Pacman clear to return

On Friday, Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reported that cornerback Pacman Jones is free to sign with any NFL team, his past suspensions notwithstanding.

On Monday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the league has advised agents Ray Savage and Tom Hunter that, indeed, Pacman may return without any impediment.

“This is further affirmation that Adam is ready, willing and able to
step in and contribute immediately,” said agent Ray Savage, who continues to not appear in the NFLPA database as a licensed contract rep.

The Lions, 49ers, and Bengals have been linked to Jones, the sixth overall pick in the 2005 draft.  But 49ers director of player personnel Trent Baalke recently told Mike Sando of that the Niners aren’t interested, and we were told last week that the Lions will soon announce that Jones has joined the team.

24 responses to “Pacman clear to return

  1. What do my Lions have to lose! Just sign him and hope he can contribute to secondary in need of help.

  2. Why not? He hasn’t been convicted of anything. It’s not a crime to throw money in a strip club. It’s not even a crime to attend one. Hell some of y’all that’s going to make crazy racist comments have spent your mortgage payment in the strip club. If he should be banned so should Rothliesberger, Stallworth, and a host of other players BLACK and WHITE.

  3. Atlanta Love: Other than being associated with the guy who later shot up that strip club. And fighting his on body guard. Etc. Hope the Lions actually sign him though. Sure can’t hurt.

  4. …all i know is the security folk @ the scrip clubs in & around the greater detroit area had better armor up – lil wannabe is back in the saddle…

  5. He got in a fight with his bodyguard. So what? There are guys in the league that have actually killed innocent human beings. I understand that the guy has had some questionable incidents happen around him but there are guys who have done and been convicted of worse. If the rules that applied to him held true for all players then Ben should just be finishing his one year suspension for the first sexual assault he was accused of. He definitely should be suspended now. If you apply the same rule and logic.

  6. Sign Pacman !
    He’s first round talent on the cheap to create great depth ! Solid Kick and Punt Returner… and an immediate upgrade from Morgan Trent !

  7. Best case for the Lions: He still has it and is better than the rest of the secondary! Worst case: He gets in trouble and is no good, then they can cut him!

  8. Can’t imagine why the Lions wouldn’t sign him. Nothing to lose. The guy can still motor and if you start to question the character of the NFL players in general (see Hall of Fame) then you don’t have enough players/coaches left to field a decent CFL League.
    Sad but true. The legal system has him in a position to play football, as does the league. Guys got every right to give it a shot. And I can’t stand him.

  9. The Lions seem intent on remaining bottom feeders. The Fords must go as owners, they are part of a group of the 5 or 6 worst owners in the league, and none of those half dozen franchises will ever do well until they are turned over to new ownership. Detroit, Buffalo, Oakland, Tampa Bay….. doesn’t get any worse than the owners those teams have.

  10. Atlanta, he’s just not very good as a cb – there are many clips of average WR’s faking him out of his joke. And he’s just okay as a returner and he’s not a good clubhouse guy/teammate. Any team who signs him is desperate.
    Trouble follows him wherever he goes – he’s a magnet for it.

  11. Amazing how many people forget what a great return guy he is.
    THAT is why someone is going to sign him .

  12. Bengals don’t need him, but for the league minimum, with no guarantees, he would help in the nickel and dime packages on defense. Plus as a punt return man, he’d be an upgrade from what they got.

  13. For all the bashing the guy gets
    1. He hasn’t been in ANY trouble in 2 years
    2. Even when he did have trouble it was mostly people around him getting in trouble and then him being questioned by the cops
    3. I don’t believe he’s ever even been convicted of a crime.

  14. It is good to see Florio has not used this article for his own personal rant on the misgivings of Pac-man.
    Keep up the good work Florio!

  15. He’s not even that great. Why would the NFL even allow this sub human back into the league? He’s an absolute menace to society and belongs in a prison.

  16. HarrisonHits I’m not sure if you are from the D but let me educate you…..The Lions have one playoff win in over 50 years. They have never even been to a super bowl. Tampa Bay, one super boel win. Buffalo Bills 4 Super Bowl appearances and Raider fan will fill you in on their resume.
    The Ford’s are THE worst owner’s in the history of any franchise. Please someone make an argument to the contrary. Effort doesn’t count in this argument only results.

  17. No one is disputing you azdetroitfan…The Lions can turn it around though, just because the last 50 years they have been crap doesn’t mean that the next 50 will be the same. The Lions are awful right now so no where to go but up right?

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