Reading the schedule release tea leaves

The NFL traditionally releases its full schedule for the coming season every April.  And we typically spend the latter days of every March trying to figure out when the sheet will be pulled off the full slate of 256 games.

The fact that we already know who’ll play whom doesn’t matter.  We all want to know when each game will be played, and whether the teams we love — and hate — will be playing on Sunday nights, Monday nights, or Thanksgiving.

Here’s what we know — with the NCAA finals and the launch of the MLB regular season set for Monday, April 5, the NFL schedule won’t be released then.  And with the draft starting on Thursday, April 22, the schedule undoubtedly will be announced before the week of April 19 commences.

Throw out Friday, April 9 and Friday, April 16, since the league won’t want the news to languish in the weekend news cycle.  We’ll also scrap Tuesday, April 6, given that most of the day will be devoted to discussion of the NCAA championship game and the full-blown return of the game that was America’s pastime in the days before computers, cell phones, televisions, radios, and/or silent movies.

So we can narrow it down for now to Wednesday, April 7, Thursday, April 8, Monday, April 12, Tuesday, April 13, Wednesday, April 14, or Thursday, April 15.

We’ll go with Wednesday, April 14.  There will be only four NBA games the prior night, and a relatively light slate of nine baseball games.  Besides, it’ll give us all a valid reason to procrastinate on finishing up those tax forms.

UPDATE:  A certain much-hyped golf tourney begins on April 8, which likely knocks that day out, too.

27 responses to “Reading the schedule release tea leaves

  1. Wow…this is one of those “Honestly, who give’s a rat’s ass” posts. Good one Mike. I’d rather reading another one dripping with your man-love for West Virginia’s basketball team before this crap.

  2. What about the Masters, and Tiger Woods’ return from his self imposed hiatus? The 7th is the par 3 event and the 8th will undoubtbly be all Tiger all the time.
    Also the 12th will be nothing but Masters review and how Tiger fared, you know it’s coming.
    I’d bet on the 13th or 14th.

  3. The last fun NFL schedule release ever.
    Next year it may be blank.
    The year after we’ll all be bitching about having to play in England the week before a rivalry game.
    Then after that it’s no holds barred. Games in Japan, Mexico, France, Italy, Russia, Germany…it’s all over. The final NFL season as we know it is upon us. Better make it a good one.

  4. I would also assume (making an ass out of u and me) that the NFL will stay clear of the Masters (and the return of the Cheetah) from April 8-12.

  5. And don’t forget the Tiger Woods “Masters” scenario.
    No one will even be aware it gets released if it comes out while Tiger Woods is all over the television.

  6. The NFL has never waited until April 12 to release the schedule. They’ll either release it before April 5, or on the first 2 days you mentioned; April 7 or 8.

  7. This is the type of article I come here for, you could’ve been more specific before posting though

  8. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to get another one after he’s wrong. Again.
    Speculating without being Accurate seems to be the specialty of PFT.

  9. Okay, so…
    When are they finally going to tell us what the opening weekend prime time games are? Or the Thanksgiving games?
    If they can’t even figure those out, I’m scared to see when the full schedule is actually released.

  10. You and your nerd friend Todd Wright can hardly wait. Yawn. It’ll get figured out and we’ll move on.

  11. ive been practicing my blow jobs we need brett back if we want to even win a game this year……so i will take a shot in the face and /or ass for brett to come back skol vikings-pervy harvin

  12. Then why did you click on the headline if you don’t give a rat’s ass? I get a kick out of all the Florio hater’s, but they keep reading his stories.

  13. Hi Chris Fiorentino – I am pretty sure anyone who reads the headline knows what the article is about. That way Eagles fans or IT people like yourself(you sound bitter like those two groups tend to be) can know right away whether to read the article. If you read the article after reading the headline, then either you are full of crap and simply wanted to say “man-love” or you are rather dim.
    Iam all about this, why the heck not. Once you know the day games/night games and opponents you can start setting up the parties.
    Maybe if you have no friends I could see where the schedule means nothing.

  14. I give a rat’s ass, too.
    If I didn’t think the topic was valid, I wouldn’t have clicked on the link and read the whole thing.
    Just move along, if it doesn’t have any bearing to you. It does to more people than you know, for reasons you obviously don’t understand, or know, Chris. Otherwise, you’d have never made a post worth less than you accuse Mike of writing.

  15. # NewEnglandKnuckles83 says: March 29, 2010 4:56 PM
    If my aunt had a d!ck she would be my uncle. Who cares!
    ummm ?

  16. NewEnglandKnuckles83 says: March 29, 2010 4:56 PM
    If my aunt had a d!ck she would be my uncle. Who cares!
    No she’d give you cousins…just think about it.

  17. What makes you think the NFL won’t be working on their last minutes tax deductions on April 14th?

  18. maybe they are going to wait and see what happens to rapeburger before they give out the dates.

  19. it comes out two weeks before the draft. if they bring it out before then it is because of it being on a thursday night by the way that sucks. who ever thought of that is a dip shit

  20. This is undoubtably the most pointless article yet. I am now beginning to wonder if Florio is paid by the word from NBC? Do us all a favor and only post articles that at least have the remotest amount of fact and not pure speculation from the clouded crystal ball that sits in your basement.

  21. If I’m not mistaken the NFL has made schedule announcements right after MLB opening day. It’s as if they view baseball as their competition and they seem to enjoy taking the wind out of their sales and not letting them dominate sports talk radio and sports headlines.
    However in this case my guess is they wait till after the Masters. Even people who don’t follow sports at all are closely following the Tiger Woods story. Talk shows and sports shows will be all Tiger, all the time from the 7th or 8th on, and the NFL wants the schedule announcement to be talked about for more than fifteen minutes.

  22. mikellie, I couldn’t agree with you more. It cracks me up to read these posts on here. Every single article there is someone saying “there’s 5 minutes I won’t get back,” or “more of the same non-news from Florio,” or “This guy is such a hack,” etc. etc.
    Florio is like crack to these people.
    anyways, I’m pumped to find out the schedule just like any other NFL fan… Come on Vikes – Saints Thursday night opener!!!

  23. NewEnglandKnuckles83 says:
    March 29, 2010 4:56 PM
    If my aunt had a d!ck she would be my uncle. Who cares!
    It you had a brain you’d be able to think!

  24. drbob1117, the 2009 schedule was released on Tuesday April 14th so they absolutely could wait until the 13th this year to announce it.
    Add me to the “give a rats ass” side of the coin. I know it is just all speculation but the NFL schedule release is like a holiday to me, I absolutely care about any discussion on when that is going to happen.

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