier left tackle, sign him long term for a bargain.
    Saying if he plays good trade him and if he plays bad keep him is so ironic, but it makes good sense financially. This is all conditional on the two assumptions that a) the ravens are comfortable with Oher and b) the new CBA is in place and allows for franchise tags.

  35. Ravenmaniac says:
    March 29, 2010 9:32 PM
    gobrowns…that is the thing..Gaither is really good. He is also 6ft-9. I am not sure why we are looking to move him. I would like to see Oher on the “blindside” eventually. But I would also like to keep Gaither.
    Ur selfish! Look at the Redskins they dont have anyone on either side. Not even one guy. lol The 2nd round pick for him being a top 2nd would still be a decent trade.

  36. Here is why the Ravens are doing it: 1). The guy has terrible work ethic- he’s 6’9″ 350 lbs and athletic. He is a very good LT now but could be the best in the league, but he doesn’t work at it. When he came out of Maryland Ralph Friedgen said he wondered about his work ethic as well. 2). He gets injured frequently (in large part to his terrible work ethic). So here’s what the ravens are thinking: why give HUGE money (he signed Drew Rosenhaus as his agent knowing he’s going to make huge money) to a guy who more likely than not is not going to try AT ALL once he signs a huge paycheck? Plus, literally about EIGHTY percent of Ravens first round picks become pro bowlers (or pro bowl caliber, i.e. Michael Oher who will make a pb barring injury), which makes a trade especially enticing. Oh, and the Ravens LOVE this draft which is terrible news for the rest of the league.

  37. Get it done Buffalo. Offer them the #41 pick and a CB. Start with Ashton Youboty, but be willing to give up Drayton Florence, if necessary. Once you have Gaither, then you can use #9 on Clausen if he drops (which is unlikely), on NT Dan Williams or even to trade down to replace your second round pick and still take NT Terrance Cody in the first. Then you might be able to pick up TE Gronkowski in the second.

  38. One reason he is lazy and the Ravens had to send someone to wake him up for pratice,I think the Ravens are tried of that.

  39. Is Jared Gaither an “up and coming” left tackle in this league, or not? One post said he is lazy, another that he is an unending injury or even a poison in the locker room. Why has this never come up before? If he is a legitimate starting left tackle in the NFL, why would any team be ready to let him go cheap? I did not read any post explaining, in a credible manner, the “great business sense” this was supposed to be for Baltimore. Nor could I accept the multiple draft picks logic without OL depth. If he is good enough to start for the Ravens, then maybe the Packers should grab him now, because Roger Saffold may be the best OT available at #23.

  40. I don’t believe a word of this. There is no way any franchise is going to trade away a good, young OT. It’s not as though they can do it because they’ve got Oher. You need two good tackles. It’s not as though it is a one or the other proposition.
    So, either it is completely made-up, journalistic fantasy or there is a major problem with the player, in which case it probably means he isn’t worth a 2nd rounder either.

  41. Detroit would be very smart to offer up the 34th pick for Gaither. That way they can add Suh and still grab a starter at LT. The combo of Suh and Gaither is much better than Okung and anyone else that will be available at 34.

  42. Buyer beware: If someone wants to sell you their BMW 5 series for $15K, assume there is somehting wrong.
    My guess: they realize he doesnt ahve the work ethic to become great and he wants a huge contract. I think he is Jason Peters Part w

  43. I’d love to see this kid in Green Bay, but the Packers don’t have a high 2nd. Unless they trade their 1st (23rd overall) for Gaither and the Ravens 3rd, maybe…
    I would jump on a deal like that. Hell, I’d trade my 23rd for Gaither straight up.

  44. Ted Thompson thinks he the smartest guy in every room. However, he is just too dumb to work a deal for this guy. Dumb, I tell you.

  45. Here come some of my fellow Ravens fans with low IQ’s screaming about what a huge loss Gaither would, and how its impossible he moves.
    Y’all must not know the inside dirt on Gaither, huh?
    He’s Lazy. Lazy as sh1t. You don’t give lazy big men money. You shouldn’t even draft lazy big men high (See, Bengals last draft with Andre Smith?)
    Lastly, its the last year of his contract. You get something for him before he goes in free agency.
    How do you think with got Boldin? YOu don’t think Boldin is worth more than a 3rd and change? IT WAS THE LAST YEAR OF HIS CONTRACT.
    If the Ravens get a 2nd for Gaither, it’d be like they took a 5th round, got 4 years starting at LT out of it, and then got a 2nd rounder. Thats Ozzie Newsome magic.
    I’m sick of the chicken little Ravens fans.

  46. Must be nice the Ravens have a huge problem in deciding what to do with two stud LT’s….man just think, there are about 15 teams in the NFL who dont even have one legitament LT…
    I’d really hate to be Ozzie right now….

  47. Trade him for high 2nd and 3rd round picks…and watch Ozzie work his magic. Big Ben post in….er…8 minutes.

  48. Cannot believe I haven’t seen any messages from Vikings Nation about replacing McKinnie with Gaither.

  49. Hello, Duluth Fan. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. I have a lot of respect for McKinnie but there is something very tempting about Gaither. I am hearing this story of his excessive laziness for the first time on this forum. If it is true, and irrepairable, then I guess Thompson and Childress are smart not to bid on him. I just don’t know.

  50. Hello, Duluth Fan. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. I have a lot of respect for McKinnie but there is something very tempting about Gaither. I am hearing this story of his excessive laziness for the first time on this forum. If it is true, and irrepairable, then I guess Thompson and Childress are smart not to bid on him. I just don’t know.

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