League green lights return of video noise messages

Once upon a time, NFL home teams could actually be penalized if the noise in the stadium was so loud that it legitimately disrupted the visitors’ offense.  Though that stupid rule has long since been abandoned, the league has maintained for 21 years a ban on using video messages to encourage fans to get loud.

Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal reports that this rule was wiped off the books at last week’s league meetings in Orlando.  And so teams will now be permitted to display messages like “Noise” and “Raise the Roof” and “Pump It Up” (but hopefully not “Simultaneous Fart in 3 . . . 2 . . . and 1 . . . !”).

The goal?  To make the experience more enjoyable for fans who have increasingly improving home technology where they can watch multiple games with their friends (and kill any slow moments with a call for a simultaneous fart in 3 . . . 2 . . . and 1 . . . .)  “We want to make it a fun place for the fans to be, and [Commissioner] Roger [Goodell] pushed for this, and we will see how it works,” Cowboys COO Stephen Jones said.

The only catch is that the messages must end “15 seconds before the ball is snapped,” which we assume actually means 15 seconds before the play clock expires, since there’s no way to know when the ball will be snapped, and thus no way of counting 15 seconds back from an unknown point.

Kaplan points out that no vote of the owners was required for the measure because it does not alter the rules of the game.

That said, it definitely will impact the experience for the road teams, especially in venues with lids.

64 responses to “League green lights return of video noise messages

  1. Ugh, I’m definitely not going to any games this year. That shit is so annoying…almost XFLish.

  2. The hidden reason behind this decision: another revenue producing sponsorship opportunity for NFL teams. This was a cash-motivated decision. Will help the fan experience, but the NFL experience is already elite.

  3. Stick to reporting, not being a comedian. The fart joke was laaaaaaaaaaame. And notice I said reporting, not “journalist”.

  4. To think that fans who are not on the team and not between the white lines are entitled to have an affect on the outcome of the games is lame.
    Do you also think that fans should be allowed to rush the field and make tackles too?
    The NFL SHOULD seek to limit fan interference so that fans who want to see the contest solved on the field by the talents of the pros involved can witness something uncontaminated by lame-ass face painters and loud ass idiots.
    Nothing wrong with a little cheering, but to highlight it, is to give more attention and influence than is deserved to the fan.

  5. Can somebody please tell the owners to get a clue and cut ticket prices? Football games are already maximum fun. People don’t go because they don’t want to spend two hundred dollars on stadium beer.
    HD Television is a big part of the puzzle I’m sure, but it’s the substitute, not the problem, and anyway it isn’t going away. Trying to increase the fun of the stadium is approaching the problem from the wrong direction, and if they really think a video message from Hulk Hogan telling us to get loud and Hulk Up the team is going to make us happy to spend hundreds of dollars for tickets… well, they might be right, but only in the case of Hulk Hogan. No other video message will be worth the expense.
    Hopefully the teams will quickly run out of stupid ideas to increase attendance without spending any money and proceed to the obvious answer of lowering ticket prices. We all want to go to games. If it ever stops being way too expensive, we’ll all start going again. For now, increased usage of stadium gimmicks isn’t helping anybody.

  6. No matter what they do, it will always be better to watch at home. Unless they devolve TV to standard def, and put a lock on my BBQ, ban the Sunday Ticket.

  7. I’ve always disliked the use of noise to legally hinder the opposing offence. I don’t see how that is in any way fair. So, the opposing QB should have a microphone on his facemask and his teammates on offence should have a listening device in their helmets, all of which are switched off when the ball is snapped. The same goes for the MLB on defence.

  8. @JSpicoli, seeing as us the fans are paying for the players salary with our money, I think that a video noise message is not over the top. Also if you want to admire the talent on the field in peace, feel free to watch from home. I bet you’re the guy that says, “Sit down, you’re ruining my view!” whenever there is a big play on the field.

  9. I and 68,000 others were flagged for excessive crowd noise at a saints game in 2000, so a 21 year ban does not compute

  10. wow… JSpicoli, you should probably smoke some more dope and chill out. You probably hate it when defensive players gesture to the crowd to get louder on key 3rd down plays too, dont you? I agree this is a cash based decision, trying to keep people from enjoying their private 60″ tvs at home, but to seriously be upset that some teams encourage, maybe even rely, on the energy/noise the fanbase can provide is ridiculous. Thats why its called….. home field advantage!

  11. Good luck in Philly, road teams! We’ve got more drunk, obnoxious, asshole fans than anybody!

  12. So, what does the league plan to do about teams that blast music while the other team’s offense is on the field and lined-up to snap the ball trying to run their offense?
    Two instances of this I’ve witnessed this year:
    Minnesota and Indianapolis.
    It’s dsigusting. First of all, the music shouldn’t be played at that time. And secondly… the music they play is actually louder when the other team was on the field than it was during pre-game warm-ups when the music is allowed.

  13. “Simultaneous Fart in 3 . . . 2 . . . and 1 . . . !”).
    How are you paid for any of this Florio?

  14. LOL
    LOL did i get hit on the head and wake up in the 90s?

  15. Pats fans everywhere rejoyced when they read this headline… until they got to “noise messages”

  16. Better start seeing “welcome to Duval, prepare to be hit” on the jumotron. Would be cool if everyone in the stands cheered it, not just the younger crowd.

  17. It’s unfortunate that so many teams have to prod their fans to make noise at the appropriate times.
    I have to admit, after attending a game at the Meadowlands, I was impressed with the way the Jets handle it. When the opposing offense is on the field, as the QB starts calling the signals, the Jumbotrons spell out the “J-E-T-S JETS-JETS-JETS” thing…..and the entire stadium chants along
    It generates a good 10-15 seconds of deafening noise, without ever once “telling” the fans to make noise. Very effective system.

  18. It also takes some part of a real home field advantage away from real fans. You telling me fans in a full Tampa stadium would be as loud as a full Cleveland stadium? Not in a million years. But you start pumping artificial crowd noise into every stadium, they’ll all be the same. It’s not fair to real football cities.

  19. NBC called… you have succesfully fallen to the bottom of their otherwise deplorable list of journalists. Another accomplishment you can hang on your refrigerator next to your law degree from Cracker Jack Univ!

  20. I’ve had several captains and Vernors but I liked the fart joke. Picture that 20 years ago. Wasn’t happenin.

  21. A mistake by Bill Polian. Don’t the colts already recycle crown noise. Why encourage other venues to be noisy.

  22. I guess if baseball and hockey do it then football should too. Next thing you know they will be doing roids and HGH. What’s next? Bring your dog to the game night like in baseball (S.F.)? No Green Bay, that doesn’t include your “lady”.
    The NFL knows why the real fan base doesn’t show up. They refuse to admit it because it will cost them money. Keep putting band-aids on a wound that needs stitches and see how far that takes you.
    They know they can’t justify charging patrons more money for the same crap they provide year after year and can’t milk the cash cow of sponsorships anymore due to the economy. They sure as hell won’t be taking any paycuts themselves. We’re talking about a strike (Allen Iverson). Excuse me, a lockout.

  23. HUGE fan of this. As a New England fan, our fanbase is so bad at the games, so annoyingly quiet. Now they’ll be encouraged to get loud, thank goodness.

  24. Nothing wrong with a little cheering, but to highlight it, is to give more attention and influence than is deserved to the fan.
    I am assuming the concept of “home field advantage” is completely lost on you.

  25. JSpicoli:
    You’re missing the entire point! IT IS ABOUT THE FANS! They are the ones who have built up the NFL into the empire that it is. Basketball and baseball haven’t soared to such heights because the love of the game of football drives a passion in a fan unlike those other sports. THEY are the reason the NFL has become what it is, not better players, or better stadiums. By having such a powerful thing like “homefield advantage” where normal people are actually feeling like they are impacting the spectacle of NFL competition, you’re empowering them which only makes them want to sink more money, time, and attention into your product.
    It’s genius.
    p.s. this will only make the Superdome that much more difficult a place to win and cause a lot more…12 men in the huddle penalties, oh my.

  26. Wow spicolli is not a season ticket holder. There’s no fan experiance like the feeling of being so loud that Tom brady takes a delay of game penalty, a sack, burns a time out, or throws an into. I saw all of those occurences week 2 at the thankfully demolished giants stadium. When we are all loud at the same time so much that the stadium is shaking we affect the games .. I’ve seen it a lot.. Every year I have had season tix the jets have made the playoffs… I’m just saying..(3for3),, it’s the greatest joy for a true fan. You’re comment about not wanting the fans to affect the gAme shows me all I need to know about you. Stay at the bar and get wasted spicolli you pathetic excuse for a football fan. I’ll be in sec 123 helping my team win believe it. Live by one motto jet fans everydown is third down.

  27. It don’t take a rocket scientist to know that making plays and winning to prompt the fans to make noises! Simple as that.

    Is this all they got? Really? How about they stop making teams play the Raiders because we can go ahead assume nobody is going to go and that whoever isn’t the Raiders is going to win. That might make their low attendance look not as bad…

  29. Qwest Field in Seattle is so unbelievably loud. It is a huge rush. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life and I have been to Chiefs games at Arrowhead. One cool thing they did when the Kingdome was still around was to show a fan noise meter on the big screen and man did that place get rocking. I miss those days.
    If you are complaining about how loud it is getting at the game you need to sell your tickets and watch the game at home. You wouldn’t go to a rock concert and ask everyone to keep it down. Maybe some of you don’t get to experience the better venues in the NFL. Youtube videos don’t did it justice. It is unreal, even when they are losing :(. I can’t even imagine what the visiting teams think.
    Also, quit’yer’bitchin’ about this free of charge NFL Rumors web page. Start your own if you can’t stand reading their posts.

  30. Who is the most powerful person on the competition committee?
    Bill Polian.
    What team employs Bill Polian?
    The Colts.
    Where do the Colts play?
    In a dome.
    Where is crowd noise the biggest factor?
    In a dome.
    This isn’t the first time that the competition committee has made rules, or told officials to call certain rules more closely that would benefit dome teams. Remember a few years ago when officials were instructed to call closer penalties on the defense for touching potential receivers, or the recent instructions to protect quarterbacks?
    It used to be that the smart way to build a team was with a running game and strong defense that would withstand bad weather come playoff time. Now it seems like the smart way to build a team is to build a dome – or get someone from your organization on the competition committee.

  31. @JSpicoli
    So those of us who are season tickets for our favorite squad are just supposed to sit on our hands with a “little cheering” to help us through the game? Get over it man… this isn’t Golf! I own season tickets because I WANT the fan experience. I WANT to get into the game with 65,000 other people who are screaming their lungs out with me. If you don’t want to get into the whole experience of the game then stay the heck home and watch it on TV because you are taking tickets away from people who actually want to be “lame ass face painters and loud ass idiots”.
    Again if you don’t like it go watch Golf!

  32. Wow, awesome!!!! To celebrate, let’s all scream, “Raise the Roof” together!!! You wanna??? OK, ready….. 3 . . . 2 . . . and 1 . . . !
    Did you do it??? That was so cool! Wow. Being a sycophant is the greatest.

  33. This is very lame. Its bad enough that we have to put up with constant advertising during television breaks, now they want to tell us when to cheer too ?
    The league just doesn’t get it.

  34. Imagine the poor bastard running the video board when Peyton Manning is on the field.
    Dude will be goin nuts trying to figure out when “15 seconds before the ball is snapped” is.

  35. Fan noise is one thing… but stadiums purpose built to deliver that noise are quite another. Looking at you Seattle… next to the Patriots you’re the worst cheaters in the league. Good thing you s’uck.

  36. @Jspicoli …If it wasn’t for the fans these rich ass crybabies wouldn’t be playing the game…The Fans DESERVE ALL OF THE ATTENTION!!

  37. Real fans don’t need to be told when to get loud. You could of course just do what the vikings have done and put speakers right by the opponents bench that blare music at full volume. Of course not all teams are willing to sink that low.

  38. That’s actually a reason NOT to go to a game. The din is NOT adding to the fan experience.

  39. “Real fans don’t need to be told when to get loud. You could of course just do what the vikings have done and put speakers right by the opponents bench that blare music at full volume. Of course not all teams are willing to sink that low.”
    Eventually it will be like basketball… where the home team usually wins. I like the speakers behind the bench bit. One day teams will be poisoning the visitors water. Yeah… let’s have more cheating… kill that golden goose. 8-8… 8 wins at home… 8 losses on the road.

  40. Well, it will help Cowboys fans because (and I’m one) they simply don’t know when to make noise and when not to. They are in desperate need of a ‘fandom 101’ class before the game.We went to the Redskins game in the new stadium and my wife (a Cowboys and LSU fan) was aghast at the ignorance of the fans on when to make noise an when not to. They were frigging yelling when Dallas had important 3rd down plays on offense — WTF?? —
    I remember watching one of the NFL ‘miced up’ sequences and Demarcus Ware was talking to Brady James on the sideline when Dallas had a 3rd down and he was listening to the home crowd making noise saying “STFU!” He looked at James and said, “I love our fans, but MAN are they stupid sometimes.”
    It will help if the ‘Big Board’ can display not only “Fracking yell Aholes!” but also if it can display “STFU!!”.
    I really like Navy home games (73 Grad – Beat Army!) . On defensive third downs the stadium gives three blasts from a ships horn (which, for you landlubbers, means ‘backing up’) to signal the crowd to make some frigging noise.

  41. Vaginal people like Jspicoli are the reason everyone, including the last place team, gets a trophy in youth sports these days. “It’s not fair for the last place kids who are trying so hard!” Shut your whiney, politically-correct jid-collector, Jspicoli!

  42. ….(but hopefully not “Simultaneous Fart in 3 . . . 2 . . . and 1 . . . !”).
    Teams like the Raiders, Chief, Redskins, Bucs will have no need to invite their fans to stink up the joint. The teams handle that just fine.

  43. This will really help out Chicago fans figure out when to be loud. Most of the dopes going to games are loud when the BEARS are trying to snap the ball and quiet for the visitors. So thanks, Roger.

  44. They should flash the lights when the visitors have the ball. Maybe install a wind machine to blow their passes off target. How about a big searchlight behind the goalposts that you shine into the eyes of the opposing kicker on field goal attempts. Let’s get creative. The last thing we want is a level playing field where it’s all about talent.

  45. “but hopefully not “Simultaneous Fart in 3 . . . 2 . . . and 1 . . . !”
    ..that would be Dallas

  46. go crazy with video messages, I cannot afford PSL’s anyway, will be watching NFL games with my buds at local NJ sports bar anyway….

  47. I, for one, agree with JSpicoli. It’s the talent on the teams playing each other that should decide the outcome of the game. It’s one thing to cheer to encourage your team, but it’s quite another to have so-called fans screaming their lungs out for the purpose of interfering with the opposing team’s play-calling. If you don’t agree with that, then, presumably, you’d be ok with letting the fans shine or flash bright lights into the opposing team’s eyes to hinder their vision or petitioning the NFL to require the opposing team to wear Stickum on the bottom of their shoes. That would be just as sporting.

  48. Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal reports that this rule was wiped off the books at last week’s league meetings in Orlando. And so teams will now be permitted to display messages like “Noise” and “Raise the Roof” and “Pump It Up” (but hopefully not “Simultaneous Fart in 3 . . . 2 . . . and 1 . . . !”).
    And in the case of Eagles fans.
    Kick the sh*t out of anyone who is not wearing an Eagles jersey.
    By the way “Simultaneous Fart in 3 . . . 2 . . . and 1 . . . !” is what us Pats fans used to throw off Manning in the 2003-2004 AFC Championship game.

  49. You guys are exactly right, in fact, I think we should take it a step further. Let’s ban fans from the game completely. There’s a chance that a quarterback may see an attractive woman in the stands, and that might distract him. Or at very least, we need to make the fans watch the games like they would a tennis match, in complete silence.
    Seriously. if your fan base isn’t intelligent and passionate enough to help your team, then it’s your loss. I am proud to be a member of the 12th man (albeit from a distance). The (completely legal) noise coming from the fans at Qwest is no different than the snow in Green Bay or the heat in Miami. There are advantages to playing in certain parts of the country (extreme weather), in certain stadiums (domes and turf), and with certain fans (passionate crowds like Seattle and Cleveland). If your team doesn’t have that advantage, look in the mirror. Don’t complain about other fans who are passionate and doing everything within the rules to help their squad.

  50. I’ve had several captains and Vernors but I liked the fart joke. Picture that 20 years ago. Wasn’t happenin.

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